My Girlfriend Finds Her True Love

By Green_Man

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We started living together when we were not yet married. I was working nights at a computer processing center as a computer operator. My name is Jim. My girlfriend is Amy. We had met earlier in college and had formed a couple. Our sex life was good for me, but Amy always seemed to have problems cumming. She had been abused by a boyfriend in high school when she first started dating at 16 and she had never seemed to overcome the fears she had of going all out in the sex department.

Since I was working nights mostly we did not really get a chance to have much of a sex life anyway. Mostly on my days off which were erratic. The computer operators changed shifts from time to time to give everyone a chance to have weekends off. It was a little complex and it did interfere with a normal life.

I will say this though. I had collected quite a collection of porn books back then. This was 30 years ago. Long before the internet was putting porn out there for the whole world. We had Playboy and Penthouse and a few other magazines. And some sex shops had pictorial magazines and novels about any kind of sex you could think of. I was more of a verbal person so I bought the sex novels and had accumulated almost 200 of them. I kept them in a bookshelf area in the head board of our bed.

Once I came home early from my shift because a power surge and outage had knocked out all of the computer systems. The technicians were working on them, but our processing was put off for several hours. Long past my quitting time so we were allowed to go home early.

As I walked into the apartment I must have surprised Amy because she quickly hid something she was reading. She put it under her butt. As if I wouldn't notice! But I passed it off. I was not the inquisitive type. I loved her. She was my girl and I loved her. So I ignored it and just said hello and passed through to change.

I noticed in the bedroom that the doors to the headboard bookshelf were open. So that was it. She was checking out my stash! No problem. I had never hid them but she had expressed a little disdain that I wasted money on such stuff. I had just told her that I had certain needs that she couldn't fulfill, for whatever reason. But I was fine with our relationship and I loved her.

After a week or two it finally dawned on my poor dull man brain that maybe I should talk to her about it. Just maybe it might bring her a little more out of her shell. So I resolved to talk to her as sweetly and gently as I could. When I was off for a two day period I vowed to talk to her.

Later that week I had two days off. She was going to classes at the local university at the time. She was taking just two courses and it did not take much time. She happened to be off at the same time as I was. This was the perfect time to talk. So I sat her down and started.

"Amy, hey babe. Listen, we need to talk, okay? I know you have been reading my stash of porn. Babe, it is no big deal. Honest. Lots of people read these books. It isn't bad."

"I know it isn't bad, Jim. I know that. You don't have to tell me that. I was just a little embarrassed the other day when you caught me. But I shouldn't have been. No big deal."

"Right, no big deal. But, honestly, Amy, I would really like to talk about this anyway. Please? Please give be an idea what you like about my books. Really. It might help us. You know? We are not having that great a time in bed babe. Please, what do you like?"

"Okay, Jim. I know you love me. I know you aren't that asshole from high school. I know that. So anyway, what do you want to know?"

"Just what you like in the books babe. Just what you like, okay?"

"Jim. Jim. Okay, I like the parts where the women play with themselves. Where they make themselves happy and cum by themselves. Okay? Is that so bad?"

"No, babe. That is actually a turn on for me too. I would just like to watch a woman do that. That would be okay, wouldn't it? I could just watch you? Okay? Let's try that tonight. Okay, babe?

"Jim. If you want to try that I am willing. I don't know. It might even be a turn on for me if you watched me cum. Maybe. We can try. Let's give it a try, hon."

This was more like it. She was coming out of her shell. We had never had anything but the usual missionary style fucking. And that never seemed to work well for her. She had been able to cum only a few times in the three years we had been together.

We were a little shy that night. I have no reason why. We had fucked many times. But this was somehow different. We were venturing into new territory. My baby was a beautiful woman. I had told her that many times and had always thought she did not believe it at all. She was a red head. I loved gingers. Her hair back then was long, below her shoulders and naturally wavy, maybe even frizzy on humid days. She had fit in great during our hippie days earlier in the 70s. Her skin was creamy Irish and her tits were pale and perky, and had very large pink nipples that got long and hard when she was turned on. Back then was before the hard body craze. Her body was soft and silky and she had rich, luscious meat on her. I loved her body.

