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A Salesman

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There is a knock at your door, it's early in the morning and you're still only wearing a robe, as you have just hopped out of the shower... It's a door-to-door salesman whom you find attractive.

He introduces himself as Mike and asks if he can come in and show you some of his products and you agree... You both sit at your dining room table, he opens his brief case and shows you a display of sex toys... Your pussy becomes wet at the thought of the toys and him having some fun...

You take hold of a few of the toys and examine them and then you ask which one he has the most fun with when he is with a woman.

He reaches back into his brief case and takes out a packet of Peppermint Tic Tacs and says, "These drive most women wild, as well as my tongue and cock," as he smiles at you.

You ask for a demonstration and he stands up comes to where you're seated, takes your hand raises you from your seat and kisses you gently, letting his tongue probe its way into your mouth. As this is happening, he opens your robe and lets it fall to the ground. With his hands now feeling your breasts, your nipples harden and your pussy is becoming very aroused as you anticipate what will come next.

He swings you around so that your ass is resting upon the edge of the table and then lays you down. He positions his seat between your legs and asks you to place your feet on the seat back. As he slowly lowers his face closer to your pussy you can feel his warm breath and it causes goosebumps to form on your skin. You then feel his tongue gently touch your pussy lips and it sends a thrill through your body as you arch your back... He then tells you that... that is what a normal licking is like and that he would like to demonstrate the peppermint tic tacs to you now You quickly agree, as you just want more of what you have been having.

He opens his peppermint tic tac packet and places three in his mouth and waits a few moments before returning to your pussy. As you feel his tongue again licking your pussy, you realise that it's a very different sensation in that it now tingles a whole lot more. He keeps licking your pussy in long deep strokes from the bottom of your pussy all the way to the top then his tongue circles around your clit and goes back down and each time that he does this, his tongue slips deeper into your pussy licking out your juices.

"Mmmmmmmm," you say to him and he lifts his head to tell you that that is just part of the feeling of the peppermint tic tacs and this has you wondering just what else there is. Then you feel him blowing air onto your pussy and you have such a rush as the peppermint just feels like something hot has been placed on your pussy. Your hands instantly reach for his head and you drag his face back onto your pussy where you grind it into him as you wish to cum. He realises this and quickly takes your clit between his lips and sucks upon it 'til your body arches and he tastes your juices as they flow into his mouth as you cum.

When you regain your composure you sit up on the edge of the table and tell him, "That was wonderful!"

His eyes are just inches away from your breasts and he notices how erect they still are. He quickly sucks them and the rush starts all over again as he still has some peppermint tic tac in his mouth.


Now he has started to undo his clothing and has his cock in hand stroking it. You notice and ask him to fuck you.

He stands up and kisses you on the neck and shoulder as his cock slides slowly into you. You wrap your legs around his waist and he lifts you from the table and makes his way through your house until he finds your bedroom. He lowers you on the bed without removing his cock from your pussy and he proceeds to slowly push it in and out as he kisses your lips and slips his tongue back into you. He tells you that there is one last surprise with the peppermint tic tacs and he takes what is left of them from his mouth. He removes his cock from your pussy and pushes the peppermint tic tacs into your wet hot pussy and then places his cock back there and pushes them both in deep the peppermint tic tacs and his cock.

After about five minutes of fucking you in this way, he removes his cock and again places his face close to your pussy and now that your pussy is dripping wet, hot and open he blows cool air into it causing you to orgasm instantly. It's at this point that you reach for him lift him up onto the bed, lay him on his back. You impale yourself onto his cock and ride him until you feel his cum blasting deep into your pussy as you orgasm with him. The juices run down out of your pussy all over his cock and balls, you both relax for a little and then he gets up and dresses himself.

Before he leaves you ask him if it would be possible for him to come back and show one or two of your friends some of his products next week? He agrees and before he leaves, you purchase a toy even though you would rather have the peppermint tic tacs and his wonderful cock and tongue.

Before the week is over you make sure that you have your own supply of peppermint tic tacs as you want more of the same when he cums again...mmmmmm

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