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Meet the Jolly Pink Giant

After dinner playtime with our toys
Last Tuesday was an immensely pleasurable erotic experience that I shan’t forget. I remember the kissing and cuddling almost as soon as we got to the room. We seemed to have the same needs and the lingering glances over dinner had conveyed and confirmed the unspoken agreement that we shouldn’t waste time. I remember us undressing. I buried my head between your fulsome breasts as you stood before me and washed my tongue around the delicate softness of their globes. I took each of your nipples in my mouth and made them into erect, brown knots of sensuous nerve endings. You have beautiful rounded breasts and I realise and regret now that I didn’t pay them enough attention. You knelt in front of me and used your mouth and tongue in gentle movements around my hardening cock and when you were satisfied that it was sufficiently wet you took me deep into your mouth and bobbed your head back-and-forth until I was fully erect. I wanted to see your cunt, to look at and feel the pink moistness that I knew was growing within you, to open your labia, smell your arousing feminine fragrance and use my tongue to trace around your soft sensual lips and hard clitoris which demanded attention. One word from me and you had hopped on the bed with your legs spread wide, your hand stroking your clitoris and an ecstatic look on your face that invited me in unspoken but not uncertain terms to get my tongue into your cunt NOW!

When I fetched the bag containing the vibrators and you pulled out the ’Jolly Pink Giant’ I thought you were going to come on the spot. You fondled ‘him’ with what seemed like the eagerness of a virgin seeing her first cock; keen to be deflowered, knowing that it’s meant for your cunt but fearing the damage it might do! With some gentle persuasion, persistence and lubrication the JPG entered your life, your cunt and your fantasies. I moved him gently so that you could relax and give him chance to fill you properly and ever deeper so that you knew he was fucking you. Whilst doing this I had picked up the double vibrator and was stroking your clitoris with the larger of the two cockheads. Slowly pulling out the JPG I eased the double vibrator’s larger cock into the tight wetness of your cunt. At first I had the smaller finger just sliding up the crack of your buttocks but, after a few thrusts, I pressed the finger into your arsehole and buried the vibrator firmly into you to fill both holes. I used the vibrations of the JPG to tease your clitoris. You moved onto your knees and, from behind, I moved the double vibrator in and out of your cunt and arsehole adding some lubrication so that it filled you easily. I thrilled at the sight of the rosette of your arsehole being opened and the vibrator gliding in and sliding out.

After this you insisted it was my turn and that I should get on all fours and present you with my arsehole. You used your tongue and reamed my arsehole in a way it’s never been touched before and, using the anal probe vibrator on me, you filled me and as you moved it in and out of me you wanked my cock. Wonderful!

You moved to lie next to me and I buried my face between your thighs as you took my cock into your mouth once more. I loved the way you rolled your tongue around the head of my cock and sucked hard so that it filled your hot mouth. While you gave me such immense pleasure I was busy covering your woman-scented cunt with my mouth, using my tongue to scoop out and savour the taste of your juices. I moved further round and separated the cheeks of your arse where I first stroked your arsehole with the tip of my finger and then used my tongue and saliva to lubricate your anus. I pushed my forefinger inside your cunt and moved it around, feeling the pink folds of your hot wet twat stretch as my finger penetrated deep into you. I used my middle finger at the entrance to your arsehole and slid it slowly past the knuckle into your body so that my hand was fucking both of your holes, filling your cunt and anus at the same time as though two lovers had insisted on taking their pleasure from you at the same time. I returned to using my tongue on your clitoris and whilst you sucked my cock, impaled on three phallic parts of my body, I flicked my tongue around your labia, clitoris and arsehole, reveling in the sight, sound and scent of your body.

We moved again and, after two attempts at fucking, you turned to place my cock in your mouth and asked me to come over your face. I knelt up and fucked your mouth. I became hard and could see my manhood swelling your cheeks. As you sucked on me you picked up the JPG and slid him into your cunt. We became two men to you: me fucking your mouth and him fucking your cunt. My movements became more urgent and as I watched you rubbing the end of the vibrator over your clitoris it all became too wonderfully lewd a sight to contain myself any longer. I tried to pull back to spray my load over your face, your head followed my cockhead and I emptied my masculine juices into your mouth. You’d had a couple of quiet orgasms - more next time...

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