We don't really need to get into how I looked. I was average. Brown hair, brown eyes and a regular, normal body for a guy 5 feet 8 inches. Anyway, the important part was my cock. It was not large but I loved it and had practiced with it for many sessions. It got to about 6 inches when hard. I thought it was plenty, but I was prejudiced.

After we went out for dinner and had a good meal at the local pizza joint we returned home. We relaxed with a couple of beers and watched the tube for an hour or so. Then I looked over at Amy and gave her a grin. She blushed which always made me want to kiss her. Then I got up and I took her hand. We went into the bedroom. I sat in the easy chair we had in there and watched as she took off her clothes. "Slow down, Amy. Let me look at my baby. I love your body." So she did. She did a sort of modified strip tease. This was new territory for her. I appreciated the effort. I could tell because of the boner I was getting.

When she had finished her whole body was blushing but it was lovely with her creamy Irish skin. I quickly stripped off my clothes, threw them in the corner, and sat down again with my cock in my hand. Amy didn't know quite what to do so I talked to her.

"Babe, just sit down on the edge of the bed. That's right. Now spread your legs. Good. I can see your pussy is leaking already. It's getting your pussy hair all wet. Great, babe. You look great. Now touch your pussy. Touch it any way you want. Do what you want. Do the things you read about."

So, Amy, with a shyness and boldness, began to squeeze her perky pink titty nipples. She pinched them until they stuck out and she began to whimper. Then she squeezed the whole tit with one hand and let the other creep down to her cunt. She was tentative. She touched her clit and shivered with the feelings she got. The she pinched it and I think she had an orgasm.

I was jerking off, of course. This was just what I had always wanted. I was so hard. My hand was flying up and down my cock.

Amy had put her fingers on her pussy lips. She was spreading the pussy juice over her whole cunt. Then she put a finger into her pussy and began finger fucking herself. I could see her have another cum. God, she had not had two orgasms in one night ever! This was great. She was fucking her cunt with her hand and mauling her tits with the other hand and moaning with ecstasy.

I could not wait anymore. I had to shoot my wad. I got up and went to Amy. She looked up with an appeal in her eyes. She kept fucking her cunt with her fingers but she took my cock with the other. I had only time to fuck it into her mouth before I shot my cum. She had given me blow jobs before, but this time the look in her eyes almost brought tears to mine. She was cumming while sucking down my seed. And her fingers were ramming into her cunt faster and faster. She swallowed my cum and then she squealed with glee as she had yet another orgasm.

Clearly we had discovered something. She loved to play with her own cunt. This gave me food for thought. In the coming days while I was working I thought about what had happened and finally I decided she could use some toys to help her cum and to help our sex life. If she was happy then I would be happy.

So I went to one of the sex shops down on Main Street. I browsed around looking for things I thought she would like, not what appealed to me. I took my time and I asked questions. The lady at the counter was glad to answer any questions I had. I think she may have been a lesbian. No matter. That might give her special knowledge. Cool.

I came away with several items. Sex toys. I got some cock rings for myself. The girl told me that I would hold off longer and cum harder. That would please my lady, she said. I got a vibrator with multiple add ons. Some were just smooth and clean. Some had ribs to stimulate her vagina walls. Some had little ticklers to stimulate her clit at the same time. I also got some dildos of various colors and sizes. Amy would be able to choose what pleased her at the moment. And I got a butt plug. I thought we could try it. Last, but not least, I got a double dildo, with two parts, one for her pussy and the other for her clit.

When I got home that night I laid out all of my purchases and Amy clapped her hands with glee. I was pleased that she was pleased. I loved my baby.

