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Panty Pervert - Part 2

Tags: femdom, toys
Flatmate takes a further step
Nadine left early Sunday morning leaving me exhausted and used and totally drained. She had used her strap-on mercilessly, fucking me three more times in my pussy and once in my ass. I had came numerous times and when she left pulled her favourite panties back on after tidying Jeff's room up. Jeff got in at ten in the morning and was sat in the kitchen with a cup of tea and some cereal.

"Good Morning," I said, throwing a pair of his cum coated panties at him while he ate his breakfast. He went all red in the face." You fucking pervert! Getting your kicks with my panties!" My voice was raised at this stage.

He was still silent. I let my dressing gown slide open and his eyes dropped down to my panties.

"Like what you see?" I asked.

He nodded.

"So what do you do with them apart from jack off with them?" I asked.

He said nothing.

"You like to sniff them and taste them or maybe even wear them, don’t you?" I probed.

I approached him, grabbed the back of his head and pressed his face into the panties. He didn't resist.

"Like the smell of them? My girlfriend spent the night with me, and she made me cum several times so you can smell how wet I am and how wet the panties are."

Now he reacted. I felt him sniff deeply into my pussy through the gusset of my panties and up and down the slit. I pulled away.

"You like that don't you?" I teased.

"Yes." He stammered.

"Maybe we can come to some sort of arrangement. In exchange for you paying my share of the rent I will cater to your fetish. What do you think?" I said. I knew he could afford it has he had just got a promotion.


I led him to my room and ordered him to take his clothes off. Soon he was down to his underwear - a black pair of panties - which I told him to leave on. I noticed his cock straining the front of the panties he wore.

"Show me your cock, you pervert," I ordered. He lowered the front of the panties to reveal a rock hard four inch tiny dick. I burst into laughter and said, "No wonder I’ve never seen a girl here with you. O,h but it looks so cute and tiny, you poor thing," I said mockingly.

I laid him on the bed and straddled his face, smothering it so that he had no option but to breathe in my sex and perform pantilingus on me, which he was very good at.

His tongue darted into my hot wet pussy, pressing the panties inside me, in and out, up and down, spending quite a bit of time at my sensitive clit which soon had me nearly orgasming. My cunt juices, leaking out into the gusset of the panties, seemed to arouse him even more.

I stood up, peeled the panties off and put them over his face so that the gusset covered his nose and mouth. I took the crusty pair that I, d threw at him, lowered the panties he was wearing and wrapped them around his cock head sliding them up and down his shaft masturbating him with them.

He started to whimper in pleasure. His eyes were closed. I could hear him also sniff my panties. He was obviously approaching his orgasm so I sped up the stroking of his small cock and soon he was spurting a load of cum into the panties that I placed over the opening of his penis. I continued to milk him until he had no more to spurt.

"Was it as good for you as it was for me?" I asked with a mischievous smile

"Oh yes!" he replied.

I suggested that we get shopping for some sexy lingerie for our "sessions", but he told me he already had some.

"Yes, I know!" I stated.

He blushed hugely as he finally clicked on that I'd found his stash. Hurriedly he rushed to his room, returning quickly, holding his laptop case.

"Where's my camera?" he enquired.

I smiled and said, "Don't worry, Nadine will bring it back for you. She just needs to upload your pictures to her computer before she returns it on Friday."

"What do you mean? Nadine? Friday? What are you on about?" he shrieked

The rest of the day, I walked around the apartment in just a t shirt and various different coloured panties.

On Wednesday after work, I put on a very short denim skirt and a pair of purple panties underneath and ordered Jeff to put on his favourite panties, stockings and suspenders and to lie spread-eagled face down on his bed so that I could tie his wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed.

"We are going to play a game. You have to guess the colour of my panties I am wearing. If you guess correctly, you get a reward. You get to eat my pussy, but if you don't, you're fucked, literally. I'll give you two clues. The first is you have not seen me wearing this colour before and the second is that it is not a primary colour. So make a guess!"

He thought for a minute or so.

