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A Step Mother's Sin - Ch. 7 - Horseback riding with Ben Wa balls!

Robert takes me horseback riding
We arrived at the lodge a few minutes before three o'clock. The lodge had a wonderfully romantic feel to it. The lobby had beautiful exposed wooden beams and a huge stone fireplace. The back wall was a series of large windows which provided a wonderful panoramic view of the Adirondack Mountains.

I checked us in while Robert unloaded the car and put up the convertible top. 

I unlocked the door to our room and Robert placed our suitcases on floor in front of the dresser.

"Mom, this is way cool."

"Robert, you have to remember to call me Cindy. If you slip up, it will be more than just embarrassing. It could cause someone to investigate further. This weekend we are couple, a cougar and her prey, not a stepmother with her stepson. Okay?"

Robert nodded, "Got it. I'll be careful. But Cindy, this place is so fine."

Rather than room numbers, each room had a name. We were assigned to the Oak suite and it was gorgeous. We had a fireplace at the foot of the bed, a large two person Jacuzzi tub, a small patio that overlooked Lake George. 

I realized that I would have the opportunity to fulfill a life long fantasy. I was going to make love in front of a real fireplace. I was definitely going to have Robert fuck me with the fire roaring.

I opened the sliding glass door and stepped out on to the patio admiring the magnificent view of the lake. Robert followed me. Standing behind me, he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me, cupping my left breast in his right hand. He gently teased my nipple, evoking a moan from me.

"Baby, that feels nice."

I felt his penis throb against my back.

"I like it when 'Willy' nudges me," I said as I leaned my head back on my stepson's strong chest. I continued, "It makes me feel very sexy and desirable when your penis throbs and pulses against me. I just love the fact that you starting getting hard just from being near me." 

"Mom, I mean Cindy, watching you 'sun the girls' and diddle yourself in the convertible on the drive up here was so fucking hot."

Robert was referring to the fact that on the drive from Manhattan he convinced me to recline my seat so that I was essentially lying flat and to sunbath topless in the convertible. Several truck drivers were able to peer down from the cabs of their semis and enjoy a little 'eye candy'. And then to everyone's shock and amazement, Robert convinced me to masturbate to orgasm while a driver watched from his rig.

"It was craziness. I don't know why I let you talk me into doing stuff like that. It was so embarrassing to do that while that guy watched me. I have never done anything like that before," I said, shaking my head in utter amazement.

"You know, mom, he'll never forget you. He will be jacking off thinking about you tonight. But you enjoyed it, didn't you?"

"Robert, I am pretty sure he was jacking off while he watched me."

"How could you tell?"

I saw the motion of his arm and shoulder. I am positive he had his dick out and was masturbating while he watched me cum."

"That's kind of hot. Did you enjoy showing off like that?"

"Robert, I am ashamed to admit it, but yes, touching myself while you and the guy in the truck watched did arouse me. I don't know why, but it did. I am a naughty little girl."

"Perhaps you are a naughty girl, but you are also the sexiest woman on the planet," Robert said, as he slowly turned me to face him. He bent over to kiss me. Because he is so much taller than I am, we could not kiss standing up comfortably. Robert lifted me up. Instinctively, I wrapped my legs around him, straddling his torso. 

With my arms around his neck, I was too short to contact his throbbing penis with my vulva. Or perhaps he was simply too tall. Nonetheless, we were not able to hump each other as we kissed.

Robert reached up, slid his hand under my halter top and cupped my breast. He pulled the bottom of the halter up, exposing my left breast as we necked on the patio. He was gently teasing my nipple.

We necked for several minutes. Our tongues played tag, chasing each other from mouth to mouth. He felt my exposed breast. I broke our kiss and asked, "Baby, do you need some relief before dinner?"

"Oh god, yes."

"Then put me down, take me into our room and fuck me. Or would you prefer me to suck on you?"

"Cindy, I think I want to fuck you. I want to leave you a little present that will remind you of me during dinner."

"What kind of present?" I asked coyly. I knew precisely what type of present he was planning to give me.

"I want my sperm leaking into the crotch of your panties during dinner."

"Ooooh, I like that kind of present. You are a bad boy, wanting to soil my clean panties with your semen. I like it. Take me in to the room and make love to me."

 Robert set me down. As he did so, I pulled the bottom of my halter down, covering my left breast. While covering my left breast with the halter, I noticed two men standing forty feet or so away watching us. They looked to be in their early thirties. They obviously were enjoying the little show Robert and I had just put on.

"Robert, those men were watching you feel me up a moment ago. I feel so wicked."

I waved at our audience and went into the room. They smiled and waved back. I was discovering that I had a bit of an exhibitionist in me.

Robert stacked several logs in the hearth. Using some fire starter, he lit the wood. The wood cracked as the fire took over. Soon we had a very pleasant fire in our room.

"Robert, close the curtains and come here and fuck me. Fuck me good."

I stripped quickly and assumed the position flat on my back. My knees were bent and thighs were slightly separated. Robert soon had his clothes strewn all over the floor. His penis stood straight up, like rigid little solder at attention.

With my legs bent, Robert climbed between my thighs. He placed my heels back towards my ass and gently spread my knees. He bent forward and gently kissed and then sucked my clitoris. I was very sensitive. I looked down and saw his penis throbbing up and down, and I pulled him forward.

He entered me easily, my pussy was still wet, aroused and dilated from my adventures during the drive up from Manhattan. Robert’s huge cock met little or no resistance.