She could hardly wait to try them all out. "Amy, pace yourself, little girl! You have the rest of your life to play with these. You can play with them when I am at work and you can play with them while I am here and then maybe we could really have some fun fucking. I want you to cum and cum over and over again. I can usually only cum once, maybe twice at the most, but you can cum and cum. I want to be part of it and I want you to be happy while I am away."

We tried our new toys. We both took each other's clothes off slowly. We touched each other. We were going to have a lot of fun. Amy was so happy having sex for the first time in a long time. The session we had earlier with her playing with herself to orgasm was just a prelude to the great fun coming up now.

When we were naked I had Amy put a cock ring on my hard on. I was ready. Then I stuck a plug into her butt. That was new for her but she just grinned. Now she selected the double dildo to try. She got on the bed and I sat in the chair again. Then she tickled her titties to get her juices flowing. It did not take long. I could see the wetness in her pussy hair. She was smiling as she stuck the double dildo into her cunt slowly and had the smaller fake cock touching her clit. She began fucking it in and out. Oh hell, she was going faster and faster. She was fucking herself and she started cumming with multiple orgasms. She was almost fainting from the sensations.

I was jacking off and the cock ring was doing its job. It was keeping me hard as stone and I was so ready to cum but I waited and waited. I wanted to shoot my cum into my baby's pussy when she had cum enough for awhile. After about ten minutes of cumming she was moaning and whimpering with ecstasy. Finally I could not wait. I had watched long enough and wanted some of that cunt for myself.

"Amy, I have to fuck you now, babe. Please, babe, let me fuck you now." She smiled and pulled the dildo out and spread her legs wide for me. I quickly got between them and lifted them up on my shoulders and rammed my cock into her greasy pussy. It was so fucking juicy. I rammed and started cumming immediately and the cock ring made me gush cum into her until it filled up and was spurting out around my cock. I had never shot so much spunk before in my life. God, this was good sex! Then I pulled the butt plug out and she had another orgasm.

That was just the beginning. While I was away at work Amy had plenty of time to play. She was trying all of her toys, some more than once. When I got home it became part of the routine of our day for her to tell me what toys she had used that day and describe all the sensations she had experienced and the number of times she'd had an orgasm. I would jack off while she described it and she would sit by me and wait for my cum. She had always loved eating my cum. Now her sexual experiences were becoming complete and fulfilling. I would fill her mouth with spunk and she would savor it and suck it down and then kiss me to give me the flavor of my own seed.

When I was at home and we could play together it was her turn to show off her new techniques. I loved watching her pleasure herself. Sometimes I would help. Especially when we did a special little thing I had cooked up. I would have her get on the bed with her perky titties pointing up and I would get on top. But we would be in 69 position. I would cram my cock into her welcoming mouth.

She would make love to it as she squeezed her tits and tickled and pinched her nipples. I took two dildos and started fucking her ass and her pussy at the same time. I was on my elbows cramming a huge ten inch fake cock into her cunt. Then I would ram a 6 inch dildo into her butt hole. I would start fucking her in and out, first the big one into the cunt, then the other into the ass. One after the other. And with the first cram into a hole she would start cumming. She had been able to cum more in the past few weeks than she had her whole life and it was all due to her new toys.

Another thing I would help her with was fucking her ass while she was using a vibrator on her cunt and clit. I would put on a cock ring and then put my sweet Amy on all fours on the bed. I would move into position and begin pushing my prick into her lovely anus. I was always ready now. I would start slowly easing into her ass and I would push and push and get all my 6 inches into her butt. Then I would keep thrusting and ramming as she started cumming.

As she began dripping onto the bed from her juicy pussy she would start using her best vibrator on her little clit. She would use it there until she had started cumming on her own. Then she would move it down to her sweet pussy. She would push it in and find her G-spot and keep it vibrating until she finally collapsed from the sensations. This was my cue to let my sperm gush into her anus and fill it up until she had a cream pie. I would then eat her ass and then flip her over and eat her pussy. She would be almost in a faint by then, but she was happy at last.

My girlfriend had found her true love. Well, her true loves. Me and her toys.