Fantasies fulfilled chapter 3

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Their second trip to the club was even hotter.....
Matt sat at the end of the bar, casually drinking his beer and anxiously waiting for her to return. They had been to the swinger's club once before, but this time was different. This time he and Janelle had been talking about it for months, ever since the first time.

He was a confident, suit-type. Tall, dark and ruggedly good-looking. The type of guy that you know is a man's man, yet a gentleman to the core.

He could see the staircase leading down from the change room out of the corner of his eye. The bar was starting to fill up now. Most women were dressed in lingerie, the men more casually dressed in this part of the club. He didn't see her first, he actually noticed the other people in the bar take note of something in the direction of the stairs and he turned his attention to set eyes on his wife. Just minutes earlier, Matt had taken the bold move of sending her up to get undressed, knowing her underwear was stuffed deep in his pocket from the restaurant.

Janelle made her way down the stairs and caught his attention. She was tall with long legs, long brown hair and sensual blue eyes which locked onto his. She looked down at the stairs to be sure of her last few steps. The black garter belt holding up the thigh high stockings were only accentuated by the tall black boots and drew even more attention to her completely shaven pussy. She had left her bustier on, but her firm, fake tits poured out the top.

She didn't take her eyes off him as she made her way through the crowd and straight to his side. Leaning in as if she was kissing him hello at the end of the day, Matt's left hand found her waist and his right lingered on her neck to keep her face close enough for him to whisper into her ear, "You look amazing." 

She kept her face close but looked at his eyes now, smiling playfully. "Well you have my underwear, so....". She threw her towel on the stool beside him and slid on top. She reached for the glass of white wine next to his beer and took a long sip.

His hand grazed her inner thigh as he finished his beer. "Ready to go for a tour?" he asked.

Janelle allowed the last of her wine to slide down her throat, the liquid courage would be helpful. She let her fingers slide along the stem as she set down the glass, and looked over to make sure Matt noticed her stoking the glass seductively. She stood, slid her hand into his and let him lead her towards the rest of the club.

They made their way upstairs. Everyone was pretty much naked or with just a towel. The sounds of sex could be heard in the distance even though the music was loud. They looked around for the right woman or couple. Beautiful people were everywhere but he knew what he was looking for. Then he stopped and turned to pull her close. He gave her a quick kiss. "You trust me, right?"

She smiled and kissed him back passionately. Matt walked them deliberately to the upstairs bar and pulled her chair out next to a beautiful blond. She sat and smiled with one raised eyebrow. As Matt ordered their second round, Janelle took note of the couple next to them.

Sean was a bit older, tall and confident like Matt. Carrie had mid-length blond hair. Her tight body was naked from the waist up. She was wearing a red thong and heels. As Janelle took hold of her glass and turned to get a better look, she was caught off guard by the fact that they were both looking at her intently. "I'm Matt,". He extended his hand to meet Sean first, then Carrie. Janelle followed suit.

"So do you two soft swap or hard swap?" Sean asked, playfully smiling at Janelle, his hand firmly on his wife's knee.

Janelle answered, "This is only our second time here so soft swapping, I guess". There was no sense wasting anyone's time. But then she surprised herself by turning to Carrie. "But I would love to play with you and get them all turned on, you are gorgeous". Janelle felt Matt's hand tighten on her thigh and he kissed her shoulder.

"That sounds great, baby. But have you ever spent any time playing with another man while your husband flirts with another woman, it can be incredibly intense." Carrie ran the back of her fingers along Janelle's thigh. Then she turned to Sean. "The red room?" she asked. Sean nodded.

They got up and grabbed their drinks. "What do you say we find some place where we can stretch out?" Sean asked Janelle and Matt. They followed. Janelle slid her hand around Matt's arm and squeezed.

Carrie was kneeling in the middle of the large bed, Sean sitting close by, his drink in hand. Janelle set down her wine and she kneeled on the bed with her, Matt finding a spot next to her to sit down as well. Carrie smiled and reached out to touch her face. Their lips met and Janelle felt warm and wet. She ran her hands down Carrie's back and to the top of her thong. As their tongues found one another and their hands ran up and down each other, Carrie unzipped Janelle's bustier exposing her big, firm tits as she threw it aside. She immediately cupped both, her mouth finding one nipple and her tongue gently flicking it, making it hard.

