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My heart was pacing and my palms were sweaty as I tried to appear cool, calm and collected. I was standing in line at my local post office waiting to pick up a package you had sent me. I was excited, so excited to see what you had sent to me, but I was worried too, as usually the packages were just put into my locker.

So here I stood, between a older business man and a teenage boy, waiting to see why I had been forced to endure this.

The line was moving slowly, as there were only two attendants serving. A punkish looking female in her late twenties and a boringly normal looking male in his thirties. The female was in a debate over the current postal rate to Asia with a customer. I thought she must have had this conversation before, as she spoke with a detached voice and subtly rolled her eyes ever few sentences. I wasn't sure why he was arguing with her, it's not like a) she was lying or b) she could do anything about the price. Yet still he persisted.

I looked back at my phone, as an elderly lady moved away from the counter and the next person in line stepped up.

I opened Yahoo, but still there were not any messages from you. Normally you'd be on at this time but it seems like you'd gone AWOL. I tried to stop my mind from running away with ridiculous suggestions of why I had to line up but I didn't fully succeed.

Finally it was my turn. I approached the counter with fake confidence.

"Hi, I'm here to pick up a package?" I spoke, I had a smile in my face and my voice was cheerful.

"Have you checked the lockers?" the male said in a droning voice.

 I might have had a little attitude when I responded, "The email said to come to the counter to pick up my package."

He, Jim, asked for my phone and off he went to brave the cavern of parcels to find mine. After a few mintues I was getting worried, as I could see Jim walking aimlessly around. When he did come back he was with an older man, the Manager, or so said the name tag.

Jim explained that the parcel had been in the manager's office, that's why he had taken a little longer to find it. The manager looked me up and down before handing the package over with a smile and a wink. As Jim finished processing the parcel to me, I asked him why it had been kept in the office, not put in the locker as usual. He pointed to the note that said 'delivery in person', written in your sloppy hand writing, that graced the top of the parcel.

I noticed that the parcel was also marked toys and I realised that the manager had either seen the types of toys or guessed, hence the wink. Silently I cursed you for putting me through this. Though I'm sure it was your intention, to make me blush, and you had laughed when I told you.

Just as I was reaching for my phone back, it vibrated. Jim, who still had the phone, looked down and turned red. It took all I had not to blush as well, I'm still not sure if I succeeded or not. I grab the phone with a cheery 'goodbye' and thanking him for helping me. When I was on the street, a few blocks away, I dared look at the message.

"Little slut, have you got it yet?"

"My sexy slut, are you there?"

I sighed, and wrote back, "Yes I have it. Heading to a quiet area to open it now."

You said to head to a bathroom as you want to play now. Tingles shoot through my body, I'm not sure if I love or hate playing in public but I would follow you anywhere so I head to the nearest public toilet. 

I open the package and gasped, inside were four amazing, if not slightly scary, sex toys. I pull then out slowly; a micro wireless Venus butterfly in Pink, a Venus butterfly pump in pink, a black thick cock, and a pair of pink nipple suckers.

My heart was pounding and my panties were wet. I realise I have been ignoring you as I took in the new toys. I quickly wrote to you that I love them, that my panties were wet, and that I was ready when you were. Then I waited to see what you want to play with first. 

I was sitting on the closed toilet seat with my bag hanging on the door. As I stared at my phone screen waiting for your reply, I wondered what I might look like if anyone who could see. Would they see the desperation that I felt inside to do as you ask. Would they understand the complexity of my feeling or would they see just a whore? 

I shook the thoughts, not really ready to explore them, or know the answers. The beep of my phone returned me to the present as you told me to unwrap the wireless butterfly and to put it on. I fidgeted with the straps and placement but quickly had it tightly pressed to my pussy inside of my panties. I took a photo to show you, and you wrote back that it looked beautiful and was perfect.

You asked if I was wearing a loose or tight top. I was wearing a tight singlet but with a loose jumper over it, and you told me that it was perfect for what you want me to do. You say to put the nipple suckers on, and I looked at the thick bolbus items, praying they won't be too noticeable. I tentatively placed the first one over my nipple, then release it. I was sure I gasped out loud as it sucked the nipple in, pulling blood into the tip and gripping it. The second one was easier and I pulled my top down over them. The singlet clung horrible but the jumper was loose enough that unless you were looking at my breasts hard you wouldn't have notice the slight blimps.

When I finished I messaged you to ask what you want me to do now. I was feeling naughty, and the butterfly was already getting wet. All you said was to head home.

I tried to protest, I wanted to cum, but you said you had a meeting to get to and that you'd talk to me after. I thought about making myself cum anyway but even the voice in my head knew i'd never do it. So unsatisfied, but worked up, I start to walk to the train station.

Walking rubbed my sensitive clit against the butterfly, and the slightly movements of the tops over the nipple suckers had me tingling and squirming. I tried my hardest to appear normal, but i'm not sure it worked.

As the train arrived I send you a message, telling you how hard it was to move with out pushing myself toward an orgasm. Just as I sat down on the train you sent me quick reply, saying that I'm to turn the butterfly on. And just like that the train ride got interesting.

I was sure the whole carriage could hear it, but no one looked at me. I worked to keep still but I wanted to push agaisnt it and thrash around. Luckily my sane mind wom and while in my day dreams I had been riding the butterfly like a wild brumbie, I sat still and silent. Well I mostly sat still, I'm not actually sure if I did or not but I didn't cause a scene, so I choose to believe I did.

The next battle was when my stop came. As I stood, the urge to cum got worse, and each step was both heaven and hell. By the time I was home, I was almost panting with need. I wanted to cum in the worst way. I don't care how or who saw I just want to cum!

I had sent you many messages while I had been walking. All pleading with you to either let me turn it off or let me cum. I begged, I cursed, I threaten to cum with out permission, I promised all kinds of thing, but you were silent. I ran to my room, setting the other toys out with these new ones, and waited, rocking slightly on the butterfly, for you to respond.

Finally you messaged back. I'd been driving myself insane on the butterefly for fifteen miutes and I swear I wept in happiness when you said that I could choose a cock from my collection and fuck myself til I came. You said I must tape it and sent it to you when I was done though. You told me that your meeting was almost over, and half heatedly blamed me for the hard on you were sporting.

I grabbed the new one, wanting to feel it. It was thicker then I was used to, heavier as well. I wanted it so badly that my hands shook slightly and I was so wet that I could thrust it straight into my pussy. That feeling of being full after so much teasing is always amazing and this time was no different. The thicker cock felt so good and I was sure I screamed out. I pounded my pussy violently. My movement lacked any sort of grace, they were primal and frantic as I pushed myself toward the finish line. It took me only two minutes before I'd reach the top of the wave and was screaming into my pillow with juices exploding from my pussy.

I stayed motionless for a while, recovering from the orgasm. It truly had rocked me to my core. I thought about how lucky I was to have you, how you understood me so well.

I send the file, got cleaned up and wash the toys, before putting each one lovingly away.

I decide to take a nap while I waited for you to finish your meeting, go home and watch the movie. I had a feeling that the rest of the toys would be put to the test soon.

And I was right.

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