I wrapped my legs around his midsection as he slowly, and lovingly fucked me. He was growing firmer as he stroked in and out of me slowly, and I was enjoying the loving sensations he was creating inside me.

 As he smacked his balls against my upturned ass, I teased him by asking, "So how did you feel when I was flashing my tits to all those truck drivers? Did you like seeing me cum while that guy watched me?"

"Oh fuck yeah," was his only response.

"How did it make you feel? Did you think I was behaving like a little slut? Did you like having me act like a little slut for you?"

The mere mention of our antics from the drive up here was enough to cause Robert to stiffen and grunt. I felt his penis arch up inside of me telling me he was ejaculating. I milked him by contracting my vagina while he came inside me.

"Thank you for my present honey. It will make a mess in my panties while we are eating dinner!" His penis arched again. I was slowly discovering that Robert liked it when I talked naughty to him.

After several minutes of post-coital cuddling, we disengaged. We climbed in the Jacuzzi tub together. I sat between his legs, my back to him with my head resting on his chest. Robert gently tugged at my nipple as we cuddled until it was time to go to dinner.

We dined in the lodge's restaurant. Then we took a long walk along the water front, holding hands.

At about ten o'clock, we returned to the room, fucked again before falling asleep in each other's arms.

 the next morning:

I wore a sleeveless white tank top and a pair of light blue jeans the next morning. Robert had selected my outfit.

The fact that I was not wearing a bra was embarrassingly evident. My large erect nipples poked though the very thin cotton fabric of my white sleeveless shirt. My dark areoles, were plainly visible under the white cotton of my shirt. I would not have been more exposed if I went to the restaurant topless.

The jeans were quite tight. The seam of the crotch seemed to crawl up into my vagina giving me a definite 'camel toe' appearance.

I would be mortified if anyone with whom I worked saw me dressed like this.

"Robert, are you sure you want me to wear this? This is awfully revealing. Maybe I should wear another top. One that is not so 'see through'. "

"You look great. You have beautiful breasts. Show them off a bit."

"This top, without a bra, is showing off a lot more than just a bit."

I sighed and accepted my fate. I looked in the mirror and had to admit, I did look smoking hot.

Fortunately, rather than dining at our lodge, where I would be seeing the same people for the next three days, Robert decided to have breakfast at Cafe' Sarah in North Creek, about a twenty minute drive from our hotel.

My humiliation was only slightly lessened since I was being exposed in a different town from which I was staying. As we walked to our table I attracted stares of lust and admiration from males ages sixteen to sixty. I also attracted glares of disapproval and disdain from nearly every female in the place.

A silver haired woman dining with her husband glared at me as if I was the 'whore of the Adirondacks'.

I could feel my face, neck and upper chest burning red from my embarrassment. I also realized that along with my humiliation came a feeling of wicked excitement. As perverse as it sounds, there was a part of me that was actually enjoyed the shame of being exposed in this way.

I ordered a Bloody Mary from the youthful college aged waiter assigned to serve us. I needed a little liquid courage if I was going to survive today exposed the way I was. I don't think his eyes left my tits for a moment while taking our order.

I ordered a bagel and coffee to augment my Bloody Mary. Robert had eggs Benedict and orange juice.

"Robert, this is so embarrassing, being placed on display this way..."

"Cindy, does it arouse you?"

Robert had finally gotten in the habit of calling me by my first name rather than referring to me as 'Mom' when we were in public.

"That is not the point..."

 Robert interrupted my protest, "No ma'am, that is precisely the point. Does being placed on display this way excite you?"

I sat there stunned. I knew what Robert was asking. However, I was uncomfortable actually admitting to my step son that I found some level of excitement and yes, even pleasure, in the shame and humiliation I was experiencing being forced to dress this way. I think my reluctance to answer directly stemmed from two factors. One, I was ashamed to admit to my stepson that I was such a slut that I enjoyed being shamed and humiliated. And two, I was scared that if I admitted this fact to him, he would feel empowered to expose me to an even greater extent. I was afraid, that if Robert knew that the humiliation of sitting here under the scorn and disdain of these women, who were threatened by the way their boyfriend and husbands were lusting after me, actually aroused me.

"Robert, what are you asking?"

"I don't think you are being honest. I think you know precisely what I am asking. Are you getting aroused?"

I sat there speechless. My head was spinning. But I also realized my vagina was moistening at the very thought of agreeing to this unexpected inquiry. I nodded.

"Robert, I am very aroused," I finally admitted. "I want you to take me back to the room and make love to me."

Robert stared at me intently, "All in good time." 

I finished my Bloody Mary.

"I think I need another drink. You have my head swirling right now."

"Do you trust me enough to let me be in control?"

I nodded my head. "Baby, I have never trusted anyone more than you. No one has ever given me the pleasure you have. No one has ever loved me the way you do now."

The waiter interrupted us, delivering my second Bloody Mary. It was only ten thirty in the morning and I was on my second drink.

 Robert smiled and reached into his pocket and pulled out a neatly wrapped small box. The box measured approximately two inches by two inches by five inches long.

"I have a little present for you."

"What is this?"

"Open it."

I unwrapped the box. Under the ribbon and silver wrapping paper, the box itself had a pretty embroidered cloth covering. The top of he box was hinged to the bottom. I opened it and found two spheres nestled inside a molded form that held them in place. Both had a beautiful pattern on them that looked hand painted with an oriental design. They looked Oriental. 

They were connected together with a short string. One of the spheres also had a longer string hanging out the other side. I was perplexed.

