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A Toy's Touch pt.1

Madison finds out how much she loves toys.

Madison groans as she slaps the off button of her alarm clock. It’s six in the morning and it’s time to get ready for school. Madison, who also goes by Maddy, is 17 years old and a senior in high school. She has a toned body that she works hard to maintain and lush brown hair. Her bangs, which are typically brushed to one side, encase her green eyes. She is the typical popular high school girl.

Maddy sluggishly crawls out of her bed and trudges to the calendar on her desk. She slides her finger across the days until she lands on Friday, August 13; today's date. In the little square she has a note posted, it reads:

"Big math test today"

Her heart sank into her abdomen.

"FUCK!" she says loudly to herself, "I forgot all about that stupid test."

She thought to herself for a moment. I sly grin slowly creeped onto her face. She went out into the kitchen and took out a piece of scratch paper and a pen.

Dear family,
I am not feeling well today so I laid back down. Please do not wake me. I hope you all have a great day at school and work, Love Maddy"

With a smile on her face, she placed the note on the stove and returned to bed and curled under her blankets.

One-by-one, the rest of Maddy's family rose from their slumber and went about their morning routines. Maddy's brother and sister left for their morning collage classes around eight and soon her parents departed as well.

Maddy slowly woke up once more. The time is now close to ten. She rises from bed and removes her PJs, and slips into a comfortable white tank top and a pair of red shorts that barely cover her round ass. She slowly opens her door and peaks out. She knows that everyone should be gone but she wanted to make sure. She walks out into the living room, plops onto the couch and turns on the TV. She flips through the channels for ten minutes before becoming frustrated and throwing the remote on the couch.

"Nothing good is ever on in the morning." she grumbled out loud and stood up. She scans the house, thinking of what to do and wonders back into her room and sits and the desk. She turns the computer on and clicks on the internet to check her e-mails. Once finished, she commences to surf around the internet randomly, reading about some celebrity gossip, that new movie that’s coming out soon, and lots of other useless junk. Eventually, she finds herself at the home page of her favorite porn site, biting her lip gently as she scrolls through the page in search for her first video. She clicks on one and leans back in her chair to enjoy the show.

She watched intently as the foreplay begins, slowly running her fingers around her hips and all over her skin, sending shivers down her spine. She can’t help but lick her lips as she watches the guy start to eat the beautiful girl out and she begins to feel her panties growing wet with lust. She slowly slides her hand down into her panties and rubs her clit softly, letting out the lightest moan. Her eyes go wide and she lets out another moan as the man removes his boxers and reveals his massive cock. She rubs her clit harder as she continues to fall deeper in heat. Moans of pleasure fill the room as she slides her shorts and panties off and spreads her legs wide.

"God, I want that cock inside me." She says as she moans and continues to watch as the girl sucks him off. With her free hand she slides two fingers past her lips and into her mouth, pretending to suck cock and she rubs her clit. She pushes her fingers deep into her mouth, causing her to gag a little and let out a loud moan.

Finally the moment she had been waiting for had come. The guy in the movie spreads the girl open wide and slides his erect cock inside. Maddy lets out a moan and removes her fingers from her mouth. Without hesitation she shoves the two fingers into her soaked pussy and pushed them deep, moaning even more. All her muscles tense as she starts to finger her tight pussy, lifting her ass up off the chair unintentionally. Throwing her head back in pure ecstasy, she increases her pace and thrusts harder inside while rubbing furiously. Her pussy squeezes tightly on her fingers as her body wrenches from an intense orgasm. She moans and screams for what seemed like hours before the pleasure subsides and she collapses in the chair.

Maddy sat still for a few minutes, catching her breath and regaining the strength to stand once more. Her cum oozed out of her and onto the chair. She slowly walked out of her room and into the bathroom, trying not to drip everywhere as her cum oozed down her legs. She wrapped a few lengths of toilet paper around her hand and attempted to clean herself off. As she did, shiver were sent down her spine as she passed over he still sensitive clit. She enjoy this sensation very much and could help but start to rub herself once more. Such an intense orgasm had done nothing but make her want more and she knew what she wanted.

She exits the bathroom and scampers down the hall to her sisters’ room. She enters and scans the room, knowing exactly what she’s looking for. She witnessed her sister buy it in person. She looked under the bed; nothing. Under her pillow; nothing. In her nightstand...there it was. Maddy picks up the bright red box and opens it up. Inside were a 6 inch dildo and a vibrating bullet. She pulls the toys out of the packaging and smiled as she inspects them. She pushes a button on the bullet and it starts to vibrate. Maddy shivers at the thought and lays down in her sisters bed and got comfortable. She runs the vibrating bullet all over her body and eventually reaches her clit, which makes her jump. She pushes the bullet against her clit and moans loudly. As her pussy grows wetter, she spits on the dildo a few times and slides it into her soaked pussy. Moans fill the room as Maddy imagines a real cock sliding into her pussy. She pushes it in as far as it will go and begins to fuck herself once more. Already feeling her pussy contract against the new toy, she slows her pace down to draw out the pleasure.

She eventually slows to a stop and removes the dildo. She then rolled over onto her hands and knees and slides it back inside, sliding right over her g-spot which almost put her over the edge. Grasping tightly to the dildo, she begins to pick up speed till she is fucking herself as hard and fast as she can. Only lasting minutes, she explodes with pleasure and screams at the top of her lungs. Not wanting the immense pleasure to end, she continues to pump the dildo inside after her orgasm. She gasps loudly as she felt a third orgasm approaching. Her muscles squeeze hard on the dildo as Maddy moans and screams. Her body spasming as the third orgasm hits her even harder. She releases the dildo and it slips right out of her wet pussy. Maddy then collapses on the bed and falls asleep.

She was woken by a car door slamming. She hesitates before realizing someone is home. She throws the toys back into the box and runs across the hall to her room to get dressed.

She walks into the kitchen to greet her sister as she entered.

"Hi sis, how was your day? Feeling better I hope." She says to Maddy.

Trying not to blush, Maddy replies, "Yeah, my day was good. I feel a lot better now." She thought to herself that there would be many sick days to come in her future.

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