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Birthday Party

Wife gets a surprise birthday gift
It was his birthday and she had a special evening planned just for him. She had bought a lacy, black outfit that accentuated her hard, pink nipples perfectly. The sexy attire followed the curve of her body and caused her ass to look deliciously round and desirable. Its crotch was open and only broad lace encircled the creamy skin of her thighs. She accessorized the garment with a pair of black, open toed, stiletto heeled sandals which displayed her red toe nails. She’d planned to be waiting sensuously on the bed with all their toys and lubricants ready for him when he arrived home. As his personal sex pet, she planned on satisfying his every wish. She stood at the dresser mirror and put the finishing touches on her hair and cherry red lipstick that matched her nail polish when she heard the car pull into the garage. She wanted to take his dick deep into her mouth and leave red lipstick prints around the base of its shaft as she sucked his precum. She heard the back door open and quickly climbed on the bed to pose as seductively as possible. He came into the kitchen and saw a note in large print taped to the refrigerator in front of him; it read, Please go the bedroom to unwrap the birthday gift of your dreams. He smiled in anticipation for he knew his little pet would do everything he needed to relieve him of the bodacious amount of cum built up in his balls.

He entered the room carrying a small bag and saw her draped on the bed surrounded by tons of soft, fluffy pillows. From her position he could see a peek of her pink little pussy shaved to just a tuft of pubic hair above her clitoris. She was always taken aback by how handsome he looked in his suit and tie. Hello baby, happy birthday. Its me, your sex pet, here to pleasure you as you desire. She rose to her knees and met him as he moved to the side of the bed. He leaned into to kiss her pouty red mouth now slightly open. Their tongues danced together joyfully as he reached to stroke her nipples and she reached her hands into his suit jacket to slide it off. After removing the coat, she began to loosen his tie when he said, I know its my birthday, but I’m the one who has a present for you. You do, I cant wait to see it! Is it a new sex toy she asked. Of a sort, he replied as he pulled a blindfold out of the bag. It reminded her of the ones you see on TV when people are trying to sleep. Tonight, my pet, we will satisfy a long held desire of yours and mine.

Now, be a good girl and put on the blindfold. She took the blindfold and carefully placed it over her eyes in such a manner as to not damage her hair and makeup while he finished undressing. She couldn’t see a thing. Now, he said, lie back on the bed. She did. Once again she felt his delicious kiss that always caused her juices to flow. Her hand found the head of his cock and she began to play.

Now, spread your legs and bend your knees so I can get a look at a beautiful pussy about to be satisfied like never before. She did. After a moment, she heard him move to the foot of the bed and climb on. She thought she heard him stroking his cock. Spread your pussy lips open for me, he ordered. She did. She felt his tongue gently lick her clitoris. She moaned. Nobody ate pussy like him. She felt as his tongued moved to circle the outer rim of her cunt, lapping at her nectar. Her hips moved, her passion grew and she thought how soft and gentle his tongue felt tonight. She had quickly drifted into a sexual trance unaware of anything but how good the fellatio felt. He placed the head of his big, hard cock, softly on her lips. She wrapped her hand around it and pulled it deep into her mouth with a series of strokes. She knew the feel of his cock in her mouth well and found great pleasure in sucking him while he fingered her. Her fog lifted slightly and she raised the blindfold from her right eye to see him standing by the bed next to her. She saw him watching her pussy when it hit her, if he was standing by the bed, who was between her legs licking, chewing and fingering She bolted upright and simultaneously removed the blindfold. To her astonishment, between her legs was one of the women from the lesbian couple next door!

With eyes as large as saucers, she heard the woman say, Surprised Don’t be, I’ve wanted to taste your cum for a long time and he told me you’ve always been curious how it would feel to have another woman eat you. Her eyes moved rapidly to him. And I’ve always wanted to watch you cum on another woman’s face while you swallow me, he said as a response to the look of question on her face. Please, lie back and indulge me. If you behave yourself, I promise to fuck you long and hard later. Obediently, she returned to her former position and reached for her lovers dick. She circled its massive head with her tongue; the lesbian resumed chewing her hard clit while inserting fingers in and out of her pussy and ass. Her fingers were long and thin but very experienced. Instinctively, she continued to suck his cock but her focus was definitely on the action between her legs. It was difficult to moan with a member in her mouth, but she couldn’t help herself, her sexual tension was building. She felt the woman take her finger out of her cunt and replace it with her long, soft tongue. She had never been tongue fucked before. With her other hand, the woman rubbed her clit. How delicious! The stimulation of having two people work on her every orifice was almost too much to bear. How long could she hold on before delivering a load of cum to her new lover She sucked his cock hard and rapidly stroked what little of his thick shaft remained outside her mouth. I’m going to cum in a minute, she heard him exclaim. She held back no more. He watched as his little sex pet let loose on her lesbian lover. The woman was turned on by the rhythmic squeezing of her cunt on her tongue. He saw his pet grind her pussy on the lesbians mouth. Now he could hold on no more as he knew she was about to achieve an intense orgasm. He felt the cum rush down the shaft of his cock and fill his pets mouth as he watched the lesbian pull her pussy very tight against her face, focusing on her clit for the last few seconds of the most glorious orgasm they’d ever experienced.

She laid there shacking from the nervous rush of it all and heard her lover say, Yes my pet, catch your breath because its not over. She turned her head to look at him and saw the lesbians partner enter the room. The lesbian put down a small duffle bag and began to undress. From the bag, she took out a huge, two ended dildo resembling hard cocks. The two life partners climbed up on the foot of the bed and began to kiss; deep, wet kisses. She once again reached into her magic bag of tricks and removed lubricant. Sitting facing each other, legs intertwined, they applied the lubricant to each others hairy muffs. They placed the dildo between them and each inserting an end into themselves. The couple sat at the head of the bed fascinated as they used the motion of their hips to drive the dildo deep into their cunts until their clits were touching. She never knew any woman could take something that deep! They both gyrated on the rubber member and rubbed their clits together all the while moaning and begging for more. This continued until their bodies went clearly limp from cum and they fell back. Their juices left a wet spot on the bed.

The couple had become re-aroused by the show and ready for more action. He said, Ok, ladies, lets do what we discussed. As he moved his pet into position on her hands and knees, one of the lesbians assumed the same position in the opposite direction while the other lesbian donned a strap on, vibrating dildo. He took the throbbing cock he’d been stroking for awhile and drove it in his pets pulsing pussy. The lesbian simultaneously did the same to her partner and turned on the power. The strap-on was designed to stimulate the giver as well as the receiver. He proceeded to pound her cunt with deep, hard thrusts. Yes, baby, fuck me sooooooo good! She cried to him. For what seemed like hours, the gentle buzz of the strap-on couldn’t be heard over the loud moans, begs and screams of the lovers. Each pair watching the other as they played. The sexual energy in the room was thick as molasses. Gradually, each person enjoyed the magnificent shock wave that results in climax. Afterwards, they lay in their respective lovers arms totally satisfied. Each realizing, though, that the night was still very young.
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