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A Toy's Touch pt.2

Chapter 2
The year-and-a-half after Maddy’s first encounter with her sister’s toys was filled with more of the same. She would often find herself home alone, would become frisky for one reason or another, and would eventually make her way back into her sister’s room for some pleasurable private time. This all changed when she turned 18.

The time is 12:03am, December 3: Maddy's birthday.

ring ring*.....*ring ring*.....*ring ring
Maddy's eyes slowly open as she gains consciousness.

ring ring

She picks up her phone from beside her bed and answers it.
"Hello?" she manages to stammer out in her half asleep state.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!" the voice on the other end yells into the speaker. A jolt of shock is sent through Maddy's body, waking her up.

She sighs softly, "Was that really necessary Dawn?" she asks her friend.

"Actually, yes" Dawn says cheerfully.

"Well I'm glad you though so, but it’s Saturday and I would like to sleep-in so if you don't mind I'm going back to bed." She says and hangs up the phone before getting a response from Dawn. Maddy went back to sleep for the morning and didn’t wake till almost noon. Once she is up and moving, she goes into the kitchen to have a bite to eat. On the stove, there is a note:


Your father and I have a bunch of errands to run today and your brother and sister are out with their friends. Sorry we are all gone for your eighteenth birthday, but we will do something special for dinner tonight if you would like. I left some money for you on your desk go out and have a fun day and we will talk to you later.

Love Mom

Maddy drags her feet back into her room, muttering to herself "Stupid assholes making plans on my birthday. Whatever I'll just go and have a good time without them" she though as she removes her pj's and picks out an outfit. She put on a blue push-up bra which accentuated her cleavage nicely and a matching lacy thong. She rummaged through her clothes and found her favorite skinny jeans and block cammy and through them on. On her way out she grabs the money on her desk, shoves it into her purse, and grabs her keys.

She drives anxiously down the road. She has never been to her destination but she knows the location by heart. She pulls into the small parking lot and stands in front of the store. Above the door, a sign reads "Adult XXX". She slowly enters the shop and is greeted by a man organizing shelves.

"Welcome," he says with a smile, "may I please see you ID?"

Maddy smiles back and pulls it out of her purse, handing it to the man. He nods in response.

"Have a look around, if you need any help, let me know." He says and continues working on the shelves.

She wonders around the shop a little bit, noticing all the magazines with naked girls pictured and DVDs with sluty girls on the cover. Eventually, Maddy finds herself in the area she was looking for, the toys. Maddy's jaw almost drops at the sight of the two isles full of toys of all shapes and sizes.

Maddy begins to look for a few toys of her own so she won’t need to sneak into her sisters room anymore. Maddy can already feel her wetness as she picks up an eight inch dildo and similarly shaped vibrator. She purchases the two toys and exits the shop smiling.

On her way home, she can’t help but imagine how great the toys will feel inside her eager pussy. Unable to control herself, she reaches between her legs and rubs her pussy softly through her jeans. She teases herself lightly as she drives home, moaning softly and trying to focus on the road.

As she pulls into the driveway, she grabs her bag of new toys and runs into the house. By the time she even gets into her room, she is already naked and her clothes lay scattered about the house. Without hesitation she lays spread eagle on her bed, pulling the dildo out of the bag and starting to suck on it while slowly rubbing her throbbing clit. She opens her mouth wider, pushing the silicon cock deeper into her mouth until she gags and removes it.

Unable to hold back any longer, she positions the head of her new toy as the entrance to her soaked pussy and pushes it deep inside her ready hole. She lets out a low moan as she begins to softly fuck herself, twisting and pulling at her erect nipples as she penetrates.

"Mmmm...fuck." she moans as her pace increases and her panting grows louder. Her spare hand wonders from her round breasts down to her aroused clit and she rubs it while continuing to pump in and out with the dildo. Maddy arches her back in pleasure, releasing moan after moan. She changes her pace often, causing new and intense waves of pleasure to flow over her body. She goes deep and slow, fast and hard, and everything in-between. Moans of pleasure fill the air as Maddy grows close to the point of no return, dancing on that fine line for minutes.

Finally, the pleasure is too much for Maddy to control. She grips the dildo tight and fucks her contracting pussy hard, sending her into a wild orgasm as her pants and moans echo through the empty house. She squeezes her legs together, shaking a little and trying to catch her breath. After a few seconds, her muscles relax and she stretches out on her bed. She slowly pulls the dildo out of her pussy, which sends a strong shutter though her body, and drops it on the floor.

Once her head stops spinning, Maddy is ready for more. She gets up, grabs the vibrator and sits down at her desk. She looks through the junk and managed to find 3 AA batteries. She struggles to put the batteries in her new toy since one of her hands had already found its way back down to her ready clit and was rubbing it contently. After fighting with the batteries for what seemed like centuries, she finally gets them in and was ready to try it out. She spits on the tip, leans back in her chair, and slowly pushed the vibrator into her tight pussy. Once more she lets out a slow moan as she starts to slide in and out without the vibrations on. Using her elbows, she parts her legs widely, allowing the slippery toy to reach maximum penetration. Maddy holds the vibrator deep inside her and turns it on to the lowest setting, sending a shock though her body.

The slight hum was music to her ears as she slowly slides the vibrator back out and pushes it back in with more force. She closes her eyes and gasps as she, once again, starts to fuck her pussy. The sensations from the vibrations send Maddy's head spinning in ecstasy. Without even thinking, she turns the vibrations to the next level, wanting to satisfy her needy body. Intense pleasure flows through Maddy's body as she continues to thrust the vibrator deep inside her ready pussy, once more dancing on that fine line. She slows her pace to draw out the pleasure for longer which, in the end, only makes her want it more. She finally listens to her instinct and a huge wave of pleasure rips over her body as the vibrations reach a new level and she screams out.

"Fuck fuck fuck that feels soooo good!"

She throws her head back and moans as her second orgasm takes over her body. She shakes violently and almost pushes the vibrator out due to her tightly contracting pussy. The pleasure kept her going for a minute before finally subsiding. Maddy slowly eases her muscles and stands up, knees slightly shaking.

She picks up her toys and washes them off in the bathroom before storing them in her night stand for another day. She then goes through the house and retrieves her clothes, puts them back on, and collapses on the couch.

"Happy Birthday." she said quietly to herself.

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