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Anna's Christmas Toys

Santa provides her with the best toys ever, you may want to read 'Anna gives me the finger' first
I cannot explain how wonderful this year has been. Ever since that spring day when Anna began her sexual journey with me, I have been very happy. I discovered Anna sunbathing one early spring day, and a sexual relationship has blossomed. She loves to finger herself, and watching her brings out the lust in me. When her five foot seven, one hundred thirty five pound blonde haired body goes into orgasmic convulsions, my 8 inch cock can barely contain itself.
Addicted to blowjobs, Anna constantly is sucking the cum straight out of my cock. It seems she is wanting to see if she can swallow more cum than any other seventeen year old in America. I am gladly letting her see if she can be the cum swallowing champ!! She has now perfected the art of getting on her knees, sucking me off, and fingering herself to orgasm all at once. One time she even sucked me off in the bathroom while sitting on the toilet. She said she wanted to see what is was like to swallow cum at the exact moment she was peeing!!

That is not to say my mouth has neglected her pussy. Her virgin tightness tastes very sweet. She keeps a sexy triangle shaved just above the hood of her pussy. I will come home to find her on the couch gently fingering, waiting. I kneel down, and let her withdraw her fingers. I lick them clean for her while undressing. As she places them back inside her horny pussy, I start to stroke my cock. It does not take long before the urge to eat her takes over my life. My entire focus is on eating that sexy virgin pussy until she cries out in orgasmic bliss. I can feel her body quake every time I eat her to a wet, juicy cum. Anna has even begun to let me finger her ass while I eat her. The low moans as she cums excites me to no end!!

One day this fall I came home to find Anna extra horny. She was on my bed, and had been home for hours. She had been fingering herself to the edge of orgasm, then slowing. A trail of her dried pussy juice covered her body. Juices over her breasts, down her tummy, leading to her pussy. She had even taken juice and smeared it over the lips of her mouth and refused to lick it off.

"I need your tongue Greg," she panted. 'Lick the juice from my body. Use your tongue tip. Lick all my juice off my naked body. Then eat me!! I am soooo horny Greg, make me cum with your mouth!!!"

My clothes could not fly off fast enough. My cock was rock hard as I crawled on top of this teenage goddess. Licking her lips with my tongue tip, she grabbed my head, and gave me a passionate french kiss. Moaning, she took my hand, and lowered it to her soaking wet pussy. As soon as my fingers entered, her hips began to rise and fall. It was if she was trying to fuck my hand. Low moans escaped her mouth into mine. Fingering her steadily, her tongue wrestled frantically with mine. I had never seen Anna so horny!!

Breaking off the kiss, I lowered my mouth to lick the trail of pussy juice. Taking each breast into my mouth, I suckled them. Swirling my tongue over her stiff nipples, sucking in her breasts while squeezing the other. All while fingering her, and listening to frantic moans of passion. By the time I traced my tongue past her belly button to her pussy, Anna was a hot mess of horniness. Taking out my fingers, Anna cried out in frustration. Begging for release, she open her legs wide, and shoved my head between her legs. It was not seconds after I began to eat her , that Anna shoved up her hips, held my head firmly, and exploded into an incredible orgasm. I could feel her body convulse as pussy juice flowed freely into my mouth. It felt as if she were squirting as she went into a long, intense orgasm. Her body kept thrashing as I kept my mouth firmly on her fluttering pussy. Minutes went by before she went limp.

After her breathing slowed to normal, Anna slowly took my cock into her mouth, and gave me a long slow blowjob. She had never been so eager to please me. It was thanks for the wonderful orgasm I had just given her, As she sucked out my hot cum strands, she did not swallow all of them at first. She held some in her mouth, and gargled it. Slowly letting some seep out, then scooping it back into her mouth. she opened her mouth so I could see it. Then, with a flourish, she swallowed it greedily. I could not help but stay hard watching my beauty play with the cum I just given her.

"That was fantastic Greg," Anna purred. "I have been thinking of your long, thick cock all afternoon. I want to ask you something." I looked down as she started to stroke my hardness. " I think I am ready for something more than fingers and your mouth. I want something bigger and better in my pussy." My heart skipped a beat. Was my lovely Anna ready for me to fuck her for the first time? Could it finally be time to sink my cock into the virgin pussy of this sexy lovely? Hope quickly swelled, and so did my cock.

'I am scared about getting pregnant, you know that Greg," Anna said. But I want something bigger inside me, something that will fill me. Greg, will you help me pick out a sex toy, and help me use it?" Anna sucked me back into her mouth. She sucked in my entire length, swirled her tongue, then pulled back up and spit me out. "I want a toy that is just like your sexy cock. That way I can think of you when I use it."

It wasn't long before we sat naked in front of my computer. I fingered Anna as she sat on my lap, and we looked at various sex toys. We finally picked out two. Each for her to use, one for her bedroom, and one for me so I could taste her juices anytime I desired. They would both get plenty of use.

It was not long before the toys arrived. I let Anna know that they were in my bedroom. Arriving home from work, I found Anna naked on my bed, two wrappers on the floor. Had I missed out, and had Anna already made quick use of them? Thankfully no, her sexy pussy was still unspoiled. Anna had been fingering, the aroma of horny pussy filling the air. I could see she had been deep throating the toys as she fingered. they were both wet with her saliva. Undressing quickly, I joined Anna in bed.

"Greg, I am so horny, but I am a little afraid," Anna gasped out. " I am excited and ready. Help me Greg, show me how your cock would feel in my pussy. Take this toy, and place it into my virgin pussy!!" I saw a toy laying next to her, and grabbed it. Lowering my mouth, I began to french kiss Anna's pussy deeply. She was sooooo wet!!! Who knew how long she had been fingering? With one last long kiss of her virgin tightness, I pulled off my mouth. I placed the tip of the toy at her open hole, and began to work it in.

Slowly at first, a slight yelp escaped from Anna. I stopped, not wanting to hurt her. ' More," Anna hissed. I eased in more. Her legs drew back. I stopped again. "Don't stop," I eased in more, she was soooo tight!!! Stopping again, I rose up a bit. Placing my mouth on hers, I french kissed her deeply. I moaned into her mouth, to muffle any possible scream, and slid the toy all the way in. Anna bit my tongue as all 8 inches entered her pussy for the first time. After it was all the way inside her, I broke off the kiss, and whispered in her ear, " My baby now has been filled."

Slowly I began to work the toy in and out. Slowly fucking Anna's pussy for the first time. Watching her wet pussy lips hold the toy firmly as it worked in and out of her. The toy began to shine from her pussy juices. I saw how her hips began to pump back every time I thrust in the toy. I saw how her pussy flexed every time the toy withdrew. It wasn't long before Anna took the toy from me. As she began to fuck herself, Anna motioned for my cock.. Taking me into her mouth, Anna had found new pleasure. She was able to pleasure her sexy pussy to the maximum while sucking my cock. The smile on her face was priceless, she was in sexual heaven!! Our sex life had reached a new level!! When I emptied that day's cum load into Anna's waiting mouth, I could feel her body tighten up in the first of many orgasms her new toys would bring her.

Anna has now become quite the expert with her new toys. She keeps one at home for her personal use, and switches out with me. That way, at night, I can taste Anna anytime I care to. Our afternoons and evenings are more intense, and Anna has orgasms she just wants to brag about. Our little joke is that Santa brought a Christmas toy a little early this year, lol. Needless to say, Anna finds those two toys to be her most favorite!!!

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