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Rekindled fire

There was a time when they hadn’t been able to keep their hands off each other. Veronica and Max met just as she had finished her law degree, and it was love at first sight. They started a whirlwind romance and within a year they said their “I do’s” in a tiny stone chapel with only their very closest of family and friends attending.

The first years of their marriage was filled with passion, rarely a day went by without their bodies tangling in desire and ecstasy. As the years went by, the days they didn’t have sex slowly increased. Veronica made partner in the law-firm she worked, making her days at the office more demanding. Max was successful in his career too, his business taking him away from home often, as he had to attend many business trips.

It wasn’t that they didn’t love each other. Neither of them could picture their life without the other, though none of them had ever imagined they would become one of those couples that only had sex a few times a month, usually in missionary position, always in bed with the light’s off.


Veronica took a sip of her glass of red. It had become a habit having a glass or two in the evenings after work, in particular on the days Max was away on some trip. Lost in thought, memories of the first years of their life together flooded back.

Max had always been a very handsome, charming man and he had totally taken her breath away when he first asked her out. She could hardly believe he had noticed her. On their third date, they had made love for the first time, and it blew her mind. Max was an incredible lover, she had never known sex could be so amazing. Oh, how she missed the days filled with passion, making love in front of a roaring fire place, how he always seemed to touch her in some way or all the times he had dragged her into an ally-way to fuck her hungrily against a wall simply because he couldn’t wait until they got home, so turned on by her…

An unexpected ring from the doorbell brought Veronica back to the presence. Who could it be? Opening the door, a man in a delivery uniform was stood outside.

“I have a delivery for a Mrs V Porter.”

“That would be me.”

The man handed her a large box beautifully wrapped, but she could not see any sender or card. How strange…

“Please sign here, Mrs Porter.”

Veronica scribbled her signature, and after a quick goodbye she went inside to open her mystery box. In it, she found several smaller boxes and a handwritten note. Starting to read, she immediately recognised the writing, it was from Max.

The note read;

Dear Veronica,

A few items of beauty for my beauty.

I will return earlier than anticipated.

We are going out tonight. I will pick

you up at 8. Please wear what you

find in these boxes.

Can’t wait to see you baby!

Your Max.

PS: ALL items in boxes are to be worn ;)

With excitement, Veronica started to open her gifts. Inside she found a beautiful dress, sexy, yet elegant, a pair of high heals, some very hot lingerie and a gorgeous necklace. Wow, Max had really outdone himself! Every item was wonderful and definitely to her taste. She couldn’t wait to get herself ready, show Max that she still scrubbed up quite nicely even though she wasn’t exactly in her 20s anymore.

There was still one more box to open, and Veronica felt her cheek warm as she opened it. Inside were two small toys, an egg and a small clit vibrator. Oh my, suddenly the last line of her note made sense, clearly Max intended these to be worn for their date too. Picking them up, she studied the toys closer. The egg was obviously to go inside, the vibrator to be placed at her clit, a cute little bullet. Studying them, she was puzzled to find now way to turn the toys on and off. How strange…

An hour later, Veronica stood in front of a mirror studying herself. The purple dress looked very flattering and the shoes were really to die for! Maybe not the most comfortable things in the world, but her legs looked long and elegant in them. With butterflies in her stomach she headed downstairs to wait for Max. It was so odd, she couldn’t remember the last time she had felt this way, almost giggly like a young girl, her heart beating a bit fast, very aware of her hidden secrets teasing her intimately.

“Hello darling, you look amazing!” Max said with a big smile as he came to pick her up.

He wrapped her up in his arms and kissed her passionately. Veronica felt almost light-headed, his demanding kiss waking a deep desire in her. Taking her hand, Max led her outside and after a short drive, filled with light chit-chat about Max’s trip, they arrived at a nice restaurant they both really liked. With a hand at her lower back, Max walked her inside and within a few minutes, a host was leading them to their table. Almost there, Veronica stumbled, her cheeks flushing red. The egg inside her had suddenly started vibrating! Max quickly tightened his hold on her, making sure she settled in her high heals, his eyes gleaming at her with cheeky playfulness. Sitting down, the egg stopped and Veronica let out a tiny sigh of relief.

