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Chelle's Day Off (Part Two)

Michelle takes a special accessory with her to the community pool.
Michelle was standing in her bedroom, fresh from the shower and examining a plain brown package that had just arrived from a mail-order "adult novelties" company. The arrival of said package had been a surprise (in more ways than one!) as she had apparently placed the order some time ago when she wasn't exactly sober.

Drunk, alone, and horny. she thought, which in a way summed up how a lot of her weeknights were spent. Her boyfriend's work schedule kept them apart enough that they mostly just saw each other on weekends. With her libido at an all-time high following the three-way she unexpectedly had with her current boyfriend and her ex, Eric, the weekend sex just wasn't seeming like near enough to placate her.

Pulling open the flaps of the box, she was able to see for the first time just what she had blindly thrown her credit card number down for. One by one she removed and studied the items.

The first and largest was a flesh-colored rubbery dildo that looked quite detailed. She removed it from it's packaging and held it in her hand, admiring it's detail. The thing was pretty big! A little larger than her boyfriend, she decided, but not as big as her ex, Eric. The dildo had fairly realistic veins and a pair of balls at the end. On the back, it had a suction cup. Michelle vaguely recalled browsing the online catalog and deciding on this one. The vibrators she owned were all fairly tiny and she tended to use them for "outside" work only. This thing, she figured, would be nice for the shower. She could stick it to the tile wall and have her way with it, maybe in concert with her friend, Mr. Massaging Shower Head.

The size was still a little intimidating though. Taking a real dick like that in the heat of passion was one thing, but shoving a big rubbery dong in her would probably require that she be pretty juiced up beforehand. Plus, she had already taken one shower today. Although I'm sure I'll need another when I return from the pool later.. She thought with a grin. She set the dildo to the side and produced the next item.

It took her a second to realize that the 4" red arrowhead shaped item in her hand actually was a butt-plug. It was slim and tapered at the tip but wider at the base and it had a flared end which she supposed was there to make removing it easy. Wow, She thought. I must have been in a seriously kinky mood the other night!

Michelle had grown to actually enjoy anal sex as she'd gotten older and more experienced. She loved how dirty it felt and the sensation of fullness when she had both of her entrances occupied. Prior to actually being double-penetrated in the three-way the other night she and her boyfriend had been experimenting with such a thing using her little purple vibrator. Now she had a toy designed for that purpose and she couldn't wait to surprise him with it.

A wicked thought came to mind: next time Leman came over she should greet him at the door with the plug already inside of her! He would freak out, but in a good way.

Doing a quick mental inventory, however, she realized that her boyfriend's work schedule probably wouldn't give the two of them time together for a few days yet. She frowned and set the plug to the side, reminding herself to call him later and see if she could push that timetable up a little..

The third and final item she removed from the box confused her even more than the plug had. The package said "Asian Love Balls" and had some Chinese characters that she sarcastically thought that someone at the sex toy design place probably just copied from a take-out box. The clear-plastic package showed two hard plastic purple-colored balls about an inch in diameter. They seemed to be connected by a string and another string loop extended from the end of one of the balls. She'd once heard a girlfriend talk about using "anal beads" before but had never seen them. Was that was these were? Surely not, they were way bigger that what her friend had described and there were only two of them. As she opened the package she noticed it seemed to be almost fighting her, shaking as she split the plastic and the balls fell out on to her bed.

She picked them up and immediately a light went on. The balls were quite heavy for their size and what was more they vibrated when shook, or even touched. Michelle figured that they must have some sort of a counterweight inside because the globes were shuddering and rolling on the palm of her hand with only a little bit of movement.

Just like Ben Wah balls!
she realized. Her father once had a pair silver ones in an elaborate wooden box in his study at her parents home. He used them for relaxing by rolling them around his hand on days when he came home from work. Michelle had held them before, thus her association with the toys in her hand, but had honestly never thought of the ones her father owned as something that could be used as a sex toy.

She checked the invoice included in the package and realized that the balls had actually been a free gift included as a bonus with the remainder of the order. At least that explained why she would have ordered something that she had no idea even existed.

For a few moments, Michelle repeatedly shook the heavy plastic balls and marveled at how they would continue to shake on their own long after the initial movement. She realized with a smile that these would probably feel very interesting if she slid them into her vagina and walked around. At least this was a toy she could try out right away..

Michelle looked at the clock and frowned: it was 11 am already and she still hadn't made it out to the pool yet. She had already used up part of her day off sleeping late and masturbating after she finally woke up. If she didn't head out now the community pool might get overrun with kids on summer vacation and she wouldn't be able to get a good spot.

Just looking at the toys and thinking of their possibilities had excited her all over again but she knew she shouldn't waste the day as she really wanted to work on her tan while she had the opportunity. Reluctantly, Michelle set aside her naughty purchases and decided to pick out a bikini so that she could get her day off started once and for all.


She chose her newest and most favorite swimsuit: It was a light purple string bikini with bolder colored-swirls randomly placed throughout. Standing in front of the mirror , she admired the way the colors on the suit contrasted with her skin tone. She knew she looked great in her new bikini and was again thankful for the hard work she had put in at the gym. She turned and checked out her own ass and the dimples just above on her lower back. The swimsuit wasn't a thong (Michelle thought they were kind of trashy) but it nonetheless was cut to show off her best asset. She was a natural flirt and she thought with a smile that if there were any boys (or retired dads, for that matter) at the pool today they were going to get an eye-full.

