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Crossing The Street 5

Dana gives Sonia toys and makes her use them next to her sleeping husband
I figured Dana thought well of me for my oral performance, because she'd sent me a text letting me know she'd be busy that week. She didn't say with what, but she was out most days, either at work late or at friend's houses. Her consideration settled my anxiety a little but I still watched for her comings and goings, inspired by the appearance last week of Rachel and Dean, the hints of what they'd done together, and the memories of what they done with me.

To me.

It stirred a longing in me every time, remembering how they'd used me, the same way Dana had used my mouth to get herself off. Fucking my slut mouth. The images and sensations made my pussy juice up, no matter the time or place. And I found my brain wandering to those activities in unusual places. Ringing up produce at work, handling phallic vegetables, brought images of Rachel's strap on toy. Cleaning the house reminded me of the mess I'd been. Lying in bed, Mitch between my legs, riding me in his timid but earnest way, when he fucked my pussy all I could think of was Dana's fingers in my cunt, and Rachel probing my... other hole.

Do people do that? Does Dana? My butt clenched tightly at the idea of Dean's cock, the only live cock I'd seen since meeting Mitch, not that I'd seen a lot before. One or two. Well, one, really; it had been too dark to see the other as I'd gripped it and he'd fumbled at my vagina.

That's what it was then, a vagina. Now I have a cunt, I reminded myself. Dana gave it to me.

So my week had been filled with ups and downs, moments of intense longing alternating with loneliness and wonder. Memories flooded me, stirring my imagination and tweaking my insecurity. Usually my weeks passed quickly, filled with scattered activity and mundane motion. These seven days felt longer, drawn out and extended. I wondered if Dana would forget me.

I needn't have worried. She must have been watching the house, because when Mitch went out to the hardware store my phone rang while he was still backing out of the driveway.

"Come over," she said, "I need to give you something. I'm in a hurry."

I shoved my phone into the pocket of my shorts and scampered across the street. She was waiting at the door for me, and simply handed me a small shopping bag.

"Take this, hide it. I'll explain later." The door closed while I was still standing there. Confused, I returned home more slowly, an unassuming innocent pace, eyes surreptitiously glancing up and down the block. Mr. Bascombe was out trimming his grass edges. He didn't look up, or at least I didn't see him look my way.

I got back into the house without incident but frankly, a little crestfallen. I'd thought; no, hoped, that after a week she'd have more time for me than a few seconds at the door. I felt angry and betrayed and ignored. I took the bag to the bedroom, opened the bottom drawer of the dresser and shoved some clothes aside to make room. It wasn't very big, one of those mid size gift bags, like from the department store. I actually had it in and was closing the drawer it when my anger triggered a rebellious response.

Sure, she hadn't said to look. But she hadn't said not to, either, I reasoned. And she'd said she'd explain later, not tell me what was in it later.

I pulled the top of the bag open and peered inside. All I could see was a sheet of paper, folded in half. I took it out, noting writing on the inside of the fold.


The words made my breath catch and I nearly shoved it back in before noticing the smaller, handwritten note beneath.

I knew you couldn't resist. Go ahead, look, and wonder. I'll call you this evening.

Heart hammering I set the note aside and peered into the bag. There were several objects and I took them out one at a time, laying them on the carpet by my knee, a neat, orderly lineup, reciting the items in my head as I did. As best I could, anyway.

A lifelike dildo. Not as big as last week. Not as fearsome as Rachel's. 
A bottle of clear liquid. Personal lubricant. I blushed.
A funny shaped, tapered rubber thing, about four inches long, thin at one end, a flange at the other, a bulge in the middle. No idea.
A small silver oval, shiny and the length of one finger, but wider. No idea again.

I felt around inside, but the bag was empty. I looked in, making sure, and saw another paper.

Curious? Just you wait.

The words were followed by a smiley face.

