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losing my marbles

Just some fun..


I melt all over again as soon as you smile at me and those sparky eyes of yours tell me that tonight I’m going to enjoy you in ways I haven’t thought of yet.

You grab my hand and pull me close to you, we don’t kiss but I lose my face in the warmth of your neck as you breathe in the scent if my perfume.

Instantly I want to be naked with you, want the rest of the world to disappear for a few hours so we can take an exciting journey together.


You lead me by the hand to my bedroom and I feel nothing but pure excitement, my pussy feels it too and it moistens beneath the skirt I’m wearing,

The door closed behind us and your eyes are on me, we’re speaking to each other without words and we’re discussing trust. Satisfied that we agree, we begin to undress ourselves, all the while our eyes are fixed, mesmerised.

I don’t know who knelt first, but we’re on the floor now, the carpet soft beneath our knees. Our chests are drawn close as if magnets are bringing us together.

It feels good, incredible actually to have your bare skin against mine, and you feel my nipples grow hard like bullets as I rise and fall slowly stimulating us both.


“I want you”


I whisper as I look at you and tempt you with my best “fuck me” eyes.


I swear you mock me slightly, though not maliciously because you’ve never known anyone as sexually needy as me and it amuses you to tease me, you’re as rude and twisted as me though and I’ve really met my match with you.


Your fingers are on my mouth they trace the outline of my full lips, which quiver slightly in anticipation.

It just takes the simple act of you forcing my mouth open and thrusting two fingers inside for the mood to change to a wild one where the metaphorical door closes behind us and for a split second I am reminded of a supermarket, no exit until you’ve been round every aisle.

Already I am gasping and you’re only playing with my mouth, it’s the simple things I think to myself as you add more fingers before rubbing my own saliva over my face.

You move your attention to my breasts, my nipples in particular and when without build up you tug at my nipples I accidentally let out this sound, which tells you too much, tells you it’s fine to do whatever you want with me. You already knew that though and that’s why you’re here with me because you want a plaything and I want to be played with. Oh boy, do I.


I am yours now, my eyes close and I am abandoning myself to you my bald pussy is swollen and aching for you, only you.


“Oh my god”


You say to me as your fingers meet my sopping cunt and are drawn towards my swollen clit. I lie back on the floor and spread my legs for you as you take in the sight and the texture of me.

You’re pleased that you’ve driven my pussy this wild and now you’re going to play with it a while, see what you can get it to do, this new toy of yours.

It’s sending me totally insane to watch you examining my pussy, twisting, probing, pinching, the look of concentration on your face as your fingers and my pussy make slick sounds as you bring me close to an explosion. It’s too much for me to bare and I have to close my eyes but in my head I can still see the expression on your face and it’s that more than anything else that’s about to make a river of juices soak your fingers.


My breathing becomes erratic, my face contorts and my stomach rises up as my orgasm sweeps over me, takes over me, and causes me to cry out the wildest most incoherent noise you’ve ever heard, you watch as juices erupt from me and trickle down towards my ass.

I feel hornier than ever now and even though it’s super sensitive I feel renewed arousal as you immediately go to work on me with your tongue, you hungrily lap up the juices you created ignoring the shaking of my legs as you nibble on my spent clit.

Your fingers delve inside me and I welcome them, I need them.


“Fuck yes, give them to me”


I can’t help it don’t you see that, don’t you see what you’re doing to me.

You do see and you give them to me, all of them. You count as you add fingers,


“One, two, mm three is getting tight” you say in a voice that is starting to show your own needs.




“four, oh yes, You want five?” you ask, and what can I say?


“Yes damn it, give me everything”


Holy fuck I would think if I could think about anything, if this violation wasn’t overwhelming me so much that I could do anything other than embrace it, take it.


“I’m fisting your cute shaven pussy now”


You say as we both watch your efforts.


The sight of your fist in my pussy transfixes me, you aren’t satisfied though and you try to work a finger into my tight ass, it’s a tough task because you’re taking up all the space in my needy body but you just about manage it and you’re thrusting both of my holes now, making me cry out in submission.

My clit is taut as you stretch me but I rub it hard and fast until I am screaming with a mixture of overwhelming pleasure and pain.

The physical pleasure subsides leaving me mentally aroused and sore, you clamber up my body with a smile and you introduce your dripping cock to my face, you rub it over my cheeks, then my eyes before settling rather predictably on my mouth, I don’t mind though because it looks delicious and it tastes delicious too, I want it in my mouth and you’re giving it to me now, giving me all of it in my small mouth.

I suck hard and show the same enthusiasm that you showed my pussy. All the while I watch your face, watch your pleasure as you fuck my throat relentlessly.

Your pace quickens and you slap my face before grabbing my hair and shaking me as you thrust and lose yourself and your seed to my aching throat.


My legs are shaky as I nip to the bathroom to compose myself. I check my face in the mirror, my skin is flushed my hair matted, I look a state and my eyes look wild because it’s how I feel.

I tidy myself up a bit and dry my wet pussy before returning to the bedroom.

You’re on my bed now and you’re smiling a knowing sort of smile which makes me wonder what you’re thinking, I don’t ask though because I’m certain to find out soon enough.

I climb on the bed and lay down beside you, you run your hands down the length of my back, taking in the smoothness before working your way back up. You touch my neck and it sends a shiver (a good one) down my spine that makes you smile.

Down you go again, this time you go further and your fingers torment my ass, which is apparently yours for the taking.

Your fingers work their magic on me gently, and you probe delicately preparing me for what’s to come.


“On your knees”


You order me, and it excites me to obey you.


You’re behind me now and you begin pushing something cold into my ass. Whatever it is, it’s small and smooth, it doesn’t take long for me to realise as I glance around me, that the dish of marbles from the dresser is missing. Suddenly I’m panicking slightly, can you panic only slightly? At the thought of this marble lost inside me, but when you use your finger to push it deep inside me and add another, the thrill of it takes over.

You continue to fill my tight ass with marbles, counting them as you go, which makes me smile with relief and amusement.

When you’ve exhausted your supply, you push your cock into my grateful pussy, and you fuck me senseless, no begging needed, you slam yourself, pound me, use me until you’re giving my fertile pussy a generous helping of your hot delicious cum.

My marble enhanced orgasm my third “an odd number” I think with a hopeful smile, leaves my body satisfied but my mind crying out for more.


Only when we have all the marbles accounted for do I lay down next to you and allow my eyes to wander the room for anything else that looks like it might be orgasm enhancing.



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