Her ever-critical eye still found a few areas of her body that needed improvement as she did the visual examination of herself. Michelle sighed and reflected on how keeping herself fit was getting more and more difficult as she aged. She decided that she might have to look into getting a personal trainer, especially if she planned to make any more sex tapes with her boyfriend, or masturbating with her freaking bedroom window blinds half open as she had earlier!

She packed a bag with her towel, a book, sunscreen in case her tanning started to become burning, and a bottle of water. She also decided to make a thermos of something alcoholic: Why not? It was her day off and she didn't have any plans to drive anywhere later. Examining her liquor cabinet she selected, after some consideration, a simple combination of vodka and diet lemonade. The container was quite large and she didn't think she'd be able to (or should, for that matter) finish it herself, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

After making the drink she returned the vodka bottle to the cabinet. Feeling a little reckless, she picked up a bottle of tequila and poured herself a quick shot. She threw it back quickly and felt its warmth radiating through her body. Turning back to her beach bag and checking to make sure that she now had everything she needed, a wicked thought began to form:

Those love balls. What if I..?

And just like that she was back in her bedroom. She picked up the balls and again marveled at how they twitched and rolled seemingly of their own volition in her hand. She began to grab the bottle of "emergency lube" from the bedside but then realized that it wouldn't be necessary: she was, to her lack of surprise, wet again.

Michelle sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her bikini bottom to the side. Taking care to put the string loop in last she popped the balls into her vagina and allowed herself a moment to get used to the intrusion.

"No one at the pool will suspect a thing." she said aloud to the empty room with a devilish grin. She straightened her bikini and then stood up.


The balls shifted inside of her and immediately she was weak-kneed at the stimulation, which was almost overwhelming in its newness. She started to have second thoughts but the tequila courage that got her to this point told her that she needed to suck it up and go forward with the plan. Walking towards the front room, she grabbed her bag and headed out towards the pool.


Michelle almost turned around and went back home several times on the walk, and she started to again think that this might have been a bad idea. The Ben-Wah balls shook and shimmied with every step and if she took too fast or too hard of a movement, they would slam together inside of her, making a "chock!" sound she worried others might hear. She tested this out by taking a few purposefully hard steps and listening carefully..





She decided that while the sound was audible, it was probably not as noticeable to those around her. Still, she'd still have to be careful. Actually, she thought, what she needed was to be sitting down at the pool, as the motion of the balls inside of her was driving her insane and she needed some relief before she ended up scrapping the pool trip altogether in favor of spending the whole day in bed!


Michelle reached the gate of the "Home Owner's Association Pool Complex". She lived in an older neighborhood in a house that her father had purchased years ago. Her family had lived there briefly while her parents' current house was being built and she, as Daddy's favorite had been given the home as a starter investment.

The pool itself was showing its age a little. It was a basic rectangular pool with a deep and shallow end. There was a small kiddie-pool down by the shallow end that she always joked must have been about 90% pee. A small diving board was attached to the far end. At one point, the complex had a jacuzzi but it had been closed for "repairs" last summer and had still never reopened, thus it sat covered and dry opposite the kiddie pool.

The place thankfully wasn't as busy as she'd feared and she selected a deck chair over near the deep end as she looked around at the other pool-goers.

There were three or four kids of various ages around screaming as kids always do at pools. Closer to the shallow end a pretty blonde woman was trying in vain to calm them down. Michelle wondered if the woman was actually the mother of the children or if she were simply babysitting for someone else. If the former were true, she thought, then the woman had recovered nicely from childbirth and had kept herself in excellent shape. The blonde was rocking a green bikini that was, if anything, more revealing than her own.

There was an older, pot-belied man sleeping in a chair on the opposite side of the pool, or at least he seemed to be sleeping. Michelle watched him for a second and, sure enough, caught him peeking at her even as he pretended to sleep. Dirty old man. She thought with a smile. The gross old letch clearly wasn't her type, but she always appreciate the attention and affirmation that a good leer brought.

Further down from the older man, close to the shallow end and the small, block building that housed the restrooms, there were two teenaged girls laying out and smoking cigarettes. Michelle pegged them at no more than sixteen and scoffed at the brazen way in which they were trying to appear older by smoking. They were clearly mugging for the young man in the red board shorts who she supposed was the new lifeguard for the pool.

Not that she could blame them, mind you. He was young, certainly younger than Michelle, but probably old enough. (Old enough? Old enough for what exactly Misses Robinson? she reminded herself.) The boy was tall and deeply tanned with a mop of shaggy dark hair. He was muscular in that skinny-way that the cute boys in high school and college were before metabolisms faded and gravity began to take over. He seemed to carry himself with confidence and his manner and looks actually reminded her of an old crush, though she couldn't recall his name.

