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Mary comes alive - Part 1

Mary starts to spread her wings...the first of a two part story
Mary had just turned 40, and because she had had her two children young, it was just she and her husband Tom at home. She had hoped for a career before she married, but when Tom, her senior by 2 years left school and got a job, he had immediately asked her to marry him, though she was not quite 17. He had been her first sweetheart, and though they had played around, they were both virgins when they married.

The children arrived sooner than planned, and then there was just so much work to do. Tom had progressed in his work, so there never was a real financial reason for her to look for work when the children started school. She just sort of drifted, a wife and mother, keeping the house in order and doing the garden.

Tom was a now a senior buyer for a large electronics company, and often was away at conferences or on business trips to negotiate with a supplier. Mary was left on her own for a lot of time and finally decided that she had had enough of evenings in front of the tedious television, and had joined an evening class to learn French, more as a way of exercising her mind than because she had any great expectations of travelling there.

Two years ago though, she had taken a part time job at a department store in the town near where they lived, and had been doing mornings behind the cosmetics counter. She looked good, she thought, despite a little more flesh in places she wished she didn’t have it. She had to admit that it helped her bust line, and with a button or two undone more than would be necessary, she attracted a lot of the male buyers, usually helping them to choose a new perfume for their wife or lover.

The teacher was an older man, who had been Head of Languages in the local high school, tall and slim, and radiated energy and charisma, a great combination for a teacher. By the end of the third week, Mary was enraptured, with both the language and the teacher, but had no idea of how to go about getting to know him better.

One day at work, she was chatting to her friend, Charlotte (Carlie), who she knew was recently divorced , and they got talking about their fantasies. Mary felt a real novice when she listened to the stories that Charlotte told her, especially when she said that she often fantasised in the evenings, with a glass of wine and her toys.

Mary was intrigued, as coming from a rather sheltered childhood and marriage, she obviously knew about toys, but had never really learnt more, other than watching certain episodes of Sex in the City. Her friend said that Mary was stupid for not taking advantage of what there was today, and when Mary told her that she hadn’t had an orgasm for 3 years, she decided that she would do something about it, and that she would come round to Mary’s that evening, as she knew that Tom was away for the week.

Carlie arrived just after Mary had got back from her lesson. Her mind full of the teacher and was almost oblivious of what Carlie was saying until her hand was taken, and she was led up the stairs to her bedroom. Carlie started to undress and urged Mary to do the same.

Together they lay naked on the bed, with a towel underneath them, as Carlie unpacked her bag. "First of all," she said, "lie back and think of someone you fancy, and don’t worry if I touch you in places you wouldn’t have thought of."
Mary had some idea of what was to happen, as the girls had discussed it partly that morning, but as she lay back and closed her eyes, the image of her teacher came into her mind, and she knew that her nipples were hardening.

She was a bit surprised when Carlie took her hand, whispering, "Good girl, now just stroke yourself here," and laid her fingers on her full breast. With a little squirt of lubricant, she encouraged Mary to stroke and squeeze and pull her nipples, the lubricant enhancing the sensual feel of her actions. Mary’s mind was in turmoil, here she was, pleasuring herself as she hadn’t since being a teenager, and with a clear image of this older man in her mind she started to lose herself imagining that it was his fingers and lips that were pleasuring her so.

Carlie saw that Mary was really getting into it, so took one of her hands and pressed it down over the swell of her belly, and over the soft down of her hair to squeeze her fingers deep into her pussy slit.

“Oh god, Carlie,” she muttered, “this is so bad, but so, so good!”

Shaking her head and laughing, Carlie dipped into her bag and brought out a rabbit vibe. She switched it on and slowly started to insert it into Mary’s pussy, which by now was wet. Beads of succulent moisture formed on the hairs around her lips and when it was half way in, she switched it on to a low rate.

Deeper in it went, and Mary gave herself up to the feeling, as the vibe pressed and moved against the walls of her vagina. As it went deeper, the other prong of the rabbit started to slide along her slit and found her clit. Still on low power, Mary stretched and opened herself up more, raising her knees and widening her legs. Carlie knelt in front of her friend, gently pushing the vibe in and out of Mary’s pussy, and then moved it to a higher speed, and increased the speed and power of her fucking actions.

