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Naughty But Nice

Naughty But Nice

I guess we are both thinking about what happened earlier between us...
My friend William and I are on the way home after finishing our shift. Usually we are both really talkative, however not today. I guess we are both thinking about what happened earlier between us.

Okay I guess I should go back and start at the beginning.

William and I met at Naughty but Nice, a retail sex toy shop, where I gained employment about eighteen months ago. He was the person Nicole, the Owner, instructed to show me the ropes, or get me up to speed, as some may say.

The first memories of William are about how hot and handsome I think he is. He stands approximately 5’9", has tanned skin, warm hazel eyes, black hair and a smile that would brighten up the darkest room. As he showed me the ropes we slowly got to know one another. After about three months, we started hanging out, socialising on the weekend. William became one of my closest friends, someone I could depend on.

So that brings me too today, a day that started off like any other.

Waking up, I get out of bed, dress and start my housework. I then head out to the grocery store. Grabbing and paying for the items I needed, I then head home. On the drive home, I noticed the roads are heavier than normal. Of course, I don't mean weight wise, just more traffic. Although that too shouldn’t be surprising considering the end of year sales are on.

Once home, I quickly put all the groceries away and decided to make a coffee. I drink it slowly and listen to some of my favourite songs. Glancing at the clock, I am surprised to see it is later than I expected. So I go and get ready for work.

I lay my uniform out on my bed and select the toy I will be using today. While in the shower I wash my hair, body and touch up my shaved areas. I get out and quickly dry myself, before doing my hair. I walk into my room and slide in my medium anal plug with the aid of some lubricant then take a few steps to ensure it is in properly.
Dressing in my uniform which consists of a tight fitting low cut white blouse, a mid thigh black skirt, that doesn’t leave much to the imagination when you bend over and of course black high heels. I grab the stuff I need from my room and head back into the bathroom to apply makeup. Looking in the mirror I apply my face. I then look at my reflection in the full length mirror behind the door, I do a slow spin to ensure everything looks just right and what I saw made me smile.

Grabbing my stuff I walk into kitchen collect my keys, drink and phone placing all but the keys in my bag. I quickly walk around the house ensuring everything is secure before walking out and pulling the door closed. After opening the car door and placing my bag on the back seat I set off to Williams, whose place is about ten minutes away.

I see William leaning against the fence near his letter box as I move to the side of the road and stop. He walks over to the car, opens the door and says, “Hi.”, as he tosses his bag onto the backseat next to mine.

Smiling I say, “Hi babe.”, noticing he has gotten even hotter since starting back at the Gym. He gets in and gives me a hug before putting on his seatbelt.

Checking the road is clear I pull back out on the road and we start talking. We also sing along with the radio which causes us both to laugh really hard, since our singing sounds like wounded cats. Arriving at work I park the car in the car park and grab our gear before heading inside.

Sam, our supervisor, was at the front counter when we entered saying a quick hello, we continue to the staffroom to store our gear and sign in. We then head back over to Sam. Once we are both there Sam starts telling us our duties for today. They include but aren’t limited too; Serving customers, restocking shelves (high priority), and cleaning the private rooms. We nod and say “yes” in acknowledgement and then start.

William and I head to the storeroom and load two trolleys with boxes then head out onto floor. We started stocking the shelves ensuring we placed the new stock at the back. The shop is busy so we had also been needed to serve a few times however we had gotten most of the stock out. We had been working for approximately two hours when Sam came over and said it was time for our breaks. Sam told me to go first and be back in twenty minutes, then send William for his.

Heading into the staffroom I grab my bag and drink and go into the vacant private room. Looking around the room, I pick up the boxes that were lying around and place them on the table next to my bag, ready to be taken out when I leave.

Sitting down in the red leather lounge chair I grab my bag getting out my iPod and purple vibrator and put them beside me on the lounge. Reaching back in and grabbing out my drink and place it on the table. I turn on my iPod as I lean back on the lounge and place on the headphones and take a few minutes to relax.

