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Our New Sex Therapy Clinic

Our first patient experiences the ecstacy of her first climax
It had been the dream of my cousin Tara and I to start our own sex therapy clinic after we both got our master's degrees in psychology with an emphasis on human sexuality. We were eager to analyze the sexual responses of people of different sexes and ages and to help them with their problems. We were able to get a generous loan to start our clinic and rent a space in a nice professional building.

Our first clients are women who are anorgasmic, in other words, females that have never been able to have an orgasm. Our first patient is about thirty-five, a mother of three named Nancy, who is married. She admits to masturbating, but never to orgasm, and frequently has intercourse with her husband.

Nancy comes into the examination room and I ask her to disrobe. She sits on the examination table with her back against the wall. She is a very attractive woman, with shoulder length brownish-red hair, and occasional light freckles scattered throughout her body. She has pretty, greenish-blue eyes, and her medium-sized breasts sag a little, with her long nipples pointing slightly downward.

Nancy says she's never used a vibrator before. A company that manufactures vibrators has contracted with us to test their new product on our anorgasmic patients. We want to see how much stimulation they will get from their new toy and if it will be able to bring them over the edge to allow them to achieve their first climax. It is a slim vibrator, red, with a slightly soft exterior and is unusually powerful for vibrators of its size.

I ask Nancy if her husband ever licks her clitoris. "Yes," she says.

"Is he persistent about his licking?" I inquire.

"No, he just plays around a little and then he mounts me. It always just leaves me craving more of his tongue."

"Right, that's what I thought, if he doesn't consistently lick your clit you'll never orgasm from the stimulation. Maybe he can come into the clinic sometime and we can give him some pointers."

She smiled and said, "Thank you, that's very kind of you that you want to help."

I was ready to prepare her for the session, but she still had her panties on. "Well, you'll have to take off your panties so we can get started."

"I'm embarrassed, I know I shouldn't be, but I am."

"Okay," I said, "just lift your hips up a little off the exam table and I'll take them off for you." She blushed a little and smiled, then lifted herself a little off the table, I pulled her panties off of her full hips, revealing a neatly trimmed triangle of brownish-red pubic hair that completly hid her labia. As I helped her wriggle the panties off of her feet, I felt a strange tingle in my crotch that I tried to ignore as I helped this woman, a stranger, completely undress and expose her pussy to me for the first time.

"See, that wasn't so bad, right?" I exclaimed as I got the small electrode ready that would be taped to her abdomen in between her navel and the top of her pubic hair. This would measure her vaginal contractions to confirm how strong and lengthy that her orgasm was in the event that one occurred. I explained its purpose and taped it to her tummy and she looked at me and smiled. She seemed to be a charming and sweet person and I really hoped that I could help her to achieve the joy of her first climax.

I got out the vibrator and told her, "Okay, here she is! Now, it may feel pretty intense at first and even more intense later, but it's very important not to be afraid of the intensity of the feeling and to continue stimulating yourself. If you feel the sweetness continually intensifying at one point, it probably means that you're approaching orgasm, so don't be afraid and don't stop!"

She smiled sweetly at me and said, "Okay, I won't!"

"And if you feel the need to moan or even scream at one point, don't hold back, being completely uninhibited and expressive can help you go over the edge and reach orgasm," I assured her.

I needed to measure her clitoris before she became excited and then later after it was fully engorged. I pulled her labia back and then pulled her pubic mons up a little to expose her clit, pulling the head back and measured the head. The shaft was completely flaccid.

She smiled at me a little, lightly touched my hand and said, "Mm-hum, yes."

Her clitoral head was medium-sized and did not yet appear to be engorged with blood. Her hair, mons and labia were so soft. They felt so good when I touched them. By now, my own clitoris was beginning to swell with that characteristic sweet feeling and I couldn't deny that this was turning me on.

I told her that I would direct the vibrator in the first moments of the study and after she got used to the feeling that she could manipulate the vibrator herself. I spread her labia a little bit, turned on the vibe and placed it against her clit. She didn't move or react. I was surprised. "Is that nice?" I asked.

