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Fran's toy box

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Fran's secret sex toy box is discovered
As I was helping Fran move into her new house, I discovered that one of the boxes I was loading into my truck was filled with sex toys. There were vibrators, dildos, and anal toys as well. I stashed the box away for later examination. I finished moving her Saturday evening. The rest of the week I thought about how to get to know Fran a little better. Early the next Saturday morning I drove over to Fran's house. The sun was just coming up and the neighborhood was quiet. I called Fran from my cellphone and after several rings she answered. It was apparent that she had been sleeping so I apologized for waking her but told her I had something that belonged to her and wanted to return it that morning. I also told her I needed a favor from her but that I didn't want to ask it over the phone. She told me to come on over. I jumped out of my truck with my "goodie bag" containing a polaroid camera, a sleep mask and her sex toy box. I knocked on the door and when she opened it I could see that she was wearing a light weight knee-length robe with no apparent nightgown underneath it or a bra as evidenced by the erect nipples sticking up beneath the robe. She said she hadn't expect me so soon but invited me in anyway. We sat down on the couch and I handed her the box of sex toys. She immediately blushed when she saw the box. I asked if it was important and she paused a moment before saying that it was just some things she used occasionally. I casually mentioned that I hope she hadn't missed using them during the last week. She said when she couldn't find the box she made due without them. It was then that I told her that she could make up for lost time by granting me the favor of taking some photos of her using them. It was then that she knew that I was aware of the contents of the box. At first she said no but I persisted by pointing out that I did her a favor by moving her into her new home and that she could at least do me a favor in return. I even pointed out that I had brought a sleep mask so that her face could not be recognized in any pictures and she could keep any pictures she felt revealed too much. She finally agreed to return the favor. She stood up and took her gown off revealing that she had absolutely nothing on under it. She asked me where I wanted to take the pictures. I told her that since the floor to ceiling window had the curtains closed, right there in the living room was fine with me. I told her that I wanted to see her using a vibrator and the vibrating anal rod at the same time while on her hands and knees. She got them out of the box and got down on her hands and knees on the living room floor. She inserted the anal rod into her ass first then inserted the vibrator into her cunt. I pulled out the sleep mask and put it on her, then turned both toys on. Using one hand to hold herself up, she used the other hand to move the vibrator in and out of her cunt. Before long I could tell she was getting worked up. I took one picture of her from the front, which was facing away from the window and one from the rear which was facing the window. As I stood there, I slowly opened the curtains on the window. Her sex toy stuffed cunt and ass would be visible to any one that looked in the window. I took a couple more pictures from the front and back with the window curtains open. I then had her take out the toys and roll over on her back. I had her draw her legs up to her chest and reach down each side of her hips to spread her cunt wide open. I took photos of her while standing at her head and feet. I closed the curtains and took some more photos of her in that position. I sorted out the open curtain shots and put them away.

I took off the sleep mask and helped her off the floor. As she stood there completely naked, I showed her the pictures that had the curtain closed. She said that was the first time that she had ever masturbated in front of a man, much less have it photographed. I told her she could keep the photos and placed them in her hand. At the same time I stepped forward and kissed her deeply, picked her up in my arms and carried her into her bedroom. She didn't protest when I got undressed and climbed into bed with her. We spent the rest of the morning fucking, sucking, and masturbating each other. Maybe one day I'll show her the picture of her newspaper boy staring in the window while she had her cunt spread open.
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