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Me and The Electrician

Her fantasies are quite shocking
6:30 A.M. When I woke up that day I knew I was in for a busy fucking day, but I had no idea it would a busy “FUCKING” day. I woke up feeling horny and whished I had my husband to give me a morning fuck. Unfortunately he left right after my twins were born, seven years ago. He is busy trying to find some bimbo to be with. I haven’t been with anyone since the divorce. I’ve been too busy with my four boys, 19, 14 and the 7-year-old twins, to even think about dating. My neighbor thinks I’m crazy and insisted upon giving me a vibrator for my last birthday! Though I have found it quite nice, in my busy house a nice shower and my favorite clit tickler do just fine. Today I decide to shower after I get the boys off to school…no interruptions. 7:45 A.M. Boys are off to school, the phone rings. It is my neighbor friend, she wants to have lunch. I have a few appointments at the house so I invite her to come over around noon. By the time we finish chatting it’s 8:20 and the electrician is suppose to be coming at 8:30 to give me an estimate on some work I need done. I can feel my pussy begging to be touched. The electrician won’t be on time, I am sure I can get a quick shower in. I had just gotten stared when I hear the doorbell ring, “shit he’s early.” I hop out of the shower and quick towel off my poor, unsatisfied pussy. I guess I can try again later. I throw on my robe and dash downstairs. I open the door to a very sexy, mid thirties, electrician. He has salt ‘n’ pepper hair and a killer smile. My pussy twitches as his deep voice say hello. He apologizes for interrupting my shower. He says he’ll just take a look around to see what needs to be done. I show him the circuit breaker and dash upstairs to put on some clothes. I go into my bathroom, which is adjacent to my bedroom. Lost in my thoughts and the wetness of my pussy, I don’t even hear the electrician come upstairs. I have my black lacy bra and black panties on (feeling a little sexy for a soccer mom) and realize I forgot my sundress. Thinking the electrician is still downstairs I walk out into my bedroom just in time to find my electrician holding up my vibrator, which I had left laying on my bed, adjusting his cock. Seeing his obvious pleasure, I precede light heartedly, “ I think the electrical system on that works just fine!”

He jumps and turns around. He smiles, as he looks me up and down. He set my vibrator down and sauntered towards me. I stepped back until he had me up against the wall. Trying to stay calm I could feel my pussy soaking my panties at the thought of this man touching me.

He leans in and whispers in a deep sexy voice, “It’s not the sex toy I am worried about.” He gently caresses my body rubbing my nipples through my bra, moving his had down to my hot wet mound, “No women should ever have to take matters into her own hands!”

With that he presses his mouth firmly against mine and goes to work. I wrap my hands around his neck straining to reach his mouth as his 6’4” frame over took my 5’4” body. He picks me up and walks over to the bed. The fire in his eyes almost makes me cum right there. He throws me down on the bed and rips off my panties. He shoves three fingers into my slit and I moaned at the feeling. He thrusts then in and out, gently rubbing me in all the right spots. His hands were rough and callused and feel so good against my velvety soft skin.

I release my breasts from my bra and he lets out a deep moan and goes to work sucking my nipples. He reaches for the vibrator, turns it on and shoves it hard and deep into my pussy. I try to move my hips into it but he holds my pelvis down, simply whispering, “let someone else do it for you!” With that he softly nibbles my nipples and rubs my clit with his free had. I can’t hold on anymore! I tighten and shake as shivers of pleasure run through my body. He pulls the vibrator out and sucks my cum juices, pressing his face hard into my pussy, his nose rubbing my hard clit. This brings on a whole new wave of pleasure and ecstasy. After a few minutes I finally relax. The electrician simply smiles at me and says he has another appointment to get to, “ and perhaps we could do the estimate some other time.”

He goes into the bathroom to wash-up, comes out and gently kissed me, saying, “I’ll see myself out.” Wow what a way to stat the day. I rolled over and looked at the clock. Shit, 9:20, the cable guys suppose to be here at 9:30. I know for sure they are never time, I can defiantly take a quick shower and cleaned up…
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