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Play Date with Chloe

Play Date with Chloe

Having fun while our husbands watch
Since my husband and I got married nearly eight years ago, I’ve become very good friends with his business partner’s wife, Chloe. Chloe is 44, tall and tan, with long blonde hair, D cup implants and an amazing body for a woman in her 40s. She's not bi like me, but she is adventurous and loves to have fun. A few years ago, while vacationing in Cancun, I drunkenly French kissed Chloe on a dare. Since then things between us have progressed to the point where we regularly have sex together—we call our hook ups “play dates.”

Well, the other night, we had the most wonderful play date. My husband and I arrived at their house for dinner around six. As soon as Chloe opened the front door, she gave me a nice long kiss and asked if I was ready to have some fun tonight. Of course I was!!! We flirted with each other and our husbands throughout dinner and I tried not to eat much. It was tough because Chloe is such a good cook but I didn't want to get too full or look fat naked. I did have a few glasses of wine though. By the time we went into the living room after dinner, I was pretty well buzzed, giggly, and very flirty.

Our husbands sat in two chairs across from the sofa which I curled up on with my bag of toys. I'd brought along a vibrator, my Feeldoe and a double-headed dildo. I knew we’d probably only use one of them, but I like to have choices!

When Chloe came in with dessert, I put the bag on the floor and patted the sofa next to me for her to join me. I was giggling when she sat down. I asked our husbands if this is what they wanted to see and put my arms around Chloe's neck and started kissing her. We made out for a few minutes (she kisses really, really well), until we started getting cat calls for more. Chloe and I are always saying one day we're going to go off together and enjoy each other's bodies, without those two orchestrating all of our moves!

But, as we're good little wives, we did what we were told. We always do! We helped each other out of our dresses so that all either of us was wearing were sexy panties and bras and fuck me heels...and a little jewelry. We started exploring each other's bodies with our hands as we continued to make out. I pushed Chloe down onto her back on the back cushions of the sofa, and started kissing down her neck to her breasts. I kissed her breasts through her lacy black and fuchsia bra and tugged at it with my teeth, before reaching behind her and unfastening it. I twirled her bra in the air and teased our husbands with "eenie meenie minie moe" before tossing it in her husband's face.

I played with her breasts and could hear her breathing getting uneven, see her chest rising and falling, and feel her heartbeat increasing. I massaged them with my hands, kissed softly around the nipples, and flicked her nipples with my tongue before gently biting, then sucking on them. This always drives her and our husbands wild. She arched her back, raising her chest, pushing her breast further into my mouth and spread her legs of me. I pressed my knee against her pussy and she started grinding against it. I could feel how wet she was through her lacy panties. I kept the pressure up with my knee, trying my best to drive her crazy.

She was moaning and moving her head from side to side by the time I started tracing my tongue down her belly. I flicked it into and teasing her belly button, and continued down to her panty line. I flicked my tongue all along her panty line towards her hips to one spot that makes her writhe in pleasure when I lick it. I gently licked and teased that spot until she started to convulse in orgasm. I giggled and pressed harder against her pussy with my knee and started grinding against her.

When her orgasm passed and she was starting to calm down, I moved lower down her body, and began licking the crotch of the panties between her legs. I traced her lips with my tongue and flicked in between them before starting to suck her clit through the fabric. I sucked her clit until she came again, then started tugging her panties off with my teeth. She was moaning and breathing heavily, but started to help me take off her panties. Now all she was wearing were black stilettos.

Starting at her ankle, I traced my tongue slowly up leg, trying not to touch her body in any other way. I wanted her to focus on just my tongue and the anticipation of where I was headed. She was moaning my name, "Oh Alys, Alys, Alys…" by the time I got near her glistening, waxed pussy. Instead of putting my mouth on her though, I moved back down her legs. I started with the ankle on the other leg, and began flicking my tongue back up towards her pussy.

