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Morning Delights

Best Way To Start A Vacation
Written By Poppet:For LushStories ONLY!

Morning Delights

Master and I are on our first vacation together in what seems like forever. I’m so glad that we can finally break free of the day to day stuff. It’s January and we wanted to escape the cold winter we were having at home so we went down south to Florida for a warm vacation. We rented a private little house by a lake. It is just far enough for privacy and near enough to go into town.

I’m sure you remember me. I’m Kinsey, I’m 28. I have dark brown hair that goes midway down my back. I have soft greenish blue eyes; I’m 5’5” and 115 pounds. My breast size is 34C.I've got really smooth light toned skin. I keep myself completely shaved at all times. As for my Master, He is Jax. He’s 6’3” and 168 pounds; He has jet black hair with deep dark brown eyes. He’s clean cut, with a goatee. He is also 28.

I wake up to the hot sensation of something being dripped over me. I cry out a muffled moan and realize I’m gagged. I pull to see what’s going on but my wrists and ankles are bound. I’m spread eagle and at the mercy of my Master. He’s sitting beside me dripping candle wax over my chest and stomach. I can see that it’s still very early in the morning the sun isn't even up all the way yet. The clock reads 4:45am. My mind is racing with the sensation of the wax coating my skin. He dribbles a few more drops over my right nipple coating it in a nice thick layer of wax and coils up a smile looking at me.

“Good morning sunshine. Did you sleep well?”

“I… I sle…*Sighs*I slept…”

I try to answer but can’t with the gag in my mouth and he can’t help himself and chuckles. I knit my brows at him pulling a face at him the best I can.

“I’ll assume you slept well, the bed was perfectly comfortable.”

He says to me and I nod agreeing that I had slept well. I watch him dribble a few more drops of wax over my skin. I arch my back and shiver a moan loving the feeling of it. He allows the wax to drip over my stomach and around my belly button. He slowly inches down towards my bare shaved pussy and I let out a soft whimper. He climbs between my legs now and parts my legs a little wider. He takes his free hand and opens up my lips exposing my soft little nub to him. My heart beat is racing and I know he’s going to do it. He begins to drip the wax directly onto my clit and I cry out his name feeling the hot burn coat my clit. He blows softly and I can feel it harden around me like a little case. He grabs a bowl that’s too big for me to see what’s in it.

He pulls out a pinwheel and I twist my body enough almost wanting to escape and I shiver knowing I’m in for a long tease. He runs the pinwheel on the underside of my foot from the heel to my big toe and I writhe under it. My toes pointing hard he slides it over my big toe now on top of my foot and begins to run it slowly over my leg. I hold still not moving an inch as I let out light whimpers feeling him tease me. I can feel the prickle of the spikes run its course over me. He meets up to my hip bone skating over it gently working over my smooth tummy up to my nipple that isn't in cased in wax. I can feel the spikes roll over my breast hitting my nipple just right. I throw my head back and moan out his name. My body begins to shake under the intense pleasure. He causally moves to my other nipple and does the same thing this time the warmth of the wax presses into me more. I lock my eyes on him giving him a pleading looking. He can’t help but just smile at me.

He sets the pinwheel down for a moment; reaching into the bowl he removes two ice cubes. If my mouth wasn't gagged I know I’d be biting on my bottom lip trembling with fear and excitement. He runs one of the cubes over my in cased waxed clit and runs it along it. I can feel the coldness of the cube work through the wax case just slightly. I feel my clit harden with it and I want to wriggle under him. He lets the cube slide down my slit and meets my entrance. He begins to push it into me and I grip hard onto the chains I’m bound to. I lift my hips and moan out from the coldness. I feel my body reacting to it, from head to toe my body is covered with goose bumps. He pushes it into me with a nice snug fit before pushing in the second one. My body is shaking from the coldness; I look down at him watching my pussy. I can see the steam rise from my hot pussy and hear Master laugh. He’s amused with himself for making my pussy steam from the hotness of how excited I am to the coldness of the cubes.

“Is my little Kitten a little turned on?”

“Yes… Masss…ter.”

“Mmm that’s a good Kitten.”

He takes the pinwheel again and begins to roll it over my goose bumped skin. The prickle of the wheel on my goose bumps is more intense than before and I whimper through the gag. He rolls it down my stomach and over onto my mound. He eyes me before rolling it right over my clit with a bit more pressure than he was on my skin. I yelp out and whine almost begging him to stop. It’s so intense that my mind races, yearning for more. I can feel the ice cubes melting inside me faster the more he teases me. It’s making my insides so hot. I can feel a pool of wetness sliding down my ass crack as they melt. He pulls out one of my clips and attaches it to my wax in cased clit. I feel the slight crack of the wax but it doesn't fully break as he attaches it. I feel the tightness on my clit keeping it hard as a rock. I whimper out wishing I could moan freely.