She again gave a critical eye back to the smoking teens. They looked at her with an "eat shit" look of disapproval as the lifeguard momentarily ignored them and turned to smile at her instead. Michelle smiled back and glanced ruefully at the girls. They had skinny, youthful bodies but she couldn't help but notice that they already seemed to be letting themselves go in the belly-area. She shook her head and mused that this generation just didn't seem to care anymore. In five years they'd both be fat if they didn't work on it now. Somehow that made her smile even more. They'd need to take a cue from someone like herself or the blonde with the kids to realize that looking good after a certain age took hard work.

The entire glance around the pool and it's various occupants had taken seconds, a minute at most. Michelle situated her things and spread her towel on the deck chair. She knew she was lingering, giving the others a view of her body as she prepared to lay down. Finally, she turned and plopped down into the webbing of the chair.


Her eyes grew wide as the balls clacked together and sent another spiral of pleasure into her. She hadn't meant to do that and now she was worried that someone had heard it! Fortunately she needn't have worried as the sound of the kids and the distorted sound of a radio turned up too high for it's speakers provided a covering ambiance. Michelle very carefully opened her thermos and took a drink of the lemonade, looking around again at the pool-goers. The wickedness of having a sex-toy inside of her in front of all these people was somehow as exciting as the sensations themselves.. Smiling as the vibrations in her pussy slowed and then stopped, she lay back and started enjoying the sunshine.



Michelle shifted her hips on purpose, causing the Ben Wah balls to go into another frenzy inside of her. She had tried to read her book but found it impossible to concentrate on a crime thriller when all she could think about was sex. The balls were a constant presence and she was feeling exceptionally sexy as she lay there. The alcohol from her drink had put her in a very relaxed mood.

She thought of her boyfriend again and decided to make a last-ditch effort to talk him into making the trip over that evening. She knew he'd have to work early the next day and didn't like having to get ready at her house, but she hoped that she could talk him into it with the promise of some kinky porn movie-style sex. Toys were only going to go so far today; she needed a real dick!

She produced her cell phone and called the number. It rang twice and then went to voice mail.

"Hey baby, call me back. I'm hoorrrrrrny." she said quietly in a little girl voice that she knew he liked. She hung up and almost immediately received a text message back from him.

In a meeting. Call you later?

She send a reply text, smiling naughtily to herself and she typed, just wanted to know if you wanted to cum over tonight and fuck your girlfriend in the ass.

The reply came and her face fell as she read it: :-( Sorry. I promised Wayne I'd meet him out tonight. He just got dumped by Crystal and needed a wingman. 

She was deeply disappointed. Instead of coming over to fuck his girlfriend he was gonna go play second to his friend at a bar? She tried to not be irrational; Wayne was one of his best friends and the breakup with his longtime girlfriend had apparently been tough. Still, she couldn't help but wonder; did her boyfriend think he had a free pass to fuck other women after they'd done the three-way with Eric? Would he try to hook up with someone? Leman was way better looking than Wayne; he'd be a terrible wing man!

Calming herself down before she started an argument, she texted back: Sucks for you. I'm dripping wet now.

It was a long time before a reply came back. Then, Rain check tomorrow maybe? Sorry. Don't want to let him down. Kind of busy now too :-(

Sigh. She tried.

Sure. Love you babe. You're missing out.

Love you too.

Disappointed, she leaned over to her bag and put the phone away, then grabbed the thermos and righted herself in the chair. She was angry and still a little jealous, and made a note that if things continued this way for too much longer she just might have to give her boyfriend an ultimatum about moving in with her.


Again, the balls clacked together accidentally as she shifted in the chair and Michelle grit her teeth in frustration. As good as they felt, she wasn't so sure that they weren't just pushing her towards a plateau that she wouldn't be able to easily remedy with everyone around. Lost in thought, she didn't see the blonde in the green bikini from earlier approaching.

"Hi. Excuse me but isn't your name Michelle?" The woman asked. Michelle blinked up at her, momentarily losing her in the sun before finding her face again.

"Yeah. How did you know?" She asked. The woman didn't seem immediately familiar, although she could see now that they were about the same age.

"We went to Cloverfield High together. You were a grade below me. I'm Rebecca." She said, extending a hand. Michelle shook it and smiled, while secretly hoping the girl wasn't some jilted fem fatale who was bearing a decade-long grudge for a stolen boyfriend or something.

Rebecca continued: "I'm sure you don't remember me. I was awkward and kind of nerdy back then, but everyone knew you. You were the popular one. God, you haven't changed!"

Michelle smiled at the compliment. "I didn't think I was that popular. I always thought I was kind of an outcast."

She had matured early and had been a very striking girl all throughout High School, yet Michelle had gone through a rebellious period for a few of those years and usually hung out with the stoners and the 'bad-boy' types, much to her father's chagrin.

"Oh please." The woman continued, taking a seat on the chair beside Michelle. "No need to be modest. Everyone knew who you were back then, even in my grade. And relax, you weren't mean to me or anything!"

The kids that Rebecca had been watching continued to run amok and Michelle asked, "So are they all yours?"

"No, thank God, just two of them. The two boys. Josh is the youngest and the older one is Clint. The girls are my neighbor's kids. She had some shopping to do so I offered to watch them today."

