Shove it up my ass! Part 2

By Jesscaaaa

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Will Lola ever get what she wants?
With the vibrator deep in her pussy and her husband rubbing her clit, Lola was in ecstasy. Yet she wanted more, she needed more. She wanted his cock deep in her asshole.

"Now what does my little slut want?" David asked.

"I want your cock deep inside my ass, please" Lola replied on the edge of cumming.

David pulled out the vibrator and threw it on the floor. He then began fingering her dripping wet pussy, finding her G spot and pressing against it. He then proceeded to enter all of his fingers and eventually his fist into her ever expanding pussy.Within seconds seconds Lola squirted her pussy juice all over David's fingers and arm.

"Fuck yes!!!!!" She screamed while cumming.

When she had finished, David ordered her to suck his cock, freeing her from being chained to the bed. She took his thick cock in her mouth and began working his shaft. With one hand she wanked him while she was licking the head of his cock and playing with it with her tongue and she slowly worked her other hand round to his ass. She stopped using her mouth for a second and wet her finger then slowly inserted it into his ass. She could feel the tightness of his ass and had to use some force to gain acces to his ass canal.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" David cried in some discomfort.

After a while though he began to like the sensation of having a finger sliding in and out of his tight asshole, and began fingering Lola's ass. They was fingering each others ass simultaneously and this only turned each other on even more. David inserted another finger into her ass, he knew that she loved to have her ass filled, and he'd love to one day to able to fist it but it would need some serious training. Lola now felt David's dick hardening and at the same time he withdrew his cock from her mouth. He laid on the bed and demanded Lola to come and sit on his dick which she did willingly. She sat her ass down on his rock hard dick and began bouncing away, riding his dick. With her titties bouncing everywhere David was paradise, as Lola normally kept her bra on during sex. His thighs were slapping hard against her ass cheeks as he took charge of the pace for a little while. He began to finger her pussy and rub her clit while he banged her ass.

"Ohhh, this is sooooo good!" Lola cried, cumming again.

David felt his cock hardening even more, and he knew he was about to cum.

"Where do you want my load baby?" he asked, panting.

"Up my ass!" Lola shouted in reply speeding up.

And with that David shot his load straight up her ass;

"Mmmmmm, fuck. You're so good baby!" He shouted as he came.

And with that Lola got off his dick and laid in bed with him, kissing him softly. She knew that their sex life had just gone to a totally different level and couldn't wait to see what happens next in their sexual adventures. She turned to face him, he was gazing into her eyes. They both felt like they'd just made love with each other for the first time.
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