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Miss Porter's Ass

Miss Porter gets more than she bargained for when she offered to give one of her students extra help

"Ok class, you're free to go. But please remember to bring your two thousand word essay on the American political system to me by next thursday at the latest."

Miss Porter was my history teacher and, although I was glad the school day was finally over, I was devastated to have stop staring at her amazing assets. Her long blonde hair ran over her shoulders and sat softly on her handfull-sized breasts, which her low cut blouse showed were obviously eager to escape from the tightly-fitted bra enclosing them. Her hazel eyes sparkled from behind the thin glass of her round specs, which sat on her slightly crooked but very cute nose. Her thin lips were covered in a thick layer of bright red lipstick, and the rest of her face was equally covered in make-up. She was quite tall but also very petite, with a thin waist that defined her bubble butt perfectly in the short black skirt she was wearing. She didn't look very young, but she couldn't have been more than thirty five. To be honest, I don't think I was the only hormone-fuelled teenage boy eyeing her up in my class.

Anyway, half the class had spilled out of the door by now and, although I knew it was wrong, I just had to get some time alone with Miss Porter. I waited for everyone else to leave and then walked up to her desk at the front of the classroom.

"Hey Luke, are you okay?" She asked me as she looked up from her computer screen.

"Yes, well, erm.... kinda. The thing is I'm really struggling with this assignment and I think I need a bit of extra help," I lied.

"That's fine Luke, thank you for being so honest and coming to see me about it. I have a staff meeting tonight, but I'm free after school tomorrow. Is that any good for you?" She replied as she shut down her computer, put on her jacket and picked up her handbag, ready to leave.

"That's great, thanks Miss!"

And with that, I turned to leave. A clattering noise came from behind me and I spun back around. Miss Porter had dropped her handbag and the contents were now scattered all over the floor. Red lipstick and foundation flew in one direction, her purse and phone in another, and some tampons in another. I knelt down to help her.

"Oh, thank you. I'm getting clumsy in my old age."

"I don't think you're old, Miss," I replied.

She just smiled awkwardly back and I turned slightly red. As I put the last bit of make-up back in her bag for her, she thanked me again and turned to leave.

Suddenly something caught my eye. A small black plastic ring was poking out from beneath her desk. I started to pull it out.

"Miss, wait. I think you forgot something!"

She spun around just in time to see my face drop as I realised what I had in my hand. The plastic ring I had seen was followed by ten black balls of varying sizes attached to it along its length. I was holding my teacher's anal beads in my hand!

"Oh no," was all she could manage to say as she snatched the beads from my hand, stuffed them in her bag and walked out of the classroom.

I couldn't believe what I had just seen, and I could barely get to sleep that night due to the excitement of it, but also the fact that I was going to have to see her tomorrow. My dream of having her to myself could easily turn into a very embarrassing situation.

Luckily the following day at school went by very slowly, so I had plenty of time to think about what I was going to say to her. Unfortunately, all the time in the world wouldn't allow me to do that. I just didn't know what to say.


It was time to go and see Miss Porter. I trotted off down the narrow corridor that lead to the four history classrooms and knocked on the second door.

"Come in," Miss Porter replied in a voice that was obviously trying to cover up her embarrassment.

"Please take a seat," she avoided making eye contact. "So what are you struggling with most about the political system of America?"

Shit. I had spent the whole day worrying about what I would say to her about the anal beads rather than coming up with a story about my lack of learning ability.

"Erm, well it's the.... you know," suddenly she made eye contact.

"Luke, I don't mean to sound rude, but was this all just a plan for you to seduce me and you are not actually struggling at all?"

"No way!" I replied, hoping I was convincing enough. But she saw straight through me.

"I've been thinking a lot about what you saw yesterday, and how or if I should even explain it to you. Luke, what you saw was a very personal and intimate item of mine that you shouldn't tell anyone about."

"I know what they were. They're anal beads. But what was you doing with them in school?" I tried to sound as casual as I could.

"Yes you are correct. They are in fact called X-10 anal beads and as I said, are a very personal item. But it was a mistake to bring them into school. Please don't tell anyone, I could lose my job!" She pleaded.

"Ok you were right. This was just a plan of mine to get into your knickers," she looked at me in shock, "and I won't tell anyone about your little secret, as long as you do let me in."

"Let you into where?"

"Into your knickers!" I said, trying to be as dominant as I could.

"That's blackmail, Luke!"

"Well it's your choice."

"What will it involve?" She asked curiously.

"I want to use those anal beads on you myself," I replied with a cheeky wink.

"And that's all?"


She thought for a moment.

"Ok then. But we can't do it here. Are you free to come back to my house?"

I nodded. My parents were both working late so wouldn't even notice I was gone, and I could convince my naughty teacher to give me a lift home when we were done. I just couldn't believe how good thing were working out for me.

