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I'm Having a Passion Party

I'm Having a Passion Party

Sandy has a passion party with her friends
My best friend Janet works for Passion Parties. We've know each other since college. She’s a consultant and sells sex toys. She asked me if I’d like to host a party. The cool thing is if lots of people buy the products at my passion party, I will get credits and will be able to buy things for myself. I absolutely love sex toys and if I can get free ones, I will absolutely have a party!

I've invited my very best friends. We all are very different. Mary, (Curvy red-head) well, she’s a slut and I’m sure she would love to buy all sorts of things. Denise, (tall, glasses, looks like a sexy librarian) is very prim and proper and actually married the minister at our church. Laura, (blonde, looks like Barbie) is a sex addict and again like Mary, I’m sure she'd be interested in the latest vibrators. Georgia, (actually maybe the prettiest of us, short dark hair, looks French) is our friend the virgin. She's an old maid at 25. She never got married and never lost her virginity.

In these days, whoever thought there would be a twenty-five year old virgin? I’m sure she would love to buy a vibrator or two. Then there is me, of course. I'm a curly dark haired regular house-wife who can still fit in my wedding dress! Well, I love sex toys. Most married women do, you know. It gives us something to do when he's at work and the kids are at school. I especially like vibrators and I know she’ll have all kinds of things to delight me.

Tonight is the party and I decided to have lots of finger foods and snacks for my friends to enjoy. The menu will be mozzarella sticks, five layer taco dip, stuffed mushrooms, pizza, vegetable platter, nuts, tortilla chips, salsa and two different kinds of quiches. (Too much food, I know!)

I've been preparing all the food and cleaning my house. My husband John is taking the kids to his mother’s house for the evening. So it will just be the girls and me having a wild time. They are all spending the night, except for Janet. I've also gone to the liquor store and picked up vodka, tequila, margarita mix, wine, orange juice, cranberry juice. I'm looking forward to a great party tonight.

About five hours later I start to get myself ready. I take a shower and shave my legs, and pussy and I’m feeling rather horny and figure I better masturbate before the party. I turn on some music in my bedroom and get comfortable on my bed. I get my Hitachi Magic Wand and plug it in. I spread my legs and put the vibrator right on my clitoris.

“Oh God, it feels so good.”

I like to play with it on low at first and rub it up and down over my pussy lips. Then I just leave it right on my clitoris and it really takes me right to the moon. Apollo me!

“Oh fuck. My pussy is so wet.”

I put the curved attachment over the head of the wand and then I start to fuck myself harder. I have now turned the vibrator on high. Jesus, it sounds like a damn power tool. Thank god my husband and kids are not home. I fuck myself harder and faster and it feels so good. Now I have my fingers pulling and playing with my erect long nipples, as I fuck myself so hard with my wand.

“Fuck, my pussy is squirting. My hot juices are gushing out of my cunt.”

I take a little finger-taste of my juices and they taste so good. I’m such a whore and I continue to play more with the wand. I keep fucking myself slow and then faster and a little more and then faster still.

“I can’t tell you how fucking great this feels. Oh God!” (Oh! I should tell you I like to talk out loud when I fuck myself. I like the dirtiness of how I sound!)

I now take the attachment off and I just leave it on my clitoris. I can’t fucking take it.

“Oh God! It feels so good. I’m coming again. My pussy cream is exploding out of my bald cunt.”

I scoop some up and it tastes so good. I grab a towel and wipe my pussy. I just love playing with my wand. I always squirt and my pussy always comes. I must tell my friends all about my playtime and hope they’ll buy the Hitachi Magic Wand at my Passion Party tonight. More credits for yours truly!

I put on a dress and flats. I fix my hair and put on my make-up. I glance in the mirror at myself and go down stairs to start to get everything ready for the party.

I hurry downstairs and start getting all the food ready and warmed. I’ll have the party in my family room. It’s a really big room. My husband John had brought a few tables up from down stairs so Janet can display all of her products.

“Ding Dong”

I walk fast to the door. I’m pretty sure it’s Janet. She said she would come about an hour before the party to set up.

