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Impatient Me

I can't wait until you get home and start without you
I try waiting for you, I really do, but I can't help myself. The thoughts running around my head are making me wiggle. I run upstairs and strip myself of my clothes, my cock swaying, half-hard in anticipation of what we might do later. 

I spread a towel at the foot of our bed grabbing a dildo and lube out of our toy box. I prop my back against the bed, shoulders against the ground, legs spread in the air. This my new favorite position to play with my toy.

Grabbing the lube I squirt a healthy amount on my asshole, shuddering at the sudden cold sensation. Putting the lube down, I quickly begin to finger myself, spreading the slipperiness, moaning all the while. I alternate between quick, short thrusts and pulling, spreading at the tight muscle. I am impatient to slip my thick toy inside.

I pick up my toy and slip it between my lips, running my tongue around the head, getting it wet. I push it slowly into my waiting mouth, imagining it is his cock. I spend some moments basking in the feeling of my fingers playing in my ass as my mouth is filled.

Once I am happy with the amount of saliva I have lovingly applied to my toy, I place the soft head against my relaxing asshole and push. There is a bit of resistance and some pain, but then the head is inside me and all I feel is the erotic thickness of it sliding into me. I sigh contentedly and pause, savoring the feeling, the grip of my muscle against the toy, taut.

But then my need reasserts itself. I start fucking myself slow, agonizing strokes, picturing him above me. I close my eyes, losing myself in my pleasure. Before long I pick up my pace, jackhammering my toy into my asshole with short thrusts.

Between my moaning and being caught up in my arousal I don't hear you come in, or come upstairs. It's only when you groan as you see me that I turn my head and see you at the top of the stairs. I stop playing with the toy in my ass.

"You couldn't wait?" you ask, a wicked smile on your face. You know my need and revel in it.

All I can do is grin sheepishly and groan. "Don't move,” you say as you slip off your shoes. Walking over to me you pull up your skirt, exposing your shaved cunt to me. Placing a foot on either side of my head and then kneeling, you sit on my face. I eagerly lick at your slit, pushing my tongue into your soft folds. I sigh with pleasure as the stress of your day leaks away.

For a bit you simply let me lick and slurp at your warmth. Then, not wanting me to feel neglected, you push my hand out of the way, taking over control of the toy, picking a steady pace. I grunt and groan my pleasure into your cunt.

Leaning forward you take just the head of my rapidly hardening cock into your warm mouth. For a while you take it no further, your tongue gently circling against the tip. I find the contrast between what you are doing with your mouth and the toy maddening. I want my entire length in your throat. I buck my hips in need but you push a hand against my hips, keeping me in place.

I whine my need into your cunt, but continue my assault with my tongue, lavishing licks against your sensitive clit.

Finally you relent and take all of me into the warm wetness of your talented mouth. I nearly lose it right there, all over your tongue; but you quicken your relentless fucking of my ass, keeping my pleasure focused there. My hips buck again and you can feel my pleasured moans lost in your wet folds.

I wrap my arms around your legs, pulling you closer to me, redoubling my efforts. Now I can feel your rhythmic moans around my cock. I tense as I feel my orgasm building.

Noticing, and not wanting me done yet, you pull your mouth off my cock, letting it slap wetly against my stomach. You also slow your pace in my well fucked ass, simply leaning back and enjoying my attentions against your clit.

I let your wetness and your nub of pleasure become the center of my world; licking, rolling, sucking, working you towards your peak.

"Oh, Fuck," I hear you swear before you take my cock back in your mouth in long, halting strokes, moaning around me. Your thighs and lovely ass begin to shake as you cum, trembling and moaning. As you come down you lift yourself off my lips as your clit and cunt become too sensitive. My cock slips from your mouth as you sit back, catching your breath.

I take a moment to catch my own breath before I right myself, groaning as the toy shifts in my ass with every movement. I sit on the floor with my back against the bed, moaning again as the toy is pushed into me up to the hilt. I lightly run my hands over my aching, twitching cock. "Will you sit on this for me?" My voice is begging, hoarse. You smile and nod.

Placing a foot on either side of my hips you squat over my cock and brush my fingers away, taking it gently in your soft hand. You lower yourself until my head just splits your wet cunt, and then move your hands to my shoulders. I try not to squirm, try to be patient.

Finally with one stroke you impale yourself on my entire length. Our hips come forcefully together, the toy seeming to dig even deeper into my core. "Fuck!" I grunt. You grin. We both know I am not going to last long, you decide to go for broke. You bring yourself up until just the tip of my cock is held in your warmth, then whap back down, hilting me inside you. Up, whap , up, whap . Your slow rhythm punctuated by the slap of our hips, your whispered fucks and my increasingly wild grunts.

I am near to losing my mind with pleasure, skewered between your tight cunt and the delicious thickness of the toy; all I can do is let you use me as you want.

When it is nearly too much, I grip your hips, holding you still as I piston into you in hard, quick short strokes. This also works the toy in my ass which pushes my spiraling over the edge, and I cum. I mash our hips together, burying my cock as deep into you as I possibly can. I feel every hard pulse, every twitch of your cunt around me. I howl in ecstasy as I pump all that I am inside of you. I cum hard enough the edges of my vision seem to darken and blur.

It is all you can do to hang on during this, not that it is unpleasant, the exact opposite in fact. You watch me cum with a huge smile on your face, moaning as I spend myself inside you.

You gingerly stand up on unsteady legs, cum dripping from your cunt, and begin to pull off your clothes. "You made a mess of me. You can make it up by getting me off in the shower," you say with a smile.

I can't reply, not yet. I simply make gestures indicating to you that I will, indeed, join you in the shower just as soon as I am sane again and can stand. You smile, turn your back on me and, now naked, head towards our shower.

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