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Brittany in the Dressing Room

Brittany doesn't know what awaits her in the dressing room
She didn't understand what she was doing here, in JC Penny on a Wednesday afternoon. Her long distance fucktoy, Jordan lived on the east coast. She had, of course, sent him dirty pictures from dressing rooms while she shopped before; usually Victoria Secret dressing rooms. And she had even played with herself in a dressing room while he watched via Facetime. But every one of those times was in a store of her choosing; he had never before specified where she should go. What the fuck was going on? He couldn't possibly be meeting her here in the middle of the week. Her phone vibrated with a text.

"Do you have something to try on? -J"

"Meh. A blouse and a pair of dress pants."

"Go to the dressing room where I first took you doggy style. -J"

She vividly remembered that fucking from two years ago, she just didn't recall it was this store. She began to feel that familiar stirring in her stomach as she walked to the back of the store even if she didn't understand what was going on here. There wasn't anything sexy for her to try on in this store. What could he possibly have planned?? As she approached the dressing rooms a cute store clerk gave her a warm smile and asked, "Can I help you find anything?" Her phone vibrated with another message.

"Go to the same room where you knelt and sucked me. -J"

"No that's ok, thank you. I just need to try these on."

She walked to the last dressing room on the left, closed the door and set her clothes down.

"I'm here. Now What The Fuck?!"

"You're task is in the box. -J"

"What fucking box?!" she thought to herself, looking around the dressing room before finding it under the clothes she had set down. She opened it up to find a large flesh colored silicon dildo with a suction cup on the end. Her phone vibrated again as she stared at the massive thing.

"You know what to do. I showed you how two years ago. -J"

She reminisced to that day when she had dragged him shopping. He came along with one condition; that she leave her panties at home. She obliged but exacted retribution by teasing him for the first hour in Victoria Secret. For lunch they had gelato to cool off and then they found themselves in an empty dressing room in the back of some nameless department store.

She pushed him inside, closed the door, and pulled her dress over her head. She knelt down in front of him as she tore at the clasps to his jeans. With his pants around his ankles she engulfed his hard cock with her mouth. It couldn't have been more than two minutes before he pulled her head away by her hair and turned her around. He knelt behind her and let his hand fall from her hair and traced a finger down her spine, admiring her shapely ass. With his left hand on her hip his right hand gently pushed her forward and then slid himself inside.

She was rocked back to the present by a Facetime call. With a smile, she gripped the cock by it's base and stuck it to the dressing room mirror. She answered the call and pulled her dress over her head. Jordan, fully nude, carried his phone over towards his closet mirror and knelt down in front of it. She felt it was fitting that her fuck toy knelt when he pleasured himself for her.

Brittany was dripping wet at this point and wasted no time in getting down on all fours and easing herself back onto the flesh colored monster. There was something endearing about him bringing her back to this place after so long. It took some doing but she eventually managed to slide all the way down on the monstrous thing. She was out of breath and her cum was dripping down her thighs but it felt great to be in this dressing room again with a thick cock deep inside her. She began rocking back and forth against the rubber dick and rubbed her clit between two fingers. She watched her east coast fucktoy stroke his cock as she fucked herself against his present. Her soft moans were slowly increasing in volume.

"You've been in there a while, is everything working out alright. Do you want me to bring you some different sizes?" The clerk called back to her as Jordan about died laughing.

"No thanks. Everything's wonderful, " Brittany responded, very out of breath. "I got distracted by some messages on my phone."

It all became to much - the threat of discovery, his hard body, and the thickness between her legs.

Her pussy contracted. She sat back on the cock one last time and held it deep inside her as her pussy convulsed around it. She closed her eyes, laid her head down, and bit down on her forearm to keep from screaming out as the orgasm ripped through her body and her legs began to shake. The waves of pleasure felt like they would never end. When the orgasm did finally, subside she glanced at her phone to see that Jordan had coated the mirror in semen and was walking back with a towel to wipe it up.

Her brain no longer caught in the throws of passion she came crashing back to the reality that she was on her knees in a dressing room with cum running down her thighs and the threat of that nosy store clerk coming to check on her. She quickly wiped her legs with her panties and shoved them in her purse. After blowing Jordan a kiss and closing Facetime she reached for the rubber dildo stuck to the mirror but momentarily stopped to read a text message she had missed.

"You're to leave the dildo attached to the mirror, as is. -J"

Her eyes went wide. She glanced at the cock and then back at the text on her screen. She looked again at the flesh colored cock and then quickly exited the dressing room before her conscious mind could process what she was doing.

"Did you find what you were looking for?" The blonde store clerk called over her shoulder as she rushed out of the store, practically running, not even bothering to respond.

Late that night in the comfort of the silk sheets of her bed Brittany brought herself to another orgasm while imagining the final resting place of the silicon cock she left covered in her cum.

Little did she know she would receive her answer soon enough.

Some of this is true. The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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