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Vibrating orgasm with benga balls in a nailshop
In my frequent business travels to the USA, I like to visit one of the many nail shops where the girls are very good in giving manicures, pedicures and relaxing massages. Sometimes when my husband is with me, he also joins in to have a relaxing pedicure, sitting on one of those massage chairs which shakes and vibrates you all over your body.

Once I noticed that a lady sitting side of me was enjoying her vibrating chair so much that I’m convinced that she was having an orgasm right there and then. Maybe it was my curious mind, but I could not keep thinking of that day, and I frequently daydreamt of bringing myself to an orgasm just by the vibrations of the chair. I tried several times, and I did feel something, but never enough to get me over the pleasure cliff.

A few weeks ago I was in Southern California, enjoying a pedicure by a beautiful young Asian girl. She was wearing a very revealing short white dress, partly exposing her cute breasts from above and her sweet g-string crotch from below. Now just for information: I am not a lesbian, nor bisexual, and happily married. Still looking at this girl made me curious about how making love to her would be. I started to fantasize about doing that in the vibrating chair. The thought made me very hot and wet.

Contrary to most of the girls working in these nail shops, she spoke good English as she was a student. In the crazy sexy mood I was in, and with my aroused feelings about her, I confessed to her about my fantasy.

She smiled, “You really want to try the happy balls.”

She left and came back with two shiny balls (like two centimeter marbles) connected to each other with a string.

“Sit on one and insert the other.”

I apparantly looked quite puzzled about what to do. She did not hesitate, lifted my skirt and placed the balls into my g-string. Onewent just under my ass hole so I would sit on it and the other was inserted into my pussy. I frightened a bit with an other girl becoming so intimate with me, but with the thoughts I was having about her it was also extra exciting.

She put the chair in the sitting position and at a high vibration position. Immediately I felt what the balls were doing. They were resonating, vibrating with the same frequency of the chair, but now in a very sensitive and effective position. Adding to this, my new girlfriend started to massage my scalp. The overall feeling was really terrific. It felt like electrical bolts pulsing and flowing up from my pussy through my back to my head and then down again. I tried to contain myself but a loud animalistic gasp escaped from my throat when my body started convulsing and shaking in an earth shattering orgasm.

She repeated the treatment a few times, and every time with the same effect.

The few days I stayed in that neighbourhood I returned for her treatments every day. When I called my husband I did not dare to tell him that I had found a new lover, or at least a new more powerful path towards orgasmic pleasure. I did buy a set of the “happy balls” and now I’m looking for a suitable nail shop in Amsterdam.