To say I was confused would be an understatement. I put them all neatly back in the bag, covered them with clothes and closed the drawer. I stood with a flushed face, looking at the drawer to make sure it appeared undisturbed, wondering how I'd explain these objects to Mitch if he saw them. Not that there was any reason he'd go through my clothing, ever, but what if? What if he saw them? How could I explain the toy penis? Hell, how could I explain the things that I didn't even know what they were? I mean, I had to assume they were something sexual, being in a bag with a toy penis, but... how? What for? And why would they be in our house, hidden in my drawer?

Well, if she'd wanted to distract me and make me jittery, it sure worked. All day, as Mitch puttered through non-essential home repair projects and I did a lackluster job of cleaning, it was like I couldn't stop thinking about The Secret Bag. That was how I thought of it, caps and all. When Mitch asked about lunch he had to ask twice. When dinnertime came, I realized in horror that I'd prepared nothing, and pretended that I'd planned to call for pizza.

That dildo.

We made small talk through dinner and I barely heard him telling me about the doorknobs he'd tightened and the hinges he'd stopped squeaking.

Personal lubricant.

Would she make me show him? Would she tell me what they were, make me describe them to him, their uses? Would she make me leave them around for him to find? Would she wait for him to leave, and bring a friend here? My brain whirled endlessly, all through dinner, after dinner, watching television.

It was about nine o'clock when my silenced phone buzzed in my pants. I ignored it as Mitch hovered around, waiting for him to go to the bathroom or go find a snack. I finally stretched out on the couch, pretending to be tired, and asked him nicely if he'd get me a glass of water. He paused the television and dutifully went to the kitchen.

I snatched the phone out quickly.

Text me when you're going to bed tonight. Do you have headphones for your phone? You'd better!

I quickly replied. I will, and yes I do.

I started to tuck the phone away when it buzzed again. Nervous, I glanced at the screen.

Put the bag near your side of the bed. You'll need it :)

I quickly turned off my phone and shoved it back into my back jeans pocket and pretended to be tired. My body looked to be resting, I hoped, but my brain was running on all cylinders and pussy began to rev its engine, too. How long? When will Mitch get sleepy? Maybe I should pretend I'm really tired and head upstairs? Mitch returned and sat down and pulled my feet to his lap after handing me my water. I sipped, maintaining the thirsty charade. For nearly an hour I lay there, struggling not to fidget or wiggle. By ten I was out of my wits. The movie he was watching was only half over, some stupid monster and explosion fest. There was no way I could stand another forty-five minutes of this!

I struggled to my feet and told him I was too sleepy.

"All right," he replied. "I'll be up in a little bit." I kissed him goodnight and went upstairs.

As soon as I got into the bedroom I attacked the drawer and pulled the bag out. I shoved it under the bed on my side, as instructed, but it made a crinkling sound that would wake the dead! She said I'd need it, I thought, but do I want to announce it? I didn't think so. I emptied the contents on the floor and, one by one, squeezed them between the mattress and box spring. I put the bag back in the drawer where it could stay hidden, then ran to the bathroom.

Teeth brushed, peed out and face washed, I texted Dana.

Getting into bed now. I considered, then added, Mitch still watching TV downstairs.

I waited long minutes, shuffling from foot to foot alone in the bathroom until she answered.

Get in bed. Pretend to sleep. Don't fuck him. Stay awake. Text me when you're sure he's asleep.

I actually nodded at the phone, confirming that I understood, before texting okay back to her.

Have your headphones handy. Sleep shirt only. No panties.

My pussy juiced and groaned.

I nodded again, then rushed to the bedroom, grabbed my headphones, checked to make sure my phone was silenced and left them both on the nightstand, by the alarm clock. I got undressed and dug out my longest sleep shirt, then stripped off all my clothes and put on the shirt before stuffing everything in the hamper, burying my panties like I was hiding a murder weapon. That's just silly, I thought as I pushed them deep, but I did it anyway. Then I crawled under the covers and pretended to sleep, like Dana said.

Pretend to sleep! As if I could actually fall asleep in this state! Anticipation buzzed through me as I lay there, eyes closed. I could barely hear the sounds of the house and the dim murmurs of the television over my galloping heart. I forced my body still, struggling not to toss and turn and adjust. I breathed. I listened to my blood pounding. I swear I heard my own cunt, calling to me wetly, come play with me, come play with meeeeee...