I picked up one of the balls and was surprised at how heavy or was. It seemed to vibrate in my hand and as I moved it, it made a soft, almost imperceptible chiming sound. I could not tell if the surface of the spheres was ceramic or metal. I had never seen anything like it.

Something shifted inside the orb every time I moved it. With each movement, the weight inside the ball shifted and seemed to vibrate. The vibration was subtle, but distinct.

When they clicked together the chiming sound grew a bit louder. Not loud, but noticeably louder.

"Robert, thank you. These are exquisite. They're beautiful. What are they?"

"These are 'Chinese ben wa balls'. Some times they are referred to as 'Burmese Bells'. They are from ancient Oriental culture. You place them in your vagina and they stmulate you whenever you move."

"Oh my god, Robert. Where did you ever learn about such a thing?"

The waiter brought my second Bloody Mary and smiled as he looked directly at the painted blue spheres I held in my hand. As he set my drink in front of me, he simply said, "Those are beautiful."

I could feel my face flush with embarrassment as I assumed that the waiter knew that these balls were meant to stimulate my internal vagina. I felt like I had been caught holding a large dildo at the breakfast table!

I simply stammered, "thank you" without looking at waiter.

"Robert, where did you ever learn about something like this?" I was truly taken aback.

"Karen told me about them. She uses them all the time. She says it makes her bike rides much more enjoyable."

Robert paused, waiting for my reaction. I did not quite know how to react.

I recognized the name 'Karen'. Karen was a classmate of Robert's back at USC. I could never determine if they were simply friends or they were romantically involved. The fact that Karen had taught my stepson about 'Burmese bells' was a clear indication that they were more than just friends.

Knowing that Robert was using techniques and tricks he learned from girls back at school irritated me more than I wanted to acknowledge. I am not proud of it, but on a very base level, I find that I am jealous of any young woman with whom Robert had been sexually intimate.

Yes, now I could add a sudden pang of jealousy on top of my feelings of embarrassment, fear, anxiety and excitement. God, I was a mess.

I began to put the spheres back in the box.

"Oh no, you misunderstand Miss Cindy. You need to go install those right now," Robert instructed.


"Cindy, go to the rest room and insert these spheres into your vagina and come back to the table."

I looked at Robert with bewilderment. I had an overwhelming feeling of helplessness and fear as I thought about his request. It felt like a terribly shameful thing to do; to insert something into my vagina to stimulate me in such a public place.

"Robert, not here. There are too many people around," I pleaded.

"Miss Cindy, trust me on this. You will enjoy the day with the Ben Wa balls inside of you."

He was insistent.

"Are you sure you want me to do this?" I asked, offering him one last chance to save me from this shameful act here at the restaurant.

"Yes, Cindy, I am sure. Be a good girl and go insert your present."

I looked around trying to determine if my present or our conversation had attracted any attention from the neighboring tables. I could see several young men staring at my braless breasts under the thin white cotton material of my sleeveless tank-top; but I did not detect anything to suggest that people were aware that my 'date' had just instructed me to go to the ladies room and cram two vibrating balls up my snatch.

"Okay, if that's what you want me to do..."

I did not complete sentence before rising, grabbing the rectangular container and heading to the ladies room with my purse. My braless tits continued to attract stares form the male patrons, young and old.

I entered a stall, locked the door and lowered my jeans and panties. Sitting on the toilet, I opened the box and removed the two beautifully decorated spheres. Again, I was taken by how heavy each sphere was. Each ball was about an inch and a quarter to an inch and a half in diameter.

I took the first ball in my right hand and opened the outer lips of my vulva with my left hand I could feel the wetness seeping out of me already. Having my braless breasts placed on display the way they were under this thin cotton tank top, coupled with the excitement of Robert's gift, had me lubricating already.

I really do not understand why things that embarrass or even humiliate me, also excite me. And I was both embarrassed and excited by the events of this morning.

As I moved the sphere to my opening I could feel it vibrate. The soft chime was disconcerting. I thought, oh god, what if people are able to hear these things chiming inside of me.

I had to stand slightly, straddling the toilet to keep the string from the second ball contacting the commode. The last thing I needed was having something that was going into my vagina contacting a toilet surface. 

As I pressed the smooth surface of the first ball against my opening, I was surprised at the coolness of the smooth texture. It felt a little colder than I was expecting against the wet inner folds of my sensitive skin. The first contact sent a shiver through me.

I could not believe I was doing this for Robert. I was going to wear something inside of me to stimulate my vagina out in public just to please my stepson.

I started to try to press the first sphere past my outer folds. It was harder to insert than one might imagine. It slipped past my opening, sliding along my wet slit rather than sliding inside of me. It felt good as it slipped past my clitoris during the first two failed attempts to insert it.

Nonetheless, I was becoming frustrated at my inability to introduce the balls to their proper place. It was like trying to slide a peeled grape into narrow slit.

I placed the ball against my opening a third time. Holding it solidly in place, I pushed it into place. It took a surprising amount of pressure, to get the first ball to start to slide into my vagina. Once it started to move into me, it seemed to 'pop right in.' The second ball was now on the outside of my vulva, but pressed against my opening, held in place by the short string.

I pressed the second ball inside me and it popped into place. I could feel a distinct click as the balls contacted each other. The longer string hung outside my vagina a few inches, much like a tampon string.

I took a deep breath, contracted my vagina to hold the balls in place before standing as I pulled up my panties and jeans. The balls clacked together again, causing them to vibrate. I was relieved that I could not hear the chiming once the balls were inside my pussy.