Michelle thought that Rebecca looked positively fantastic for someone who'd had two kids. Judging by the age of the tykes she had probably had them when she in her mid 20's. She caught herself admiring the woman. She had a fit, toned body that surely indicated hard work in the gym with the help of some good genetics that allowed for natural curves. Her breasts filled out her bikini nicely and if they were fake it wasn't an obvious job. The blonde didn't even appear to have any obvious stretch marks beyond some faintly visible lines around her hips and abs that were simply lighter than the rest of her tan. Her only concession to the toll of motherhood was apparent on her face, where the slightest evidence of lines could be seen around her eyes. Michelle supposed that if raising two wild children left her with just that, she could count herself quite lucky.

Suddenly aware that she was gonna get caught looking the other woman up like a piece of meat, Michelle offered her the thermos she had brought in order to break the silence.

"What is it?" She asked, taking the metal container in her hand.

"Vodka and diet lemonade. You look like you could use an adult break," said Michelle with a smile.

Rebecca laughed, it was a pretty laugh, but it cracked with a slight sense of something else. Sadness? Exhaustion? Nevertheless, she tipped the container and took and big gulp of the liquid.

"Mmm," she said, wiping her mouth. "Yeah, I definitely needed that. Can't drink too much though or my neighbor will think I'm an unfit mother when she comes to get her daughters! Tell you what, if you don't mind me sitting here I could use some girl-talk. It's been awhile!"

Michelle smiled. "Sure! Go get your towel." She was beginning to like the young mother already. Rebecca stood up and walked away, and without even realizing it, she found herself admiring the shape of the blonde's bikini-clad ass as she walked gracefully away.

Very quickly, before the woman returned with her towel, Michelle imperceptibly shook her hips again, sending another wave of ecstasy through her body.



Rebecca and Michelle relaxed comfortably by the pool and talked like old friends as the children played and the other pool goers went about their business. The dirty old man had seemed pleased that he could watch both objects of his desire at once now that they were sitting together. She wondered if he'd be content to watch all afternoon or if he would eventually have to go home and relieve himself. The idea should have grossed her out but somehow the thought of the old man having to go jerk off at the sight of her was a little exciting. She found herself playing it up, crossing and uncrossing her legs as she sat and even spreading them open to expose her crotch at times.

It worked, and eventually the old man got up and left the pool area. He shuffled awkwardly out and had his towel bunched up in front of him like he was hiding something.

"Rebecca, look!" Michelle said under her breath. "I think we gave that old guy an erection!" The older woman turned to look and her face soured. "Eww. That's Mister Brady. He lives down the street from me. He likes to stand in his yard watering the grass and staring at all the young moms walking around the neighborhood. He creeps me out."

"Well hey, at least you've still got it." Michelle offered. "Your body looks fantastic."

Something in the way her new friend looked back at her suddenly made Michelle self-conscious that she'd maybe said that a little too enthusiastically. After all, she had continued to check the woman out as they sat together. Her shapely legs, her flat belly. The tightness of her ass when she rolled on to her stomach to tan her back. She had always looked at other women. Sizing them up, comparing them with herself. That was a natural thing for women to do, of course.

But ever since she had agreed to have a threesome with another woman, she had begun to appreciate women in a slightly different manner. There was a curiosity there, one that she knew that she was soon going to have to satisfy to keep her boyfriend happy. She wasn't certain if it was just the alcohol talking but she felt herself getting a little bit of a girl-crush on Rebecca. Here was a woman who hadn't given up after marriage, children, and the creeping of gravity that came with age but instead was fighting tooth and nail to look good and was doing a damn good job.

Still, she'd just met her, and she didn't want to creep her out by looking a little too long at her, even if it was mostly out of respect.

Instead, the woman quickly shrugged off the look without further explanation and smiled back at Michelle. "Well, I was a late-bloomer, so it was college before my body filled out. The kids took a toll but fortunately my ex was willing to pay for plastic surgery to get his old wife back."

Michelle was surprised. "Really? I wouldn't have guessed."

"Oh please. Stretch marks don't just go away. They have lasers for that. The best part though was these."

With that, Rebecca leaned forward and pressed her breasts together with her wrists, popping them prominently before Michelle's eyes.

"I finally got my titties!" she said with satisfaction and smiled. Michelle noticed that Rebecca had a beautiful smile. Her face was dimpled and her cheeks were dusted with freckles. Her blue eyes lit up and for a moment she looked like the cute teenager she would have been many years and two kids ago.

"I never had much there, and I didn't go too big, but those two," she said, motioning to the kids jumping in and out of the shallow end, "They sucked what little I had to begin with flat. It was pretty depressing. But now? Problem solved." She playfully shook her torso and her perfect fake breasts jiggled.

Michelle grinned back at the blonde and tried her best not to stare for too long, all the while thinking, I wonder how they look without the bikini top?

"I also have a personal trainer and I have to work my ass off. It's great though. Having someone help you makes a big difference. And it helps that he's hot," Rebecca said with a giggle.

"You'll have to give me a recommendation then," Michelle said, taking another sip of the vodka drink. "I've been thinking about getting one, and hot works for me!"