Finally the television downstairs went silent. I listened, tracking Mitch by his sounds, the footfalls up the stairs, the sound of water running in the bathroom. The bedroom door, the susurrus of bare feet on the carpet. And then the shift in the bedclothes and his weight settling behind me and the tender kiss on my shoulder.

And still I waited. My back was to him and I opened my eyes in the dark, looking at the nightstand, my waiting phone, the headphones, knowing Dana waited at the other end. I listened as he shuffled and twisted, settled, and shuffled again. I ached to grab the phone, text her. He's taking forever! But I held still and waited, listening.

Finally his breath slowed, became steady. I waited some more, making sure it wasn't just the light beginning of sleep, waiting for his deeper slumber. When I thought I could risk moving, I slipped my arm carefully to the nightstand, picked up my phone and headphones, gingerly so as not to clack them on anything. In the dark I fumbled for the hole, plugged in the 'phones and settled the buds into my ears. Slowly I turned onto my back and, in a flash of inspiration, lifted my knees and tented the bedclothes, slipping the phone underneath before hitting the button.


The screen lit up like a beacon under the covers and I checked above them to see if light was bleeding out and illuminating the room, for fear of waking Mitch. What are you doing? he'd ask. Who are you talking to?

Oh, you know that girl across the street? She's teaching me about sex, I'd answer. The dark side, the nasty, dirty wild things we never do or dream of. All the things I've missed.

Mmph hmmmph, he'd grunt, and go back to sleep. I giggled silently at the notion. And then I typed.

He's asleep.

The answer came quickly.

Good. Headphones in?


Almost as I hit send, the phone chirped in my ears with a call, flashing a picture of Dana. I nearly gasped in excitement and answered the call.

"Don't talk, don't even whisper." I didn't know how to acknowledge her directions. "I'll assume you did what I told you," she warned. I heard a chuckle and assumed she was laughing to the side. I paid it no mind. "You have the stuff I gave you handy." It wasn't a question, but I nodded. "We're going to have some fun now, me and you. I want you to put the phone under your pillow, near your head, so your hands will be free." More background sounds as she shifted or moved around her house. I slid the phone over my shoulder and pushed it under the pillow, being careful not to jostle the bed or tangle the wire, grateful as the illumination was snuffed out.

"I'm just going to talk. You don't speak. Just listen, and do." I nodded again. She can't see me. It didn't matter, the reaction was automatic. "Get the dildo I gave you. Be quiet." I reached over the side of the bed, groping carefully, feeling the different objects. I couldn't tell which was the dildo by feel, so one by one I pulled them all out and shoved them under the covers near my legs. "Put it in your mouth, get it nice and wet, like the other day." I panicked a little, trying to catch up to her directions. Without the light from the phone I couldn't see them, but using both hands I identified the dildo and put it quickly into my mouth. "I told you not to wear panties, and I know you've been wondering what would happen tonight, so," her voice became low and steamy, "I'll bet your shaved cunt is all wet and juicy, isn't it?"

I trembled as her words lit me up like a roman candle. Oh, how she torments me and turns me on! I sucked the dildo like I had last week, the way I'd been taught. Unbidden I began rubbing my thighs together in unquenched passion and need.

"Now," she said slowly, "take it out of your mouth and put it in your cunt, Sonia." Her voice sounded a little thin, and I wondered if she had moved the phone from her face as I slipped the dildo from my mouth, wet and slick, and brought it between my legs. With a soft sigh, I worked it between my dripping labia and eased it deep inside me.

"Hush, you!" she warned. I couldn't help it! It felt so good, filling me, slipping into my wet hole as her voice filled my head. I wanted to cry out, moan, beg her to let me fuck myself, for her pleasure and my own. "Now, just slide it in and out, slowly. Fuck your cunt, feel that hard cock inside you." I heard a glass clinking and wondered what she was drinking while she instructed me. "You like that, don't you, Sonia? Does it make you think of the big cock I let you fuck for me?" Oh, I was way ahead of her on that one, my brain recalling the giant toy, her staring, teasing. The pictures! I fucked myself deeper, harder, running it along my walls.

