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Kitty Girl and the Peppermint Stick - A Xmas tale

Twas two weeks before Christmas and out in the manager, Rachel was hatching plans of a sexual nature. Her panties were hung on a hook and forgotten, all the better to show off her bare bottom. Visions of orgasms danced in her head as she eyed all the toys spread out on her bed…

Hi again, it’s me. Kitty Girl. It’s been a while since I’ve shared my real life exploits. Yes, there is my ongoing adventure with the girls of KINK but it’s a fantasy. No, I’m talking about sharing another honest to goodness true story of Kitty Girl’s exploits. It all began one morning, not so long ago, while playing online with my Mistress as she lay out the rules for the rest of the day; no panties, no cumming, and I was to play with myself as much I could stand. Did I mention no cumming? Oh, and I think I might have jokingly referred to peppermint sticks. No, not candy canes, but those thick round ones you get at the candy store. Really, am I the only one who sees those and thinks Hmm… those would make a wonderful dildo…? Perhaps I think about sex just a little more than the average… well… nymphomaniac?

So, there I was, contemplating my trip to the mall, visions of what to buy and for whom in my head, not to mention the sugar plums dancing about in there as well, and deciding on what to wear. As you should know, Kitty Girl, like all cats, hates the cold and would much rather bask naked in the glorious sunshine then go trampling around in the nasty wintery city. For one, it makes wearing a skirt, or pretty much anything cute, rather painful. Oh, and I’d also been forbidden tights. Jeans, however, hadn’t been mentioned so I sadly passed over my collection of girly clothing and pulled a pair of Levi low rise jeans off the shelf. I should mention I liked them for the how low they rode on my hips, how well they showed my best feature, my ass, off.

Feeling Festive, I chose a red knit pullover and a pea green hoodie. A bra, I decided belonged to the same category as panties, so it too was left behind. Socks, whoever, were not, and I put on a pair of plan white cotton socks and my red high top Converse All Stars.

I had not planned on going out as Kitty Girl, mind you. It had never been discussed, but whims come and go, and I have very little control over Kitty Girl’s appearances at times. It had been a while since I’d donned my ears… ok, that is not true, I brought them to Disneyland with me, thinking that no one would notice one more girl wearing ears, even if mine were Kitty-like rather than Mouse-like. Nothing had been mentioned about my collar either, the one with the twin tags jingling on it, one proclaiming me as Kate’s property and slave, the other as Laura’s kitty, slut, and whore… not that those were the exact words etched on them, but in my heart, they might as well have been.

In the end, I chose a black knit beanie, to keep my human ears warm, and my collar which was easily disguised and partially hidden. I was feeling shy, after all. Kitty Girl is skittish at times, especially if her owner isn’t about. After that, it was a quick jaunt to the mall, my ipod plugged into my car stereo so that I could listen to the ‘Tangled’ soundtrack for the hundredth time. Yes, I know every single word and sing along in the privacy of my reliable no frills silver Toyota, a fact that perhaps should embarrass me, but instead makes me rather proud.


I bought everything I needed at the mall, none of which I will share, in case prying eyes look for clues as to what may or may not be under their tree on Christmas morning. Before I did that, though, I bought something not on my list. Several things, in fact. Peppermint sticks. The big ones, red and white stripped like candy canes and as thick as some of my vibrators, a very important fact. They were in a jar at the confectioners, a fancy word for the candy store. Right there on the counter, tempting me, calling out my name, reminding me of my earlier conversation with my Mistress. Oh, what I could do with them. I bought three, intending to take them home and use them on myself, or perhaps on Kate. Good intentions that swirled around my head like pristine white flakes in a snow globe before being lost to the here and the now.

I found myself in a restroom stall, my heart beating fast as I realized what I was doing, my zipper undone, my pants around my thighs, pushing a hard candy stick into my pussy before re-zipping my jeans up, sealing it inside of me. Play with yourself, but don’t cum. Those had been my instructions, so I unzipped my pants once more and, leaning against the stall door, teased my clit with my fingers until I was panting hard, freezing up every time I heard someone enter, relaxing as they either primped before the mirror or secreted themselves inside a stall. I had to stifle my giggles as I listened to them pee, my fingers resuming their teasing as I imagined them… of course, in my fantasies they were all hot young women who’d left the stall doors unlocked, hoping that I’d venture in and play games with them. Sort of my version of the pool boy/pizza delivery guy porn scenario, I guess…

I stayed in there longer then I’d planned, much longer as I discovered the candy stick in my cunt had grown slick and peppermint cool and felt really nice if I sort of pushed it in and out of myself…

I had to stop. Eventually. Not that I was in danger of cumming, not quite yet, but I was endanger of making some very revealing noises. So I zipped my jeans up, once again trapping my treat inside of me, and sauntered out purring, as if nothing had happened, shaking my head just enough so that I could hear my tags jingling, softly musical…


