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Irene's Story - Chapter 11 - Weekend Getaway With Alfredo

Oscar packs my things for my week with Alfredo and, too late, I find that he removed my diaphragm
After my wonderful lunch and afternoon with Alfredo, we could not get enough of each other. Part of the appeal was the newness of the affair; part of it was the risk of being caught by our friends or by Alfredo's wife, Sonya; and part of the appeal was that Alfredo and I had such limited opportunities to be together we cherished each moment we did steal.

When we could, we'd sneak off to Oscar's and my flat over lunch time and I would let Alfredo fuck me in our bed. I always tried to make sure that when we came, we were on Oscar's side of the bed. I wanted to leave the wet spot and the traces of Alfredo's semen that would ooze out of me on my husband's for him to sleep on.

I was falling more deeply in love with Alfredo and that marvelous penis of his. I was like a schoolgirl who found the first boy who could make her climax. I spent every waking minute thinking about Alfredo and what he would do to me at the next opportunity.

At the same time, I became less concerned about Oscar's needs. I became less and less receptive to allowing him to fuck me. Oh, I would regularly allow him to masturbate while I described how Alfredo had ravaged my pussy over lunch. I could make Oscar cum very quickly by simply reminding him that he was lying on Alfredo's dried semen that had slowly seeped out of me onto the sheets as we'd caressed each other in post-orgasmic bliss. Oscar would go off like a roman candle every time I uttered those words.

One day, about a month and a half into the affair, Alfredo came into my cubicle area and said, "They are sending me to a product development seminar in Valencia at the end of the month. The seminar lasts all week. Is there any chance you could get away and join me?"

I felt my heart race at the very thought of spending a full week at a hotel with Alfredo. The possibilities were endless.

"Oh my, I'd love to. But I don't see how."

"How much vacation time do you have left?"

"I actually have quite a lot. But it would be so risky. Who else is going from our company?"

"Santiago told me that I'm the only one attending the conference from our company."

"But Alfredo, people from our industry and people we do business with will be attending the conference. How would we explain being there together and sharing a room?" 

"Irene, everyone will just assume our company sent both of us to the conference. They won't think anything about us being there together. They certainly will not know we are sharing a room."

"I don't know, let me think about it."

That night, while lying in bed next to Oscar, I said, "The firm is sending Alfredo to a technical conference in Valencia at the end of the month. He wants me to accompany him. I told him he was crazy."

Okay, I had set the trap; I just needed to be patience and wait for Oscar to 'take the bait.'

Oscar sat up and said, "Why couldn't you go?"

"Who'd look after the girls? I'd have to use a week of vacation, too. And he just wants me to go so that he can fuck me all night long. He is just looking for a sex toy for his trip. You know, a fuck buddy."

"Well, I could take care of the girls and you do have a lot of vacation time left," Oscar said.

"But, Oscar, he just wants me there so he can fuck me, day and night. He'd be constantly pumping me full of his gunk. I'd have to keep my diaphragm in all the time. Oscar, he'll fuck me until my pussy is raw. And you won't even be there to clean me up. It's a bad idea."

I reached over and grabbed his cock. His little pecker was rock hard. He loved thinking about me doing these things.

"Irene, you would enjoy it. You'd have a great time."

"You don't mind me going on this trip and being his little slut for a week?"

"Oh god, Irene, I'd love it."

I leaned forward and took Oscar's tiny boner in my mouth and sucked on him.

Removing his hard little cock from my mouth, I asked, "Are you sure you want me to go on this trip and be his slut? You want your wife to allow Alfredo to fuck me at will? To pump me full of his sperm every night and every morning? Is that really what you want? He'll want to cum in all of my holes, whenever he wants, baby? He'll use me as his cum slut?"

Oscar grunted, stiffened and, while I pumped his little boner furiously, he came all over his belly. I thought about taking him back in my mouth while he ejaculated, but I decided that he should shoot his sperm all over himself instead.

"Oh baby, you made such a mess over yourself. Go clean up," I instructed. I was too tired and too occupied with my thoughts about Alfredo to worry about getting the warm wash cloth and cleaning up Oscar's mess.

Meekly he said, "Yes, ma'am," as he trotted off to the bathroom to clean up the massive load of semen on his abdomen.

I reminded him, "Okay, if I do this for you, you have to be a good boy when I'm gone. If I go spend the week with Alfredo as his little slut, you can't masturbate unless I give you permission, understand?"