I run my fingers over my breasts through my blouse. As the desire and need gets greater I undo the buttons and lift my breasts out from my underwire bra. I start to pinch, twist and lick my nipples until they get hard. Slowly I move my hand down my body, getting to the top of my thigh I stop. I hook one of my legs over the back of the lounge, opening my legs and pulling my pants to the side.

I begin to rub my fingers around the outside of my lips, teasing my pussy. Starting with one finger I slide it in and then add another, thrusting my fingers faster and harder. My pussy getting wetter by the minute, pulling out my fingers I reach for my vibrator.

I barely turn the vibe on and press it against my nipple enjoying the tingling sensations. Moving it to and fro as I start to moan softly, I close my eyes. Hearing footsteps in the hallway and the door squeaks a little as it opened but not taking much notice as I am enjoying these feelings.

I move my vibe down into my pussy, pressing it hard against my clit. Sliding it in and out, thrusting it hard and deep. I hear a gasp and open my eyes. William is now in the room and is pumping his cock. I stop in shock, staring at him watching as he continues.

After a moment I restart, watching his eyes run down over my body. I motion for him to come closer with my hand. Grabbing the vibe again I slide it in hard, every stroke made more intense because of the anal plug. I moan loudly as William watches, standing now at the edge of the lounge.

William leans closer, looking in my eyes, as he softly brushing his lips against mine. Slowly the kiss intensifies. I pull him closer running my tongue against his lips. Feeling William open his lips I slide my tongue in and they swirl around each other.

Reaching out running my finger tips gently over the tip of his cock feeling it contract against me. Watching him as I slide my fingers down, pumping him. Breaking from the kiss I move to his neck nibbling softly for a few moments before moving down lower. At his navel I lick around it a few times, as I continued to pump. I can hear him letting out a low growl.

We stand up and quickly fold the lounge flat, and then I lay down. William moves over me. As he does, I feel his cock brush against my cheek. Taking it into my mouth I start to suck and lick. I swirl my tongue round the tip as I caress his balls. I move faster as I lick his cock up and down taking him then into my mouth.

William thrusts into my mouth as he licks my pussy forcing his tongue deep. We move in sync and can feel our climaxes both building. He thrusts his cock deep into my throat, holding it down. Releases and repeats. This causes me to almost gag.

I continue to suck him as he runs his fingers around my pussy and down around my puckered rose bud. William looks up surprised feeling the anal plug I inserted earlier at home and smiles wickedly. He then pulls out to change positions.

William slides his cock into my wet pussy and pounding like a mad man, his primal urges taking over. I moan, “Oh Yes.” over and over again as I feel and hear his balls slapping against my skin. He moves faster and faster. “Oh fuck!” I moan as I feel myself getting close. I hear him moan too and then pull out and then flip me over. So I am on all fours, with my ass is high in the air.

William slaps my ass as he pulls out the anal plug. He presses the tip of his cock against where the plug had been and presses in slowly. Once he is in half way he starts thrusting, gradually getting faster. He slaps my ass over and over again as he grabs my hair and pulls back my head. Each thrust is a mixture of pleasure and pain.

As we move together each thrust being met in perfect sync. I bite my lip hard feeling him slide the vibe. It fills my pussy as his cock fills my ass. I contract hard around it. He moans that he is going to cum and thrusts in hard and deep. I press back hard against him as I feel his seed fill stream in and fill my ass.

After we both cum hard we then collapse on the bed, totally exhausted. Our arms wrapped around the other. After a few minutes we have managed to catch our breath and sit up and kiss one another.

We both stand straighten our clothes and walk back out onto the floor. Sam walks over and asks where have I been. I smile and simply say “In the private room...” and hand over the boxes I had found.

There is only one question weighing on my mind now. Looking around the shop for William, I see a look of concern on his face. So I think we both wonder the same. What this means for us and the future? I guess it will be an interesting trip home;

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