Janelle reciprocated, gently kissing down her neck and sucking, softly at first, and then harder as Carrie's nipples hardened and she moaned in pleasure. Matt's right hand was stroking his now exposed cock, as his right stroked his wife's ass and inner thighs. Sean leaned back enjoying from a bit further back, stoking himself as well. Both woman let their hands reach down to the other's beautiful pussy at the same time. Carrie was able to slid her middle finger in while Janelle moved her thong aside and teased her clit a little before sliding her finger in too.

Carrie whispered in Janelle's ear and she smiled and nodded yes.

As Janelle laid down on her back, Carrie made her way over to Matt. Janelle stroked her own clit as she watched this beautiful woman seductively move towards her husband. She was surprised at how hot and wet it made her. Carrie kissed Matt and lead him over to where Janelle was lying. Then she invited Sean over as well.

As Carrie licked and kissed her way down Janelle's stomach and to her wet pussy, Matt kissed his wife. Sean and Matt licked and sucked her nipples while Carrie teased her clit. She could hardly take it anymore. She reached out and grabbed for both men, playing with their hard cocks as she writhed under the extreme pleasure of being stimulated in so many ways at once.

She opened wide and lead Matt's rock hard cock into her waiting mouth. Carrie slid up to join her, kissing Matt as his wife got his cock wet. Janelle let his cock slide in and out of her mouth several times before reaching to Carrie's wet pussy, sliding a finger inside and maneuvering so she could lick at her clit. She felt Sean's hands moving all over her now, inside her thighs, over her breasts and she noticed Matt and Carrie where watching between kisses. "Sit on my face," Janelle instructed Carrie. She kneeled on either side of her head, with her back to Janelle's body and lowered herself onto her mouth.

Matt stood and came around to Janelle's legs, he slid his cock into her wet, waiting pussy, enjoying the sight of his wife's face covered by her pussy. He had a perfect view of her ass as Janelle stroked her checks and slid fingers in and out of Carrie, making her moan loudly and grind her hips in pleasure. Sean was in front of his excited wife now and she leaned over enough to take him into her mouth. Suddenly Carrie burst into an orgasm, her juices streaming down Janelle's face and she pushed herself off of her tongue.

Carrie kissed Sean as she climbed on top of him. Matt leaned down and kissed her, tasting the other woman on her lips and mouth. "Fuck that was hot, baby," he said. Janelle sat up and Matt moved further up the bed. Janelle climbed on top of Matt and slid his cock back into her pussy.

Carrie was now on her hands and knees, Sean's cock slamming in and out of her from behind as they watched her ride him. "Oh fuck, Sean," Carrie screamed, "fuck me harder."

Janelle slid up and down on his hard cock, she leaned down and kissed him passionately. She sped up and Matt could tell she was getting close. He put one arm firmly around her and flipped her onto her back without slipping out of her pussy.

Sean's hands were firmly on Carrie's sides, slamming hard as he pulled her into his cock. "I want to cum on your tits," he said as she let out a loud scream.

Matt slowed down their pace, knowing she was right on the edge. He covered her mouth with his and their breathing deepened together. Matt knew he could keep her right on the edge long enough to bring himself to orgasm too. Janelle was silent. Her whole body lightly shook and clenched, her pussy gripping his cock as she waited on the brink of orgasm.

Sean pulled out of Carrie and she turned just in time for him to unload onto her breasts, as she watched it cover both of her tits. They sat back along the wall to watch together. Sean's finger sliding in and out of her pussy as she played with her clit.

As Matt got closer, Janelle could feel him speed up slightly. His eyes were locked on hers as she waited for him to cum but she couldn't hold off any longer. The sudden clench and spasm of her pussy pulsing around his cock as she came made him explode too and the warmth of his orgasm filled her pussy and sent her over the edge again. They kissed again, slowly and softly before he collapsed next to her on the bed.

To be continued.....