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Christmas Instructions

Lily gets a few toys from me for Christmas
Dearest, sexiest Lily:

Merry Christmas. Although I wish I could be with you right now, I know that I cannot. For this reason, I have included a number of gifts for you in this bag.

What I would like you to do is the following:

Go change into something comfortable. Absolutely no bra, thin shirt, and bottoms you can easily pull totally off.

Now, Go get a glass of wine, pour it, and take the bottle of wine and this bag where you will feel comfortable making yourself cum. Once you are in your comfortable place, take your bottoms off, take a couple long sips of your wine, then read on.

Now, I want you to take out all of the toys I got for you, baby. Know that I want to be the one giving you these orgasms and my cock is hard right now, thinking about you, your beautiful hot wet pussy, and your sexy body.

One by one, look at all the toys and gifts I got for you.

Pull out the big purple emperor vibrator. Look at its huge girth and think about how good it is going to feel sliding into your pussy. Take it out of the package and stick it on the floor where you will be able to ride it shortly.

Take out the butterfly kiss. What an interesting small toy. It could give you some good pleasure. Set it down next to where you will be sitting as I want you to use this on your pussy first.

Take out the Vroom Royal and set it aside. I know you didn’t ask for this, but I thought it would be a nice toy for you to use on your clit while riding the emperor.

Take out the Triple stimulator. I am excited to see what you think of this toy, but use this when you are in the mood. When you do use it, picture that little backdoor part being my finger going into your ass. You got so turned on when I stuck my finger in there, and really moaned good, baby. I think you will like it, and the friction from the ribs and the clit stimulator. Fun, but save this for later…

Take out the Cooling gel, baby. Put it by the butterfly kiss, for use in a few minutes.

Take out the rest of the stuff…put the mini vibe with your glass toy. Make sure to put all of the packages in the bag for trash…you don’t want a vibrator package left laying around.

Once you are done with this, I want you to go do the following:

Go drink a few more sips of wine. Now, go to where you sit to get yourself off, get the butterfly kiss and cooling gel, take off your bottoms and panties and get comfy.

Now, I want you to try out the butterfly kiss. Turn it on nice and low. Make the head of it touch your breast and circle your nipple…not touching it. You know I love your breasts and would be kissing them, touching them, and sucking on them. If I was there with you now, I would be sure to see what effect the vibrations have on your sexy tits.

Move it down to your pussy, baby. Run the head around the outside…your lips, you upper thighs, down by your ass, and up to your clit. Use the head to apply nice steady pressure to your clit. Run it around your clit. Draw circles around your clit with it, beautiful..

Do this for as long as you want, then easy it down so the butterfly is vibrating on your clit and the head is in your hot wet pussy. Move that head around so it hits that part just inside that feels good for you. Apply nice pressure to your clit, too…don’t neglect it.

Turn it back and forth…twisting your wrist a bit so you can feel the head moving inside you. If I was with you right now, I would be using my tongue on your clit, and my fingers would be inside you now…moving back and forth…massaging, rubbing all the spots that make you feel good.

Keep doing this for a while. Use your imagination and make it feel good. Explore your pussy with this new toy I got you to make you cum. Once the excitement of the new toy slows down, baby, get out the cooling gel.

Put a bunch of the cooling gel on the butterfly part, and a big dollop on the head of the cock. Now, stick that toy back into your beautiful pussy and turn the vibrator so it is on the second or third setting. I want it to work that gel into your hot pussy and cool it off. I want it to make your pussy tingle, but not numb. Keep this up for a few minutes. Does it feel good, baby? Keep playing with this stuff and this butterfly.

Rub it really good…try to make yourself cum for me, love. Turn it up, turn it down, with it, add more cooling gel…cum for me baby.

Once you are worn out and tired of using this butterfly toy, turn it off, put it down. Go drink some more wine for me. Finish your glass, pour some more in it, then put it down. When you are ready for more fun, continue reading.

Baby, I loved that you asked (actually kinda begged) for me to get you this emperor toy. I want you to ride it, baby. I want you to fill your pussy up. Go over to the emperor. Grab it, feel its girth. Gonna feel nice in your hot wet pussy, huh?

Now, realize this….If I was there with you now, before you straddled this big cock, I would give you a slow deep kiss. I would kneel down in front of you as you straddle this toy and watch so intently as you slowly slide it into your gorgeous pussy.