"Not that you need one!" Rebecca said, returning the compliment and looking appreciatively at Michelle's own bikini-clad form. "Besides, you're still young and single." She reached for the thermos and took a large swig while looking wistfully at her children.

"Believe me," she continued, "Have all your fun before you have kids. I was a wild one back in the day but they slow you down. Hell, if I weren't occupied by them I'd probably be trying to seduce the pool boy over there."

She nodded in the direction of the young man, who was now busy skimming the pool. He was obviously showing off for the teenaged girls a few feet away as he did it and predictably they were swooning. Every so often, however, Michelle noticed him looking back in her direction as well.

"Oh come on, he's a child!" Michelle retorted.

"He goes to college at State. His family lives on my street. He likes to cut the grass with his shirt off and I like to watch him do it. I've even thought about hiring him to do some work around my house, but never have." She grinned at the double meaning.

"Come to think of it," Rebecca added, "I still might. My ex gets the kids all next week and I'll have the whole place to myself."

The two laughed at the thought. A couple of dirty borderline-Cougars on the prowl for boys barely out of High School. Caught up in the moment and feeling silly from the effects of the drink, Michelle actually doubled up in the chair in laughter.


Her eyes widened. Had Rebecca heard that? She was suddenly mortified and aware that her face was turning red.

If Rebecca noticed, she said nothing. Her eyes were fixed on the pool boy. "I'm serious. If you don't get him I'm going for it next week." She then broke her gaze and turned to the brunette.

"And I may decide to be mean and not share." With that she put a hand on Michelle's thigh, a move which sent shivers up her body. It was quick enough to have been a casual accident, but she wondered..



The two women talked awhile and exchanged numbers, making plans to get together later. If nothing else, Michelle was glad to have made a new friend, but if she was being honest, a part of her wanted more. She knew it was the combination of alcohol and the ever-vibrating Ben Wah balls in her cooch, but Michelle was finding herself oddly attracted to Rebecca. Hell, she kind of wanted her.

Of course, she had no way of knowing if the blonde was truly into her in that way. She'd never been with a woman before and wasn't completely adept at picking up on such signals. Also, if it were to happen, it would be without her boyfriend around, which she supposed would be technically cheating as well as against the rules of their agreement.

Still, Michelle knew that if the other woman made a move, there was no way she would resist. Not as hot as she was now.

As if the universe had read her mind and found her unworthy, the air was suddenly pierced by a blood-curling scream. Both women looked up immediately and saw that Rebecca's youngest child and tripped and fell to the concrete a few feet away. His leg was cut and bleeding and the boy was screaming at the top of his lungs.

Rebecca got up with concern tempered by the weariness of a mother who has seen it all. She hurried over to the injured child and started fussing over him and examining the wound. Soon after, the young lifeguard came running up with a plastic first aid kit and knelt by the boy to assist. Figuring that she should try and offer some help as well, Michelle stood up from her chair,


and almost fell down as the sensations from the Ben Wah balls slamming together inside of her made her weak in the knees again. She sized up the situation and realized that things were probably under control and she would probably just be getting in the way if she tried to join in. She sat back down,


and watched as the young lifeguard proceeded to clean the scrape and bandage it with the help of the child's mother. Rebecca thanked the young man profusely and placed a hand on his shoulder as she did. Michelle felt a little sting of something. Jealousy? Very briefly, Rebecca looked up and flashed a wicked grin that seemed to say, Snooze you lose, girlfriend. Michelle just shook her head and smiled back.

She also had to admit, seeing the lifeguard so attentively taking care of the young boy's injury had stirred something primal in her. She found herself again drawn attractively to his young, tan body.


She thrust her hips almost involuntarily and had to close her eyes as she was driven to a new height of lust. For a brief moment she pictured the lifeguard, Rebecca, and herself in a torrid scenario on her bed back at home. The moment was fleeting, however, as the child's crying continued which disrupted the fantasy.

Frowning, Rebecca came back over to Michelle and made her apologies that she was going to need to take the children home.

"It was really great meeting you. Please call me, I wanna hang out soon." she said.

"Absolutely!" Michelle agreed, shaking the woman's hand.

The blonde hurriedly gathered her belongings and led the mob of children out of the gates of the pool complex. She didn't look back or make any other suggestive moves as the responsibilities of motherhood had taken over her thought process.

"Oh well." Michelle was a little disappointed as she'd enjoyed the young woman's company, especially the naughty turn it had been taking at the end there before her kid tripped.

Looking around, she noticed that the only people still left at the pool now were the two teenaged girls, the lifeguard, and herself. Some others had come and gone in the time she had been talking with Rebecca. The alcohol had made time pass in such a way that she wasn't completely sure what time it was. She could have looked at her phone, she supposed, but didn't want to be reminded of how her boyfriend wouldn't be coming over any time soon.

Off in the distance, she heard a slight rumble of thunder and for the first time she noticed that some dark clouds were visible off on the horizon. Michelle frowned. She didn't feel like she'd gotten nearly enough sun yet. With any luck, however, the storm would hold back a few hours yet.

As a bonus, the thunder had scared the silly underage tramps who had been trying to impress the young lifeguard and they quickly began packing up to leave. Now she was alone, other than the pool boy, and with any luck the potential of a storm might keep things from getting crowded.

