Mistress Karen chapter 1

By ledlizzy55

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Karen takes charge

I got the text at about 1.30 pm, it said: My place 7.30, don't be late... or else. Karen. Nothing odd about a text, but it was a bit cryptic. Knowing what Karen was like and how she had come out of her shell in the last few months was intriguing and I spent the rest of the day wondering what she had in mind, leaving me with a semi hard-on all afternoon.

I got to her flat bang on 7:30 and let myself in. I closed the door behind me and heard her in the hallway. As I turned around I got a very pleasant surprise. She was standing by the bedroom door wearing lacy gloves, a see through top with no bra which showed off her tits really well, the shortest mini skirt I had ever seen, black stockings and high heels which must have been at least 7 inches. She was holding a riding crop that she was bending between her hands.

"You look fucking great." I said.

"Tonight, I am your dominatrix. Now, follow me." she said and went into the bedroom. As I followed her I could see that she didn't have any underwear on, I could see the cheeks of her arse as she walked. We entered the bedroom and she stopped by the bed and turned to face me.

"You will call me Mistress Karen and do exactly as I tell you. If you don't you will be punished, is that clear?"


She smacked me with the riding crop.

"Yes what?" she asked.

"Yes Mistress Karen." I replied.

"Take off your clothes and lay on the bed."

I quickly got undressed and lay on the bed, my cock was stiffening with anticipation.

"Good, I can see that you are liking this, now put your arms up."

I raised my arms and Karen took my hands, the right first, and secured them to the bed frame with restraints that I had not noticed before. When I was completely helpless, she then stood at the side of the bed and started to rub her pussy with the end of the riding crop.

"Do you like what you see?"


She smacked with the crop across my chest.

"Yes what?"

"Yes, Mistress Karen."

She carried on rubbing herself then held the end of the crop just in front of my face.

"Can you smell me?"

"Yes, Mistress Karen."

"Would you like to lick my cunt?"

"Yes, Mistress Karen."

"Tough, I might let you as a reward later, if you're good."

She then grabbed my cock and started to slowly masturbate me, the gloves were a little rough and I winced a bit.

"They’re a bit scratchy." I commented

I got a wack with the crop again.

"Did I tell you to speak?"


Wack again, across my legs this time.

"No Mistress Karen."

"Better, don't forget again, I'm now going to punish you for your mistake."

I could see she was into her role and was enjoying the power me being helpless gave her. She gave me a wicked grin and pinched my left nipple, hard. I winced in pain.

"If you cry out I will do it harder, do you understand?"

I nodded as she pinched my right nipple, but kept quiet.

"Good, now I'm going to smack you balls with the crop, open your legs wide.”

I did as I was told. She then started to smack me between my legs, but not hard enough to cause any pain. To my surprise, although my balls were starting to sting I found I was enjoying the rough treatment. Then unexpectedly she then smacked me quite hard across my cock, I flinched as it was a little bit painful. She grinned wickedly.

"Did that hurt?" She asked

I nodded.

"I can't hear a nod."

"Yes Mistress Karen."


She then smacked my cock three times in quick succession; I flinched again and started to writhe around on the bed.

"Keep still or I will do it harder, and more". she ordered.

I stopped moving straight away as my cock was starting to glow red from the smacking. Some pre-come was leaking out of my cock betraying my enjoyment.

"You dirty boy, your cocks leaking, what am I going to do with you?"

As she was saying this she took off a glove and rubbed her finger over the end of my cock coating it with pre-come, she then pushed her finger into to my mouth and made me lick it clean.

"Good boy, now you get a reward."

She gripped my cock and started to wank me off very slowly, every now and then she bent down and flicked her tongue across the end.

"Is that nice, do you like me wanking you?"

"Yes Mistress Karen."

She carried on, every now and again she increased the speed of her hand but not for too long in case I came too quickly. This went on for about five minutes until she finally speeded up and kept up the speed.

"Do you want to come, do want to shoot your spunk everywhere?"

"Oh fuck, yes, Mistress Karen."

By now I was in a frenzy, my balls felt like they were about to explode, she wanked me even harder and my cock erupted and spunk flew everywhere. I felt spunk landing on my chest and belly. Some even hit my face, I had come so hard. Karen bent down and took my cock in her mouth and sucked what spunk was left in my cock into her, she then moved up to my face and opened her mouth, I could see the spunk on her tongue. She then grabbed my face, forcing my mouth open and let it dribble off her tongue on to mine. I could feel and taste my spunk there, it was hot and salty. She kissed me, hard.

"Swallow it, swallow your spunk as I do. Taste your come or you will be punished." she ordered.

It was the first time I had had my spunk in my mouth, I had often tasted it on Karen’s lips and mouth but this was new for me. She looked at me in a way that I knew I couldn't refuse, after all she regularly swallowed it when she gave me a blowjob so. I couldn't really say no and being tied to the bed, I was hardly in a position to argue, so, I swallowed it down. To my surprise, I found that I liked the taste.

“Good, now you can have a reward. Lick my cunt.” she commanded.