“Hey girl. Come on in.”

“Hi Sandy how are you doing? It’s been ages.”

“I’m great. I thought we’d have the party in the family room. John brought up two eight foot tables. I think that should be good enough for you.”

“Oh yes, that would be great.”

“Let me help you set up.”

Janet has like two suit cases filled with her products. There are so many different styles of vibrators, lotions, hand cuffs, restraints, lubrication products, etc. I just know this is going to be a great party.

“Sandy, you’ll start accumulating points with the first hundred dollars you spend. I’ll tell you the hostesses usually get like five hundred to six hundred dollars in points. So you’ll be able to get yourself all kinds of cool products.”

“I can’t wait Janet. I know our friends will just love everything you have to sell. You have the greatest lingerie too and lots of great gag gifts.”

“We’ll have lots of fun. I have a little surprise for us. I hired a male dancer to perform for us later. I figured we could have a little fun with him. I of course paid him a little extra and I’m hoping Georgia will lose her virginity tonight with him.”

“Should be lots of fun Sandy.”

“Ding Dong”

I walked back and answered the door.

“Hi girls, come in. I’m glad to see you guys.”

“Sandy, we’re so excited for the party. You always have the best house parties.”

“Ding Dong”

“Hi guys come on in.”

“Ding Dong”

“Hi guys come on in.”

“Well I think we’re all here. What can I get you guys to drinks? I made frozen margaritas.”

“Let’s all have margaritas," says everyone.

I go and get the margarita glasses and fill them for all the girls.

“I have finger food so just grab a dish and get some food and let’s get the party started.”

All the women get their plates of food and their drinks and we all sit down on the couches.

Janet begins.

“My name is Janet and I’m a consultant for Passion Parties. Thank you to Sandy for bringing us together. My company sell all quality sex toys. We have a little something for everybody. I have brought our best selling products and I have also brought along our catalog for any products you don’t see here.”

“Wow, you have some great products here. I know that I’m definitely going to be buying the Hitachi Magic Wand. Sandy tells us all how great her orgasms are. I think we should all get that.”

“I just masturbated before and had a killer orgasm. You guys have got to get that.”

“Georgia, since you never had a man, put the Magic Wand on your list. You’ll come like a faucet. Hell, you can play with it here later and we can all lick your virgin juices.”

“Sandy, godammit! You know you are embarrassing me.”

“I don’t mean too. But you really need to drop the virgin attitude and get fucked all ready. I mean it is 2014. You need to get laid sister.”

“Now I’m so embarrassed.”

“Don’t be we’re all your best friends.”

“You guys need to get the body lotions. We have them in like thirty different flavors. You can rub them on your partner’s cocks or pussies and it tastes so good.”

“Denise you should get restraints, blindfolds and a whip. We all know you and the minister have a very edgy sex life. We know you pretend to be prim and proper, but we all know you’re a whore in the bedroom.”

“Sandy! I told you that in confidence, girl!”

“We all know you really are a slut. We know you love to give our minister blow jobs and tie him up and have your way. Could you imagine if the parish knew all the sexy games you and him play?”

All the girls giggled and I went to the kitchen and grabbed the blender and made more margaritas and poured them in the girl’s glasses.

“I know I’m buying a Fleshlight for my boyfriend. This way when I’m not around Danny can still get a blow job. I hear it feels like a robotic sensation. I have talked to a few people and they say it really blows a guy’s mind.”

“I think I'll buy John one too. This way when all of us go out he can get off too.”

All the girls laugh and giggle.

“Mary make sure you get some handcuffs. We know you like to make Danny your slave.”

“I do like to cuff him and then ride his face. I love to get all creamy and come on him.”

“You're such a slut, Mary. Are you even faithful to your boyfriend? You can tell us.”

“Of course I am, he's a great fuck and I just wouldn’t cheat on him. Mostly...”

We laugh.

“If you girls spend a hundred dollars you get a free bottle of Astroglide. It’s an eighteen dollar gift.”