The short journey to her house teased me as I thought about what was going to happen in the next few minutes. She opened her front door and pulled me up the stairs to her bedroom. It was a simple design with a bed in one corner and a wardrobe and a desk in the other. Clothes were scattered on the floor and it struck me how lonely she must be at her age to live on her own. I looked up and down her beautiful body and pushed her onto her unmade bed.

"Take of your clothes!" I demanded.

She reluctantly pulled her blouse over her head, revealing her pink bra underneath. Then she slid her skirt down to her ankles and lay there in her matching pink knickers. She had her hand behind her back to undo her bra, and I took the opportunity to help her pull her knickers down. Her freshly shaven pussy was exposed, along with a small playboy bunny tattoo on her bikini region. My buldge grew even more when I glanced up and saw her two perky nipples looking down at me. I licked my fingers and slid them down the slit in her cunt. Just as I was about to push a finger into her hole, she sat up.

"Wait, there is something I have to tell you. I'm saving myself for marriage before I have anything up my erm.... vagina. Sorry but I don't want you to finger me."

"Oh, okay," I replied. Then it hit me, "so you're still a virgin?"

"Yes, I'm thirty two and still a virgin," she looked down at her feet.

Wow, I was only seventeen, but even I had had sex a few times.

"It's fine," I said comfortingly, "I understand."

She smiled and then got onto all fours and stuck her round ass in the air.

"But that doesn't mean I don't like things in my ass!" She reached for a draw and pulled out the same anal beads I had seen the day before.

I spat on her asshole and rubbed it in with my fingers. I then pushed the first anal bead, the smallest, into her tight hole. She let out a quite moan and I slid in the second and then the third and then the fourth.

"Yes, fill my asshole, make it stretch!"

I push in the tenth and final bead, the largest, just as she let out a high pitched girly scream. All that was visible now was the small black plastic ring poking out of her hole.

I bent down and circled this newly stretched love hole with my tongue. She giggled a bit more and began to fondle one of her nipples.

My mouth passed over the plastic ring sticking out, and I gripped it with my teeth. I then pulled my head away, slowly bringing each bead out as I did so. Each one stretched her hole a little wider and she gasped for breath as I pulled out the last one. The smell of her moisture filled the air and asshole was now fully stretched, about the size of a golf ball.

My hormones were in full action and my buldge was trying to burst its way out of my pants.

"Can I fuck you in the ass?" I pushed my luck.

She looked at me in shock but considered my offer.

"Well I suppose that would be alright, but I have never actually had a dick inside of me before, only the beads. Will you take it slowly?"

"Of course I will," I reassured her as she lay on her back and put her ankles on my shoulders. I pulled down my trousers.

I lent in closer and guided my slippery cock, already wet in precum, into her gaping asshole. My average-sized manhood filled her petite hole up very quickly and she gasped at the shock of it. I pulled it out again and then back in. Soon we were both in a steady rhythm and I put my hands on her hips to help her thrust onto my cock with more force. There was a lot of friction without any lube, so I occasionally spat into her exit hole to ease me in and out. Neither of us cared if anyone outside could hear the squelches of our body parts slapping against each other, or the creak of the bed as I thrusted.

"Oh fuck Luke, you're doing it, you're going to make me ejaculate!"

It made me laugh how, even now when I was cock-deep in my teacher's asshole, she was still trying to sound professional. But soon enough I felt her legs quiver on my shoulders, and then I felt the dampness grow across my stomach were it touched her 'no-go zone'.

This was all I needed to set me off.

"I'm coming too!"

I kept thrusting as my legs began shaking. Suddenly my cock slipped out of her asshole completely. I wanted to cum deep inside her, but had no time to re-position myself. Instead I just thrusted and hoped for the best. But my penis just brushed against her asshole and instead slid upwards and into her tight pussy. At that same moment, my cock exploded with juices, but in the wrong hole.

Miss Porter looked up at me in shock for a moment, and then began to squirm from under me, screaming and lashing out.

"Get off me, get off me, you freak!" She screamed. "I told you no pussy, but you had to go and jam it in the wrong fucking hole! I'm not even on the fucking pill, you fucking idiot!"

"I'm so sorry, it was an accident."

"Do you realise how much pain I'm in right now, how much you've upset me? Just get the fuck out of my house before I do something I regret!"

I ran downstairs but, realising I was by now fully naked and had no way of getting home, I just went and sat in the kitchen.

About twenty minutes later, Miss Porter came downstairs. She just glared at me and went to the fridge to pour herself a glass of milk. She had gotten cleaned up and clothed and I realised I must have looked ridiculous.

"Okay, I'm sorry I snapped," Miss Porter said, sounding suprisingly much calmer after her glass of milk, "and I know it was an accident. It's my fault really, I should never have agreed to this."

"It's not your fault. I forced you into this and I'm sorry. I just couldn't resist your beauty, Miss."

She smiled, "Please, call me Kirsty!"

I smiled back. I went back upstairs and got dressed as she poured me a glass of milk. Then we sat and chatted for a while before she drove me home. 

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