Do it…straddle this huge cock. Ease it into your pussy and imagine the awe I would have if I was there watching it enter your fucking sexy body.

Ease your way down onto the nice big toy. Slowly go all the way up and back down. Again and again until you have it all in you, baby.

Realize that I would be there, putting my hands on your perfect hips as you took this cock in and out of your pussy. I would sneak a kiss or two, and play with your titties. I would take my rock hard cock out and stroke it while watching you ride this monster.

Now, start humping that fucking cock. Move fast all the way up and down. Rock back and forth. Make that cock fill your hot pussy. Ride that cock hard baby. Turn the vibrator on…see how it feels. Good, keep it on, not great, turn it off. Again realize that I would be controlling the vibrator speed for you and watching you…adjusting it so it is just how you want it.

Ride that big cock baby. Make yourself cum baby. Cum for me. Ride it. Shove that big thick hard long cock into your perfect pussy. Cum for me baby, cum for me. Before you cum, remember who got this big cock for you. Think about me and how much I want you to cum. Say my name when you cum. Say it.

Keep riding that cock until you cum good. If you feel like you can keep going for a third while riding, do it. If not, think about what toy you want to use to give yourself number 3, and go sit and do it to yourself.

Know that if I was there, I would make you sit back in a comfy chair or lay on the floor, and I would take that huge emperor cock and fuck your pussy with it. I would shove it in and out…applying some pressure to your clit on the inward stroke. I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off you, so I would be kissing you, sucking on your tit, and licking your clit as I fucked you with that big dildo.

Now, baby, I am going to leave you to yourself. I wouldn’t do it for real…I would watch/help/participate ...whatever you wanted me to do. I want you to make yourself cum. I want a really good one, baby. Give your sugar daddy a nice big orgasm. Whatever you have to do…I need you to have a third. Put this down. Focus on cumming. Once you did that, and calmed down, read on.

Merry Christmas, baby. I really hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and that I can give you good gifts for many years to come.

Go drink some wine and clean up your toys.

Lily’s Response:


I pulled out all my favorite toys butterfly kiss, the glass dildo you bought ne a while ago, the emperor dong,the vroom, and your cooling lube. As you know I don't need lube, but the cooling lube makes me cum faster. It also makes my cum last longer and feel it deeper.

I wanted to try out the butterfly kiss. I turned it on nice and low. Making the head of it touch my tits and circle the nipple (tattoo side)…not touching it. I think of you being here licking and sucking my tits. I moved it down to my pussy. Ran the head around the outside…lips, upper thighs, and up to the clit. I used the head to apply nice steady pressure to my clit. Ran it around my clit. Drew circles around the clit.

Then eased it down so the butterfly was vibrating on my clit and the head was in my hot wet pussy. I moved the head around so it hit the part just inside that felt good. I started to Turn it back and forth …twisting my wrist a bit so I could feel the head moving inside. I pictured you here using your tongue on my clit, and fingers inside...moving back and forth…massaging, rubbing all the spots that make me wet. I did this till I came...for the first time arching my back and feeling the cum pour out.

I love the emperor. I want it to fill up my pussy.

I got on top of this big cock. I eased it into my pussy and imagined it was your cock. You watching your cock entering my dripping wet pussy. I slowly went all the way up and back down. Again and again until I had it in all the way.

Then, I started humping that fucking cock. Moving fast all the way up and down. Rocking back and forth. I took the vroom and turned it on the pulse setting, then used it on myself until I was going to cum, then stopped. I wanted to cum with my fingers so I could feel my throbbing clit as I came for the second time. The second time was so good that I had to moan out loud as cum dripped down my upper thigh.

Should I cum for a third time? Fuck ya. So I grabbed the glass dildo you bought me. The sides are ribbed. I slid it along my throbbing clit, careful not to make myself cum quickly. Then I stuck the cool dildo in my wet dripping pussy. I twisted it and fucked my pussy gently. My pussy was so sensitive at this point, I was afraid to cum fast. I massaged my clit while fucking myself until I couldn't hold it in anymore. Then I came for the third and most powerful time. I put the cold dildo on my clit to make it sensitive while I came.

Amazing. Finally satisfied. (Thank you for the presents and the instructions. Merry Christmas to you)!

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