“I know I’m getting a Lelo Soraya. They’re high quality vibrators. I already told John that I’m getting one. They’re a little pricey, but you can recharge them. The way I masturbate I always have to have one waiting for me in reserve.”

“Sandy you’re such a slut. We’re all sluts in the bedroom.”

“Ding Dong”

I run to the door and it's Andy the stripper. (He looks like Ryan Gosling!) The girls don’t know about our little surprise.

“Come in Andy. The party is just getting started. Remember I want you to spend time with our friend Georgia. She is our virgin and I’m paying you five hundred extra if you can fuck her.”

“Thanks Sandy. Yes, I’ll spend time with your friend and give her a good time.”

I bring Andy into the family room and I set up his boom box.

“Girls, this is Andy our exotic dancer. He is going to put a little show on for us.”

“Sandy, you’re so bad.”

Andy turns on his music on and he starts to dance for all of us. He is wearing a suit and then slowly peels all his clothes off one by one. He is so freaking hot. He is 6’2” and about 220 pounds. He has muscles on muscles and he’s wearing the cutest shiny-white G-string you have ever seen.

He has his hands over his head and gyrating his fine ass all over the place. Andy is all over Georgia. Georgia is so embarrassed and blushing, but as they get going she is stuffing cash into his little G-string.

“Oh my God, you’re so beautiful. Shake that ass!”

Andy is shaking his cock right into Georgia’s face.

“Georgia take his cock out. He’s all yours baby.”

Georgia takes his cock out and starts to stroke him. She’s really drunk now and giving him a hand job. She’s working her virgin hands up and down his smooth dick and balls. She has a really good rhythm going while she strokes his cock.

“Come on Georgia, put his cock into your virginal mouth. You’re a twenty five year old virgin. It’s time to lose your virginity.”

Georgia actually kneels down in front of Andy as she wraps her mouth along his cock. She was bobbing along his seven inch cock. She was sucking and slurping and acting like a slut. Finally, our girl Georgia is like one of us. We were so proud of our friend.

Andy was face fucking Georgia and moving his hips faster, while Georgia sucked on his cock. She was rubbing and massaging his balls, while he pounded her mouth. She was gagging a little, but really seemed to be enjoying giving him head.

“Georgia, I’ve paid for you to have sex. Go and use my guest room. It’s time to lose your virginity.”

“Sandy, you’re crazy. I can’t do that. I already feel like such a whore. I can’t do it.”

“You’re a twenty-five year old virgin. It’s time to live a little.”

“I’ll feel like a slut."

"How can you be a slut you’re a prude and a virgin.”

(Here we girls huddle and whisper.)

"If you fuck him we'll give you $500!"

“Fine, I’ll fuck him.”

Georgia then takes Andy’s hand and they go upstairs to the bedroom.

“You know Georgia, if you don’t want to do this, we don’t have too. Why don’t you let me eat your pussy and you can save yourself for somebody else.”

“Okay that would be great.”

Georgia undresses and she lies on the bed and spreads her legs. Andy gets into position and licks her pussy. He brushes his tongue around Georgia’s bush. Georgia has never even shaved her pussy. She is a hairy mess. Andy is licking at her pussy and finger fucking her virginal cunt.

We hear screams and moans coming from the guest bedroom.

“Oh God, that feels so good. Don’t stop!”

Andy was finger fucking Georgia’s bushy cunt and replacing his fingers with his tongue. He was tongue fucking her really fast now.

“I’m going to come. Holy fuck. I’m coming.”

Andy then gave her a kiss and said he would not tell the other’s that he didn’t fuck her.

They both went downstairs and I gave Andy his check.

The party basically broke up after that. Janet packed up and left and my girlfriends and I cleaned up and we all passed out and went to bed. It was definitely a lot of fun. The party was a huge success.

The girls spent about two thousand dollars and I ended up with loads of points for free sex toys. I can’t wait to call Janet tomorrow and order all the products that I want to buy. I saw lots of things that seemed interesting to a horny girl like me.

Passion Sex parties are so much fun. I definitely will be having another one next year.

Maybe sooner!
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