I wanted to cum. Would she let me? Could I do it without waking Mitch?

"Now, clench your cunt and hold it inside. Don't let it slip out." Clench? Muscles? "Tighten up, like you have to pee, and hold your cock tight inside you." I focused, feeling my muscles grip the toy, feeling the added sensation swirl through me.

"Now, take the bottle of lube, and the plug. The pointy bulb thing." With my free hands I felt for the bottle, easy to identify, and the oddly shaped 'pointy thing'. "You remember last week?" Immobile, clenching my cunt around the toy, I focused on her words, again hearing that background shuffling, as if she were moving about. "At the end? What Rachel did?" Flashes of vibrant, hot memory flooded me and my cunt nearly squirted the toy out of me. Dana hissed seductively. "Where Rachel put her finger?"

My ass. Rachel had fingered my ass just as Dean had exploded his steamy cum into my mouth.
I gasped at the recollection. "Squirt some lube on your finger, Sonia." Her words masked the snickering. How could she laugh while she spoke? The thought faded as I coated a finger obediently, spilling drips on my belly. "Put your finger in your ass, get it nice and slick." My cunt pulsed at her direction. "Stroke it. In and out. Finger your ass for me."

Shaking with fear and anticipation, wracked with shame at doing something so dirty and wanting to do something so dirty, I trailed my wet finger down below my pussy, trying to reach my back door without disturbing the bed. I could touch it, and I delicately stroked a fingertip across my hairless, rubbery, crinkled knot, but that was as far as I could reach. I can't fail, I thought. I don't want to fail, I knew. Biting my lip and clenching my cunt tighter, I pushed the covers off my legs in the dark, the swish of rubbing fibers sounding like a scream in the silence. Legs free, I lifted one, curling it over the cover and reaching behind me with the slick digit.

My fingernail slipped between my cheeks, the slippery pad of my finger finding the tight, sensitive knot and I stroked it, circled it, caressed it. Oddly erotic sensations rippled through my middle. I felt my ring pucker and clench, then soften and relax. I pressed the tip of the finger at the soft opening in the middle, and pushed. My ring resisted. I pulled the finger back, added a generous amount of lube, and tried again.

Oh, fuck!

My finger slipped inside, the heat and clenching muscle gripping it as I sucked a deep breath. I worked it deeper, as deep as Rachel had gone, wiggling my finger, knuckles pressed to my cheeks. Holding my hand still I worked the finger in and out, feeling my ass muscles ease, and open.

"You like that, don't you, Sonia? I saw it on your face last week, you like having something up your butt, you dirty whore." Her voice took on an edge of command, an excited, take-charge sound. "Fuck your ass, Sonia! Finger fuck your ass for me!"

I held back the cries by biting my lip and she talked me through it as my finger slid in and out, deeper and deeper, exploring, probing, experiencing exquisitely lurid sensations I had never felt before. "Yeah, feel that ass, tight and hot. You like that feeling, don't you? You like having your ass played with." She was telling me what I already knew. "You wonder what it would be like to be fucked in your shit hole, don't you?" I blushed at her guttural term, but she wasn't wrong. "You want your back door fucked? You want a nice big cock up your ass?"

I nearly gasped at her words, but Mitch chose that moment to murmur and shuffle in his sleep. I froze, holding my breath and head still, my finger buried in my ass. My hot, tight asshole. My teeth clenched as I watched him adjust and settle, waiting for him to be still, my body immobile but for the finger that wouldn't stop wiggling and exploring inside me. Please please please, I pleaded silently, I have to do this, want to do this, have to know what's next! I let my breath out slowly as his breathing settled back to the slow, deep rhythm.

Dana had talked through the moment unawares, saying dirty obscene things about my ass and my desires. As her voice regained my attention I fucked my finger into my tight ring, feeling the pressure, the heat, the terrible unresistable pleasure. I closed my eyes, tight, squeezing my lips together, but still a small whimper slipped out. I caught it, cut it off.

