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Getting my boyfriend to enjoy other forms of sex

Getting my boyfriend to enjoy other forms of sex

Getting my boyfriend to enjoy sex more
This is the story about trying to get my boyfriend to fuck me more. This isn't a huge problem, but the man only likes to eat my pussy. I love to have oral sex, but I do like to get fucked also. I've been thinking of ways to get him to give me sex. I don't mind oral sex, but we need to have regular sex too.

Glen eats my pussy out each day for two hours. I do enjoy oral sex it's wonderful. I have loads of orgasms, but I'd love to feel his eight inch cock fuck me senseless. I dream of just having hours and hours of hot, sweaty sex. I'd just love him to pound my bald cunt all day long. I'd love to have sex in various positions.

A usual day is having me lay on the dining room table. He spreads my legs and gets to work. He usually works his tongue in circles around my clitoris. I get all tingly and excited when he does this. He lightly chews on my pussy lips. Glen would then part my pussy lips with his tongue and work his tongue in and out of my wet kitty. Next, he licks my pussy up and down and then goes back to tongue fucking me really fast.

He loves to finger my pussy too. He’ll start out with one finger. I get so excited and will beg for another finger. He’ll then play with two fingers and waits to see how I respond from that. Usually by this time, I’m very wet. He’ll eventually slip four fingers in my wet cunt and fuck me this way for a while. My pussy accommodates most of his hand. It’s very exciting and I have a very strong orgasm.

But, then he always goes back to licking up all my juices. His long tongue feasts on my cream that pours out of my bald pussy. The man will just lick, suck, and slurp my wet and creamy cunt. I moan and groan and beg him to fuck me. Glen would rather just suck my pussy dry, instead of having sex.

We might have sex once a month, but he gives me oral sex every day for at least two hours a day. I just want to get fucked. I really love to have hard, pounding sex. I love to have my pussy eaten, but there is more to sex then just my pussy. I mean there is his cock and there is the feeling of joy, when you get fucked. I absolutely love to have sex.

I have thought of a way to get what I want. I'm now going to be more dominant in our relationship. I've thought of something a little different that I want to do. I told Glen I want him to watch me play with my toys. He would not be able to touch me. He would be allowed to play with his cock, but afterwards we would have sex. I really needed him to like to do other things, other than eating my pussy.

The next day Glen came over and I told him to undress and lie on my bed. He did as told and took off his clothes and propped himself up with a pillow against his back.

“Jessica you look hot. I've never seen that outfit before.”

“Just watch me entertain you. You may play with your cock.”

I was wearing a black lacy bra, black thong, black thigh high stockings attached to a black garter belt and black heels. I have long black hair and green eyes. I am a 34B cup and I have a bald pussy. I’m five foot six inches tall.

I turned on some music and danced in my bedroom. I gyrated my hips and turned in a circle. I danced and wiggled my ass and moved my arms over my head. I did a very sexy dance for him.

Next, I slid my black panties down my legs. I handed them to him so he could smell my scent. He could also wrap them around his cock if he wanted to.

I then grabbed my Hitachi Magic Wand and an extension cord. I plugged it in and sat on my chair. I spread my legs and laid the vibrator on my pussy. Glen was watching as I played with my vibrator.

I played with it on the highest setting. It kind of sounded like a power tool. I then put on a curved cock attachment and fucked myself silly with it. I looked into Glen’s eyes, while I played with my toy. It was very loud and it didn’t take long for my pussy to explode. My hot cunt juices exploded out of my cunt.

Glen was stroking his cock fast. He has a beautiful eight inch cock.

“Oh Baby, that is so hot. You’re making me crazy. May I please lick your pussy?”

“No you may not. I’m going to keep playing with all of my toys. Maybe if you are good, I'll let you lick her, but only when I say so.”

“Okay baby.”

I then went to my draw and got out a vibrating anal plug. I sucked on it and slid it into my ass. It felt so good. Now I took the attachment off the wand and just laid it on my pussy. I was now getting vibrations from both ends.

“This is so not fair. I want to lick your pussy and ass. Please may I?”

“No you may not! Stroke that cock! Soon I’m going to fuck you.”

“This is absolute torture. Your pussy is dripping. I want to lick it. Please let me lick it.”

“No Glen.”

I then kept playing with my wand. My pussy was soaking wet.

I ran down stairs to my freezer and pulled out a glass vibrator. I then ran back up the stairs. I stood against the wall and lifted my leg and put my leg on the bed. I started fucking myself with the vibrator. It was so cold and it felt so good in my warm pussy.

“Oh baby, you’re so hot. May I fuck you with the vibrator?”

“You can. Here take it and slide it in and out of my pussy.”

Glen took the glass vibrator and fucked me with it. It felt so good.

“Oh God. Move it faster! Do It!”

Glen moved the vibrator in my pussy so fast. It felt so good.

I’m going to fuck you now. I got on the bed and straddled him. I put his cock into my creamy cunt. I removed my bra. I left on my garter, stockings and heels.

“Play with my breasts! Sit up and suck on them!”

Glen sat up and sucked on my nipples. I was moving my pussy up and down his hard shaft. It felt so good to fuck him. He’s always eating my pussy. We hardly ever have sex. I was loving the feeling of his hard cock in my wet cunt.

“Baby you feel so good. I love you fucking me. You must let me eat your pussy. Pretty please?”

“Not yet. I want to get on my hands and knees. I want you to fuck me doggie style. Do it!”

I was going to have Glenn fuck me a whole bunch of ways, before I let him eat my pussy. I was enjoying this so much. I got on my hands and knees and Glen got behind me. He grabbed my hips and slid his eight inch cock into my wet pussy.

“Oh Glen that feels so good. Fuck me harder and faster. Take your cock all the way out and then jam it back into my pussy. Do It!”

Glen did as I asked and took his cock all the way out and then put it back into me. It felt so good. I was backing into his hard cock, while he pushed and moved his hard cock into my wet pussy.

“Baby, I’m going to come. Then may I please eat your pussy? Please angel face?”

‘Yes, you can come and then eat my pussy.”

“Fuck! Here it comes!”

Glen shot his hot cream in my wet cunt. He then pulled out and rolled me back on my back and licked his come out of me. His big, long tongue lapped my juices like a little hungry kitten. He worked his tongue up and down my bald pussy. He ate my pussy for probably three hours after our hot sweaty fucking.

I now have learned to be dominant in our relationship. If he is good, then I will let him eat my pussy. Only after he has fucked me. This way has been working out much better for our sex life. We both get what we need.

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