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Millie’s Slutbook profile II

Millie’s Slutbook profile II

Millie the library assistant unleashes her wild side by uploading a sexy introductory video PART 2
(Continued from Millie’s Slutbook profile I)

The ambience of the candlelit background, the glistening pink satin sheets and pillows, the six or seven dildos scattered around her like slaves, this sweaty, shimmering, tanned, blond, voluptuous Asian Catwoman looked like a modern day sex goddess.

She looked around, much to her pleasure, seeing dildos of all different shapes, sizes and different skin colors. She just loved the human skin tones! Two of them were electronic, vibrators namely. All were made of rubbery material of different consistency, all resembling that of human skin. She made sure they all felt like real skin. She totally resented plastic. Most were hard and erect with taut ‘skin’. Some had slightly loose ‘skin’, representing older men’s dicks, but with hard ‘muscle’ underneath. Two were actually flaccid. One ‘young’, one ‘old’ – the ‘old’ one was in fact a vibrator.

Indeed she had quite a large collection of dildos, amid other fun sex toys. These dildos, being her most favorite toys, served her desperate need to feel every type of penis in the world that possibly existed. Now she just needed to save up enough to buy a compatible sybian rider. Ohhh, the joy of the mere thought...

She had only recently started her secret dildo collection soon after losing her virginity last month, on her 20th birthday to her 49 year old boss! (But that is a different story... another time maybe) Already she had like 30 different dildos. She’d also already fucked more than 10 different men since then. Not too bad for an amateur along the course of one month.

Seeing all these lovely ‘dicks’ lying around her on the sexy satin sheets, she smiled seductively.

There went her plan of making a short three-minute introduction video for her Slutbook profile.

Millie was too sexed up to stop now. She felt dirty and extremely perverted. Her moral side would have hated it. But the whore she was totally adored it. Her moral side would have argued that the next one was not only crazy, but a very bad idea, but her sex-crazed uncontrollable side had completely killed all things moral two minutes ago. She was no longer Millie the library assistant. She was Milky Mimi.

Caught up in the heat of the moment, she grabbed the pink rubber dildo, the biggest one on the bed: this one was a wonderful ten inches long (and that was just the ‘dick’ part, excluding the handle), and of equally wonderful girth; the best part yet – a massive head almost the size of her fist! It had very hard underlying ‘muscle’, with engorged ‘veins’ on the surface, and a separately movable ‘skin’ layer which was heavily folded, though not as taut as a college jock’s boner. In fact, the massive size of the ‘penis’ head was partly contributed by the naughty layer of ‘foreskin’ that could also slide around over the rubbery head. And it actually had ‘testicles’! Big, spongy, swinging ones. Just like the real thing! Yeah, these marvelous features always made her smile.

It was serendipity, pure delightful coincidence, that she happened to pick the ‘middle-aged-white-cowboy-stud’ type. One of her favorites! Not just the dildo itself, but the type of man she loves to fuck.

Now completely uninhibited, Millie, or rather Milky Mimi, let out an ecstatic laugh when she realized which dildo she’d just grabbed.

“Ohhh yesss...aaaah,” she exhaled in relief, superimposed on raw carnal bliss as she spread open her legs.

Threads of mucus stretched between her inner thighs as she opened them up, and more trickled down on to the bed, oozing out from both sides of her thong in between her tight, fat, engorged labia.

She held the big pink dildo with both hands firmly around it, and gently pushed the head on to her crotch, over the lacy net thong, and slowly started rubbing the massive head up and down.

She forced a smile she barely managed through her weak helpless ‘complete surrender’ facial expression. She was actually blushing, looking at the webcam, behaving so raunchily. Luckily she was wearing the Catwoman mask, ears and blond wig. This gave her courage to act more daringly.

Continuing to smile like a ditzy dumb pornstar, she leaned back on to the plush satin headboard, with red satin pillows piled up around her. She tilted and rocked her pelvis back and forth while she rubbed the dildo head up and down, pressing it on her clitoral area, sliding it down to her ass crack, dragging it up again... down... up... down... up...