Am I going to admit to hiding behind a clothing rack or two and slipping my fingers into the waistband of my jeans and rubbing my clit while keeping an eye out for intruders? Probably not. Nor am I going to admit rubbing my crotch against the corners of shelves when I thought I could get away with it. I did wonder, once or twice, if anyone else noticed the unique fragrance of peppermint and pussy that I seemed to be exuding, or the fact that the denim between my thighs was noticeably darker and perhaps a bit damp. To be honest, though, I wanted them to notice. I imagined that it was obvious, that people were looking askance at me, knowing that I’d shoved a peppermint stick into my snatch that moved subtly in and out of me with every step I took, coating my cunt with sticky sweet while it soaked up my juices… Soon, I was lost in a sexual bliss, my eyes half glazed over. In other words, I blended right in with the other shoppers, looking like I was nearing overload from too many Black Friday like days and nights, competing for deals like a hunter trying to pull down the weakest animal from the pack…

No cumming. It became a chore. Not an unpleasant one, but one that I had to keep firmly in mind as my adventure wore on. My choices for presents for my owner became fueled by my lust. Yes, we’d set a budget and I had a list that I had meant not to stray from, but oh, she loves lingerie and there was a Victoria’s Secret to visit, and her caramel complexion is brought out by black lace, as are her dark, dark eyes…

I found myself, of course, in the pet store, gazing longingly at cages, all too aware of what would happen if I climbed inside one and closed the door behind me… Have I mentioned that I put that at the top of my Christmas wish list this year?

Somehow, Kitty Girl managed to fly under the radar, or at least no one came up to me and accused me of impaling myself with hard candy or playing with my cunt when I thought no one was looking. Relief and disappointment filled me as I drove home, this time listening to the sexy sounds of Justin Timberlake’s Future Sex/Love Sounds on high, my zipper undone so that I could tease myself at every red light and believe me when I say that I didn’t try to speed through them when then turned yellow…


One thing that you should be aware of. There is a built in loophole to the ‘no cumming’ rule. My owner, lover, wife, girlfriend, best friend, soul mate Kate’s wishes always supersede my Mistress’s. Not that she doesn’t enjoy making it clear that if Laura says you’re not allowed, then I think we should honor that, but still, there are times when she ignores such mandates, luckily enough for me...


“You look like the cat who caught the canary” were the first words out of her mouth whens she’d shut the door behind her.

I’d spent the rest of my day wrapping presents and doodling, by which I mean sketching cute girls in various states of undress with a black sharpie as well as playing with my little joy button and ‘adjusting’ my candy cane cock from time to time. My jeans had become a bit of a mess, sticky with various kinds of sugar, and I had been having trouble concentrating for the past hour or so.

“Umm, yeah?” I said, feeling a blush creep across my face.

Casual or dressed up, she always looked beautiful and naturally sexy. She smiled at me accusingly as I gazed at her in open admiration. Black trousers over boots, a black wool coat over a tight burgundy blouse, the buttons showing hints of strain.

“You have a nice day, Rach?”

Not trusting myself to speak, I simply nodded, pretending to be absorbed in the tree lights as she put down her brief case, her laptop, her purse and finally, cocked her finger in a come hither gesture, my cue to shower her with adoration and love.

“Someone’s been into the sweets. I can taste in on your lips.”

Did I forget to mention that I’d removed my sugary sex toy and treated myself to a snack several times since I got home, enjoying the taste of my own pussy as much, if not more, then I did the peppermint?

“I saved some for you.”

This was said with a giggle, as I wrapped her black tresses around my finger, pausing in mid kiss, our open eyes mere inches apart. She gazed at me suspiciously, running her fingers along the line of my jaw, down my throat, beneath tugging down on the collar of my pullover to expose my half hidden collar.

“Have you been behaving, babe?”

“Sort of.” I whispered almost soundlessly, my heart suddenly fluttering, wondering what exactly constituted good behavior. I hadn’t orgasmed, after all. Still, I’d hadn’t worn panties all day, had been playing with myself in public and private, and had a thick candy cane stick shoved inside of my cunt. Borderline good at best?

“Yes, I bet.” There was amusement in her voice as she kissed me again, her tongue exploring my mouth, obviously delighted in cool minty flavor of it as she gently maneuvered me until I was trapped between her and the dining room table, the edge of it pressing into my ass, forcing me backwards until I was forced to put my hands flat against the table to keep my balance as she undid the button to my jeans and slowly unzipped them, her breasts pressing into mine.

“Feel like playing, kitty?”

“No.” it was a lie, and it was said with a fair degree of petulance.


Chuckling softly, she bit my lip playfully and abandoned my zipper, sneaking her hands under my sweater, ignoring my protest at how cold her fingers were.