"Yes, it is," she said in a matter of fact way. After I moved it around her clitoral area a little I let her hold it. She leaned back against the wall and moved it slowly up and down around her clit, no expression on her face. I surmised that part of her problem might be that she was on the lower end of the sensitivity scale compared to other women her age. I asked her how it felt.

"Yes, very nice, a very sweet feeling. I like it. But I'm telling you, I don't think I can come with it. My husband tells me I'm cold, maybe I am. But it really takes me a lot to get excited." 

I suggest that she stimulate her breasts, especially her nipples.

"Look, I don't even think I'm good at that, maybe you can do it for me, I'm sure you must know how to do it very well."

I agreed and as the vibrator buzzed along I gently touched her breasts, kneaded them some with my fingertips, then circled her nipples with the very tips of my fingers, then lightlly touched them. They felt so good in my hands, so soft, and then her nipples began to harden and become erect, responding to my touch. I began to scratch the tips lightly with my fingernails. At this point, Nancy began to moan lightly and close her eyes.

"Oh, that's so nice," she said, "please don't stop doing that." She cupped one breast lightly with one hand, then touched my hand gently that was scratching her nipple. Then she started kneading her other breast and pulling frantically on the nipple. "Uhhhh," she said, "Ahhh."

I knew she was getting in the groove and I kept stimulating her boobs and touched her throat lightly and then her face. "That's it, girl-keep it up," I told her.

Nancy began to press on her left labia while holding the vibrator in her right hand, putting more pressure with it on her clit. I could tell she was really beginning to like it.

"Ummm… ahhhhhh," she said as a blotchy, red rash began to appear on her neck and then slowly spread to the top of her breasts, a tell-tale sign of strong sexual pleasure.

Her legs began slowly to straighten out and then come together, her toes curling. "God, I'm afraid… it's getting so strong, I don't think I can take it!" she said as she grabbed my hand tight and wouldn't let go.

"It's okay, I'm here, just keep it up girl," I told her. Her legs became extremely stiff, her abdominal muscles tightened up, and the rash was now covering her entire chest. I thought she would break my hand she held it so tight. The monitor showed mild vaginal contractions beginning, then strong ones, then rhythmic, sustained pulsations. Sweat was dripping off of her.

"Mmmaaahhh… zzzhhh… oh, God! GGRRR!" she screamed, as her orgasm progressed and then kept going. The vaginal contractions lessened in intensity, then picked up again, as a secong climax began. "Oh, God. OOHHH!" she screamed as even stronger contractions ripped through her belly.

I touched her lightly all over and told her, "Yes, honey… good… you've done it, so sweet." 

The contractions began to lessen in intensity, her legs fell limp, and she pulled me to her. "Please hold me, please!" she said as she pulled my head to her chest.

"Yes, I will," I said as I rested my head between her breasts, my face and hair becoming soaked with her sweat.

"That was so good. I've never felt anything even remotely that good in my whole life," she said as she tried to catch her breath. "But… I feel like I still need more. I feel kind of an ache, like I need to do it again. Is that normal? Can I do myself again with it?" I assured her that this was completely normal and that sometimes women masturbate themselves to several orgasms in quick succession with the vibrator.

She turned it on again and, as it began to buzz, she pulled my head to her right breast. "Please suck it," she begged. "Please!"

I sucked her nipple hungrily into my mouth, grinding it with my teeth and kneading the bottom part of her breast with my fingertips. Nancy ran the vibrator vigorously up and down the top part of her crotch as she held my head tight. I continued to suck one nipple, then the other. As unprofessional as it might be, I couldn't resist unzipping my own jeans, reached into my panties and began to frantically rub my clitoral area in back-and-forth sweeps with three fingers. The monitor began to indicate strong vaginal spasms again and Nancy held my neck tight. We both began to scream at the same time as our orgasms tore through our abdomens simultaneously.

I collapsed with my head on her tummy and she stroked my hair, both of us still out of breath. I kissed her on the face and told her I was proud of her. I pulled my pants up and held her hand as I explained to her that she could have the vibrator as a gift and arranged for follow up visits for her and possibly her husband also.

Later, I watched the video of our first patient's visit with Tara and we talked with anticipation about our future clients.

(To be continued...)

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