I walked back to the table, clutching my vagina tightly. Every time I relaxed even a little bit, it felt like the weighed balls were starting slide down. I was fearful that the balls would come shooting out of me in front of a room full of people. So I kept clenching my vagina to hold the balls in place.

Each step caused the balls to click together and vibrate. It was a very strange, although not unpleasant, feeling deep inside my pussy.

I had an urge to put my hand between my legs to keep the balls from being expelled unexpectedly. I do not think I have ever before been so aware of my vagina.

I felt terrible naughty, even wicked, walking back to the table with vibrating toys inside me. I had never done anything like this in public before. It excited me.

Yes, I realized I had masturbated in front of strangers yesterday on the drive up here. But yesterday we were in separate vehicles. This felt different. I felt more vulnerable. These people could actually reach out and touch me, talk to me. I felt very vulnerable. 

I did not know how my body would react to this constant internal massage. I had never felt anything quite like this before. But I knew that my naughtiness and vulnerability excited me.

I arrived back at the table. Opened the box to show Robert the orbs were missing. "Mission accomplished. Everything is in place," I announced meekly as I sat down.

"How do they feel?"

"Peculiar. Very strange. Very strange."

I paused trying to find the right words to describe the unique action that was occurring inside my pussy with each and every movement I made. I contracted my vagina again as an experiment. The balls shifted and vibrated causing a weird sensation against my g-spot.

"Well does it feel good?"

"It is not unpleasant. I guess it feels kind of nice. I doubt I could climax like this, but it is stimulating my g-spot.'

I arched my hips slightly, making the balls collide and vibrate. "Yeah baby, they feel good," I finally admitted.

I arched my hips again, "Robert, every time I move they click together and that causes them to vibrate a bit. I also have to clench my vagina to keep them from falling out of me. So they keep me very aware of my vagina."

I contracted my vagina again. I was beginning to enjoy the constant sensations inside me.

"Well Cindy, finish your Bloody Mary. We have an appointment at noon."

Robert had a sly grin. I knew he was up to something. Or should I say, something else.

"What kind of appointment? What are you up to?" I had learned my young lover was usually up to something. And he was certainly creative.

"We are going horse back riding. There is a stable that rents horses about ten miles from here."

"Oh my god, Robert, I can't go horseback riding with these things inside me!"

"Sure you can. I promise, you will enjoy it."

"Robert, I haven't ridden a horse in years."

"That's okay, Cindy. I arranged for us to get two very gentle horses. They have assured me that neither horse will go above a canter."

I felt my vagina contract, this time, involuntarily. I immediately realized what Robert's plan was. On horseback, those balls would be clicking a clacking up a storm inside me.

"Oh dear," was all I could utter.

Robert paid the bill and we walked arm in arm to the convertible which was parked down the block. I could not deny that the feeling of the two vibrating orbs inside of me were beginning to have their effect.

Clinging to my stepson's arm as we approached the car I looked up at him and simply said, "Robert, I love you so much. Thank you for wanting to please me. You are by far, the best lover I have ever had."

Every bump, shimmy and shake of the Mustang convertible on our drive to the stables caused the spheres to click together and vibrate against my g-spot.

"Robert, these damn things are starting to get to me. Why don't we skip the horseback riding and go back the room. Oh god, I need for you to fuck me now."

I reached over and caressed his penis through his jeans. I felt it throb under my touch. "Please, baby, take me to the room and fuck me good. Please."

Robert took my hand and removed it from his penis and said, "Mom, I mean Cindy, let me decide when and where I fuck you this weekend."

I simply moaned as I rocked my hips in frustration. I was just on the edge, but I could not get there. Robert obviously enjoyed watching me squirm in the car seat next to him, humping my hips upward against the air trying to make the balls vibrate against me. 

I placed both hands between my legs, and started to rub my clitoris through my jeans.

Robert reached over, grabbed my hands and pulled them away from my crotch.

"No ma'am. You mustn't touch yourself yet. Not yet, okay?"

I moaned in deep frustration. But being forced to sit there, instructed to keep my hands away from my pussy, added to my excitement. I just rocked my hips. But I was not able to even approach enough stimulation to achieve satisfaction.

Increasingly, I was feeling the need to reach a climax, and my inability to do so was frustrating me. I wanted to be fucked right now.

I reached over one last time to grab his cock, "Oh baby, please. Take me tot the room and fuck me. I need to cum. I swear, I will do anything you want. Just fuck me."

I was stroking his cock through his jeans. "Baby, I have never begged anyone to fuck me are my first....'

He smiled, took my hand and removed it from his penis again and said simply, "Later, Cindy. I definitely will take you to our room later. You need to have patience. I promise you will cum soon enough..."

"You are so mean..." I said, pouting.

 At the Circle B ranch

We arrived at the Circle B ranch. We checked in. I was continuing to hang on Robert's arm as he signed the release forms. In my aroused state, I was getting a bit 'clingy' on my stepson. I really wanted him to take me back to the lodge and fuck me in our room. I needed to cum.

Outside the registration area were a series of small lockers, with keys on expandable bands that attached to your wrists. Robert locked our car keys, my purse and his wallet into one of the lockers. We walked over to the stables where they kept the horses.

I was assigned to a beautiful jet black stallion named 'Quest'. Robert was assigned to a gorgeous tan and white mare named 'Daisy.'

A good looking young man dressed in western attire introduced himself. He told us his name was Danny. Danny was slightly taller than Robert, and slightly more muscular. As I said, he was a good looking young man.