Michelle rolled over on her stomach, disturbing the Ben Wah balls again as she positioned herself to get some sun on her back. Looking around and feeling like being a little more of a tease, she undid the straps of her bikini and also rolled the edges of her bikini bottom down, exposing the very top cleft of her shapely ass to the sky. The young man didn't notice at first, busy as he was straightening deck chairs and doing other duties that might be necessary if a storm did in fact come. As he worked unaware, Michelle decided to see just what the toys inside of her could do.




Michelle began wiggling and thrusting her hips harder, stirring the balls into constant motion that drove her wild. She was suddenly aware to her frustration that while she was getting hornier all the time, she wasn't going to come as the balls in no way provided any clitoral stimulation. She thought for a moment about sliding a hand down the front of her body but decided not to as it might cause her unfastened top to fall off. Plus, she had her back to the street and anyone walking or driving by might see her and know what she was doing. She might have been a tease and maybe even an exhibitionist, but Michelle had no interest in getting arrested for publicly masturbating at her neighborhood pool where kids played.

The brunette sunned herself awhile longer, occasionally shaking the balls for the pleasure they provided but becoming all the more aroused and frustrated for the effort. After a time, she decided that maybe she needed to cool off. She retied the bikini and stood up.


The pool boy was back inside and he stared at her with a grin as she stood up and revealed her body at full height. Confident from the earlier attention as well as the buzz from the alcohol, Michelle wiggled her ass seductively as she walked over to the diving board. and slowly stepped up top. The young man stopped all activity as he watched her gracefully walk to the edge of the board. She took one hop then dove in headfirst in perfect form.


The forceful motion of her dive sent the toys humming again, stronger than ever. The need to cum was almost painful now, like the way guys had described "blue balls" to her. She'd always thought that was bullshit but if there were a female version, she had to be feeling it now.

Swimming slowly around, the cool water enveloping her skin, she paused by the side of the pool and felt a tickle on her leg.

The pool jets! Small holes on the side of the pool were sending chlorinated water out in a steady stream. Maybe if..

Michelle maneuvered to a jet and pulled herself up on her elbows, aligning the jets of water to come in contact with her overheated pussy. As it hit her clit, she felt a slight relief but knew it wasn't enough by itself. The jets just weren't as strong as, say, the old ones in the now shut-down jacuzzi had been. Still, perhaps if she pulled her bathing suit to the side..

Before she could, however, the lifeguard came back into view from around the building where he had been apparently retrieving the pool chemicals he now carried. He looked over at Michelle and she was immediately embarrassed. Surely he knew about the jets! Hell, a young horny stud like him would probably try to fuck them if he thought his cock would fit there. Before she was busted, she kicked off of the wall and swam away, again causing a ripple of motion between her legs.

Those God-damned Ben Wah balls. Why in the world had she thought this was a good idea?

Frustrated and almost to a breaking point, Michelle considered her options, She could go home and go into full-on toy box mode.

This was tempting, but she really did want to get some more sun before the storm. Plus, she was pretty sure she wouldn't be able to take the walk home with the balls inside of her her rocking and rolling. So no, that was out.

She could grab the lifeguard, throw him on a deck chair and impale herself on his dick, using him until she got what she needed.

Great idea, and again tempting. But also, terrible, terrible idea. She was pretty sure he wouldn't refuse her, of course, but it would be cheating, for one thing. Plus she'd surely get caught one way or another, either by someone seeing or the guy running his mouth to someone in the neighborhood. So no, not an option.

Her eyes moved to the small block building where the restrooms were. She supposed that she could go in there and have some private time. She figured that it wouldn't take long to rub herself off and it wouldn't look strange.

Fuck it, she thought. It would have to do. She waited until the pool boy had gone back outside of the gate, as she didn't want him timing her in case she spent a little too long in the bathroom. Once the gate clicked behind him, she quickly strode out of the pool still dripping wet and walked directly to the women's restroom.





The door closed behind her and Michelle winced. The dimly-lit room was almost suffocatingly hot and had an unpleasant, stale odor. Her eyes adjusted abruptly to the dark as she looked around and was decidedly unimpressed with the state of the restroom. The two stalls had no doors on them! Michelle decided at that moment that she was definitely going to lodge a complaint at the next HOA meeting.

"Excuse me. I'm Michelle and I live on Woodberry Street. I'm here to let you know that the bathrooms at the pool are atrocious. I went in there to masturbate the other day and it was an un airconditioned, filthy mess. And there were no doors on the stalls!"

She laughed at the absurdity of this. Still, she had committed to a course of action and it was too late to turn back now. She considered sitting on the toilet bowls but they weren't the cleanest things in the world and one of them appeared to have a broken seat. All she needed was to injure herself in the process..

That left the sink, which actually had a wide counter beside it. Without another thought she hopped up on it and spread her legs, feeling the churn of the Ben Wah balls' constant movement.

Quickly, she shoved her right hand into the front of her bikini bottoms and found her clit with two fingers

At last!

Her throbbing little nub finally getting the attention she had so badly craved, Michelle rubbed herself furiously and bucked her hips. The clacking of the Ben Wah balls was magnified and loud in the concrete room but she didn't care. Nor did she care or even notice the soft moans escaping her lips as she went to work. All she could think of was getting herself off. She closed her eyes and bit her lip.

