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Having a Homemade Muffin in Bed... Part One

Sampling a delicious muffin in my hometown turns sticky...
I'm visiting my hometown for a week and am eager to meet a girl I have befriended, friendly chats turned to flirting and flushed fannies, now we are minutes from meeting... I'm wearing a red midlength dress which shows a hint of cleavage while skimming my curves. On hearing footsteps, I turn to see Sophie walking over in a skirt, cute floral top and pumps. She is fractionally taller than me at 5'3" with shoulder length brunette hair and a gorgeous feminine body, her sumptuous lips move into a timid smile.

"Hello miss," I peck her cheek, "How are you?"

"Good," Sophie is clearly nervous as she smiles, "It's nice to see you."

"And you babe," I squeeze her hand and feel her soft fingers linking through mine shyly- it is now my turn to blush as I feel butterflies inside. We walk to the mall, our arms link together like old friends and Sophie laughs as she relaxes, her chocolate eyes twinkling as we talk. Going into a notorious ladies shop, we browse the underwear until we come to a black lace thong. "That would look good on you."

"I like it," Sophie indicates some champagne panties with a lace brazilian bottom, "They would look delicious on you beautiful," she purrs, "And even better on my bedroom floor."

Heat rushes to my pussy as I run a hand up her inner thigh teasingly. With our backs to the rest of the shop no one can see this caress but Sophie's eyes flutter shut with a soft gasp escaping her kissable mouth. She looks at me lustily, I feel her hand rest on the curve of my ass and marvel at her nerve. Sophie and I meander, admiring the lace thongs and sheer babydolls before reaching the kinky wear with crotchless panties, PVC corsets and sultry maids outfits, we share a giggle on finding tassles but muse over some diamante handcuffs. We move on to the toy section, I pick up a rainbow butt plug and giggle, Sophie's eyes glaze with arousal and I check the price before deciding to hold onto it as I consider investing in a more expensive rabbit.

We explore before I settle on my purchases of a realistic feel vibrator with an egg motor to pleasure the g-spot, a double ended dildo for couples' use and a remote controlled internal vibrator along with the rainbow plug. Sophie watches me quietly and I worry she is shocked, as I make the transaction she disappears before returning with the champagne panties and matching babydoll. I notice the size and comment,

"Aren't you a 34C baby?"

"Yes but these are for you," Sophie smiles, affection warms through me and I fetch the thong and matching bra for her, she insists I shouldn't but I refuse her protests and kiss her cheek with a grin,

"You can model them for me later!"

We wander through the mall, buying more underwear before we decide to eat at a Japanese bar. Leaving, I notice a trace of sauce left on the edge of her mouth. Sophie frowns and grows a little flustered endearingly so when I tell her, she goes to wipe her mouth but I catch her slim wrist. Brazenly, I kiss her, flicking out my tongue to clear the katsu sauce as her tongue darts into my mouth. We are on a quiet canal side and the early August evening air is cool around us, our lips fuse together and we hold eachother tight before we break apart breathing heavily.

Catching the train back to her apartment we hold hands and giggle, stealing kisses while the scattered handful of male passengers try not to ogle us. The young, attractive bisexual girls kissing as we cuddle closer in our seats. Sophie's legs are over my lap and I teasingly run my hand beneath her skirt, her eyelids flicker shut. Her lips crash down on mine as we kiss furiously, her hand slips under my jacket to rest on my waist before cupping my breast; my nipples harden immediately.

Our make out is interrupted by the train stopping, we hurry off with our tell tale bags in hand- the black and pink bags are printed with, 'pleasure, seduction, titillate, tease'- glancing to the men, we note their tented trousers and giggle girlishly. We effectively run to her apartment, Sophie has her keys in hand as we reach her door and lets us in quickly, dropping our bags, our lips crush together again urgently. I turn her back to the wall, pressing against her as we french kiss noisily, moans emanating from our throats in anticipation of what is to come.

Pinning her wrists above her head, I furiously kiss her neck as her body bucks against mine, I feel the heat off her body as I move my mouth down to her scoop neck top, kissing the mounds of her boobs as my breath teases her hardening nipples. I free her hands as I slip mine beneath the edge of her top, going down on one knee I raise her top to kiss her smooth belly. Sophie tangles her fingers in my hair as I lick down from her navel to the waist of her skirt, sliding my hands up under her skirt, I go to tease down her panties only to find a tiny thong. She grins at me wickedlyas she skips into the bedroom taunting me to follow.

Taking off my jacket and boots, I follow her in my black sheer stockinged feet. The line of the stocking running down the back of my leg with the lace tops hugging my thighs, I enter the bedroom to see her sitting on the end of the bed, mischief etched on her face. We kiss deeply as I take off her top, revealing a pretty turquoise bra and wonderfully perky tits, I lick down the slopes of her ripe fruit as I unhook her bra. Urgently she takes off her skirt as I do so before surprising me entirely by pinning me against the bed to unzip my dress from behind. It falls to my feet to show my midnight blue lace garter belt, sheer thong and balcony bra, Sophie gasps.

"God you are so beautiful."
"As are you honey."

She kisses down my neck onto my shoulder as I tilt back my head, her hands roam over my thighs and bum. Lying down our legs scissor together so that our moist muffins rub as we grind, Sophie takes off my bra and sucks my coffee nipple into her mouth. The sudden wet heat of her mouth makes me moan as I fondle her bangers, Sophie moves to lie on top of me with her belly pressed against my hot mound as she ravishes my chest, I stroke my hands through her hair before reaching down to continue touching her nipples. She keens and rolls onto her back, allowing me to grind my clit against hers as our tongues dance together.

Sophie's hands smooth over my back and squeeze my bum as I suck her pink bullet nipples, nipping lightly as she moans and pulls my face against her chest, whispering my name. I reach a hand down to rub her clit, as her hips grind up into my hand, I move down to take down her emerald thong with my teeth, raising her hips, Sophie breathes raggedly as I work the thong down. Noticing the sopping gusset, I smirk and ball the soaked thong into her mouth. A heady scent emanates from her crotch and I lie on my front, kissing her clit once as she whimpers. I lick along her slit to catch all her juices and moan at her taste, I begin to lap at her clit before pushing my tongue inside her hot flesh.

My tongue probes deeper as her hands play with my hair, I slide a finger into her tightness and focus on her clit as I pleasure her. Sophie whimpers and grinds into my face, coating my chin and lips in her nectar as I tease her g spot along with her clit. Hearing her breath hitch, I squeeze a third finger into her flower and drive my fingers deeper into her squelching muffin, the sound of her wetness makes me drip as my own clit throbs.

Sophie is rocking her hips as her legs tremble, her thighs clamp around my head as she cries out, convulsing as her orgasm rips through her, covering me with a gush of nectar that drips down onto the sheets. I lick her clean of her stickyness and flick my tongue over her juice covered star, provoking another moan as she touches my face. Sophie smiles with my face between her legs before beckoning me up, I press my lips to hers and she hugs me tight.

"That was amazing baby," Sophie kisses her juice off my lips as she rolls me down, "Now let me return it."
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