“They’ll warm up.” She said with a grin, covering my breasts with them, her fingertips denting my perky and hard as a rock nipples, provoking a shudder of delight from me.

“I bet your juicy little twat is nice and warm, kitty.”

One thing about Kate. Her language is less then delicate. While I don’t swear, she does. Not at work, perhaps, where she is the consummate professional, but outside of the office? By her own admission, she swears like a sailor. Nor is she adverse to using colorful language in the bedroom. While I delight in using ‘cunt’, the terms ‘snatch’, ‘twat’, and ‘fuck hole’ roll off her tongue almost lyrically at times.

“I feel like ravaging you, babe. Any objection?”

“No.” I squeaked, rather pleased at the prospect, giggling as she helped me out of my pullover and then up on the table, positioning me on the edge, and then pushing me down on my back, her fingers splayed against my belly.

“Um… I… there’s…”

I figured I should tell her that my cunt was already full at the moment before she discovered it for herself, but I couldn’t find the words, so I just gave up, giggling as she tugged my jeans down around my thighs and made the discovery for herself.

“Oh, this is unexpected, kitty.”

Giggling, I opened my legs for her, showing off my makeshift dildo somewhat proudly.

“You’re a mess down here, let me clean you up…”

I felt her mouth, her tongue, her soft lips against the tender flesh of my inner thighs, slow long sensual licks that grew ever nearer my heated pussy, driving my wild with desire. I began to squirm, my legs squeezing then parting, my fingers clenching at thin air as she pleasured me, purring as she flickered the tip of her tongue against my gold piercing, crying out softly as she sucked my engorged clit into her mouth, whimpering when she started humming, the vibrations snaking through my nervous system, trembling with a rush of desire that heightened my senses and dulled my mind of all thought, save that I might at last find euphoric relief.

“Such a creative little girl.” She murmured, kissing my mound a moment before gripping my ersatz sex toy in her fingers and moving it in and out of me, fucking me slowly, letting the pleasure build within me until I thought I might burst, pausing each and every time she judged I was close to the edge until I wanted to scream with frustration.

“Would you like to cum, kitty?”

“Yes!” I hissed, rolling my head back and forth on the table, my eyes rolling up inside my head as she fucked me unceasingly, chuckling at having to remind me to breath more than once.

“Would you like me to stop?”



“No, please, don’t stop, oh my god, I’ll die.”

“I doubt you’ll die.” She chuckled.

I wasn’t convinced. In fact, I knew for a fact that I would die if she kept this up. My heart would burst, my brain would melt, I would explode with frustration, I would…

“Cum for me, babe.”

Those were here words. In reality, the scene went more like this…


I squealed, my entire body lifting off the table, only my shoulder blades and out spread arms still touching the surface, my cunt tightening around the peppermint stick, tremors running through me, turning my nervous system to barbed wire, electrifying my spine, setting my cunt on fire, my nipples bursting with pain or pleasure or something in between as I climaxed for her...

“…for me, babe.”

And again, unable to stop her from pumping it in and out of me mercilessly, fucking me without regard for comfort or gentleness, savagely driving it in and out of my cunt with one hand while she teased and rubbed and pressed and ground my clit until I begged uselessly for her to stop, not that she paid any attention to me…

“Don’t you dare.”

Her tone was menacing. Shaking, I held on, but only just, feeling the drool of my cunt running over my asshole, pooling on the table under my ass, sticky sweet, flowing like honey.

“Please!” I cried, earning me a sharp swat, the flat of her hand on my pussy, the pain making me gasp as well as almost pushing me over the edge.

“Be my good kitty.”

“I’m trying!”

In the end, I held out, managing to fight the overwhelming urge to just let myself go, tears coursing down my cheeks, the need to be a good kitty much stronger than the need to cum, but barely…


For those of you worried that I was left wanting, I assure you, I wasn’t. As a reward, I was allowed, yes, allowed, to make her cum, my face buried between her thighs, my tongue pressed into her cunt as she enjoyed the taste of my pussy, sucking on the peppermint stick like a cock until I returned the favor, making her cum with a long, passionate moan.

And again, not too long after, I was treated to another orgasm, this time in our bed, her tongue in my cunt, while I had my fingers in hers, my tongue being busy in her ass, my face buried between her cheeks, my cries of pleasure muffled as she shuddered to her second orgasm of the night.

Afterwards, she held me safe in her arms, her hands roaming tenderly over my naked body, her kisses soft and warm and full of love, my purr deep and genuine.

“Love me?” I asked, my voice soft, feeling suddenly shy and unsure, my skittish nature threatening to overtake me.

“With all of my heart, kitty.” She replied, tilting my face, fingers under my chin, kissing me, her gaze swallowing me as we kissed.

Content, I laid my head on her shoulder, closed my eyes, and drifted off into gentle, dreamless, kitty-like slumbers…

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