She was so distracted that she didn't notice the room suddenly getting lighter or the creak of the door as the lifeguard entered the bathroom.

By the time Michelle was aware something was amiss, she was in such a state that it likely wouldn't have made a difference. Still, she yelped in shock when her eyes opened and she saw the young man standing just a few feet from her.

Propped up on the sink, her legs dangling below and her hand shoved down the front of her bathing suit, she was more than busted. There was no way to play this off. She was mortified, frightened, and even a little frustrated. She hadn't even come yet!

The young man took a step towards her and she freed her hand, painfully aware that her fingers were dripping wet as she brought them in to view.

"Um.." she started, but the young man shushed her, a finger to his lips.

"I can help," he offered, and rather than wait for a reply, he stepped forward.

Oh my God, was he going to try and fuck her? There was no way she could let that ha-

Instead, to her surprise, the man fell to his knees, now eye level with the soaked crotch of her bikini bottom. Without a word, he began untying the straps on one side, exposing her dripping snatch to the hot air of the dingy bathroom.

Before she could offer a weak protest, he lowered his head and kissed the lips of her sopping pussy. Emboldened back her lack of resistance, he then began to lap at her folds, lapping up her wetness with his tongue.

Michelle couldn't have stopped now if she tried. Her hands instead went to the back of the lifeguard's head and pulled him in to her crotch by his shaggy hair. He had obviously done this before, but wasn't as good as, say, her boyfriend at the technical aspects of eating a girl out. She didn't care. He was a tongue and she was in need. She bucked her hips against his face.


He'd heard it. There was no way he couldn't have. The man's head pulled back and she looked down. She'd forgotten about the damn balls somehow! What would he think? Hell, what did he already think, for that matter..

It was actually the looped string that had caught the attention of his probing tongue and he said to her incredulously: "What the hell, are you on your period or something?" His face had a look of mild disgust at the thought.

"No!" she cried out, desperate for him to go back to work at her throbbing clit. "It's a.. Oh God.. it's just a sex toy. See?" With that she reached down and grabbed the loop, pulling one of the balls down her slick channel. As it's purple-colored plastic finish became visible at her entrance, a slow understanding came about the young man's face. She wasn't sure he knew just what he was seeing, but at least he was satisfied that it wasn't a tampon string.

Before he could say anything else, Michelle pulled his head back to her crotch and made him resume licking and sucking her pussy. She bucked and ground against his face and finally she could feel it:

She was going to come. And it was going to be huge.


Her thighs clamped shut around the young man's ears and her orgasm slammed into her like a tidal wave. The day-long teasing of the Ben Wah balls and her own thoughts, the barely fulfilling orgasm she'd fought to give herself that morning, her lust for both the young man and the young mother she'd met earlier, the alcohol shattering her inhibitions and the frustration over her absentee boyfriend all became a supernova of pleasure that wracked her body.

Michelle almost blacked out from the force of the orgasm as well as the cloying heat and poor ventilation of the bathroom. With a start, she realized that she was in danger of crushing the poor boy's head with her legs, so she released her grip on his hair and slowly parted her thighs.

"Wow. I think you needed that!" the young man said. His face was a sloppy mess of her juices and he had a grin a mile wide. He stood up and was face to face with her between her outstretched, trembling legs. She noticed with amusement that he had a raging hardon. The tip of his penis was actually barely visible at the top of his board shorts!

"My turn," he said softly and started to untie the shorts. Reality hit her and she realized that he did intend to fuck her this time. She couldn't allow that. Not now. Not like this.

"No!" she cried out, pushing him back and dismounting from the sink.


Her unfastened bikini bottoms fell down to her feet as she stood up and she was completely bottomless in front of the lifeguard. She tried to recover them but failed.

"You can't fuck me. I have a boyfriend. I'm sorry."

The boy looked pissed, "What the hell? I took care of you!"

"Someone might come in here!" She offered, weakly.

"Huh-uh. It's about to storm. Haven't you heard the thunder? No one is is coming here today. Why do you think I risked coming in?" he reasoned.

Michelle thought. He had a point, but she still had to stop this before it went too far.

But then again, if she didn't do at least something, what was there to stop him from telling everyone about what had just happened?

"I'm gonna take care of you. Just not like that. And you better not tell anyone or I'll tell that you're spying on people in the women's rest room!"

With that, she fell to her knees in front of him, wincing as the hard concrete ground against her bare knees. With trembling hands, she untied his board shorts and pulled them down. His cock sprang out in her face at attention, rock hard and eager to please. The young man's scent and desire stung her nostrils as she reached out to steady the member. It was of average length and kind of lean, like it's owner.

"A polite, young man's cock." she thought for some reason.

Wasting no time, she quickly sucked it's hardness into her mouth and gripped his shaft with her hand. She wanted to make this quick because she was growing more and more scared that someone would discover them, plus she knew that if she didn't get him off soon she was gonna have no choice but to fuck him.

