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Shove it up my ass!

Lola always wanted it rough.
Lola was a 40 year old woman who had been married to her husband David for 15 years now and it was fair to say that their bedroom activities involved a quick straight fuck. Lola was getting bored of the same sex routine and fancied a change so she began looking at adult sites for something to heat things up in the bedroom.

The first thing that captured her eye was a pair of handcuffs's coated in leather, she'd always dreamt about being tied up for rough sex but David never took the hint. She also found some anal beads, which intrigued her, plus she could keep them for her own pleasure when David was working away. She also ordered a 'kinky surprise' package, which she had no idea what was in it but found the idea of a box of random sex objects a turn on, she could feel her pussy turning moist already. She finished purchasing her items and deleted the history off of her laptop, she didn't want to ruin the suprise for her husband. The delivery was due on the Friday which was perfect as it was her day off and she could prepare herself for the fun night that lies ahead.

The next day she decided to go and buy some new saucy underwear and make herself bold down there, she'd not bothered waxing for the past few years but she knew that David knowing she had a silky soft pussy turned his cock hard. On the Friday the delivery came, she decided to leave it sealed for them to open together. She put on her red thong and matching bra and laid herself in a rather revealing position on the stairs when David was due back. When he came through the door his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

"Lola darling, please tell me we're going to do some serious fucking tonight?" he asked.

"Oh are we! I'm going to the bedroom, bring that parcel up with you big boy," she replied in a saucy whisper and a wink.

David couldn't move fast enough. As soon as he entered the room he climbed onto the bed and began kissing Lola roughly, breathing heavily. With their tongues intertwined and her pussy soaking wet and his cock hard, she knew it was time to open the package.

"Baby open that package!" she ordered knowing it was time to get her pussy and ass filled.

"I will do in just a second, but first take off your bra bitch!" David shouted. While Lola was messing with the clasp, David ripped off his work tie and blindfolded Lola.

"What the fuck are you doing?" she screamed, starting to get a little scared.

"Tonight you are my bitch and you do what I say!" he ordered, while removing his clothes.
With that he reached for their only sex toy, the vibrator, and stuck it up her ass. She squealed in shock and delight but David told her to, "Shut the fuck up."

He took his finger and ran it up and down her slit finally settling his finger on her swollen clit and rubbing it with force, Lola was really enjoying this judging by her gasps, which only turned David on more. With his other hand he plunged 4 fingers into her wet cunt and began brutally fingering her, her pussy was dripping wet, she was getting more and more turned on; she loved him dominating her like this.

He'd always wanted to fist her and he felt now was the time, he tucked his thumb into the palm of his hand and slowly worked his fist into her snatch. Lola was crying out in pain but he didn't care, he wanted to be wrist deep into her pussy. After a while of being fisted, Lola's pussy was starting to expand and she began enjoying herself. David could tell that she was getting excited by her arching her back and her breathing, so he stopped in his tracks.

"You fucking bastard!" Lola shouted in frustration, and with that David rammed his fist back into her pussy, causing her to cry out in pain.

"Speak to me like that again and this fist is going straight into your ass!" he growled.

He was now eager to find out what was in the parcel. He ripped open the box and the first thing he found was the handcuffs, which he put straight to use. He roughly grabbed her left wrist and cuffed to the bed. The next thing he found in the box was the anal beads, he removed the buzzing vibrator from her sore asshole and began to put in the anal beads, these beads weren't small.
He inserted everyone single one slowly and he kept sliding his finger inside her ass too to stretch her out, when he did Lola winced in pain, her ass was still a little tight. After a while of this, she began to enjoy the sensation of her ass being stretched out. He then quickly pulled out the beads fast making Lola cry out in pain. He stuck the vibrator into her pussy and began rubbing her clit.

"Please shove your dick in my ass!" Lola begged, desperate to cum.

Part 2 shall follow shortly. Thanks for reading, I appreciate comments.
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