"Take your finger out. Get the plug. You know what that is? Where it goes?" My slicked digit slipped from my tight hole, leaving me empty and forlorn and oh, so eager for more. Not until she says so! "That's a butt plug, Sonia. Lube it up, and put it in your tight little virgin ass."

I froze in the middle of coating the rubber toy, frightened muscles in my hand gripping the center bulb in a tight fist. Oh, no, I screamed inside my head, it will never fit! It felt tight with just my finger, and sure, the tip is okay, but... I traced the shape of it with the pads of my fingers and breathed long and deep. My finger had felt so... strangely and unexpectedly delicious! I wanted that feeling. My cunt juiced around the dildo as I tried not to wriggle. And Dana had said to do it. No objections, no hesitation. I'd promised.

"Go ahead, Sonia, get that tip inside, push it in. Feel it spreading your hole open." She was ahead of me, I was still probing the tip across my sensitive ring, wanting but afraid. I bit my lip and hurried to catch up.

"Isn't that good, baby? You like the way the fat part pushes your ass open? That's what a cock will do, stretch your dirty hole wide open, then fill you, deep inside your ass." I poked the slippery tip into the tiny opening, taking a deep breath, waiting, then pushing and waiting again. So tight, I sighed, so good. Relax. I felt my ring unclench and open and I pushed again and the wider part opened me as it slipped deeper, filling my ass. I felt the dildo slip a bit and used the heel of my other hand to press it back into my cunt.

"Is it stretching you tight? Does it hurt a little?" She chuckled and giggled at the same time. "It's supposed to hurt. When you get your ass fucked you're supposed to feel the hurt a little, until your ass gets used to it."

Another whimper escaped my throat as I pushed harder, feeling my ring burning and resisting. Too much. Too much! But just then I felt a sharp pulse as my ass allowed the bulb to pop through my ring and the long slender tip slid deep inside me, filling me exquisitely, making me cry out a little squeak. Mitch mumbled in his sleep again, rolling over this time and tugging the covers. I froze in panic, ass and cunt stuffed, waiting for him to settle and fall back into deep slumber. A sheen of nervous sweat prickled my skin, raising goose flesh as I desperately held my breath. I waited long minutes with the plug stuffed in my ass, pressing against the dildo. The flange fit snuggly between my ass cheeks and my cunt gushed slippery juices down my crack. All the while Dana kept up her dialogue.

"You're a dirty housewife aren't you, Sonia? Laying there in bed, next to your unsuspecting husband with your pussy and ass filled, your cunt all juicy? He doesn't know how you are, does her. You don't really know how you are." There were murmurs in the background. Was she watching television? "You need me to show you how you are, don't you? Your horny housewife cunt and your virgin ass are hungry for cock, aren't they? I'm going to lead you down a dark, dirty road, Sonia, until you beg me to let my friends fuck all your holes, just like we fucked your face last week!"

It took what felt like forever before Mitch finally settled and I relaxed my body, settling my legs down, feeling the plug adjust inside my stretched and open anus, pressing against the dildo, trying to force it out. I pressed it back in, felt the motion of one toy move the other. My fingers gripped the base of the dildo and fucked my cunt slowly, in and out, creating heightened waves of passion and need that swept through my body.

I needed to cum, but I needed Dana to tell me. My body rose close to the edge but wouldn't approach the finish line without her saying so. My brain begged for her permission. Oh, please, Dana, please, please let me cum, tell me to cum, tell me to rub my clit while I fuck my dirty cunt for you! The television show she was watching got louder and she made an irritated hushing sound, quieting the background noise.

"It's time, Sonia. Take the last toy. This is called a bullet vibe. Feel it in the dark, find the control buttons. It's quiet, so Mitch won't hear it. Can you find the switch?"

As she spoke inside my head, only for me, I held the dildo in my slick hungry cunt with one hand, afraid it would slip out. With my other hand I fumbled for the final toy, caressing the smooth side, feeling small bumps at one end. I pressed one experimentally and my hands were filled with sudden subtle vibrations, steady and strong.