Savoring the feel and taste of the hard cock between her lips, Michelle put her very best effort into the blow job. Her hips began to buck involuntarily as she sucked and the air in the sweltering room was heavily with the wet, slurping sounds of her oral skills and the rhythmic clacking of the Ben Wah balls inside of her.

"Oh lady, that feels fantastic!" the young man breathed. He was pushing his hips forward, jamming his skinny cock further into her throat. Sweat ran down Michelle's face in large drops that fell and dotted the hard concrete floor below.

Michelle felt it again: that nasty, slutty thrill that she had felt when she had sucked and fucked her ex boyfriend in front of Leman. She was reveling in this whorish behavior, so normally unlike her. Her hand worked between her legs again as the other jerked the young man's shaft. The room smelled like hot, desperate sex.

Was she going to let him fuck her?

No, she couldn't

What difference would it make now?

At least it's something.

She had to finish him quick or she was going to give in. She removed her wet hand from her snatch and brought it up between the young man's legs. With her other hand she lightly spread the cheeks of his hard little ass. Continuing the pressure from her hungry mouth, Michelle slid a finger still moistened by her own juices into the lifeguard's puckered asshole.

Startled, the man instinctively pushed forward trying to free himself from the unfamiliar invasion. This only served to push his cock further down Michelle's welcoming throat and she responded by sliding the digit even further, up to the knuckle. He was trapped.

The effect was immediate. The young man cried out and his cock swelled in her mouth as his orgasm hit. Huge wads of his semen flooded her mouth and Michelle struggled to swallow it all down. The volume proved just too much as a big glob of it escaped her mouth and fell to the grey floor below, splattering amidst all the sweat drops as evidence of the forbidden and secret act she was performing.

She was pleased, Michelle had always been proud of her cock sucking skills but her current boyfriend rarely came from them, a change which had made her think she had lost her touch. The salty taste in her mouth and the white goo on the floor beneath her proved that she had not.

As he softened in her mouth, Michelle suddenly realized, as if a fog were clearing, how dangerously close she had come to fucking the lifeguard. With a wet "plop," she pulled his cock from her mouth and gave hit a little kiss on the head.

"There. Now we're even," she said.

The boy pulled his board shorts up and retied them. His face was beaming and, like Michelle, he was a sweaty mess. Clumsily, he offered, "Hey, I work down here every other weekday, so if you wanna do more-"

"No," Michelle snapped. She was rooting around the dirty floor trying to find her missing bikini bottoms. Where in the hell had they gone? Still, this had to be addressed so she stood up to eye level.


Dammit! Those fucking things had to go.

"No. This was a one time thing. AND, it never happened. You hear me? You don't call me. You don't mention this, and you sure as shit don't tell any of your friends if you want to keep this job." It was probably a hollow threat, but she hoped it would work.

The lifeguard grinned. It was no doubt a grin of satisfaction at just getting his dick sucked off by the hot older woman. But was there something else to it? She hoped to God not..

"Sure thing lady!" he said cockily and stepped out of the bathroom, leaving her alone to find her pants.

Michelle finally found the bikini bottoms under the sink counter where she had apparently kicked them at some point. She had to get out of the room. It was overwhelming her. Quickly, she tied the bottoms and walked towards the door.


Cursing, she began to reach down to remove the Ben Wah balls once and for all so that she could finally have some sanity! Realization then hit: She had no where to put them. She had run into the restroom so hastily that she didn't even bring a towel she could wrap them in. If anyone else was outside she'd have a hard time hiding the odd-looking sex toy from their view. They would have to stay inside of her until she got home.

Mortified, she padded over to the door. Her knees ached from contact with the concrete and shame was starting to creep in as her buzz faded. Taking a quick look back at the sweat and cum-spattered floor beneath the sink, she opened the door and stepped back out to the pool.


The sky had gone very dark and thunder rumbled constantly overhead. The young man was packing up chairs and preparing for the storm as if nothing had happened. It wouldn't be long now before the rain and lightening came and besides, Michelle no longer felt like hanging out at the pool today. She needed to be home. A shower definitely, and a nap to sleep off the afternoon buzz.

She didn't want to think about how she was going to feel about herself and her actions once the alcohol was completely out of her system. She almost wished she'd been drunk enough to convince herself that none of this had happened, or at least that her judgement had been severely compromised beforehand.

Gathering her things to leave, she caught the eye of the pool boy (My God, I don't even know his name! she realized) and gave him a stern look as a reminder of his promise. In return, he gave a cavalier wave and a nod before resuming his duties.

"Asshole," she said under her breath, and walked out of the metal gate of the pool area.


The balls churned inside of her again as she took an awkward step up to the sidewalk and while the pleasure was still there, she was annoyed by it's constant presence and the motion only magnified the growing shame and guilt that was fast replacing her earlier ardor. Yeah, it had only been oral sex, but no matter what anyone said, the reality was clear; she had cheated on her boyfriend. He could never find out about this.

Moving cautiously so as not to disturb the Ben Wah balls more than necessary, she moved towards her home. It seemed so very far away just then.

Just what in the fuck is WRONG with me? she wondered.

The taste of the young man's semen still shamefully lingering on her tongue, Michelle began walking slowly home on shaky legs as the coming storm growled threateningly all around her.

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