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Rachel's Reward for Working Hard

Kennedy treats his wife after a hard days work
This is my first posted story, please critique it good or bad comments all are welcome, definitely need the criticism, thank you.

It was a quarter to five, almost time for Rachel to get off work. I had been planning this all week. I finished tying the last rope to the bedpost when I heard the front door close. I rushed out of the bedroom and closed the door. I walked over to her and placed a kiss on her dark tan cheek. I looked down at her business blouse, her top buttons popped open and her chest sweating slightly, making her cleavage shine.

"So how was work?"

"Exhausting." she replied, a small sigh following.

"Why don't you go in the bedroom and lay down, I'll make you feel better." I said with a small smirk.

She walked into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed and took her heels off, and pulled her suit pants off, revealing her white lace thong. I walked up next to her, laid her down and started rubbing her feet. This lasted a couple of minutes, just long enough for her to relax. Then, in her amazement I quickly slipped her feet into the loops of the plush rope around her ankles.

"What the hell are you doing?" She exclaimed a bewildered look on her face.

"Just go with it hon, please."

"Okay, but if I don't like it you untie me."

I slipped her wrists into the rope at the top of the bed and put a blindfold on. I walked to the closet and rounded up every toy we had ever bough. I walked over and ripped her shirt from the waist to the naval and up to her c cup breasts, nearly popping out of her bra. 

I ripped the center of her bra, and her full tits drifted slightly to either side. Her nipples were already hard. I couldn't help but bend over her and suck on them nibbling on them while I did so her back arching slightly and her breath quickening. 

I slid my hand down her slightly plump stomach down to the front of her thong, which had become damp with the juices of her pussy.

"My my, that excited already?"

I ripped her thong off, revealing her tight pussy, her fluids dripping down to her little asshole. I grabbed the nipple clamps and attached them to her nipples, and she took in a deep breath. I saw her pussy tighten up and get wetter. I put a vibrator on her clit moving it up and down, her legs tightening up and loosening every time I moved it. 

When she started to react less and less to it I positioned the vibe directly on her swollen clit. I put a few drops of lube on her tight asshole, rubbing it in, and slowly sliding the tip of my finger into her until she was loose enough for me to slide an anal plug into her ass. I pushed on inch in, then pulled it out slowly,then pushing it in for two inches, fucking her slowly until she had the whole thing in her. The whole time she moaned, asking for it deeper. When I tried to take the plug out she snapped at me.

"No please leave it, please, I like having my ass filled. Please leave it in!" 

I backed away, admiring the work I had done so far. Rachel, tied to the bed, clamps on her nipples, a vibrator on her clit, and an anal plug in her ass. She was worming around, moaning and pulling on her constraints, arching her back and breathing heavily.

"Get this blindfold and ropes off me and please finish me off. I want to cum baby please!" She pleaded, pulling hard on the ropes.

"I'll take the blindfold off and one of the ropes off your hand, but you can only use it to strum your clit." I said.

"Fine whatever, just do it quick. I can feel it right there, its torture not being able to cum."

With her still squirming, I loosened the left hand rope. She instantly swung her hand down to her clit, a finger on either side, pinching it and moving her hand side to side so fast I could barely see it. She started to moan like she was about to orgasm. I caught her right before she could finish.

"Stop, I'm not finished yet" I told her in a firm tone.

She gave a look that pleaded me to let her go. I reached for a lifelike dildo. She looked at it, smiling.

"Yes put it in me!"

I touched the tip to the tight, soaked opening of her pussy, putting the head in and pulling it out. I was able to torture her for just under a minute before she put her hand back over her clit and continued to pulse her hand over it. I slowly pushed the rubber cock into her and she moaned louder with every inch that slid in. Once it hit her g-spot she raised her back up and screamed. After that I focused on that one spot, making her moan and yelp.

"Oh baby, dont stop. Fuck me harder! Make it go deeper! Ah ah ah ah ah! Aaaaaaaaaaah!" She moaned louder and louder.

Her pussy started to tighten and twitch. She moved her hand and grabbed my head and shoved it between her legs. I continued to pump the dildo in and out as I started to quickly flick my tongue over her swollen clit.

"Oh god Kennedy harder, faster," she managed to squeak out between breathy moans, "Oh I'm cumming!"
She screamed at the top of her lungs, which was my que to pull out the anal plug, making her pussy soaking wet. She lay there, twitching. I touched her clit occasionally, each time she jerked and moaned.

She lay there, breathing heavily, arms and legs relaxed and her eyes closed.

"Please," she said after taking several deep breaths, "you have to do that every day, except, next time, I want you cock deep inside of me, not some crappy piece of plastic, okay?"

Then she drifted into sleep, her hand and legs still tied up, me satisfied that I made her cum all over herself.

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