This time when I got there, I began gently licking (with just the tip of my tongue) from her hole up to her clit. She was so wet. She put her hands in my hair and was pushing my face into her crotch. I licked and sucked and teased her pussy with my tongue, and was just getting ready to start fingering her when my husband told me it was time for me to fuck her. I stood up and teasingly took off my panties and bra, before flinging them at my husband and pulling my Feeldoe out of my bag.

I deep-throated the shaft of it a couple of times just to tease our husbands, before putting the ball inside my already soaked pussy. It felt so good to have something inside of me I came instantly with a shudder. I adjusted the Feeldoe and, holding onto the base of the shaft, I glided it along Chloe's pussy lips before finding her hole and pushing it inside of her. She was so wet it went in easily, and she groaned loudly from the pleasure of having her pussy filled.

I gently thrust back and forth, feeling the ball in my pussy move in conjunction with my thrusts. I was sort of leaning over her, fucking her faster and more rhythmically when she reached up, grabbed my ass and pulled me further into her as she screamed in orgasm. I fell on top of her and laid me head on her chest, both of us breathing hard. She caressed my head and ran her hand down my back, saying, "Oh Alys, baby..." She told me how good it felt, and how I'd made her cum a bunch of times (apparantly even more than I realized). Our husbands chimed in their praises and that's when I finally realized they both had their cocks in their hands and were stroking them. I pointed that out to Chloe, who laughed, and I asked if we should go give them a hand.

Chloe told me we would in a minute, and then had me lay down on my back. She got up and hovered over me. I opened my legs and bent my knees, exhausted from just fucking Chloe, but excited over what she was about to do to me. She lowered her mouth onto my freshly waxed pussy and began licking me to distraction. She licked between the folds, nibbled on my lips and sucked on my clit until I was delirious and could barely stand it anymore. I came over and over as her mouth expertly pleased me. I was so wet, I could feel my cum trickling down my ass and the back of my legs.

I was so dizzy when she finally lifted her face off my pussy, and crawled up my body to kiss me. I licked her lips and chin and sucked my juices off her tongue, before she laid back on the other end of the sofa, and we just relaxed. We basked in the ecstasy we were feeling and the praise we were getting from our husbands, who still had hard cocks in their hands. After a few minutes, she said it was time to put them out of their misery, and she got up and walked (a little wobbly) over to her husband. She got on her knees before him and started sucking his cock.

I was way too weak to walk. I crawled across the living room floor over to my husband's feet. I looked up at him, smiling and he told me how amazing I was. I put my hands on his knees and pulled myself up. I positioned myself between his legs and took his cock in my mouth. I gave him the best blow job I could, as tired as I was, and it didn't take him (either of them actually) long to cum. Chloe doesn't swallow, so her husband shot his load on her tits. My husband shot his in my mouth and on my face. I swallowed most of it, and he kissed me deeply telling me how hot I was and how much he loved me.

Chloe and I took off our heels and went to the bathroom to clean up. She put a t-shirt on, but I didn't even bother. She went into the kitchen to make coffee and I crawled into my husband's lap. I just rested my head on his shoulder, and he covered me with a throw blanket. I was so tired, and so relaxed, I just listened as they talked about I don't know what.

When Chloe came back, she served the coffee and dessert from earlier (a delicious cheesecake, yum!). My husband and I shared a slice. He fed me as I was so tired I could barely lift my head. The coffee eventually revived me and I got up and dressed, though all I put on was my dress. My panties and bra ended up in the bag with my toys.

When we got home, I went right upstairs, pulled off the dress and shoes, and fell into bed. I could have fallen straight asleep, but my husband had other ideas. He joined me a few minutes later (after taking out the dog), took off his clothes, and climbed on top of me. He fucked me so aggressively as he went on and on about how hot the night was. It really turned me on, and I came at least a couple of times, before he came hard inside of me. He rolled onto his back, pulled me into his arms, and I fell straight asleep. It really was a wonderful night!

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