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Natural Pt. 2

When you're caught, you're caught
Leslie at her tanned, brunette neighbor through her sliding glass bedroom window, puzzled as to how she didn't notice she was being watched. She sat up in her bed and leaned against the headboard, not bothering to cover up.

"You like what you seen?" She grinned, licking her lips. "I'll tell you what. If you can climb through that window, I can show you how to have some fun."

The neighbor smiled, putting her hands on the window sill and pulling herself through, letting her slim body snake down to the floor before she flipped herself onto the ground. She wore some cutoff jean shorts and a pink tank top, her white bra straps showing that they want to fall off her shoulders. She stood up and walked to the bed, sitting down next to her luscious redheaded neighbor. They kissed, then smiled, and the fun began.

Leslie unbuttoned and unzipped her neighbor's shorts as their tongues began to swirl in each others warm mouths. As she slid them down her smooth legs, she revealed her neighbor's white panties, the crotch soaked in wetness already.

Leslie then slid her tongue down her neighbor's neck, then her shoulders, using it to slide her tank top and bra straps down her arms. Her neighbor shuddered in pleasure, loving the feeling of her tongue playing with her body. She could feel her panties soaking even more with anticipation of what was to happen.

Leslie instructed her neighbor to get on her hands and knees. She quickly obliged, facing herself away from the headboard. Her face came right close to the mechanical dildo, and the smell of Leslie's orgasmic leftovers on the toy sent her neighbors mind into a sexual frenzy. Her tongue lapped at the dildo as Leslie slid her panties down her thighs. She felt Leslie's tongue graze her clit, and her hands sliding up her round, young behind. Leslie's neighbor moaned softly as she slid the dildo down her throat slowly, taking in the fresh taste of warm girl cum from it's recent use.

As Leslie lapped her tongue across her neighbor's moist girl hole, she caressed her petite ass, loving how her skin felt. She wanted to do so much to this girl. The taste of her warm nectar was like a drug to Leslie, and she took as much as she could, sliding her tongue deep inside of her neighbor, licking in big circles while slurping her wet lips. She was like a thirsty desert, getting greedier in her needs as she got more water.

Her neighbor looked back at her, smiling with a sensual wink. She took the dildo back into her mouth, biting down on it and moaning as Leslie's tongue went wild in her bald wet slit. Her hips rocked as if she was being penetrated by a large cock, loving how deep Leslie could get her tongue inside her.

"Lay on your back," Leslie commanded her. She did as told, with Leslie sliding her hands up her neighbor's tank top, popping it and her bra above her breasts. She lapped her wet tongue at her neighbors perky nipples, loving how her body tastes. Then, she grabbed the bottle of lube. She poured it from a high distance, letting it splatter on her neighbor's sexy smooth stomach. The feel of the gooey liquid made her even more wet, rubbing it into her stomach and pussy as it poured. Leslie grinned as she finished pouring, letting the bottle drop to the bed.

Leslie's hands began to help rub the smooth lubrication across her neighbor's body. She slid her hands down her wet slit, and then to her sexy ass. She paid close attention to making her tight butt hole slippery and easy to access, sliding two fingers slowly in her ass and out. Her neighbor yelped, surprised, then blushed.

"I never had anything in my as before," she softly said. Leslie smiled at her, then leaned down, kissing her lips passionately.

"You will today. I will make this the best experience of your life." Leslie giggled as she lubed up the mechanical dildo, lowering it to just above the bed level as well. She knelt down next to the dildo, slowly guiding it towards her neighbor's virgin asshole. "Just relax and let it happen, sexy."

The dildo slowly, smoothly slid into her tight asshole. Leslie kept it slow until it was deep inside of her sexy tight bum. Her neighbor gasped in excitement and pain as it entered, but slowly, the pain turned into pleasure as Leslie turned the machine on. The dildo slid slowly inside of her newly violated hole, and she bucked slowly on it, meeting it with her movements. She was now in love with her new anal experience, groaning as it pushed a little faster and deeper with each rotation.

Leslie turned away and began fumbling through her closet as the machine filled her neighbor's tight asshole with it's strong firm dick. When Leslie turned around from the closet, she was wearing a nicely sized and slightly curved strap-on dildo. She climbed over the machine and ran the tip of the strap-on against her neighbor's eager clit.

"How bad do you want me inside you," Leslie said lustfully. Her neighbor couldn't speak, and just whimpered in orgasmic pleasure as her asshole widened from the fuck machine. Leslie slid her curved penis in her neighbor's wet slut hole. Without warning, her neighbor screamed out a loud 'fuck' as her pussy gushed an intense orgasm. Leslie didn't care that she got off, and began to ram her rubber cock deep and hard into her young neighbor's wet vagina.

"Oh god, please, please! Fuck this dirty little whore! I deserve your rough fuck for spying on you!" Leslie's neighbor pleads for more. She speeds up the machine, making it ram deeper in her tight ass as Leslie picks up her pace, fucking her neighbor like she was a sex-crazed man.

"you are a bad little bitch," Leslie responds, "I'm going to send you home sore and wanting more!" Leslie rammed her curved dick deep and hard into her slut neighbor as the machine stretched her tiny asshole to new lengths. Leslie kept it up, gripping the young girls firm breasts as she fucked her.

Then suddenly, Leslie pulled out of her neighbor's cunt and turned the machine off. She laughed at her, pulling her panties and shorts up, and her bra and tank top down.

"Get out of my house you peeping Tom." Leslie grinned at her.

"But I didn't get to finish!" Her neighbor looked confused.

"Get the fuck out," Leslie raised her voice this time. Her neighbor was so confused. Leslie grabbed her arm and dragged her to the front door. "That'll teach you to spy on people!" She opened the door and threw her neighbor out, slamming the door and locking it. She giggled a little after, and went to her room to lay down.
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