Rocking back, forth, back, forth... initially following the rhythm of the dildo’s mindblowing massaging, then losing pace as she deliberately sped up the dildo’s thrusts, much of which now concentrated mostly on rubbing the top part, that is, the clitoral area. And all the while the dildo never got inside her vagina as yet; it only brushed up and down along the surface of her g-string panties, which was now deliciously wet. Very, very wet

In fact it was so wet that every time the dildo pressed up into it, a squelch could be heard, even on the webcam! Oh yes, she deliberately turned up the mic to max, making sure that every splat, squelch, queef, rub, squirt, moan, grunt and trembling breath was recorded perfectly. Every squelch would make the mucus, accumulated inside her panties, squirt and ooze out of the sides, forming a small shiny pool on the satin bedsheet where she sat.

She blissfully drew in a deep long breath through her clenched teeth, making a loud sexy hissing suction noise, and then exhaled. “Ohh yeah baby! YEAH BABY I’m a natural KY jelly factory! Aaaaahhh.”

She groaned loudly, no longer worrying if the apartment neighbors could hear her. Heck she WANTED them to hear her! Especially the married man next door.

It was late night on a weekend anyway. She would do this all night long. Yes. Dedicate this weekend to Slutbook.

“Mmm, mmm, mmmmhhh!”

Her rocking back and forth became more violent, now making her back arch and her gigantic G-cup boobs bounce up and down. Bra pushed to the sides, her fully exposed nipples swung to and fro.

That felt good. So fun.

She briefly stopped the action to scrape up some of her pussy mucus with her index fingers, and then generously rubbed it on to her nipples – now erect an inch long and sticking out like fat sore thumbs! Literally!

Then she resumed her pelvic thrusts and dildo rubs. Now it felt even better! The wet nipples swinging in the air and feeling the wind on them. That lovely tingling sensation. It was only making her nipples even MORE erect! Just when she thought it not possible anymore.

God, it was so much fun! Especially since she was imagining a white cowboy stud licking her nipples and then blowing air on them, all the while rubbing her clitoris with his massive dick, faster and faster, sliding through, in and out of her mucus-soaked hands grasped tightly around his shaft. Her favorite kind of foreplay. So naughty!

“Hhhhohhhh so fun!” She trembled, sounding extra slutty for the camera, and twice as much desperate. “Hhhohhh boys, I badly wish you could suck my titties now! It feels sooo gooood.”

She stopped humping, lifted the dildo, which was now also slippery and wet, up to her left nipple, and pressed it firmly into the soft flesh. She rubbed it quickly. Then she pressed it into her right nipple. She rubbed that one too.

She grinned naughtily at the camera. She completely ignored the moral voice screaming in her head. She snuffed out that voice and totally gave in to perverted desire. She listened to her body’s hungry screams instead.

“Yeah boys...... mmmm... this is what you’ll get if you get me,” she told the camera.

Now pulling the front of her panties down with one hand, exposing her wet labia flooding with pussy mucus, she squealed “Ooooh, look at that, no lube needed.” Then used the dildo in the other hand to directly massage her clitoris, this time nice and slow and hard. Round and round. Up and down. Up, up, up.

The brushing action became more vigorous by the second. Up-down-up-down. Rub-RUB-rub-RUB-rub-RUB-rubbbb...

“MMMHHH!! YEAHHH! Get in there, cowboy!” she almost sang it out, and finally dipped the dildo inside her vagina. Finally. Pushing it up deep and in. Pelvis rocking up in sync. Letting the shaft linger inside for four long seconds. (It felt long!)

Feeling her vaginal muscles tightening around it. Welcoming it. Savoring the pleasure, closing her eyes, moaning “Oh– OH! Oarrghhh” and finally sliding it out again.

Squelch. Varrrt. Drip, drip, drip.

“OHHH–” Pushing it in!

“Oaahh–” Pulling it out. Gently. Upwards.

“UHH–” Pushing in!

“Oaah–” Sliding out. Gently. Downwards.

SCHLOPP!! Squelch... SCHLOPPPP!! Squelchh...

“Harder… harder baby,” she mumbled softly.

In! Out. In! Out. In! Out.

“Yeah... YEAH!”


“AH! Aaah AHHH! Aaahhh ah-ah-ah-AHH-ahh-AHHHH-aaah.”

At this point her pussy started building up tension inside. A weak ‘ticking’ sensation like a time bomb starting in her vaginal muscles...

“Yessss,” she whispered harshly, fucking the big pink dildo harder, faster, stimulating further build up. Feeling the tightening grip. Her pussy squelching, pulsating, gripping the phallic toy.

Oh! There went two, no, three tiny random spasms. She could FEEL the tick-tick-ticking inside. A soft whimper escaped her. “Ohh my pussy.”