He gave us some basic instructions and we were told to mount up. With the ben wa balls pressed up against my inner vaginal walls, I had trouble really focusing on the instructions.

I could not wait to get on that damn horse and ride. I was becoming convinced that Robert was right. I was convinced that I would climax once Robert and I were alone, away from the ranch, and I could grind my clit into the saddle as Quest trotted along.

I envisioned becoming very aroused, perhaps having an orgasm while in the saddle, and then hopefully, finding someplace private in the woods where Robert and I could make love outdoors.

Robert asked, "When do we need to have the horses back and where do we take them when we return?"

Danny replied, "We'll be back in about 90 minutes. The ride takes about an hour to an hour and a half. I will be leading the tour and I will bring you back to the ranch."

Robert expressed surprise, "I thought we were going to be allowed to ride on our own?"

"Unfortunately, the Circle B's insurance does not allow us to turn riders loose on their own. I have to accompany you."

"Will there be others in the tour?" Robert asked. he was obviously disappointed that we would not be on our own.

"No, it will just be the three of us today. You won't even know I am here. I will ride ahead a few feet and simply lead the way. I am just there to assist you in case you have a problem with one of the horses." 

It was only then that either Robert or I realized that this was a guided tour. Robert and I were to be accompanied by this young eighteen year old ranch hand named Danny. 

I was horror stricken. I had assumed that Robert and I would be by ourselves while I tried to climax on horseback. I had not planned to have any more of an audience than my stepson.

This changed my plans entirely. I decided that I would simply enjoy the pleasant sensation in my core, but I would control my level of arousal and would not climax. Momentarily I was disappointed. But I decided that was probably for the best anyway. I really did not need to 'cum on horseback'. But I knew I would be primed and ready to go once Robert took me back to the lodge.

Danny was a nice, friendly and polite young man. I found it ironic that he was actually a much more appropriate sexual target for me than my stepson. But that did not matter. I belonged to Robert, and no one else. But I was developing an attraction for much younger men. 

Danny was quite taken by my bra less breasts and erect nipples. The look on Danny's face as he tried not to stare at my breasts was priceless. His expression indicated that the darkness of my areolas was clearly visible through the white cotton material of my tank top.

I blushed as he tried so very hard to look me in the eyes as he spoke to me. I felt so exposed, so 'on display'. If he only knew what was going on inside my pussy at this very moment. I must confess, I found Danny's stare flattering and exciting.

We were instructed to mount up.

I approached Quest and was taken by his shear size.

"Robert, I am going to need some help climbing on this thing."

Before Robert could answer, Danny walked towards me, "Here, let me help you." 

Danny came up behind me, placed his hands on my sides around my ribs. I noticed that his fingers reached all the way around my rib cage and felt the sides of my breasts. I was taken aback. He was actually copping a little bit of a feel with the tips of his fingers while he assisted me. I did not know whether to be flattered or offended.

"Place your left foot in the stirrup," Danny instructed as is lifted me up. 

Danny had to be aware that he was subtly feeling me up while he helped me. This was too blatant to be completely accidental.

There were two reasons that I pretended not to notice Danny's fingers tips groping the sides of my tits.

First and foremost, after yesterday's experience at the Avis counter with Jerome, I realized that Robert had a jealous streak. I feared that Robert would react badly to the knowledge that our tour guide was feeling up his lover right in front of him.

Secondly, I actually liked the fact that this strong handsome eighteen year old was copping a feel. I was flattered that this young man was so taken with me that he felt compelled to 'cop a feel.'

It was subtle and it only lasted for a second or two, but Danny's touch added to my excitement.

I placed my foot in the stirrup, and Danny lifted me up. I grabbed the saddle horn with my left hand to pull myself up. As I mounted my steed, I swung my right leg over the saddle. I swear it was an involuntary reaction, but as I swung my right leg up and over, I placed my right hand firmly against the crotch of my jeans. I did this to ensure that the ben wa balls were not spontaneously expelled from my pussy. 

Danny's expression was priceless. He was experiencing shock, surprise and amazement as he watched me grasp my crotch as I mounted Quest.

Yes, Danny watched with interest and amazement as my fingers pressed through my jeans, firmly against my vulva, as I mounted that large beast. 

I looked over at Robert. He was obviously not pleased that Danny had his hands all over me, but he did not seem to know that Danny had been feeling my tits. I felt like I had dodged a bullet here.

We started out the horses were walking as we left the ranch. The rhythmic motion of Quest's bumpy stride got the two spheres moving inside me. I was quickly aware of their motion and vibration up inside of me. I liked this internal massage of my vagina.

The wickedness of having these two vibrating spheres inside me in public, with these two attractive young men, added to my excitement. I still do not fully understand why doing something naughty and wicked was so exciting. But I admit it; being bad is very exciting.

Danny was out in front, leading the way. I was in the second position. Robert alternated between riding side by side with me when the trail was wide enough and trailing in the third position whenever the trail narrowed. 

It took us fifteen or twenty minutes to get far enough away from the stable, and into the woods. Our pace slowed as we navigated a rather narrow trail between trees and brush. We finally came out into a clearing and Danny asked, "Are you guys comfortable picking up the pace a bit?"

Robert looked at me and shrugged, "Cindy, what do you think?"

I looked at the landscape ahead. It was a flat, grass covered pasture that looked to be the size of ten or twenty football fields.

I shrugged and said, "Okay. But let's not get crazy. Not too fast. I am a beginner at this."