“Oh baby, don’t get too relieved, that was only a small start.”

Max grinned at her, discretely flashing her two little remotes in his hand.

“You are going to be so wet and horny by the time we are done eating, you will be begging me to fuck you baby.”

The blood was throbbing in Veronica’s ears, her hands trembling. Oh my god, Max had always loved teasing her in public in their younger days, but he had never taken it quite this far. How on earth was she supposed to get through this, acting as if nothing unusual was going on?

A waiter came over, handing them their menus, starting to tell them the specials of the night. Veronica couldn’t concentrate on a single word, as the bullet had started vibrating on her clit the moment the waiter arrived. She tried squeezing her thighs together, but with a tiny gasp, she realized that only made it worse. Her pussy was already getting alarmingly wet, her clit swelling. She shot Max a pleading look, at with a wicked smile, he gave her a small break from the vibrating.

“I will order for us both”, Max said to the waiter. “My wife seems to be a bit distracted right now.”

The waiter glanced at the lovely woman, slightly puzzled. She didn’t look distracted by anything as far as he could see. Maybe a bit flushed, he noted. When he was done taking the orders and headed off, Veronica hissed at her husband.

“Stop making me sound like a dimwit! It is hard enough acting like everything is normal without…”

She couldn’t complete her sentence as both toys started vibrating forcefully in her pussy. Catching her breath, her hands gripped the edge of the table, biting her lip, desperately trying to keep from making any noise. Oh god, her panties were soaked already, her inner walls starting to twitch on the egg.

“Max… please!”

The toys stopped and she took a deep breath. Their starters arrived and she tried focusing on the food, ignoring the lust pulsing in her core, the deep hunger in her that no food could nourish. All she could think about was Max pushing deep into her, filling her up with his big, hard cock, ravaging her body. Like on cue, the toys came to life again. With trembling thighs she couldn’t help but to squirm a little. Leaning forward, Max looked deeply into her eyes, his shining with passion.

“Cum for me, Veronica”, he whispered quietly and intensely.

In that moment she couldn’t hold back if someone had offered her a million dollars. The world stood still, she could hear nothing but the rapid beating of her own heart as her pussy gripped the egg over and over, pulsing with the waves of ecstasy rolling through her body.

Finally the orgasm started to calm and she regained control. Somehow her main course had been placed in front of her, and shockingly she realized she hadn’t even seen the waiter bring it, having been so lost in her pleasure.

Thinking Max was done with his games, she started eating, relieved no one around them seemed to be looking at her. Just as she was starting to settle, the toys started their vibrations again, and throughout the rest of the meal, Max expertly brought her right to the brink, then stopped. When their plates were finally empty, Veronica was beside herself in need, desperate for Max to end this sweet torture. From the look on his face, she was not the only one struggling. She recognised the dark heat in his eyes well from the past, how he used to look right before dragging her into an ally or similar to thrust deep into her.

Quickly paying the bill, Max was at her side, supporting her as she stood. Gratefully, she leaned on him, feeling like her knees would buckle without him. The moment they got to their car, he dragged her into the back seat, kissing her hungrily. His cock pressed against her, but after a few minutes he pulled back.

“Not here, baby. I want to take you home, and fuck you all night like we used to.”

“God yes”, she gasped “I have wanted that for so long.”

With one last kiss, he helped into the front seat, driving them back with the toys vibrating the whole way. Tearing off her clothes the moment they got inside, he pulled out the drenched egg and licked it off with burning eyes.

“Mmmm.. As sweet as ever.”

Reaching out to touch his throbbing cock Veronica smiled at him with passion. Finally she had her old Max back and this time she would make sure he would stay.

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