Oscar nodded his head and mumbled, "Yes, ma'am, I know."

"Okay, now go to sleep," I instructed.

That really was too easy, I thought. Oscar is simply too easily manipulated. I should feel guilty, but I don't.

The conference was nearly three weeks away. At least a dozen times during that period, I would let Oscar climax as I described all the naughty things I planned to allow Alfredo to do with me during our week in Valencia. Sometimes I would manually stimulate Oscar. Once or twice, I took him in my mouth. But, mostly, I just had him masturbate while I talked to him.

I did not allow my husband to fuck me during this time. However, I did promise him that, when I returned, Alfredo's sperm would be swimming in my diaphragm-protected vagina, and after he'd cleaned me up properly with his tongue, I might allow him to fuck me.

It was early Sunday morning, the day of my departure. As had become our practice, Oscar bathed me, shaved my parts, polished my nails, and prepared me for my date. Only this time, I would be gone for a full week. He was preparing me for a week-long date with my lover.

Oscar had grown used to sending me off for an afternoon or evening with my lover. But each day I would return with my pussy sore and swollen, brimming with another man's semen. And Oscar would clean me up as I told him precisely what my lover had done to me.

But this would be quite different. I was going to belong to Alfredo all week. How would Oscar handle the extended period where Alfredo would own me? He would not get to see the puffy lips of my labia each night as Alfredo's semen oozed from my vagina.

I smiled as I thought, this will drive him crazy. I don't know why, but driving him crazy pleased me.

"So, you have all my stuff packed?"

"Yes, ma'am. Everything is like you instructed."

"You have all my toiletries, and the tube of K-Y lubricant, and my diaphragm?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Oscar, you are not to masturbate until I return, understand? I want you to have a very full load, when I come home on Saturday, so be a good boy. If you're good, I may let you fuck me when I get back, if I'm not too sore."

I could see the little bulge in the front of Oscar's pants indicating that he had a hard-on. He was so cute the way he got erect when he thought about me fucking other men.

I kissed the girls goodbye, told them I would miss them, and that they should obey their father.

I had Oscar drive me to the Barcelona Sants station where I was to meet Alfredo. For some reason, it pleased me to force Oscar to hand me over to my lover. Perhaps I merely wanted to remind Oscar what a real lover looked like.

"Park the car and carry my bags to the train. I want you to say hello to Alfredo. You need to say hello to the man who will be fucking your wife all week and making her cum."

Oscar nodded and did precisely as instructed. He carried my suitcase and my personal bag, walking two steps behind me. I saw Alfredo standing on the train platform, and I gave him a big hug and an open mouthed kiss. After we finally broke our kiss, I held his hand and said, "Alfredo, you remember my husband, Oscar, don't you?"

"Why yes, of course," Alfredo said as he extended his hand to Oscar, who set down my suitcase. They shook hands.

"Oscar was such a dear this morning, helping me get ready for our trip. He's got me all prepared for you, didn't you dear?"

Oscar looked at the ground and simply said meekly, "I guess."

"Oscar is very grateful to you, knowing that you will take care of me this week, aren't you Oscar?"

"Yes, I guess so."

"Well thank him, Oscar. Don't be rude," I instructed

"Thank you for taking such good care of my wife this week."

Alfredo put his arm around me, hugged me and said, "Nonsense, the pleasure's all mine."

"It better not be all yours. I am counting on a good deal of the pleasure being mine," I chuckled.

Alfredo chuckled, "You are quite right. I stand corrected. Oscar, let me assure you that I will take very good care of her."

I looked at the clock and saw it was 9:39 a.m.

"Oscar the train will be here in about twenty minutes. You can go. I'm in good hands now. Take care of the girls and be a good boy. And leave 'Oscarcito' alone until I return, understand?"

"Yes, ma'am," was all he said as he slowly walked away.

A few minutes before ten o'clock, the Renfe Euromed train number 1101 squealed as it pulled up to platform thirteen. Alfredo and I boarded the first class car and found our compartment. Since it was Sunday morning, we were the only two people in the six person compartment, giving Alfredo and I a bit of privacy for our three hour and ten minute train ride to Valencia.

We had just gotten settled in our compartment when the train lurched forward, pulling out of the station at precisely ten o'clock, on schedule.

The compartment had six seats, three facing forward, three backward. There was a rack above for luggage. The sliding glass door that enclosed the compartment was lightly frosted, which provided only slight privacy.