"I'll stay with you guys initially to make sure you have the feel of the horse; but I will let you ride by yourselves in this pasture for a while if you want. Just stay in the cleared area, where I can keep an eye on you. But for the next thirty minutes or so, you can plot your own course."

Danny took us to a slow canter. Quest's movements were much more vigorous and pronounced now that he was trotting rather than walking. With every step, the vibrating orbs in my vagina clacked together causing them to vibrate. I could feel them moving inside me. Rolling inside my pussy. Striking my inner core. Vibrating.

After about five minutes, Danny set us free. "Just stay in the clearing where I can watch you. Okay?"

Robert and I both nodded our understanding.

We continued the slow canter for five or ten minutes. I was on the edge the entire time.

I was so close. But I was trying to hold back. I did not want to 'cross the line' while Danny was only a hundred yards or so away from us. He remained on his horse, sitting tall in the saddle while keeping an eye on Robert and me as we trotted various patterns, crisscrossing the large pasture.

After a few minutes, I could feel the seam of my jeans rubbing against my erect clitoris as I braced myself , holding firmly onto the saddle horn. I could feel myself starting to rock my hips in time as the horse trotted in his rhythmic jog.

My pussy was leaking now, soaking the gusset of my panties.

The motion inside of me continued to push me toward the edge. Involuntarily, I found myself grinding my clit against the saddle as the ben wa balls vibrated inside of me. The balls were banging against each other and smacking up against my inner vaginal wall, violently massaging my g-spot.

Honestly, I tried to fight it. I did not want to have a climax in the presence of Danny. But the constant clicking, vibrating and rubbing of these two weighted spheres as they rolled violent around inside me, coupled with the constant rhythmic pressure of my clit on the leather saddle was driving me closer and closer.

I felt that I was slowly losing control. I was losing this battle with my body. I could feel myself slowly moving closer to an involuntary orgasm. I began to realize that I was not going to be able to hold back much longer. I could feel it building slowly despite my efforts hold back.

I caught Robert's attention and said, "Oh my god, baby, I am so close. I don't know if I can hold back much longer."

My eyes were glazed over from lust. I was on the very edge of a very inappropriate and public orgasm.

"It's okay, go ahead and cum," Robert instructed. 

"Oh baby, not here... not in front of Danny... I mustn't...."

My voice was cracking, revealing to Robert how very close was.

"Go ahead mom, cum for me... Danny won't mind," Robert instructed. Reminding me how public this impending orgasm would be pushed me over the edge.

 My stepson had given me permission to have my orgasm. Robert was not threatened by Danny seeing me cum. Still, I tried to hold back. But I could not. I felt it approaching and I knew that there was no stopping my orgasm now.

I looked direct at Robert, an instant before my climax, and I mouthed, "I love you.... I'm sorry, baby, but I can't stop this..."

And then it hit me. Grinding my clit into the saddle, I came. My legs stiffened in the stirrups. My body shook and quaked. It was all I could do to remain upright in the saddle. I did my best to stifle my moan as an orgasmic convulsion shook my core.

I pulled back on the reins, slowing Quest to a walk. My eyes rolled back in my head.

Robert was right beside m. He fully understood what was happening. Quest ignored my spasms on his back simply walked ahead. His motion kept the orbs inside me moving and vibrating. 

I tried hard to keep quiet as the waves of orgasmic pleasure quaked through me. I tried stifling my moans. But I cold not keep from making some very audible sounds as I came. I was not sure if Danny could hear the incoherent moans emanating from my core, but he could certainly see me quivering and shaking in the saddle atop my horse.

Spasm after spasm crashed through m pussy, as I struggled to remain in the saddle.

I looked over at Robert, and he knew. There was no doubt in his mind, As my eyes glazed over, my body convulsed pressed my crotch into the smooth leather of the saddle, Robert knew his plan had worked; his stepmom was climaxing in the most public and inappropriate manner.

I am multi-orgasmic. It is a blessing and a curse. Once I reach my first orgasm, I can continue cumming as long as the stimulation continues. Normally, this is exhausting but pleasurable. But on horseback it was simply dangerous.

I felt the second wave of orgasm approaching. I quivered and shook, struggling to remain on my horse.

"Oh fuck, baby... another one is coming... shit... I can't stop cumming," I panted as my second orgasm crashed through me.

Then to my shock, horror and amazement, something happened that had never happened to me before, nor has it happened since. In the midst of my orgasm I felt my vagina seem to open up, and then suddenly contract violently in a massive spasm, releasing a sudden rush of liquid. I could feel a massive gush of liquid being rapidly expelled from my vagina.

I became very wet; no actually soaked.

The crotch of my panties and jeans became very wet. I glanced down and I could see a noticeable darkness forming in my crotch revealing the large volume of fluid had been discharged in my crotch. I was confused.

Momentarily, I feared that I had wet myself. I thought that in the midst of my orgasm I had lost control of my bladder and urinated. But I quickly came to the conclusion that was not the case. The massive stimulation of the vibrating spheres inside of me, coupled with battle to try to hold back my orgasm for so long, had caused a large release of my vaginal fluids that was rapidly expelled in one massive spasm. 

"Baby, please... I need to stop... please... I just gushed in my pants..." I said weakly.

The look on Robert's face indicated that he had no idea what I was trying to tell him. I guess I didn't quite know what had happened either; so I certainly couldn't articulate what just happened clearly.

I looked up and Danny was riding across the pasture towards us at a full gallop. I don't know what he thought just happened, but he felt the need to come over and assist us.

"Robert, help me get down," I said pulling back on the reins and bringing Quest to a full stop.