"I'll bet your clit is nice and hard and hungry for attention, isn't it, dirty Sonia? I'll bet you're just dying to touch it, to get yourself off for me, aren't you?"

It was like she could see me, like she was inside my head, not just her words in my ears, but her, in my brain, seeing my thoughts and desires!

"Put it on your clit, you nasty wife whore. Fuck your cunt with the dildo and use the vibe on your little button. Make yourself cum for me!" The television got louder again and she didn't bother to turn it down. "And don't you dare make a sound! Or Mitch will wake up, and then he'll know!" Her words ignited my fear and shame even as the vibe ignited my clit. Oh, my god, it's brilliant! I'd never felt anything so sharp, so intense! My button reacted immediately, welcoming the constant vibration, almost too intense, too much to bear! Waves of stimulation coursed through me quickly, making me suck in a deep breath and hold it as I stroked the dildo in and out of my cunt, brushing against the butt plug. "He'll know your a dirty slut, a horny stupid wife cunt who wants cocks in all her holes! He'll see you for what you are!"

The sudden intense vibration on my clit combined with the deep fucking of my cunt, my filled stretched ass and the awful truth of her words. Together they swirled and merged, creating a wave of ecstatic shame and excitement that swelled and pulsed with a life of its own. It rocketed out from my wet cunt, sweeping through my torso, through my limbs to fill my toes and fingers, bulging up into my brain where it simmered, grew, coalesced and pushed me to right up to the finish line.

"Come on, everybody, help the slut out!"

Dana's words made no sense. Who was she talking to? I need her, need her to let me cum, tell me to cum...

And then cheers and shouts sounded in the background. My breath caught.

"Come on, you lonely slut, cum for them! You're on speaker. They've been here the whole time!" Shame heated my face and my pending climax intensified. Dana's voice lowered to a hot, hoarse whisper. "They know all about you, what a slut you are, what you're doing," she hissed in my ears. Strangers, her friends, listening in as Dana instructed my activities! "Now make me proud!"

My heels and shoulders dug into the bed and my hips lifted clean off, my back arched high. My eyes closed against the shame as one hand pressed the vibe hard against my clit while the other fucked my cunt deep. My orgasm swelled, ballooned and then finally crested in a muscle-clenching spasm that shook me hard, forcing my body rigid, straining my sinews as I exploded from the inside. White hot energy ripped through me, wave after wave crashing, expanding outwards from my cunt and smashing me to bits. I bit my lip, clenched my teeth, breath whistling through my nose and still, wanting more, pounding my cunt with the dildo, fucking myself through the starburst and pushing it higher, farther.

When it peaked, I couldn't stop and I released a cry of delight and strain that shattered the silent room. I heard laughs and cheers in my ears as Mitch mumbled awake.

"Mmph. You okay?" he asked sleepily.

"Yes," I gasped lightly, "Charlie horse." Laughter filled my ears over the applause and jeers. They all heard me cum, I reminded myself even as the waves of pleasure slowed, still furious and strong as they receded. They know what I did. She gave them a show. I heard Dana shushing them, then fumbling her phone.

"I took you off speaker, Sonia," she said quietly over the hysterical din, her voice suddenly soft and confiding. "You did good, sweetie, you gave my friends a nice treat." Then I heard her evil chuckle, the one that made me afraid and hot at the same time. "I think some of them are fucking already."

My brain burst with images of her friends, parting into twos and threes, clothes flying off. I thought for a second that I might cum again. But she didn't say so. I settled my butt back to the mattress, relaxing my body, feeling the plug push in. The dildo slipped out wetly between my legs and I dropped the vibe, still buzzing.

"Come see me tomorrow. Keep the toys. Text me when you wake up." The phone went dead.

I gathered the toys and slipped them quietly under the bed, then pulled my phone from under the pillow and set it on the nightstand. I rolled onto my back and listened to Mitch's slow breathing in the dark bedroom, feeling the lingering vibrations in my body. My breath eased and began to match his.

Moments later I was asleep.

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