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She can do it all by herself
Leslie just got out of the shower. Her legs were freshly shaved, her hair clean, her body dripping wet and fresh. Her wet red hair flowed down her back so perfectly, dripping tiny droplets of water down her back. Her smooth vanilla skin was bright and shiny from her recent soaping down. Her nipples perky and hard from the brush of cold you get after leaving a hot shower, her breasts covered in chill bumps as drips of water slid down them. She was perfect in her current form as she looked into the mirror, biting her lip as she looked at herself.

She lived alone, and that's how she liked it. She wouldn't have anyone in her home messing with the way she does things. She walked out into her living room and sat on the leather couch, reaching over to the coffee table on the side. On top of it sat a gold vibrator, at least 7 inches in length. She used the other hand to turn on the television. She liked to watch stuff about nature all the time. She didn't know why, but it made her feel very sexual to see nature shows.

She put the remote down and turned the vibrator on. She leaned back into the corner of the couch and began to rub the toy up and down her freshly shaved crotch. Her legs spread as she watched gazelles run through a plain. Her pussy lips vibrating along with the toy, she began to slowly slide it into her. She moaned softly, grinning lustfully to herself as the gold rod penetrated her deeper and deeper. She didn't like to stroke it in and out at first. Instead, she would hold it deep in her and let it vibrate, moaning in pleasure with the sensation filling her.

As she held the vibrator deep inside her, she reached over and opened a small drawer on the coffee table. She pull from it a neck massager. She wasn't looking to massage her neck with it, so she turned it on and pressed the rounded end to her clit. Her hips moved up as she groaned, her vibrator sliding slowly out of her wet slit as she pulled it slowly back. She grinded the massager on her clit as she now took long strokes with the golden digger, deep inside of her then almost all the way out, just like she liked it.

Eventually, the nature shows were not of interest to her, and neither was her couch. She removed her toy from her beautiful opening and carried it with her to the bedroom. Inside was her favorite toy. She bought it online so nobody would know. It was a mechanical dildo with a remote control, and she loved it to fuck her. She lubed up the 9 inch end of it with some warm gel she had on her nightstand, and lay in front of it. She set the remote on her side and turned it on slow, guiding it into her wet pussy with her lubed up hands.

When she got it securely in her awaiting cunt, she turned the speed up to full. It took a while to get fully up to speed, so she liked to crank it up as soon as she was penetrated. She leaned back against her pillows and watched it go in and out of her, moaning as she told the toy to fuck her harder as if it was a real man. She arched into it as it sped up faster and faster, deeper and deeper, loving her toy.

Getting her pussy rammed deep wasn't enough for her. She loved to explore what she could do, and today she was going for something she never did with this. She had slid dildos in her tight firm ass before, but never this toy. She was always scared. But today she was fearless.

She got on her hands and knees and slowed the toy down as she lubed her asshole up with half the bottle, probably more than she needed, but she wanted to make sure it was a smooth ride. She guided the dildo into her horny butt-hole and let it get deep inside of her before cranking it up. She let out a breath of fresh air when it was all the way inside, loving how it felt.

As it sped up, she moaned louder and louder, bracing herself against her bed. She loved it. She was surprised how easily it was fucking her asshole without any pain. She panted, telling her toy how good of a slut she was for it. She didn't need a man, just her mechanical cock.

She lay her head on her pillow as it fucked her hard and deep. As she moved a hand to rub her clit, the first contact of her finger to it made her burst out in a wild orgasm. She yelped in pleasure and backed her hips, making the dildo come out of her ass and repeatedly ram against her cheeks and pussy as she came. She fell flat on her back after her orgasm and took a deep breath, then began laughing hysterically.

"Damn!" She laughed as she stretched. "I have so much fun!"

"Looks like it," a female voice called out from the window in her room. She looked up to see her teenage neighbor looking in her window, licking her lips. "Mind if I have some fun with you next time?"

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