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Birthday Surprise Ch.3

Ivana gets Zoe interested.
Before she could utter another word, Ivana realized what he was asking of her. Although she knew the answer, she needed to hear him say it.

"What do you want me to do to you, baby?"

"I want you to fuck me in the ass," he answered.

"And how am I supposed to do that?" she asked innocently, but smiling a devilishly wicked smile.

"Go to the cabinet and open the top drawer," he responded, looking at her urgently.

Ivana got up from the couch and walked to the large wooden cabinet under the stairs. Slowly, she pulled open the drawer and peeked inside, catching a glimpse of what he so eagerly wanted her to find. The harness was black, the plastic cock a beige color and by her estimation around 7 inches long and sufficiently thick.

"Is this what you want?" she asked, her pretty blue eyes sparkling with desire.

"Yes," he replied, with urgency in his voice.

She sauntered over to him, seductively, the cock swinging in her hands. "Could you help me with this?" she asked, handing him his toy.

Quickly, he was on his knees in front of her, guiding the straps over her legs and fastening it tightly around her waist. He had a giddy smile on his face as he looked her over, from her beautiful, angelic face down to her lovely toes and everything in between, stopping to stare lustfully at the erection between her legs, which was now his master.

"Before this can go inside you," she said, getting completed turned on by this surprising opportunity that had come her way. "You have to get it nice and wet for me."

He crawled to her and grasped her length in his right hand, before lowering his head and engulfing it down his hungry throat. She watched as he eagerly moved up and down the length of her hardness, making her pussy start to moisten. Ivana had never seen a man suck cock before. This man was damned good at it and it was driving her insane. The mere sight of it was getting to be too much, so she grabbed her cock from his mouth and commanded him to lie on the couch.

Ivana loved how vulnerable he looked lying there, his feet up in the air and total desperation in his eyes. Normally, she would have teased him a bit longer, but she wanted this as bad as he did. 

She stroked the pole between her thighs, enjoying the wetness from his saliva. She eased it towards his hole and made circles around the opening.. His ass began to pucker as she continued to arouse his waiting ass.

The moment had finally come and she slid the length into his ass coaxing a soft moan from his lips as her shaft went in and out of his man hole. What joy this was to be doing to a man what had so often been done to her. The thought never crossed her mind before, now she might never be able to get it out of her head.

As she pumped harder inside him, he began stroking himself and moaning even louder. She knew he was close and was ready for his climax. A few more quick deep thrusts had him exploding all over his stomach and chest. He lay there looking completely satisfied. Her thirst was not quenched, if anything she was even hotter now to do it again. A new perversion she thought as she left him there tired from his explosive orgasm.

Back at the restaurant, Zoe stared at her, mouth open and eyes wide, a look of total shock on her face. 

"I thought you'd like that one. Are your panties soaked, Zoe?"

"They're drenched," Zoe responded, still looking dumbfounded."That was so fucking hot, Ivana. Have you seen him since then?"

"Sadly, no," she answered. "But, I don't need him, just another man who will let me fuck him."

"If only I knew where to find a handsome, well-built man," she sighed, staring deeply into Zoe's eyes, grinning that evil little grin of hers.

Zoe could tell by that look what was going on in her friend's perverted mind. 

"Do you know anyone, Zoe? Of course, you could join us if you liked."

Ivana could see Zoe's mind was racing at this point.

"My birthday is in two days," Zoe said. "Gary told me he would give me anything I wanted this year."

"What is it that you want?" Ivana inquired. Both women began giggling naughtily as they imagined the sexy scenario in their heads.

"How would we do it?" Zoe asked, all this talk making her pussy drip even more.

"Leave it to me. This will be a birthday none of us will ever forget."

They finished dinner, paid the check and walked arm-in arm to the exit. Talking for a few minutes by Zoe's car, they made plans for her celebration dinner. 

When they were ready to depart, Ivana grabbed Zoe by the waist and pulled her friend to her. She kissed Zoe firmly, her tongue exploring her sexy friend's willing mouth. Zoe returned the kiss and the two women stood there in front of the restaurant like schoolgirls, devouring each other.

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