Robert nodded and seemed to sense the urgency of my situation.

Danny was just now arriving. He rapidly dismounted his horse and approached me.

I could feel myself continuing to quiver as Danny approached the side of my horse. Robert was trying to get his horse, Daisy, to standstill so he could dismount to assist me.

While Robert was still struggling to climb down from Daisy, Danny was stroking Quest's head, calming him to ensure that he did not bolt away with me on his back.

"Are you okay?" he asked with obvious concern.

I did not want to speak. I feared that my voice would betray me and reveal the fact that I was between orgasms. I just said, "I think I am okay."

"Are you sure that you are okay?" Danny asked again as he took the reins from my hands. I was now grasping the saddle horn to balance myself as I tried to calm down from a very massive set of orgasms.

He was obviously puzzled. He did not immediately suspect anything. "Cindy, you look flushed."

I simply nodded as I tried to control the spasms that were still rocking through my vagina like minor aftershocks following a large earthquake.

"I think she just has a little motion sickness," Robert responded in attempt to explain my flushed look and the rigidity of my body.

I was trying to fight off another wave of orgasms. I was right on the edge. Thankfully, the horse's movements had stopped and the intensity of the vibrating balls inside me had subsided. 

"Cindy, are you going to be okay to ride back to the ranch?" Danny asked with genuine concern.

I nodded and said, "I think so. But we should head back now."

My voice cracked slightly as I spoke. Danny glanced down at my breasts. In my aroused state, my nipples were at full attention. Admittedly, the erect nipples could have been a result of me being scared of falling due to motion sickness, or from sexual excitement. I knew which it was; Danny did not.

I felt so wet between my thighs.

I was embarrassed that I had just had such a profound orgasm while Danny watched. And I was absolutely mortified at the very visible wet spot which had formed around my crotch and inner thighs. I did not want to get off the Quest and display to Danny that I was sitting in a puddle of my own vaginal juice. 

Danny thought for a moment.

"Let's dismount. I'll feel better if we give you a moment to gather your senses. I don't want you to get light headed and fall on the ride back."

"No, I am fine now. Let's head back," I protested. I was trying to justify remaining in the saddle to hide the condition of my pants.

"No, let's let you gather your senses a bit. Let me help you down," 

But he was right. I did need some time to clear my head before continuing.

He walked over to me, took my hand and helped me climb down. 

Just as I had done when I mounted Quest, I grasped my crotch with my free hand as I swung my leg over the saddle. This time I was trying to hide the darkness of the soaked denim material. I also needed to ensure that the balls did not unexpectedly eject themselves. 

Danny certainly noticed my hand on crotch as I climbed down. I assume he also saw the soaked area of my crotch as well. However, he said nothing.

I tried to stand on the opposite side of the horses from Danny, or behind Robert most of the time that we rested. Whenever he approached me, I tried to keep my back to Danny to hide the fact that I had squirted all down my inner thighs.

After a few minutes, I had calmed down and basically regained my senses.

"Before we head back, I need to 'see a man about a horse.' I will be right back," Danny said as he headed off into the brush.

I looked at Robert with confusion. "See a man about a horse?" I asked.

"I am pretty sure he needs to pee," Robert explained. "Are you okay now? How many times did you cum up there?"

"Twice. But they were long powerful ones. I couldn't stop cumming while the horse was trotting. Those balls wer clicking and clacking like crazy inside me. Fuck, that was freaky, baby. I could not stop cumming. I don't know if I can keep from cumming on the way back."

Robert looked at my wet crotch. "What happened there?"

I could feel my face blush.

"I am not sure. It happened during my second climax. It was very sudden. With one of the more violent contractions, I felt a rush of liquid spew out of me. I don't think I peed myself, but I might have. This has never happened before."

Robert smiled and I thought I noticed his bulge grow slightly. Was the visible wetness on my crotch actually a turn on for him?

"Robert, help me on to the horse before Danny comes back. I don't need him staring at my wet crotch any more than necessary." Robert assisted me into climbing back into the saddle.

Danny returned from behind the trees; so Robert and I had to cease our discussion about the functions of my private parts.

Danny asked if I felt up to making the trip back. I assured him I was feeling fine. I could still feel the orbs moving and vibrating inside of me, keeping me at a heightened state of arousal; however, I was no longer on the very edge of another orgasm. 

Danny lead us back at a much slower pace, which kept the ben wa balls from clacking together so violently inside my pussy. I remained aroused, but did not really approach another orgasm on the thirty minute gentle pace back to the ranch.

I was aroused but my head had cleared somewhat by the time we arrived at the ranch. The slower pace caused the ben wa balls to give me a very pleasant internal massage without pushing me over the line. I was feeling sexy and flirtatious as we rode the horses into the corral.

The very public orgasms I had in the presence of these two young men, one of whom was my stepson, had me feeling very naughty and playful.

Danny helped me dismount up one last time. Again his fingers found the side of my tiny breasts as he lifted me down with his hands on my rib cage. I was facing Danny as he lifted me down. His thumbs seemed to slide right under my breasts, contacting the bottom of my titties.

I glanced over at Robert. Again he struggled to get Daisy to stand still so that he could climb down without falling. He was too preoccupied with dismounting himself to really pay any attention to Danny's assistance or where he was placing his hands.

I smiled at Danny as I placed my hand between my thighs while swinging my leg over the saddle, and I whispered, "Just making sure everything stays on place."

