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Electric Dreams

After a business trip, he comes home to a sensual welcome and gives her a stimulating present.
The taxi from the airport drops me early in the morning after the redeye flight home from New York. The house is dark, so I leave my bags in the hall and quietly climb the stairs. The bedroom door is slightly open and I see a dim light as I approach.

As I open the door, I see the room has been transformed. The dim light comes from the candles that my lover has lit, the flickering light and the scented oils creating a sensuous atmosphere. In our bed, she lies there, covered by the silk cream sheet, moulding itself to her body.

I cross to sit on the edge of the bed and say, “Hi.”

“Welcome home,” she whispers, and comes to my arms, and after the immediate impact of her kiss has become longer and more passionate, I realise that she is naked under the sheet.

We kiss and kiss, our tongues twisting around and exploring every part of our mouths, whilst her hands are busy unbuttoning my shirt and tugging at the belt of my trousers. I am naked and slide under the sheet beside her, the heat of her body inflaming my desire. With little delay, I slide into her and our bodies perform that wondrous dance of lust and desire, building the pace, raising the heat and bursting into that crescendo of orgasm.

Lying together, wrapped in her arms, our legs entwined, I ask her, “So what have you been up to while I have been away?”

“Oh this and that,” she replies, ”but a lot of this,” she says, turning and switching on the TV.

A little surprised, I slide up in the bed to look, as she turns back to me to bury her face against my chest. The screen lights up, and the picture shows our bedroom, with her lying naked on the bed, her knees raised and her hand stroking her breasts and pulling her nipples.

She goes on to pull her big glass dildo from the bedside table, and slides it into her shaven pussy, its girth pushing back her pussy lips. Her body shivers with the cold glass reaching into her, while her mouth drops open and I hear her gasping with pleasure. An orgasm hits her, and she shouts my name as her hands work at her body.

She withdraws the glass penis, and sucks it avidly before reaching again into the drawer, this time coming out with a smaller longer black dildo made like a succession of balls, starting small and getting bigger, and some lube which she applies to the length of it. She raises her legs higher, and works this glistening black tool into her asshole, slowly pushing each sphere in and then pausing, rotating it, before pushing the next one into herself.

By this time, I am highly aroused again and she feels the pressure of my cock against her body. While I am watching the rest of the home movie, she starts to lick the length of me and to suck my balls, before applying her lips to the end, just around the tip, and using her tongue across the slit.

She then slides her lips slowly down around my shaft, going gradually deeper around me, and I lie there watching her fuck her asshole on the TV while she sucks me, using all her considerable oral skills.

I suddenly realise that she is in time, her speed of sucking matching the noises she is making as she fucks her asshole. I find that so exciting and tell her so, and not losing a beat her eyes look up and I can see they are smiling as me, and she slides one slim hand underneath me to stroke my own asshole.

Before I know it, as her gasps and moans on the TV start to increase, her finger slides into me and massages my prostate, pressing, stroking, while burying my cock in her throat. On the TV, she starts to make that lovely groaning almost screaming sound that she does when she is starting to orgasm, matched now by my own groans and guttural noises as she brings me over the top into a hard and pulsating orgasm, deliciously prolonged by the dual action of throat and finger.

Cuddling again, I tell her that this was the best ever welcome that I could have hoped for, and then she asks me if I brought her anything back? “Of course I did, baby, and I will show you in a little while.”

I doze for about an hour, and wake to find she is still naked beside me. She has, however, left me while asleep and has found the package that I had bought her, which I had put in my suitcase. It was still in its wrapping paper, and tied by a pink bow. “Do you want to open your present?” I ask, and of course she does.

It is a violet wand, which is something we have talked about to add to our range of toys. We borrowed one a few years back to try out, but never bought one of our own until now, so it is all ours to play with.

I kiss her and tell her that I will try it, but she has to let me know if I remember how to use it correctly. She laughs and says, “If it as good as that other one then I think it should be rather yummy.”

I plug it in, and the wand glows in the still dark curtained room. I bring it close to her body and stroke it along her thighs, and see her reaction to the sensation of the myriad of tiny pinpricks that the wand is giving.

“Ooooh...that’s lovely,” she whispers, ”slide it over my whole body.”

So doing I find the parts of her that respond best. I had read the manual while on the plane, to remind myself in anticipation of using it now, and so I only use low power over her breasts, but even that makes her nipples stand so erect that the sheer eroticism of seeing her response turns me on as well. I lower the wand over her mound and she starts to almost drool with pleasure.

I change from the large globe to a smaller probe, which seems to concentrate the energy, and reapply it. Now her body reacts sensationally to the new probe and with it just above the tip of her clitoris she orgasms spontaneously. “Wow,” she says, “I never thought I could do that with no actual touch!”

I reach under the bed and pull out our wrist and ankle ties, which we both enjoy playing with, and securely strap her down, her arms and legs splayed out...and of course I also put on her blindfold. Thus immobilised, I also reach for the fur glove which I put on one hand while holding the wand in the other. She has no way of knowing what is going to touch her next. It might be the sensual touch of the fur, or the tingle of the wand at low energy, the tip of my penis across her lips, the nips of my fingers on her flesh, or simply my tongue licking her. I play with her for a lovely long time, until her body is gleaming with a light sheen of perspiration, and she is panting, saying over and over, “Fuck me, fuck me, please, please.”

Denial is all part of our playtime, so of course I go on, until I can take no more, put aside the toys and lifting her legs, secure them to her wrists, and kneeling close, slide my cock deep into her now puffy and well lubricated pussy.

She feels so beautifully tight on me, the sensation of her pussy walls against my cock is glorious, and knowing that she is more than ready, I fuck her hard and long, until she cums again, screaming with her pleasure and begs me to use her as the slut she really is.

I need no further encouragement, and leaving her pussy, slide my cock lower and push it deep in her arse in one movement. “Oh baby, fuck, yesss.”

With long hard strokes, at times coming out and driving back down, I fuck that tight little hole until she grips me tighter than ever as she cums yet again, this time with my ejaculation as a sweet accompaniment.

Once more we lay entwined, as we recovered. “Did you like my present” I asked.

“Baby, I think we will have even more fun when we use it on and in each other,” she replied.

And we have.


Footnote: Use of any electro-stim device used for sexual stimulation must be undertaken carefully, and with a full understanding of the health of each person involved. READ the Manual!

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