It wasn’t long before Mary’s breath came faster and faster, and her mouth fell open, her eyes closed, and her hands gripping the bed head, as she started to reach that wonderful heat that presaged her climax. Then suddenly she opened her eyes, and yelled, “Oh fuck, fuck,” as she tipped over into her orgasm, body writing and flailing, the muscles of her tummy rippling as her pussy clenched down tight on the vibe.

She slowly recovered, noticing the film of sweat that had appeared on her body, and looked at Carlie, still kneeling between her legs, with the vibe in her hand, grinning widely at her.

“Oh, I am so going to have to get one of those,” she said, as she also knelt up to take the toy from Carlie’s hand. They were so close to each other that a slight movement of either of them would have caused a hand or an arm to touch a breast or a leg, and so it happened, almost by accident, that Mary’s hand touched Carlie’s erect nipple.

“I’m so sorry," she cried.

“No, it’s OK,” said Carlie, ”You can do it again, oh yes, do please do it again.”

As the two women drew closer, with Mary’s hands on Carlie’s breasts, it seemed so natural that they should kiss. More than just a kiss of friendship, it turned into a long, sensuous and tender kiss, the first kiss, sweet and yet promising so much.

Over the next few weeks, their relationship deepened, and whenever Tom was away, Carlie was to be found staying the night with Mary, and teaching her the arts of making love to another woman, and enjoying the pleasure she could give, not only with her hands, fingers, mouth and tongue, but also the variety of toys that Carlie brought.

They had gone a way beyond the simple vibrator, and had played with her strap-on, fucking each other like a man would have done. Mary found out to her surprise, she enjoyed anal play as well. At first the slender vibes from Carlie’s bag and then the more robust ones that stretched her wide.

When Tom did come back, mostly at weekends, he would find a dutiful wife, who accepted his rather perfunctory lovemaking, but who secretly was trying not to allow herself to introduce her new found skills to that relationship.

One day, Carlie said to Mary that she had met a guy who she was fucking, and that while that shouldn’t stop Mary and her meeting, it would reduce the frequency with which she could stay over. So once again, Mary found herself at a loose end during week days, and though she by now had her own range of toys, include a rabbit, a couple of clit stimulators, and an anal vibe, these, she knew were not a full replacement for the touch and taste of another person. She realised that she was actually jealous of Carlie, and also of the new man in her life. She wanted more and with her new found sexual confidence, was determined to get it.

One evening, after her language class, she contrived to be the last to leave, and so walked out to the car park with her teacher, whom by now she was calling Steve. As they chatted, she knew with some certainty that this was a man with whom she could find a connection, and with trepidation, suggested that he might like to join her for a drink.

To her surprise and pleasure he accepted and so they made their way to the local pub, and sat over their drinks exchanging life stories. Steve was a widower, with grown up children, and lived alone. He had given up teaching to care for his wife, and now had enough income to live a quiet life, but it seemed clear to Mary that he wanted more than this existence. He seemed sympathetic to her position, a wife and mother, now trying to find her own place in life, and starting to grow as an individual.

The next week, after class, Mary and Steve went to the pub again, and the week after, until the end of term approached. They knew that there was just one more class before the summer break, and Mary was reconciled to sharing her bed with Carlie on occasion, Tom at weekends, but for most of the time with her toys.

She was not surprised to hear Steve say that he was off to France for the summer, staying, he said, in a friend’s apartment on the Cote D’Azur near the town of Le Lavandou.
“I am envious of you,” she said, “not only immersing yourself in the language, but all that sunshine and food and...with your friend.” She stopped herself, feeling rather foolish, as her only real knowledge of France had come from films, and she knew that those could give a rather distorted view. She could hardly believe her ears when Steve said to her that if she wanted she could come too, it was a three-bedroom apartment, so plenty of space, and that she can do as she liked.

All week she thought about the offer. It would be a great break, a bit like doing a Shirley Valentine, but how could she tell Tom? Then she hit on the idea of telling him that it was a summer class, leaving him to assume that others would be going to France as well, not just her and Steve. After all, Steve’s friend would be there, and with a small frisson of excitement, she realised that she didn’t know whether the friend was a man or a woman.

