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Good vibrations

Video gives her ideas
It all started 2 weeks ago when Heather & I went to Kerry & Ron's house for Kerry's birthday. Kerry & Ron are very straight people. the party was very formal & not much alcohol was consumed. the party was over by 11pm. Heather & I were one of the last to leave as Heather & Kerry were long lasting friends & we helped to clean up before leaving.

The next Sunday Heather had gone to work & I was laying in bed catching up on some sleep when the front door bell rang. I put on some shorts & answered the door. it was Kerry & she looked confused. when I opened the door Kerry said hello & walked straight in & headed for the family room. when she got there she asked where Heather was only to be told she was at work. I asked Kerry to sit down & tell me what was wrong. she said it was personal & wanted to talk to Heather.

I told her Heather would not be home until late afternoon. I kept asking Kerry what was wrong only to be told she had to talk to Heather. I asked her if she wanted a cup of coffee & she accepted. while we were drinking the coffee I told her she could tell me anything as Heather & I kept no secrets. Kerry started to calm down as she reached into her bag & took out a box & handed it to me. I looked at it & then at Kerry, she was looking at me confused. I asked her if she knew what it was & she said she had no idea. she told me someone had left it as a gift at the party with no card.

I smiled at her & told her it was a vibrator. being so naive she looked at me confused still but when I told her it was a sex toy she blushed. I asked her if she had any others only to be told no way. I told her Heather had some & really enjoyed using them. Kerry looked astonished at me so I took her by the hand & led her into our bedroom. as we entered the bedroom Kerry asked what we were doing in there & as I opened the draw of the bedside table Kerry's eyes came wide open when she saw the no of toys. I asked Kerry if she had seen or used one before only to be told she had been brought up with sex as being bad. I opened the box & took the 4" vibrator out & took the end off. I found some batteries in Heathers draw & fitted them. I handed it to Kerry & told her to play with it. she looked at me & past it back. I turned it on & rubbed it up & down her arm. at first she started to move away but soon stopped. when she was just sitting on the bed as I was running it up & down her arm I let it rub on her right tit. she jumped a bit so I left it moving around her tit until I found her nipple. as I was letting it vibrate on her nipple I noticed her moving her hips & her skirt had ridden up to just below her pussy. I asked Kerry if she was enjoying it only to get a moan.

I slipped my free hand up under her top to find her bra & flicked it undone. as it came undone Kerry jumped & I told her it would feel better on her bare skin. she told me she had only been with Ron & he was the only one that had seen her naked. I got up & went over to my TV in the bed room & slipped a video in. when I came back to the bed Kerry was sitting on the bottom with her arms covering her chest. when the video started Kerry was looking at it. at first it was a women playing with a vibrator on her pussy. as Kerry looked she said to me is that Heather & I said it was taken last nite. as Kerry watched I took the vibrator off her & started to slide it up under the front of her top. as I reached her tits I felt her push her chest forward, all the time looking at the TV. I kept the vibrator on her right nipple & slowly lifted her top until it was above her tits. I moved the vibrator to her left nipple & started to suck her other nipple. Kerry was moaning & looking at the video, still of Heather with the vibrator going in & out of her pussy. as I sucked Kerry's nipple it grew to the size of my little finger. I then ran my free hand up the inside of her until I reached her very wet crouch. as I touched her pussy Kerry closed her legs & looked at me. she then looked back at the video & as I looked the video was up to Heather & I screwing.

I stood up & took Kerry's hand so she could stand up. I lifted her top & bra off & threw them on the floor. Kerry made no attempt to cover her small tits but big nipples. I knelt in front of her & sucked her nipples. as I was sucking her nipple I pulled her skirt down to see her white brief knickers & a soaked crouch. I kissed my way down to her pussy. I slowly removed her knickers to see & well groomed pussy. as I started to lick she took my head & pushed it towards her pussy. I licked it for a couple of minutes before standing up. Kerry looked down to see I had a raging hard on sticking out from my shorts. she then stuck I thumb in each side of my shorts & as she bent down she removed them. her face was right in line with my cock. she looked up at me & said she had never done it before. she also said it was bigger than Ron’s & I could not put it in her. I took her hand & put it on my cock & told her to put it in her mouth. as she did it felt so good.

I told her to stop a minute & went to get my video camera. Kerry was a bit reluctant a t first but I told her it was only for her & me. she started to suck on my cock. as she looked up she saw the TV & Heather was sucking my cock & I told Kerry to do the same. it did not take long until I was about to cum so I told Kerry, I told her to put it in as much as possible to swallow. when I cum Kerry sucked & sucked, did not spill a drop. after I cum she licked my cock & stood up. we lay on the bed as I regained my self. I took the vibrator & worked my way down her belly until I found her pussy. I took Kerry's hand & placed it on the vibrator. I told her it was o/k so she went to work on her self. after she had cum 3 or 4 times she removed the vibrator & put it on the bed. she took my cock in her hand as she lay beside me & stroked it. it was not long before it was rock hard again. Kerry rolled over on top of me & sat up. she raised herself up off me, took my cock in her hand & guided it straight into her pussy. she stopped about half way down looked at me then lowered herself all the way down. she sat still for what seemed like hours before she slowly lifted up & down. as she started to ride me Kerry said she was so horny she had to have my cock, it felt so good in her tight pussy. it did not take long for Kerry to cum again. she stopped for a minute fore starting to ride me again. this time I told her I was close to cumming so she rode the length of my cock.

Kerry told me to tell her when I was going to cum. when I cum I pumped her as hard as I could until I had finished. we both collapsed on the bed with Kerry cuddling me. Kerry asked me if sex was supposed to be like that & I replied like that & sometimes better. Kerry asked me what Heather would say if she knew what had happened. I said to her to ask her herself. Kerry said she would be ashamed. so I looked at the door & nodded, Heather walked in totally naked & sat down on the bed beside Kerry. Heather told us she had watched everything from when the video had been turned on. Heather moved between Kerry & me, stroked my cock & buried three fingers into Kerry's pussy. I said to Kerry that sex was about to get even better.

Kerry said she would never tell Ron about our sex parties.
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