I wore an orange and white print sun dress and a light sweater. I had on a matching pair of orange panties - but no bra.

About forty minutes after the train left the station, Alfredo reached into the pocket of his sports coat and handed me a small box. The box read 'Venus Butterfly.'

"Go to the ladies' room and put this on. Irene, I want you to feed the control wire up your dress and through the armhole, and return to me. You should wear this under your panties, okay?"

"I don't understand?" I replied, somewhat confused. I opened the box and found a pink latex butterfly-shaped vibrator attached to a set of nylon straps. The approximately two inch butterfly had a six foot wire attached to a plastic control box that contained four 'AA-sized' batteries.

Alfredo operated the button on the side of the control box and the butterfly buzzed loudly. I held it in my hand and was amazed at the intensity of the vibrations it produced.

"Irene, these straps go around your legs and hold the butterfly in place, The small beak of the butterfly should be nestled against your clitoris. Put this on, adjust it correctly and then return with the butterfly under your panties."

I sat there, shocked, and said, "Alfredo, I can't do this. I'd be too embarrassed. What if someone joins us in this compartment at the next stop?"

"It will be fine. I will ensure that nothing gets out of hand. I will have the control, so I will determine when you are being stimulated and when you can relax."

I felt my face flush and my vagina begin to moisten at the very thought of this wickedly naughty game that Alfredo was proposing. After several pensive moments, I nodded and went to the bathroom at the end of he train car. I locked the door and studied the strange contraption.

The harness resembled a g-string that held a vibrating butterfly by a set of ‘wings’ against a clitoris. The material of the butterfly was a soft, pliant latex-like material. The device had a six foot wire connected to a controller that held the batteries and it could be set on five intensity levels. The harness, by itself, would not actually hold the vibrator firmly in place; but worn under my panties, held snuggly in place, it could be quite effective.

As Alfredo had instructed, I removed my panties and stepped into the harness, nesting the nose of the butterfly on my clit. I adjusted the straps. Then I wrestled into my panties, securing the 'wings of the butterfly' in place. I brought the controller up my side, under my dress and out the armpit.

I looked at myself in the mirror and the pink wire running down my side and the controller in my hand were not really noticeable.

I returned to our compartment but was shocked to see a handsome young man, who looked to be about nineteen or twenty years old, sitting across from Alfredo. I immediately tried to hide the controller.

Alfredo just smiled and said, "Relax."

I was not prepared to play this game with an audience.

"Irene, this is Ricardo. Apparently he was in the dining car getting some breakfast when we boarded. Ricardo is a student at the University of Valencia. He's returning from a weekend visit with his parents. He'll be sharing the compartment with us for the next couple of hours."

The handsome young student extended his hand and said, "Hello."

I had to switch the controller into my left hand in order to shake Ricardo's hand. It was a very awkward transfer. I realised that by trying so hard to conceal the controller from the young man's view, I actually drew more attention to it. 

Nervously, I shook his hand. "I'm Irene, it's a pleasure to meet you."

I could see a curious look on the young college student's face as he glanced at the plastic box which was connected to the wire running into the armhole of my orange and white sundress. For a moment he looked like he might ask about it but, thankfully, he chose not to.

We exchanged some pleasantries, but I could feel my face and shoulders burning from embarrassment.

I sat close to Alfredo, gripping the controller in my left hand tightly. The pink wire ran across my lap.

What did this young man think about the wire coming out of my dress and connected to this pink plastic box? Did he even suspect its real purpose? I hoped not.

"So what is your major field of study?" Alfredo asked, making friendly conversation while I sat there silently, basking in the shame of having a vibrator strapped to my clit.

"I am majoring in pharmacy."

"How far along are you?"

"I am in my second year."

"Oh, I see. Then you are what? Nineteen? Twenty?"

"I am nineteen. I turn twenty in two months," Ricardo responded

The two men chatted for the next thirty to forty minutes as I sat silently. I looked at my watch and saw that it was now two minutes before eleven o'clock. We had just over an hour left of our train trip. I might yet survive this embarrassment.

Alfredo then shocked me. He extended his hand and said, "Let me see the controller for a second."

I blushed deeply, and said, "Alfredo, we can't... please."

"It will be fine, I promise. Trust me."