“Massss…. Mass…ter?”

“Yes Kitten what is it?”

“Plea..please… Remo…ve…”

I struggle at asking him to remove my gag and I know he knows what I want. He grins at me but comes up and removes it for me. He knows as much as I do how much he loves hearing my moans. I feel him take it off and I work my jaw a little to relax it.

“Thank you, Master.. You’re such a bloody tease.”

“You've known this from the start, Kitten. I’m not done with you not by a long shot.”

“I had that feeling Master... I’m yours to do as you please.”

“Yes, that you are my little one.”

I feel him squeeze onto my clamp that’s on my clit making it tighter and I yelp out again. I arch my back and know he means business. He wants to continue to tease me. He brings out one of my new favorite dildos and I do what I always do. I bite my lower lip and shiver. This isn't your average dildo. It can be heated up to make things hot or iced to cool things off. I have a feeling since I’m already ice cold down there which he’ll do. He goes off to the other room for a few moments coming back; I can see the dildo has changed colors. When it’s hot it turns red, when cold it turns blue.

He climbs back onto the bed and grabs a new ice cube since the first two have melted inside me. He pushes in deep into me once more. It’s not as intense as before since my insides are so cold. It’s not until he takes the dildo that’s nice and hot and runs it along my slit. Now of course I’m not talking boiling hot where it’s going to burn me but it’s hot enough to make it extremely intense! I feel the tip of the dildo run over my slit by passing my clit that’s still locked in a clamp. I feel him begin to push the tip of the dildo inside me. It pushes past my entrance, I in hail sharply feeling the hotness mix with how cold my pussy is. I feel my body tremble and ache for more. I want to feel every inch of the dildo inside me but he works it carefully just to tease me. I can feel the mix of the cold ice cubes sliding along inside me being pushed by the hotness of the dildo.

“Master, I’m going to orgasm. I can’t, I can’t hold it back. Please may I cum?”

I whimper out feeling all the mixed pleasures from the candle wax, the ice cubes, and the warmth of the dildo the sexual pleasure and yearning need of my Master all rolled into one. I can’t handle it and need the release of this orgasm. I can tell it’ll be intense and I beg more to cum for him.

“Master, oh God, please let me orgasm for you…”

I tremble out the words in gasping breath he is doing his normal silent denial knowing I won’t orgasm until he gives me the words. I make eye contact with him, pleading with him to give me the words I crave.

“Cum for me, Kitten…”

He says it, he gives me the four words I yearn for the most when I’m in this state of pleasure. I hear those four beautiful words and a rocket of pleasure courses through me like a bullet. I feel my entire body buck up and back down again shaking out hard with a long orgasm. I feel myself squeeze what bit of the dildo is inside me tight around my walls and cum hard for Master. He coos me on telling me I’m his good Kitten and encourages me to keep going. His words drift into me wrapping around me like a blanket as I orgasm. I feel him working the dildo inside me just at the right angle to mix the pleasure of the cold and heat inside me, my juices flowing around the ice cube that are near melted and the dildo.

“Mmm seems that was a much needed hard orgasm, Kitten.”

“Oh Master. I didn't even realize how bad I needed to orgasm. It was so intently good. Thank you, Master.”

“You’re welcome, Kitten.”

He says to me tugging on my clamp still firm on my swollen clit. I gasp out and grind my hips towards him. He begins to work the rest of the dildo inside me until it meets the hilt. He pushes it fully inside me and grinds it twisting his wrist in such away. I can feel the grooves of the dildo turning inside me. I move my hips along the way he twists it inside me. He’s working me with a slow but deep grind. My eyes are closed and I’m whimpering out long moans. My body is shaking hard to the touch of what he’s doing to me. He begins tugging on the clamp on my clit, pulling it until just a bit of my clit is attached to the clip, my clit turning white at the tip. I yelp out gasping moans. It burns deep inside me and he doesn't let up on me. I feel like my clit is about to be pulled off me and I whine out his name. He lets the clip pop off me and my clit fall back towards my pussy. He leans in and sucks it into his mouth; he sucks on it just as hard as he was pulling on the clip.

