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Play Time

My lover and I play with toys and enjoy ourselves
I light a cigarette and inhale deeply, turning to you I kiss you and share with you. We enjoy our smokey kisses and snuggle back into each others arms. You're lightly scratching my back, you know just how to make me purr, your other hand is playing with my nipples pulling them and twisting them to get them even harder. I had been coaxing your cock back to life which didn't need much encouragement at all, but knowing why you were playing so intently with my nipples I reach for the toys and you smile a cheeky grin. Taking the nipples clamps from me you put them to good use. You tighten them as tight as they will go around my hard nipples, god they hurt but in such a good way.

I can feel my juices starting to flow down my thighs from just this, you know how much it turns me on. You rest back leaning on your arm looking at your handy work smiling. I come to you and kiss you deeply, tongues fighting with each other. I push you back down to the bed and straddle you. I'm sliding my pussy over your hard cock, god you feel so good on my clit, I almost cum from so little contact but I have more in store for you.

I lie back down beside you, reaching again for the toys. I choose a medium size butt plug for you and ask which one you want me to use. You choose my favourite, a long slender one with lots of knobbly bits on it. We playfully insert these into each others arses and get used to the full feeling they give us.

You raise your eyebrows at me as if to say "what now?". I choose a new toy that we haven't tried before, a vibrating cock ring with a clit stimulator. I lube it up so that it'll slide down the length of your now very very hard cock and turn on the control. I give this to you as I once again straddle you. I lean down for another deep kiss, then take you deep into my soaking wet pussy in one downward motion. God I feel so full, you inside me, the butt plug, and with the vibrations from the cock ring we're both in heaven. You reach up and pull on both the clamps twisting and turning my nipples giving me that little bit of pain which turns me on even more.

I can feel myself starting to cum, so I ride you hard up and down making you pull even harder on my nipples. That takes me completely over the edge. I'm squeezing your cock in my pussy and the butt plug as well, and again, I'm squirting my juices all over you. I somehow manage to crawl off you, you remove the cock ring and coax me to my knees.

Gently you remove my butt plug and plunge your cock deep up my open arse. You get all the way in, in one move, your heavy ball sack hard against my arse. You fuck me for all you're worth. I grab the cock ring, turn it on and stimulate my clit more with it. I start to come again almost as soon as the vibrations touch me, making me clench you with my butt muscles, making you fill my butt with another load of your seed.

I collapse to the bed completely, totally, utterly spent but in such a wonderful state of euorphia. You lovingly remove the nipple clamps, kissing and tweaking my nipples, and sit back leaving your butt plug in for now, to look at our mixed juices seeping out of my pussy and your cum from my butt hole.

Again we snuggle into each others arms, legs entwining automatically and fall asleep.

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