I sat motionless for fifteen or twenty seconds staring at Alfredo's extended hand before timidly handing him the controller. As I am sure you have already concluded, I am virtually powerless to resist the commands of a powerful man to whom I am attracted. This is especially true if the powerful man has made me climax repeatedly in the past. I may resist, initially, but if they are confident and assured in their directions, ultimately, I always comply.

Alfredo moved the lever to level one. I felt it buzz to life on my clitoris.

I must confess, it felt wonderful.

Ricardo looked puzzled. Finally his curiosity got the best of him and he asked, "Is everything okay?"

Alfredo reassured him, "Oh everything is fine. It is just Irene's controller."

"She has a controller?" He was clearly confused.

"Well, sort of. It is a vibrator of sorts that is supposed to keep certain passengers entertained during their trip."

I was looking at the floor, too embarrassed to even look at either of these men as they discussed the vibrator in my panties. I wished I could just disappear. But, strangely, their discussion did arouse me.

"So she has a vibrator inside her now?"

"Oh no. This is strictly external." Alfredo turned to me and asked, "Irene, how does it feel?"

Sheepishly, without looking up, I mumbled, "It feels nice."

Alfredo turned it up to level three. I gasped as the intensity of the stimulation jumped dramatically. I clutched the seat next to me and also grabbed Alfredo's thigh. Try as I might, I could not keep from rocking my hips as my arousal grew.

I leaned over towards Alfredo and whispered, "You need to turn this off... you're going to make me cum."

"I think that's the objective, dear."

"Please, not here. Not with him watching."

"Now Irene, this is a science experiment of sorts. Ricardo is a pharmacy major. That's sort of like a medical doctor. He needs to understand how the human body works. Don't you, Ricardo?"

Ricardo's eyes were riveted on me now. He simply said, "Oh, absolutely."

"You don't mind me testing this out on her, do you?"

"Oh, not at all. Not at all," my youthful observer assured us with a clear excitement in his voice.

 For the next fifteen minutes I sat the rocking my hips, squeezing my thighs together. Trying not to climax in front of this nineteen year old college student, who was young enough to be my son.

The two men talked about my movements, my erect nipples, the almost imperceptible quiver that my excitement was causing. Their conversation served to increase my humiliation and my arousal.

Occasionally I would open my eyes and steal a glance at Alfredo and Ricardo. Both men had huge bulges in their pants, which told me they found my situation arousing.

I fought to control the movement of my hips as my arousal developed. Despite my efforts to avoid an embarrassing public orgasm, the buzzing butterfly which was vibrating against my erect and sensitive clitoris was inching me closer and closer to a climax.

I must admit, the embarrassment of having this attractive young man watch me as my vagina became increasingly wet only served to increase my arousal.

Then Alfredo shocked me once again. He asked Ricardo, "Would you like drive for a while?" and handed the controller to him.

"Alfredo, no," I protested, but to no avail.

Instantly, this young college student move over by my side, taking the controller from Alfredo. Suddenly, I was nestled between two attractive men, on the verge of orgasm.

I was mortified at my situation, yet I did not put a stop to it. I did not insist that Ricardo give the controller back to my lover. I did not physically try to take the controller from this youthful student. And I did not attempt to leave. No, in my shame, I allowed this to continue.

It should be no surprise to anyone, least of all me, that the very first thing Ricardo did when handed the controller was crank it up to level five.

I bolted to attention, grabbing both men's thighs as I shook, rigidly immobile, feeling like my eyes were rolling back in my head. “Oh shit, oh shit, please, turn it down… that is too much …. oh God, I can’t take it…. please…. turn it down.”

Ricardo complied, and returned to the level to 3 but he was impressed with my reaction.

Ricardo beamed with pride. "This is the coolest thing I have ever seen. Did you see how she reacted? Oh man, I love this thing.”

And he turned it back to five for a brief instant before returning it, delighting in initiating another sudden and violent spasm. I bolted to attention, squeezing the thighs of each man tightly. I sat straight up, rigid, quivering from the intense stimulation

“Oh God, Ricardo, please, too much…. too much…. please. Alfredo, make him turn it down... too much,” I hissed loudly.

After about two or three seconds, Ricardo returned the intensity to the more tolerable level three. But it was obvious, both men enjoyed my sudden and stark reaction to this ‘test.’

“Whoa, that must have hit a nerve,” Alfredo joked. I looked at Ricardo who was smiling broadly, obviously proud of himself.

“It’s like a lightning bolt hitting my clit. The higher levels are too intense; more painful than pleasurable. But it gets my attention, that’s for sure.” I paused, then added, “This level is nice.”

