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Hysteria 5

Victoria gets prepared for anal deflowerment.
Victoria stretched. She could definitely get used to this all day lazing around. Her pussy felt well used, but still hungry.

"I don't care if Charles doesn't approve. I like these feelings," she said aloud.

Victoria rolled to her side and faced a napping Amelia. How could one small woman up heave her life so drastically? She studied the other woman's face, until the lavender eyes popped open.

"My, my, little rabbit! I do believe you're getting the hang of it. Pretty soon, you won't need me at all," Amelia remarked.

Victoria's eyes widened. She felt safe here; not mocked or ignored. Were they going to send her away? With tears in her eyes, she rose from the bed.

Alarmed, Amelia pulled her back down and wrapped her arms around the younger woman. She could identify with Victoria. Her own husband abandoned her to Lucas, telling him to "fix" her.

Lucas fixed her alright. He taught her about her body and its needs. Amelia stood up to Henry, demanded a divorce, and then married her wonderful doctor.

"Oh. Sweet Vicky! Don't cry. I was only referring to the fact that you are beginning to learn the ropes," Amelia soothed.

"I don't understand," Victoria replied.

"Let's just say that the remaining stuff for you to experience is best taught to you by a man," the older lady informed, "We best get dressed. Lucas has a big day planned for you, and we have plans to stroll the park."

A couple hours later, Victoria emerged from her room. Dressed smartly in a white shirtwaist and dark blue skirt, she marched downstairs. There was a spring to her step and a sparkle to her eye. She passed the open door of Lucas' office.

"Victoria! I need to speak with you," Lucas called out.

She stopped in her tracks. The tone of his voice made her feel the same way her old school teacher did. Commanding and thoroughly masculine, his mere presence scared her to death, but at the same time made her want his attention. She would often get into trouble, just to garner his attention, which usually earned her a stern lecture. When he had had enough of her shenanigans, he turned her over his knee and paddled her bum hard.

Lucas watched the expressions play over her face. He was curious about what had gotten her so aroused. Her nipples were pointing; her chest all flushed. He cocked his head to the side. Even her eyes were dilated.

"What are you thinking about, Victoria?" he asked.

"N...nothing!" she exclaimed.

"Come here," he commanded.

She shuffled into the room, eyes downcast.

"Did you just lie to me?" he inquired.

"No. No!" she cried.

"Then, what were you thinking about? Your nostrils were flaring, and I could practically smell your pussy; you were so aroused," he probed.

"I...I was...was thinking about...when my old school master had to spank me," she whispered.

Lucas sat back. Grinning devilishly, he figured how this little secret could work in both their favors. She apparently enjoyed spankings, and he owed James a favor for bringing him those cigars.

James, a local lawyer, had been friends with Lucas a long time. He helped to break Amelia in and would be perfect for Victoria. She seemed aroused by punishment, and James was an excellent spanker.

"Later today, you will meet an assistant I have. Do you remember me telling you that I needed to purge the hysteria from all three of your holes?" Lucas asked.

"Yes," was all she could muster.

"Well, many times, I require another phallus, and as you know, I only have one. James is excellent at purging the rear hole, while I plug the pussy hole, Lucas explained.

"Anyway, as I was saying, you'll be receiving a double treatment this afternoon. Any questions?" he asked.

Victoria could only stare. Her mouth was slack. She shook her head no.

"Excellent! There are a few rules that Amelia and I neglected to mention upon your arrival. You are to be bare underneath your skirts at all times. You never know when a hysterical attack will happen. So, I will need immediate access. Also, you may stockings with garters and a corset, but no chemise." he said.

Aghast and totally red faced, she stared at the doctor. It would be positively indecent for her to go without her unmentionables.

"Come stand in front of me," he beckoned.

He pulled her closer and spun her body around. Pulling her skirts up, he tucked them into her waistband. Lucas untied her drawers and tugged the down to her ankles.

Telling her to step out of them, he had her bend over his desk slightly. Her full, pale bum quivered. He ran his hands all over the silky skin, before smacking the right cheek sharply.

Victoria yelped and tried to get away. Lucas pushed her flat onto his desk. He admired the crimson hand print on her snowy globe.

"You liked that a lot," he said, "Your pussy's getting wet. I can see it glistening."

Lucas pulled her globes open. Her tiny star winked at him, and her puffy vaginal pouch was clearly visible. He massaged her cheeks in a slow circular motion, causing her cleft to open and close invitingly.

Victoria, part horrified at the undignified position, hid her face. His hands were so warm on her flesh; his skin rougher than hers. Just the thought of him back there made her feel like wicked!

Lucas held her open. Pulling wider, he made her pussy yawn open. Rotating her ass cheeks in alternate directions, Lucas used her own slick cunny lips to stimulate her clit. He worked at a steady pace, until her milky juice dripped from her hole and ran down her inner thighs.

Knowing this treatment had nothing to do with her sweet pussy, Lucas focused on the winking brown hole above his play ground. Victoria nearly sobbed. She was so close. What was he doing back there?

Startled, she nearly jumped across the desk, when she felt a warm gust of air across her bum hole. Her whole pelvis was contracting. He was teasing her. That's when she felt something soft and wet touch her anus.

"Aiiieeeeeee!" she yelled, trying to move.

But being between Lucas' strong body and the heavy wooden desk, Victoria was trapped. The more she squirmed and wiggled, the tighter he held. His tongue was making maddening circles all around her puckered rosebud.

Victoria was taking great big gulps of air. His rough whiskers were scratching her tender skin, while that silky tongue tickled her star.

Lucas pointed his tongue and probed her anus. Trying to squeeze her butt cheeks together, Victoria felt the electric shock shoot from her ass hole straight to her clit. She began to grind that pulsing bud hard against the desk.

Lucas toyed with her, using shallow probes. When his dove started grunting and moaning loudly, he pushed his strong oral muscle hard against her sphincter. With steady pressure, his tongue overcame the resistance and slipped inside her hot canal.

"Oh! My God!" she screamed, as he tongue fucked her hole.

She could feel the tension beginning in her thighs, spreading quickly to her clit, and the bursting in her cunt. She pushed back against his tongue, meeting each thrust with one of her own.

"Don't stop! Oh, fuck. Please. Don't stop," she panted, right on the edge.

He got her right to the edge and pulled his tongue out. Victoria groaned; the movement was felt all the to her toes. Lucas examined his work. Her anus, although still tight, had a nice size gap from his ministrations.

Reaching into his desk drawer, he pulled out a large butt plug. He pressed the tapered point directly into her open ass and gently pushed. Lucas listened to her whimpers, as the largest part of the probe made her puckered rim smooth. Then, with a wet pop, her anus snapped closed around the flared base.

Victoria, whose ass was a virgin, burned. Her every movement made the toy shift. She tried pushing it out to relieve the tremendous pressure.

Lucas smacked her ass sharply, pushing the probe back in place. He saw the puddle of her pussy cream on the floor. This wasn’t hurting her, just a new sensation.

"Run along to the park, Victoria. Amelia is waiting," he said, "When you get back, James will be here. He plans to spank your glorious ass, and then fuck it. That butt plug better stay in place."

Victoria stood up. Righting her skirts, she gingerly walked to the door. The toy embedded deep in her bum shifted and moved with each step. Her already drooling pussy sent rivers of juice down her legs. Her clit hummed. How was she going to make it to the park?

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