His warm mouth on my tender sore clit makes me tug at my wrists wanting to slide my hands into his hair and grind his face. He doesn't stop, if anything becomes rougher with me, sucking hard on my clit. The dildo is now working in me faster deeper. He’s pushing me into yet another orgasm so soon after my last and I moan out that I’m close. He keeps going,doesn't let up on me. He’s forcing me into it. I cry out hard…

“Master, fuck! Oh Fuck! I’m going to cum!!!!”

He does his deep harsh growling moans on me I can hear his words. Even with my clit in his mouth and the force of the way he’s taking my pussy with the dildo and his mouth he commands me to orgasm for him. He wants it as much as I do and I let go. I feel my body give way and orgasm hard for him. I soak the dildo and his face as I cum hard for him. He licks and sucks on my clit until my orgasm passes, working the dildo into me until it’s a nice slow pace in me. Once my orgasm subsided he removes the toy before sucking hard on my clit popping it out of his mouth. He reaches down and undoes the cuffs on my ankles. He does the same to my wrists and kisses me deeply. He sucks on my tongue like he was on my clit moments ago. He sucks harshly on it. I can taste his tongue, lips and mouth all of my juices. I moan softly enjoying how I taste on him.

“Are you up for more, Kitten?”

“I want to please you, Master. I want to make you happy.”

“Mmm you’re such a good Kitty. You always please me.”

“Master, can I suck on your cock, please? I want to taste you in my mouth.”

“Is that what you want, Kitty? You want to suck on Master’s cock do you?”

“I do, please yes Master. May I?”

“Of course you can, but there will be a little change.”

“Anything you want, Master.”

Before he allows me to stand he slides connecting Ben Wa balls inside me. There are four of them connected to a string type thing. He has me stand and I feel the full weight of the balls pull down on my pussy and I let out a low groan. It feels amazing and he has me walk around the room. I do a cute little dance for him all the while feeling the balls inside me, the pressure of them growing. I am so turned on it almost aches. He has me stop and places a clamp back on my clit but it’s not one I've seen before. I don’t question it. He places something round on my tongue with a flat top with a small little bump. Yet another toy I've not seen.

I’m on my knees now, the Ben Wa balls still pulling downwards inside me, the clamp on my clit seems to be tighter than the other one and I am shaking with pleasure. Master stands in front of me, running the tip of his head along my mouth. I can feel how warm his cock is on my lips. I slip my tongue out and gently begin licking the head of his cock each time he passes by it. He lets out small moans liking the soft wet touch of my tongue. He pushes his head in my mouth and I suck on it like a Kitten would do with its mother’s nipple. All you can hear is the sound of my slurping suckling noises fill the room and the slight moans of Master. I only have his head in my mouth. I take him by my teeth locking him in place and begin to do a slow tongue dance on the head of him. My warm tongue is sliding along him, letting him drip with my saliva. I suckle him again hard my teeth still locked on him I begin to tug him forward. His foreskin pulling forward as I pull him out of my mouth. I have his foreskin between my teeth easily letting it slide into my lips and I suck on it gently, I hear him gasp out. I move to push my mouth back around him again.

I take his entire length in my mouth now. I feel the head of his cock pushing further into my throat. The vain in his cock is throbbing hard and he is excited. He begins to move his hips forward and we start a slow thrusting motion between the two of us. Each time having the head of him move a little deeper into my throat. I let a soft moan enjoying how hard he is. One of his hands is in my hair now, curled tight and holding me close. I suddenly hear two clicks almost simultaneously. A vibrations rocks hard on my clamp that’s attached to my clit that zips hard into my pussy and I whine out a moan but it doesn't stop there. A vibration starts on my tongue wriggle my tongue just enough to even tease me. Master lets out a grunt feeling the vibrations tease him. He takes the control and starts to fuck my throat. I suck on him hard tasting him in my mouth. The vibrations of the toy in my mouth does a lot of the work and makes my tongue, lips and mouth all numb it makes my face feel funny. I love it! He’s pushed deep down in my throat and the toy is hitting near his balls. I wiggle my tongue out of my mouth allowing him to drop deeper in my throat. The tip of my tongue caresses his balls.

My mouth still sucking, my tongue caressing his balls, I move one of my hands up to begin to caress and tease his balls. I let my finger tips just barely touch the softest part of his balls; they pucker up hard for me. I love when they do that. He has both his hands in my hair now; he’s giving me no chance to breath. He keeps fucking me harder, he needs the release. He turns the vibrations up on my clamp on my clit. I feel the balls pulling on me hard. I grind hard on myself. I whine out knowing the touch of the balls, the clamp and Master’s moans are going to send me over the edge.

