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Birthday Surprise Ch.2

Gary gets the surprise of his life.
"So tell me what happened," Zoe said, extremely anxious to hear this latest story.

"Excited are we?" Ivana answered, amused at my wife's eagerness."Just let me warn you, when you hear what I'm about to say, you are going to want to play with your pussy right here at the table, in front of everyone."

Zoe knew Ivana liked to tease her, turn her on and drive her crazy. She sat staring at Ivana, ready for her naughty tale.

"You are so bad Ivana, please tell me your story," Zoe begged, hoping her pleading would get her friend started.

"Alright," Ivana said. "Since you asked so nicely. Last Saturday, I picked up this super-hot guy at Shots, the bar downtown. It was hardly difficult, with me wearing my sluttiest, little back dress. I caught his eye the moment I walked inside. I have to admit I felt a tingling run through my entire body when I first saw him as well. He was tall, handsome and gave me a look that said he wanted to fuck.Which, as you know, was fine with me. I moved towards him...."

At that moment, the waiter came over and asked if they were ready to order.

Zoe gave him an annoyed glance. But Ivana smiled and winked at her, enjoying the added torture she must be feeling.

Ivana said, "Yes, I would like the mango chicken, please."

"And for you, Miss?" the waiter asked, turning to my wife.

By this point she could have cared less, so she said,"I'll have the same."

Mercifully, for Zoe's sake, he walked away, giving them a chance to continue their conversation.

"Go on," Zoe blurted, with something similar to panic in her voice.

"Where was I?" Ivana feigned, teasingly.

"You were moving towards him!" Zoe replied, her patience starting to wane.

"Don't get frustrated," Ivana said, laughing. "I'm getting there."

Zoe's eyes were glued to Ivana now, anxious for her to resume.

Ivana began again, "I moved towards him, sliding my hands across his broad shoulders as I went around to the empty seat next to him..."


"May I?" she asked, already knowing the answer.

"Please," he responded, his eyes moving over her delectable figure.

She sat and crossed her legs, giving him a glimpse of her smooth tan thigh.

"My name is Ivana," she said, extending her hand. He took her hand and gently kissed it.

"Oh, a gentleman I see," Ivana smiled."I hope not too much of a gentleman," she added, her hand moving down to squeeze his big, thick cock.

"Mmmm," she sighed, continuing to massage his manhood.

"Do you live close by?" she asked.

He grunted out what sounded like a yes.

She removed her hand from his crotch and whispered in his ear, "Let's go FUCK."

He nodded, and they were racing for the door. This was exactly how she knew it would go.

He sped to his apartment. Opening the passenger door for her and taking her hand, he hurried her inside. Once inside, they let their passion take over. He pressed Ivana against the wall, kissing her deeply on the mouth, their tongues searching for each other.

Ivana was lifted off the floor and carried to the long couch in the center of the room. She felt his lips on her's, his hands caressing her breasts through her dress and the glory that was his massive cock rubbing against the skin on her thigh. Her pussy ached as she thought what it would feel like to have that monster in her mouth.

She was about to be pleasured first, so his cock would have to wait.

He pulled her dress up over her head leaving her naked except for a tiny, black thong. He began taking her nipples into his mouth, one by one, licking and sucking. Biting them playfully, he had them sticking out like bullets.

With her tits totally aroused, she now needed him between her legs. Her throbbing clit wanted some attention.

Sensing her building lust, he licked and pecked his way down her flat stomach to her soaking wet sex. Quickly, removing her panties, he dove right in with his tongue lapping at her sweet juices. She was as tasty as anything he had ever eaten. Inserting two fingers, he increased the pace of his tongue on her pussy until she was writhing on the couch. Finally, she screamed, "Oh,fuck! I'm gonna cum." Then her lower body started pushing forward as her orgasm enveloped her. Ivana lay there in the bliss of her climax as his tongue greedily licked at her wetness.

"My turn," she smiled, getting to her feet and pushing him down onto the couch.

Her pussy was twitching as she undid his belt and pulled down his pants and boxers.

She gazed in amazement as his cock sprang out. It was even bigger than it had felt before. Long, smooth and totally shaven. Her mouth watered as she took it in her hand. It must be, at least 9 inches, she thought to herself which brought a priceless smile to her face. Instinctively, Ivana ran her tongue around the head, teasing him before she engulfed his length down her waiting throat taking it all in.

She enjoyed the look of astonishment that her lovers gave her when she totally devoured their huge cocks. She sucked in earnest, bobbing up and down on his member, as his moans grew louder. Not wanting him to cum yet, Ivana stopped and decided to focus on his equally smooth balls. Expertly, she took his balls into her mouth. Sucking,licking and kissing each one making them sloppy with her saliva. Accidentally, her tongue ran over his anus. He gasped, excitedly, when he felt her wet tongue on his hole. 

Ivana looked at him, curiously,"You like that, baby?"

"I love it," he replied.

This was a new experience for Ivana. She couldn't remember the last time she could say that.

"Whatever turns you on," she said, her head going back to his ass.

Tentatively, she licked his puckered anus. The fact that this was a new sexual adventure for her was making her pussy drip again. Growing bolder, she licked his ass more feverishly , beginning to really enjoy it. With every pleasing moan from her man, she was spurred on to lick faster.The feeling of pleasuring his ass was intoxicating. Ivana didn't think it could get any kinkier. That was until he leaned up and said,"Your tongue on my ass has got me so horny.I need to get fucked."

"Get fucked?" she questioned. "Don't you mean......

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