Her hands and hips resumed their magic: SCHLOPP! SCHLRRRPP! SCHLOPPPPP! SCHLOPP! SCHLOPPPP!

The slurping noises – of hard wet penetration – and the slap-slapping sounds – made by the huge ‘balls’ of the dildo slapping her labia, thighs and ass – were heavenly music to her ears, titillating all her senses.

She was going to come. Very soon. She wouldn’t hold back any longer. She couldn’t.

To achieve that quickly, she now concentrated on fucking the dildo only one way – upwards – so that it rubbed her swollen clit every time on its way in and out. In. Up. Out. Up.

Her pussy twitched. Ticked. Literally.

Tick. Tick. Tick-tick-tick...

“...ah-ah-ah-ah-AH-AHH-AHHH-AAAAHYEAHHHBABY!!!” she yelped uncontrollably. Louder and louder. The bed rocked. The headboard banged against the wall. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang!

“AAAAHH!” she yowled, experiencing a mini orgasm. More to come still!

“Oh fuckkk... fuuuck... ohgodfucksogood, so good, so good, oh yeah baby boy cowboy fuck oh oh yeah fuckfuckAHH,” she started mumbling incoherently through her moans, briefly slowing down her rhythm.

“Mmmhhh... mmm... mmhhhhh aaaah,” she grunted. Slowing down. Catching her breath.

“Ohh boy please fuckmesogood big boy,” she continued like a chant, seeming to lose consciousness a bit, slowing down even more.

Then suddenly aware that she was supposed to be making a video, she perked up again. With a determined look directly at the camera, a fierce fiery expression on her glistening face, Milky Mimi shoved up the dildo into her throbbing wet pussy, harder and harder, again and again: up SQUELCH up SQUELCH up SQUELCH up...

“Aaahhh.. AAAHHH...AAARRGGHHH! YESSSSS BABY YESSS!” she yelled on climaxing.

Squirrrrrt! Splatter sputter spurt...

Violently she rocked. Involuntarily. Out of control. The actual orgasm finally unleashing its full force. Her rapid spasms going on for ten lovely seconds! Squirting cum all over her thighs! Wetting the satin bedsheets! And it was all caught on camera.

But she wouldn’t stop there.

“One more... one more baby... again...... uhhhh,” she pleaded, continuing to slide the dildo in and out of her spent pussy – upwards, making sure the clitoris got it good – and now used the other hand to wet and rub her nipple with her own cum. Switching, alternating left and right nipple, as her body so demanded. But it still wasn’t enough.

Letting go of her grip, leaving the dildo shoved up her pussy, she screamed desperately, “COME ON COWBOY FUCKKK PLEEEASE!” as she now used both hands to rub, squeeze and tug on both nipples, nice and hard; rocking her body, jerking, humping the dildo clasped by her thighs; body convulsing sexually, arching up and down... until she actually came one more time within the same minute: “AAAAHHH! YESSS! Enough! Yessss baby yes... ”

The ten seconds of eternal joy of the overlapping orgasms was so worth it. Time seemed to slow down as serial explosions went off inside her pussy, one after another.

But soon enough those mindblowing ten seconds were up, and she slumped back on to the pillows, hands falling to her sides, the hard pink dildo still stuck up her vagina.

Slowly, reluctantly she dragged it out, tossed it to the side, and grabbed the ‘flaccid old man’ dildo in turn – the one she lovingly nicknamed the ‘Hugh Hefner vibrator’, another favorite of hers – and gently pushed it inside her vagina. It required some effort, being so limp and soft, but she got it in anyway, replacing the sensation of a hard dick with a ‘post-cum’ limp one.

The satisfied Catwoman smiled, slowly getting up on all fours and crawling towards the laptop, with the limp ‘Hugh penis’ still up her slippery wet twat, its ‘balls’ hanging out and swinging freely between her soaked thighs.

“Well boys, that was just foreplay. PM me for more,” she said, winking at the camera. Then she ended the recording, uploaded the 15 minute “Introducing Milky Mimi” video to her Slutbook profile, and didn’t bother to read the comments and responses because she fell half asleep...

...HALF asleep, as her hand still worked periodically, switching the vibrator on and off, on and off, like a blissfully sexy lullaby, inducing sexy wet dreams... the feeling of an older man’s post-cum limp dick resting inside her, occasionally trembling and humming and rumbling, giving her sweet joy... while she imagined the rest of the online community masturbating to her first Slutbook video.

Mmmmm. That was so fun...

(end of chapter)

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