"Gray," He said

"Wrong! You get one more guess."


"Wrong again." I lifted up my skirt to show him my purple pair. "I am going to leave you in that position for a while, I won't be long."

I left to go to my room and shortly returned carrying my rabbit, a tube of lube, condom and a pair of latex gloves. No way was my pride and joy invading his tush unprotected. Jeff glanced up from his bounds as I re-entered, with fear in his eyes. I waved my bunny vibe in front of his face a few times before climbing onto his bed, sitting on the back of his legs and sliding his panties down his thighs.

"Okay. Here's what is going to happen; I'm going to finger your ass till I think your tight hole is ready. Then bunny is going in it's warren." I giggled.

"Then you have five minutes to cum with it burrowing and vibrating in you. Despite what you might think, Jeff, I like you. But we both know this is what you crave. I'm horny too, so if you cum in time, I’ll let you bring me off with your mouth; hopefully, that will inspire you."

"How am I going to wank myself, my hands are tied?" He stated.

I ignored him and, snapping the gloves on, I trickled some lube between his cheeks, inserting my index finger into his tight hole. He tensed up instantly, so I put my full weight on his legs and slapped his butt. He gripped his butt cheeks tightly together, so I proceeded to spank his ass harder till he started to moan in pain, his cheeks beginning to redden. Eventually, he submitted and his ass cheeks relaxed, allowing me to restart his anal intrusion. Firstly I reinserted one digit, then, with the addition of more lube, a second and then a third. I proceeded to twist and manipulate his ass till I was satisfied he was ready enough. Slowly I removed my fingers, and slipping the condom on my toy, I brought it swiftly to his now puckered ring. The addition of even more lube meant it slid in easily, and just before I switched it into action, I said, "You have five minutes starting from when I turn it on, no more than that. I'll leave you to it and if you have cum when I return you get to eat me, would you like to eat me?"

"God yeah, I'd love to," he answered.

"Okay, you know what you have to do," I said as I got from his legs, switched on the toy in his ass and then left the room. I stood just outside and watched through the crack in the door as he began to squirm and then began humping the bed with my toy vibrating inside him. I reached down to my pussy and began flicking and rubbing my clitoris, mesmerized by his actions. Four minutes had passed when I watched him tense and murmur and then watched as my rabbit plopped from his ass and vibrated away between his thighs. I left him there for the final minute, panting into his pillow before opening the door and standing at his head.

"Did you manage to cum?" I asked knowingly.

"Yes," he replied.

I undid the ties to his wrists and ankles and told him to turn over before retying him to the bed. I climbed onto the bed and stood over his head looking down on his face.

"Your a sissy pervert aren't you? You liked that didn't you. You liked having your ass fucked didn't you?" I said.

"Yes," He replied.

"Yes what?" I said, raising my voice.

"Yes, Alison," he replied.

"I watched you through the door, perv. I'm wet. Lick me till I cum over your face! Oh and by the way, from now on you call me Mistress!" I ordered. I quickly lowered my soggy twat to his face, pulling my panties to one side. He quickly began licking my juices from my pussy lips, then began to lick my clitoris expertly. I was already very close, and in a matter of minutes came vigorously and hard over his mouth, my full weight suffocating him to the bed. As my orgasm began to dwindle, I lifted myself from his face and stood at the side of the bed. Looking down at him tied to his bed in stockings, suspenders and cum coated panties, I smiled with an idea. I untied his ankles from the bed and peeled the drenched panties from his tiny cock, turning them inside out and brought them to his lips.

"A sissy pervert like you deserves some spunk as well as my pussy juices, don’t you think?" I said, holding them to his mouth, his spunk millimetres from his lips.

To my surprise, he began to lick the cum off them instantly with gusto, quickly cleaning his panties with his tongue before swallowing it all.

"Thank you, Mistress," he said. After I untied his hands and let him sit up, I began to walk from his room, swaying my ass sexily for his enjoyment.

"Same time Friday, sissy, and get rid of that body hair, I want you smooth everywhere." I ordered.

"Yes, Mistress!"

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