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Playing with Catepillar

Fun doesn't always have to be flesh.
I leave Whitey for my next adventure in Wonderland, the second door looming high above me. I step inside and instantly am surrounded by smoke. I cough and sputter as the thick musky smoke coming from the hookah in the center of the room engulfs my senses. "Hello?" I ask as I hear soft humming coming from the center of the smoke.

"Glad to have you come, Alice,"a soft harmonious voice chimes.

"Who are you?" I murmur as I get closer to the center of smoke. Bright electric blue eyes stare seductively up at me. The man who owns the eyes and the musical voice has shaggy black hair that falls against his forehead and into his eyes. He sits shirtless amongst velvet pillows, and as the smoke slowly clears something odd stands out about this man, " you have six arms?!" He laughs a deep sultry laugh.

"You need to reassess that examination, my dear," another voice giggles as a slinky woman slips out from behind the man. Her green eyes contrast her deep olive skin yet her hair is just as dark as the mans. Her tongue runs over her blood red lips as she stares me over in my silk black dress.

"There are three of you...this'll be fun," I mutter, the last bit is under my breath. The three people separate from each other and I notice the last girl has flaming red hair and pale skin, yet her breasts are almost twice the size of mine. The man wears only jeans and the two girls absolutely nothing, so my eyes can ravish over their perfect skin and perfect figures while they look over me. Suddenly, I am filled with slight embarrassment for my smaller breasts, and larger bottom. These girls have absolutely proportional bodies, their whole image screaming "sex".

"She's cute," the red head, I shall call her Bird, cooes as she crawls over to me. She runs her soft, manicured hand up my leg as she strokes my thighs, "I love that ass,"A small moan slips through my lips as she gropes my ass, her palm filling with skin.

"I agree. She is going to be fun to play with,"the other woman, Shroo will be her name, murmurs as she twirls a lock of my hair. I feel my heart start pumping as the man, Catepillar, lays against the pillows grinning and staring at the image of me surrounded by the two beauties. His hand relaxes on the bulge under his jeans as the two girls run fingers up my thighs, pulling my dress off my body. Exposing myself to Catepillar makes him strip his jeans, his eyes lustful as Bird scurries to the corner of the room and brings out a closed treasure chest.

"You are used to flesh, I assume?" Catepillar murmurs with a grin as he strokes his hardening cock. I nod with confusion before Shroo opens the chest brought over by Bird. Inside it is full of colorful plastic of varying sizes and it takes a moment for my eyes to adjust before I can make out the fact that there are over a dozen sex toys in the chest.

"But...I don't think I want to use a toy..." I mutter as Shroo picks out an extremely large strap on. I stare as she wraps it around her thighs before sliding a small vibrator in her pussy, and finishing strapping the phallic object to her waist.

"Oh you will," she chimes as Catepillar pulls out a small lime green contraption. I stare at the wide circular toy that forms a thin curved point that juts out of the center of the circle.

"Slide this into her ass," he commands. I gasp immediately as Bird stick the plug into my ass, the muscles forming around it in ecstasy.

"Oh--okay," I shakily say before they all laugh seductively. Catepillar pulls me down so that I am perched over his hard cock yet as much as I want, he will not slip it inside of my wet pussy. He kisses my neck slowly before moving his lips to mine, his tongue swirling inside of my mouth. I moan as his tongue mimics the thrusting motion of a cock and instantly I know that my only salvation is that strap on. I pull away from Catepillar and turn to face Shroo with her thick hard strap on dangling near my face.

"Are you going to be a good slut?" Shroo cooes as she wiggles the cock against my face, slapping my cheek lightly.

"Yes..." I whimper as Catepillar reaches forward and starts thrusting the butt plug in and out of my ass. The thrusts send shivers of ecstasy throughout my body and I instantly arch into his movements. Once I arch my head up Shroo shoves her strap on into my mouth. I automatically open my mouth so that the toy can go farther back, the friction pushing on her vibrator, causing her to moan.

"Oh yeah, slut, oh god that is good" she says as she thrusts continually into my mouth as Catepillar matches her thrusts with the toy. I reach under me and stroke my clit, the touch sending more shivers through my body and my orgasm builds higher.

"She wants her pussy fucked? Oh I can do that," Bird gleams as she slips under me on my knees. Suddenly, her tongue touches where my fingers were and I jump, the feeling causing my ecstasy to heighten.

"Make her cum ladies. That's a good Alice," Catepillar mutters as he leans back his hand working on his large cock. My ecstasy makes my body shakes as it rolls through me in waves. My squeal of delight is cut off by the strapon in my mouth and Bird instantly goes to work on licking up my juices. I pull the strap on from my mouth and sit up so that I am no longer over Bird but she is now in front of me.

"Catepillar," I coo, my voice soft and seductive as I crawl over to him, "As Shroo fucks me with her hard cock, will I be able to please you?" I lightly reach a hand out and stroke the tip of his cock. It jumps lightly as I continue to stroke softly, my eyes pleading sex pods staring at Catepillar.

"Please," he finally breaks and instantly I have his hard cock in my mouth, my tongue twirling on the tip. He wraps his hand in my hair and pulls me closer, forcing me to lift my ass into the air, exposing me to Shroo and her strap on. She strokes my pussy, spreading my old juices, and making more form as it slips down my thigh. I moan around his cock as she shoves the large strap on into my pussy, pushing it all the way in until its balls touch my sensitive clit. We stay in this position as shroo thrusts into me, and I suck on Catepillar and Bird takes a bright pink dildo from the chest and inserts it into Shroo's small ass hole. Catepillar watches me and Shroo before he digs his fingers deeper into my hair, thrusting his cock into my mouth as he unloads his hot cum into my mouth. I swallow all of it as I hear Shroo squeal with her own orgasm before she thrusts harder and harder into me until my own orgasm consumes me. I lay breathless on Catepillar's lap as I watch Shroo unstrap and pull the vibrator from within her. Poor Bird watches her dejected as her own fingers tease her pussy.

"Shroo. Please help Bird cum. Alice must go now, and move on to her next adventure. Remember Alice," he says as he throws me my dress at me, "You do not need flesh to have pleasure,"

"I definitely believe you," I say with a grin before walking out for another Adventure in Wonderland.


My fourth adventure in Wonderland. Please start with "Into the Hole". EnjoyXXX 

Thank you for reading! Hopefully you will join me for my Voyeur experience in Wonderland with "The Duchess"

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