I don't know why I said that. I guess I could not resist flirting with this eighteen year old hunk. I wanted to let him know I was not overly flustered by his uninvited touching of the sides of my breasts. I wanted to tease him a bit without letting Robert know. I wanted him to think about me tonight in his bed, lying by himself, masturbating. 

The expression on Danny's face was priceless. It went from confusion to disbelief. I think he was trying to figure out 'what needed to remain in place?' inside my pants. I could see his mind racing with possibilities.

I don't know why, but I liked the fact that this young man was trying to figure out what might be going on inside my jeans. 

I walked over to Robert and asked, "Baby, would you go get my purse from the locker? With this wetness between my legs, I would rather not walk over there in front of those people."

Robert nodded and started walking out of the corral towards the ranch house where we checked in a little over an hour ago.

I turned to Danny and looking him directly in the eyes, I said, "Danny, I want to apologize for what happened out there. I am really embarrassed by it."

"Ma'am, think nothing of it. You just got a little motion sickness. It happens."

"No, Danny. It wasn't motion sickness. I now understand why these teenage girls like horseback riding. I can't believe that happened to me out there. I shocked myself."

Danny looked at me, puzzled; trying desperately to process what I was telling him. He said nothing.

I continued, "I tried not to have that happen, but I couldn't help it."

Danny started to smile, as if he was beginning to understand what I was saying, but he was still uncertain that he was hearing me correctly.

"You mean you, you know... had one out there?" he asked.

Danny was trying to validate what he thought I was telling him, but struggled to find the words to ask the question in a manner that would not offend me. He seemed to be pretty certain that he must be misunderstanding me. But he certainly wanted to know.

I smiled coyly and nodded my head, "Uh huh. I did. I couldn't help myself. In fact I had two. I couldn't stop. But I did have some internal help."

I knew I was teasing him now. I could see the impressive bulge in the front of his jeans pulse noticeably as we talked.

"Internal help?" Danny was puzzled once again.

Robert was walking towards us, carrying my purse. He would be here in just a few seconds. This would be my last opportunity to tease Danny a little bit more before Robert could hear us.

"Danny, tonight I want you to google 'Burmese Bells' and 'Ben Wa Balls', okay? Everything will make sense if you understand what was going on inside me when I was trotting around that pasture on top of Quest. Will you do that for me?"

"Yes, ma'am, I certainly will."

Robert handed me my purse from the locker. I now could keep my purse in front of my, partially hiding the wetness that was so visible between my thighs.

We said our goodbyes to Danny. I tipped him generously.

As we walked to the convertible, Robert asked, "So what were you two talking about back there?"

I answered honestly, "I was just apologizing to him for my behavior out in the pasture. You know, for getting 'sick'. I guess I actually got 'sick' twice out there while you watched me."

I clutched Robert's arm. "Did you like watching me cum out there in public? Do you think Danny knew what was happening to me?"

"I loved watching you. And no, I doubt he knew you were having an orgasm."

I made a mental note that I might just need to come back up here and take another ride with Danny after Robert returned to school in the fall. I could not believe I was having these thoughts, but I was. I never mentioned any of this to Robert.

I felt very wicked indeed. But I had now been introduced to the pleasures of much younger men. I doubted I would ever date anyone my own age again.

We arrived back at the lodge a little before three o'clock. The sun and the air flowing through the convertible had dried my jeans considerably. The wetness was not nearly as noticeable now. I still felt compelled to walk with my purse in front of me, to cover my crotch as we walked through the lobby.

Once in our room, I stripped naked, lay on my back, my legs spread apart with a string hanging out of my pussy.

"Robert, take these things out of me and fuck me."

Robert tugged the string slowly to tease me as removed the vibrating spheres. One popped out then the other. Robert placed the spheres in the nightstand drawer.

"Be sure to wash those before you put them away, okay?"

Robert nodded.

Robert entered me easily. I was wet and dilated. Robert came quickly. He had been on edge all afternoon. He had watched me orgasm twice in public and he was ready to explode.

I did not cum again that day. Those two powerful orgasms at the ranch sated my needs temporarily.

We took a Jacuzzi bath together; then a nap.

That night over dinner I asked, "So what big plans do you have for tomorrow. I doubt you can top today's equine adventures."

"Oh don't be too sure, Ms Cindy."

I got a worried look on my face. "Yeah, what have you got planned young man?"

"I thought we would rent a motorcycle and see how that compares to horseback riding!"

"Oh my... oh my," was all I could utter as I felt my clitoris begin to pulse to life at the thought of clinging to Robert on the back of a Harley as the bike vibrated my clitoris and the 'Burmese Bells' inside of me.

I am a very bad little girl. But Robert likes me that way. 

The next two days were wonderful. We did not actually rent a motorcycle. However, Robert got me to sunbath topless in a canoe on Lake George. By the time I returned to Manhattan I had a mild sunburn on my breasts for the first time in my life. I had never before been topless outside before that weekend.

On our last day, Robert had me wear a halter sundress with no panties. We took an early morning walk on one of the trails. We found a picnic table in a clearing, and Robert lowered his pants and sat on one of the benches. He had me straddle him. I felt so exposed and wicked making love outside with the very real possibility of being caught.

Robert came quickly before anyone stumbled upon us.

The drive back to Manhattan was peaceful and sad. I realized that I may never be able to have a repeat of those wonderful three days in the Adirondacks with my stepson, but I will always cherish the memories we formed during our brief trip.

Oh, and one more thing. Robert promised to take me motorcycle riding before he returned to college. I was looking forward to that day.

 Coming soon - A Stepmother's sin - Chapter 8 - Robert returns to college

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