She climbed on the bed and straddled my face and lowered herself on to me. I started to lick her slowly at first, licking up and down her wet slit, probing deeper into her with my tongue. She pressed herself into my face and I heard a deep groaning coming from deep in her throat.

“Lick me harder, make me come with your tongue.”

I increased my efforts and she started to rub her soaking pussy around my face. She moved her position slightly until her arse was above my mouth.

“Lick my arse. Fuck my arse with your tongue.”

Karen was in a frenzy now. She forced her arse on to me and I did as I was told. I first licked along her bum making it wet, then concentrated on her puckered arse. I probed it with my tongue making little circles around it and then started to push my tongue up into her arse. I felt the muscles relax and started to push my tongue in and out, fucking her as I was ordered.

Karen orgasmed without any warning, spasm after spasm coursed through her body until she collapsed on the bed, her legs still either side of my head and her gorgeous pussy inches from my face. I breathed her aroma in deeply, she stank of sex. I could also stare straight at her cunt and I could see that she was soaking wet. She slowly recovered and climbed off of me. She stood beside me and gave me a disgustingly wicked smile.

“That was very good, one of the best orgasms I’ve had so far and you haven’t even used your cock or hands yet. Do you want a drink before we continue?”

“Yes Mistress Karen.”

She left the room and returned with a glass of white wine. She gave me a mouthful and sat beside me. She casually started rub my cock as she drank the rest of the wine. My cock began to harden, Karen then opened the bedside cabinet and brought out a long slender vibrator which she started to run across my chest, and up and down my body.

“Would you like to watch me fuck myself with this?“ she asked.

“Yes Mistress Karen.”

She stood close to me and reached down and lifted her skirt so I could see her pussy better. She started to rub the vibrator along the length of her slit, pausing to let it rest on her clit. She made small circular motions and her hips began to move as the sensation built. Then she started to breathe quite heavily. She parted her lips with the end and pushed into to her wet cunt.

She slowly started to fuck herself with long strokes. I could see the vibrator glistening wet with her juices.

“Do you like this? Does this turn you on? Do you like to see this vibrator fucking me.“ she asked as she started to fuck herself harder.


“Yes what?” She said and smacked my cock with the riding crop.

“Ouch, yes Mistress Karen.“

“Don’t forget again. “ She ordered and hit me again.

I flinched with the shock of the blow. Karen continued to fuck herself and then bent down to take my cock into her mouth and started to suck me. I could feel her very gently nibbling the end of my cock with her teeth, and then slid her mouth down until nearly all my cock was in her mouth. My cock throbbed and twitched as she did this and I knew as was close to coming. Karen realised this and stopped sucking.

She pulled the vibrator from her pussy and ordered me to suck it clean. She pushed it into my mouth and as she did this I could feel her undoing the restraints around my wrist. She then moved them to the middle of the bedframe, making my hands cross before securing them again.

“Turn over and get onto your knees. When I did this she took the vibrator form my mouth and put it in hers. She then started to rub it over my balls and up and down my arse.

“How does that feel?”

“Very nice.”

Two smacks across my arse.

“For that you will now be punished.” She said and squeezed my balls hard.


“Be quiet, I didn’t give permission to speak.”

I stopped my protests as she continued to squeeze me, she also rubbed them hard, kneeding them into me. She stopped, stood up and reached into her bedside cabinet and produced a bottle of baby oil.

“Do you know what I’m going to do next?” She asked.

I could guess, but said nothing.

“I’m going to fuck your arse.” she said and poured oil over the vibrator, liberally coating the entire length. Karen then started to rub it all over my arse. I had never had a vibrator in me before and tensed up. Karen felt this and said “Don’t worry, relax.” 

She rubbed it over me for a while and placed it against my puckered hole. She then poured some more oil on me and I felt it running down and around, soaking me. Then gently pushed the vibrator in. I felt it stretching me and I tried to relax the muscles as I felt it slide in a bit further. She added more oil and started to fuck me with short strokes.

“How does it feel? Is it good?” Karen Asked.

I’d never had this done before so at first the sensation took some getting used to but as she continued I must admit I was beginning to enjoy it and told her so.

“Good, I’m enjoying doing it. My pussy is twitching as I fuck you.” Karen answered.

She kept up the rhythm and started to wank me at the same time. I could feel I was close to coming.

A moan of enjoyment escape from my throat

“You’re going to come soon, aren’t you,” she asked

I nodded and got a smack from the riding crop

“Do not come until I say.” she ordered

She carried on wanking me, and fucking me until I couldn’t hold on any longer.

“I’m going to come, may I come Mistress Karen?”

“You may come now.”

As I came Karen caught my spunk in her hand.

“Look at me.“ she said and as I watched she licked my spunk from the palm of her hand. What was left she rubbed across my lips and commanded me to lick it off. When I had done it she told how good I had been and removed the vibrator from my arse and untied me.

“You will now have a shower.” she said.

When I’d had a shower she allowed me into to her bed.

“How do you feel. Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes I replied, but I don’t know why, having my arse fucked like that felt a bit strange at first.”

“Don’t worry,” she replied, “you’ll get used to it, now just lay there and relax, because in a while you’re going to fuck me. My pussy is still twitching from the excitement, I need your cock.”