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Juat needed to try my new toy, It was so big.

  I've always been a very adventurous girl and love to try new things and especially love my toys I have quite a big collection now but I'm always wanting more.

My partner and I had decided it was time to go bigger with the toys, so we ordered one we liked the look of, it was an 11 inch long and 3 inch wide black dildo, I was so excited and couldn't wait for it to be delivered.

He had gone away to work for a few days when the postman arrived with a parcel I knew straight away what it was, so after signing for it I went straight up stairs to open it and have a look at my new big boy and boy was he big at first sight I thought no way is that going to fit in my tight pussy.

Later that evening after having a bath, I decided it was time to try and get this big boy deep inside my tight wet pussy. First I started to tease my pussy with my fingers and played with my clit I could feel the pleasure rising up my body, my pussy was gagging to be fucked hard.

And with my partner being away it was up to me to satisfy my needs after teasing my pussy with my fingers, I got my rabbit out and slid it deep inside my hot wet pussy, moaning with pleasure as I felt it deep inside me. I gradually thrust it harder and faster into my now dripping wet pussy.

With every thrust I was getting closer to cuming but I was not ready to come yet, I wanted to make myself come with my new toy, so I swapped my rabbit for my new toy. The mere thought of this big one entering my hot pussy got me all the more excited.

I laid on my back with my legs wide open as I held the big guy with both hands, and got ready to work the bulbous head into my pussy. I slowly teased my wet pussy with it, stroking my clit and pussy, and then slowly trying to edge it in.

I could feel my pussy twitching as I tried harder, it was no use. I was unable to get this big boy into my tight pussy, so I laid it to one side and got my rabbit back out and fucked my pussy so hard and fast that I had an orgasm after about 6 thrusts.

I laid on the bed enjoying the sensation that was rippling through my body but also a little disappointed at not being able to fuck my self hard with my new toy.

The next day my partner was back home from work and I told him about the new toy arriving and my failed attempt at using it. “Come with me, I will get this big boy inside of you”, he said as we went upstairs. He laid me on the bed slowly taking off my clothes and kissing my body all over slowly moving down to my aching pussy.

He gently licked my clit and nibbled on my lips, oh how I was so gagging to be fucked. He slid his finger into my needy pussy and then took it out and made me lick my own juices off it before straddling me with his cock at my face.

I opened my mouth slowly taking the full lengths of his cock until it was deep in my throat. He started to fuck my face hard making me gag but I was loving every minute of it. As he fucked my face hard and fast, I played with his balls and could feel that he was getting close to cuming, I was so excited by the prospect as I was ready to take all of his cum deep in my throat.

Soon enough he unloaded all of his thick cum deep in my throat, I gargled his cum and played with it in my mouth enjoying the taste of his warm thick seed before swallowing it.

He turned to me and said “now it's time for you to take the big boy”; I was so excited because I was not going to let this toy beat me. I quietly resolved WAS going to get then big one into my tight hot and wet pussy.

He teased my throbbing pussy with our new toy and then slowly started to work it into my pussy. I could feel my pussy stretching, and it felt so tight and nice. I felt I was going to cum after just the head had entered, he then slowly slid it deeper into me.

My pussy felt like it was going to tear, it was so tight yet it also felt very nice. He must have sensed my fresh excitement because he raised the tempo, and started to fuck me faster and faster. I was moaning so loud with pleasure that he had to gag me. The harder he fucked me the stronger the sensation got, I could feel it deep inside me and soon I felt my self getting close to cumin again.

My partner must have known I was close because he started to really pump the toy harder and deeper in to my pussy. I felt a tingling sensation rising up my body and felt I was about to explode with pure pleasure as I had another orgasm. It was probably one of the best orgasms I've ever had.

But it wasn't over because when my partner took the big boy out of my now utterly throbbing pussy I squirted a little, so my partner rammed it back into my throbbing and soaking wet pussy. He continued to fuck me a little more, and then quickly withdrew it from my pussy again making me squirt some more.

T his was making my partner so horny he just kept on plunging it back in and out of my pussy making me squirt every time until he finally let me explode everywhere. That was my first time squirting and boy, did it feel good. My whole body was shaking, I couldn't stop it. It took me about 10 min to calm myself down and finally compose myself after my first encounter with biggest toy that has ever entered my tight pussy. This is now a favorite toy that I regularly use and enjoy every time I use it.