The way I’m grinding on myself makes me shake hard. Master is plowing his cock into my throat with a growling moan, he looks down at me. His dark brown eyes are staring deep into my soul. I know he’s giving me the cue that when he orgasms that he wants me to also. We've nearly mastered the look. I nod in such away and he smiles. It confirms that I was right in what he wants done. He picks up his speed in my mouth. The head of his cock is banging hard in my throat, filling me with his pre-cum; I keep grinding my hips bringing myself to near orgasm. I whimper out making it clear how close I am. He growls out and bucks one hard long time deep into my throat filling me to the point of expanding my neck and blows his seed into my throat. I feel the ripple effect of his cock spill his seed in my mouth. It turns me on, and it’s all I need I begin to orgasm hard. I swallow all he has to offer me. I feel myself tighten around the Ben Wa balls and orgasm hard.

The buzzing of the clamp on my clit doesn't give in on me. It prolongs the orgasm. It’s like a sharp zapping feeling on my clit. I whine out even after he is finished and I have sucked him clean the zapping doesn't let up on me. It sends me into small orgasms that I can’t control. Master watches me amused by it. He keeps the buzzing going on. He flicks it up to the next speed and I groan out. I can feel the juices dripping from my lips down on to my legs. I’m kneeling there looking up at Master having tiny orgasms every few moments and aching for it to stop. He finally stops and I shiver out nearly wanting to collapse. He scoops me up into his arms and lies me on the bed. He climbs between my legs and removes the clamp from my clit; he slides the balls from my dripping wet pussy.

“Mmm such a dirty little Kitten. You’re soaked.”

“I, I have been thoroughly pleased by my Master. He tends to do that to me.”

“I’m pleased to hear that, Kitten. I however think I need to clean you up. I want to taste all your juices.”

“Oh Master, please. If you do I’m bound to orgasm again. I know I need to cum so hard again.”

“I think we can handle one more. I’ll allow it.”

“Mmm thank you, Master.”

With that he gives me one of his coy smiles, winking at me before going down to spread my lips open. I notice that the sun is up and trying to push through the shades. The clock reads 7:12am. I am in a shocked and pleased we've been at it for two and a half hours nearly and he’s not done with me. His mouth covers my tender clit and sucks on it gently for one long moment. He releases before going down to my dripping wet hole. He begins to tongue fuck me softly, giving me a gentle cleaning. He works his tongue around inside me; I grind my hips towards him lightly. I feel him lift my legs higher as he goes deeper inside my tight little hole. He licks me deeply working his tongue into me. I feel him slide his tongue out of my pussy and down further and right angled at my ass. He probes lightly at my tight hole. I gasp feeling him work his tongue in. I know juices have run down over my ass crack and he can taste the juices along my hole. He probes it a little more; he can feel how tight it is. It’s so unused except for his random lickings. I can feel him push further in, licking me clean. I lift my hips towards him.

“Oh Master. You tease me so. You've been an endless tease today. Mmm the things you do to me.”

He doesn't respond with words but darts his tongue until it’s pushed into me further than I’m use to. I let out a sharp gasp. I writhe in pleasure; he does it again and again. He finally stops and works back up to my now extremely swollen clit. I’m ready for such a release. He takes the toy that was in my mouth and places it in his own. He turns it on and begins to lick and suck on my clit once more. I feel the vibrations work deep into my body. It feels like my whole body is vibrating with the tease he causes me. Within a brief moment of feeling as though I know my orgasm isn't far it rears its head. I yelp out and begin to tremble. I grab a fist full of Master’s hair and thrust my hips towards him.

“Master! I’m going to orgasm, oh fuck don’t deny me please!!!”

I cry out through the breath I struggle to have. He growls the way he does when his mouth is full of my pussy, it adds to the pleasure of the vibrations of the toy. I feel myself let it all go. I begin orgasm a tidal wave of orgasm. Its force is wicked and I can’t hold back.

“Oh Bloody Hell!!! Oh yes Master!!!!”

I shake out the simple words as he finishes me off. I feel the orgasm take over me. My entire body tingles with deep pleasure. I cum hard and he doesn't let up on me. He drinks me clean sucking all my juices into his mouth. My body is drained and can’t go on any further. I let out soft whimpers needing to allow my body to come back to earth. He strokes his tongue over my pussy from bottom to top a few times before stopping. He comes up and wraps me in his arms. I tremble softly, slowly coming back down from my epic highs of orgasms.

I wonder than as I drift back off to sleep what more he might have in store for me this coming week. Our vacation that is much needed and it’s just begun. I drift off feeling his fingers caress my back, listening to the rhythmic tones of his breathing lull me into a peaceful sleep.

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