Alfredo looked at Ricardo and said, "Give her level four."

Again, I bolted into a rigidly quiver, "Oh please too much... please turn it down."

Alfredo then instructed me, "Give yourself a moment to get used to it. Count to thirty slowly. Go ahead, count."

With my voice quaking I started, "One, two, three..." I felt Alfredo's hands on my thigh... "four, five, six..." the intense vibrations were not as painful now... "seven, eight nine..." I could feel my vagina beginning to respond... "ten, eleven twelve..." I was starting to rock my hips.

By the time I reached thirty, the vibrations were pleasurable. Both men were massaging my inner thighs. I guess Ricardo felt empowered to touch me since Alfredo was letting him stimulate my clitoris.

"How's that feel now?"

"Okay, I guess... good. I don't think I can keep from cumming though," I whimpered.

"That's good. That's what we want to see."

 I was biting my lower lip and rocking my hips now, humping against air as my arousal continued to build. I could feel the climax approaching, I was resigned to letting it happen. This nineteen year old student was going to watch me cum as I shamelessly humped against the vibrating butterfly.

"Oh, you're going to make me cum... I can't help it. Oh shit... fuck," I moaned.

Then, to everyone's surprise, especially mine, I lost control. Almost involuntarily, I removed my right hand from Alfredo's thigh and slid my fingers under my dress to press the vibrator firmly against my clit. The instant I touched myself, I went over the edge.

Ricardo reached up and cupped my left breast. Initially, he felt me on the outside of my dress. But he quickly slipped his hand down my cleavage and teased my erect nipple.

"Oh, I'm cumming," I hissed and bucked my hips wildly.

Then Ricardo grunted and groaned and stiffened. While pulling on my erect nipple, he shuddered and shook right next to me.

It took me a moment to realize what had happened, but then it hit me. This inexperienced, young man just ejaculated in his pants from the excitement of watching my orgasm. I don't think I'd ever been so flattered.

Panting, I looked up at Alfredo and said, "I think Ricardo and I are both done now."

I turned to Ricardo and said, "Please turn that off." I looked down at the wet spot forming in the front of his trousers and smiled, "Did what I think happened, just happen?"

Sheepishly, he nodded and mumble, "Uh huh, I couldn't help it."

"Well neither could I. And I'm flattered."

"I need to go to the rest room and clean up," he said with obvious embarrassment.

And Ricardo made a hasty exit. As he opened the frosted glass door to our compartment, I saw him pulling his shirt tail out to cover up the wet spot.

I smiled at Alfredo, "That young man just came from watching me."

"I know. When I was his age, I would have cum too. Go to the ladies' room and take off the harness."

I nodded and did as instructed.

I returned to the compartment, the butterfly in my purse, my panties quite wet. We had about fifteen minutes until we were due into Valencia Joaquin Sorolla station. Ricardo did not return. I never saw that young man again.

Alfredo hailed a taxi and we drove to the hotel. It was a gorgeous facility, right on the beach. I waited in the lobby as Alfredo checked in. He then escorted me to room 721. We had a beautiful terrace with a view of the pool and the ocean.

Alfredo stood behind me cupping my breasts as I breathed in the salt air and listened to the waves. I could feel his erection pulsing against my back.

"I guess we better take care of that huge boner of yours, huh?"

"That would be nice."

"Let me put my diaphragm in place and I'll let you fuck me. Then you can buy lunch."

"Sounds like the deal of a century."

I opened my suitcase and retrieved the beige plastic container that held my diaphragm and a tube of spermicidal jelly and went to the bathroom. I removed my panties, taking a moment to look at the very wet crotch before tossing them in the corner.

I opened the plastic case and saw that it was empty. I screeched, "Son of a bitch... that bastard... I'm going to kill that son of a bitch!"

Alfredo raced to join me. "What's wrong?"

"That bastard removed my diaphragm."

"Who? Who did?"

"Oscar, my husband, that's who."

"But why would he do that?" 

"Because he wants me to take you without protection, that's why. It arouses him to think you could get me pregnant."

"I don't understand. If that happened, would you get an abortion?"

"No, that's precisely the point. He knows I would never have an abortion. He wants to see your baby growing in my belly. He wants to see me nursing your child."

"What are we going to do?" Alfredo asked.

"I don't know, I don't know. But it's not going to ruin our week... I promise you that."

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