Tom was back early that week, and she cooked him a special meal, thinking that she would soften him up and then ask him. To her surprise, he brought in a bottle of wine, the surprise because usually Tom didn’t drink much.

The meal, the wine and an unusual degree of attention from Tom made Mary feel very mellow. When he started to make love to her that night, in the darkness of their bed, she gave herself over to him to a greater extent than she had of late and surprised him by taking his cock in her hands, licking its tip before starting to give him a slow blowjob.

“Wow,” he said, “you haven’t done that for ages.”

She mumbled, “You see what a good bottle of wine can do!” shortly followed by him erupting in her mouth. Damn, she thought, just when I wanted a good fucking, he cums far too soon, and he’ll never recover soon enough. She was right, but before he went to sleep, she said that she was thinking of going on a summer course, and his mumbled answer was, “Sure, why not.”

Mary knew from years of experience that once asleep there was little apart from an earthquake that would rouse Tom until morning. As it was not quite midnight, she texted Carlie, who for once was alone, and Mary said she would be straight over. Carlie lived a short drive away, and as Mary’s car was parked on the street, so she slipped out and was knocking on Carlie door in just a few minutes.

A few minutes later, they had rid themselves of all their clothes, and Mary had her fingers on Carlie’s nipples, as she bent her head to lick Carlie. “I missed you”, she said, “You taste as good as ever.”

Leaving the toys aside for now, Mary really concentrated on Carlie’s clit, licking round and round while her fingers searched inside her vagina for that special place, and it was not long before Carlie’s legs scissored around her head, clamping her so tightly she could hardly breathe.

The women stroked each others breasts, sides, legs, as they lay and kissed, as Mary answered Carlie’s questions as to why she had come round that evening. Her words tumbled out about her French teacher, their meetings and his offer of a room in France. Her attempt to get Tom’s permission to go and then about how frustrated she was especially because of what had happened and....Carlie stopped her with a kiss, her tongue pushed deep into Mary’s mouth, as she started to take control.

As they kissed their breasts rubbed against each other and Carlie’s hands seemed to be everywhere, on her nipples, tugging and twisting, stroking down her pussy lips, squeezing her bum, but teasing when she got close to Mary’s pussy or ass.

When she saw that Mary was panting in anticipation, her body writhing under each touch, she took from a bedside cupboard a strap on with a big black cock, beautifully sculpted, the thick veins ribbing it and a huge head proudly topping the monster.

Spreading some tingle lube on it, she stroked Mary’s clit as she slowly inserted the huge long cock into Mary. “Is this what you were missing, my love?” Carlie whispered, and pushed harder, Mary’s pussy lips spreading and stretching around it.

“Oh god, yes, it feels so huge, it is filling me all up.” Once Mary had managed to stretch enough to accommodate the cock head, the rest slid in a little more easily, though as the head slid along, it stimulated Mary’s vagina as nothing had ever done before, until she could feel it pressing against her womb.

Now Carlie, spraying some light massage oil over Mary and herself, lay down to cover her friend and started to slide slowly up and down, using her toes to push her up and her arms to slide back. The oil felt so smooth and accentuated the sensation that Mary received, while the huge cock moved slowly in and out.

Carlie continued for over 10 minutes kissing all the while. Mary’s vagina was feeling fuller and fuller as the cock worked in her, and then as Carlie started to fuck her harder, she pulled the cock almost out of Mary, watching it as her pussy lips clung to it, and then back down. The sensation of the ridge around the cock head stroking her was sublime.

She could feel her whole body tingling and heating, a lovely syrupy tightness filling her, and then she started to cum, her eyes glazed and wide open, as was her mouth as she started to scream, the feeling rising throughout her body, and her muscles spontaneously spasming. On and on went this feeling, as though time had stood still, and as it seemed it would never end, she suddenly started to spurt, a shower covering Carlie and the cock as she pushed out her cum.

“Oh Carlie, you are such a fantastic lover,” Mary told her. “What am I going to do without you?”
"Oh that is simple,” replied her friend, “You go to France and get that man you fancy so much to fuck you rigid, and you can drench him just as you have me tonight”.

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