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Her first DP

Her first DP

She couldn't believe she would ever do what happened that night in the hotel room.
So after we left the restaurant, we met back at the hotel room with Tom and Terri. We have all been teasing each other for weeks of online chatting and the girls have been putting on shows for us guys.

Last week we met Terri at the strip club, but this weekend we decided to meet her again and her husband Tom.

Amanda started putting water in the hot tub as she did; she said "This will be for us too cool off later", while giving Terri a teasing smile. Terri came over from sitting on the bed and slowly took Amanda’s shirt and bra off. Amanda turned around and dropped to her knees slowly taking Terri’s jeans down, "I have been waiting too long for this". To her surprise Terri didn't have any panties on so she went directly for her target that was right in her face.

Amanda started licking and kissing Terri's thighs and lips while pushing her to the bed. Terri took Amanda’s jeans off then her little back thong off while pushed her back onto the bed returned Amanda’s favor. They were both getting very hot and bothered when Terri asked if she had brought 'the toy'. Amanda paused from her pleasure sounds and said, "They are in the bag."

"They?" Terri quickly questioned.

"Yes, I brought them both", Amanda responded.

"You are such a naughty girl," Terri said then she asked, "Would one of you bring them over."

Tom went over to the bag and grabbed both the toys Amanda had packed, "Looks like you girls will be having a lot of fun." He said as he handed Terri one of the double dongs.

"Wow, Amanda it’s pretty big!" Terri stated.

"Yeah, but we'll like it." Amanda reassured Terri, "Get up on the bed with me and lets get this show on the road for the boys"

They were both so wet that they didn't even need any lube, Amanda quickly took her half of the toy in and started teasing Terri with the other end. "Don't be shy, I won't hurt you." Again reassuringly Amanda said.

Terri laid back and said, "Okay... Have fun with me, slide it in and let’s have some fun."

The girls wiggled against each other, Terri was starting to cum and Amanda was starting to really push it in and out of her and Terri. Terri came and slipped her end out and grabbed it and started pushing it in and out of Amanda until she Amanda said, "Use the other toy too."

"Too?" Terri questioned.

"Yes, I told you I love DP and I want to teach you." Amanda said.

Surprised at what she has learned about Amanda in the last half hour, Terri said "Well, you say its the best, I guess I will have to believe you." Then she asked, "Where is the other one?"

I leaned over and handed Terri the other double dong and gave her a quick grin, "Here, she will love it and so will you."

"What?" Terri surprisingly asked.

Amanda quickly took control of the situation "Here, let me show you what to do." She turned over on the bed with the other toy half in her pussy and told Terri, "Get my ass all lubed up."

Terri started licking her pussy from behind and slowly started licking her begging ass hole. The instant Terri started licking her button Amanda started getting up on her knees so Terri had better access to her button.

As Terri was getting Amanda even more worked up for their debut DP session for us, Tom got up and handed Terri the other double dong saying, "I bet she is wet enough, put it in and see what happens." She did and Amanda jumped startled at first, and then slowly slid back on it until it started going in.

"Oh Yes! See baby you won't hurt me." Amanda said then asked, "Would you like to try?"

"I, I don't know, it doesn't hurt, does it?" Terri quivered.

"No baby, I won't hurt you. I watched you take Jack in your ass the last time, did that hurt?"

"No, you got me all wet and turned on, it was heaven."

"Then lie down and let me make you want it." Amanda said as she started giving Terri soft kisses along the backs of her legs both her cheeks and her lower back. Terri started to push herself back to Amanda when she started licking her pussy. Slowly Amanda started sliding her fingers in and out and all around her lips.

Amanda then slid the tip of the double dong inside Terri’s pussy slowly she took it out and licked the stretched skin around it as it went in and out. Eventually she had half of it in Terri and then started licking Terri’s button. Slowly, she started licking in small circles hard with the tip of her tongue. Then she started making bigger circles and making it all wet and sloppy. "Are you ready baby?" she asked.

"Yes", Terri quickly said almost without comprehending what she had been asked. Amanda grabbed the other double dong and slowly eased it against Terri’s ass. Slowly she slid the one from her pussy and pushed the other against her ass. Suddenly, she had pressed hard enough when Terri pushed back that and the tip of the toy slipped into her ass.

Just as quick as it slipped in, Amanda took it out and pressed it again against her button and did it again. Finally, Terri was pushing herself against the toy harder and harder.

Finally, demanding Amanda. "Just put it in, I'm ready."

"It is baby." Amanda whispered, "It's about a third of the way in." Amanda kept pushing and pulling with the rhythm Terri had started. Amanda then asked, "Guys one of you needs to help me, hold these and put the other ends in me."

Tom looked at me like 'What did she say?' I stood up and held the ends of the toy while Amanda got in position. Amanda lay down behind Terri and took the end of the toy that is in Terri’s pussy and pressed it against her awaiting ass hole.

"Hold it hard against me until I get it in", she said as 'pop' it was in and Amanda slid herself closer and closer until they were only an inch apart. She took the other toy and slid it into her pussy. Soon, both girls were humping and bucking against each other. After taking multiple pictures of my naughty wife double fucking our new found friend I notice Tom decided to plug Terri's mouth with his cock. I motioned to have him stop and put it in Amanda’s mouth, he did. Now I wanted to do the same to Terri.

After a few moments of stroking our cocks into the girls eager mouths knowing that they were bucking and grinding their pussies and asses together we both came in their mouths. Terri took the toys out of her first then turned around and gave Amanda a quick hard thrust to both the toys in her. Then leaned over and dribbled the load I had just given her into Amanda's mouth.

"You're right." Terri said to Amanda. "I now know why you love it so much, lets clean up and head to the club, I want them both first when we get back then I want to do this again while they are recovering for you"

Tom looked at me in amazement, "I never thought that my wife would ever want to do DP, anal has always been out until she was with you guys last weekend."

"Sorry." I said, "She wanted to try after watching Amanda grind her ass down on me after we got back from the strip club" I paused, "We don’t have a problem do we?"

"No!" Terri quickly injected, "No problem at all." then told Tom "Get over here and fuck the ass you have always wanted" Tom surprised as hell without though went over and put the end of his cock against his wife’s ass and fucked it as if she was a toy. In and out, in and out she moaned and he was in ecstasy. I don’t know if he has ever had anal but as quick as he came she must have been his first.

The girls jumped in the hot tub played around a little then got ready for the club.


We had been at the club about an hour when one of the strippers came over and took Amanda in the back. As Tom and I waited, Terri was getting curious. Then as soon as Amanda came back she asked, "What did she do?"

Amanda gave her a devilish grin and whispered, "Go see for yourself, it’s the third room on the left." Terri quickly got up, went to the ladies room then disappeared down the hallway.

Amanda smiled at me and Tom curiously asked, "Where is she going?"

Amanda grinned and said "its her turn."

... more to cum...
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