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Sneak a Peek

Zain enjoys the view of a gorgeous pussy.
Zain had known Katie forever. They were close friends, and although neither of them ever admitted to the other; they were both curious about sharing sex with each other. They had gone to school together, they lived across the road from each other and their parents had been friends for as long as Zain could remember.

Katie was a quiet girl. She was beautiful with shoulder length curly blonde hair, green eyes, and pale skin. Whereas Zain was dark haired with tanned skin and dark brown eyes. Zain, as any male would, sometimes fantasised about how Katie’s body would look such a contrast to his tanned body during sex. Katie also had a similar fantasy that involved watching his hard cock pulsing in and out of her tight pussy.

The sun was beating down on the pair as they walked back from the shops together one afternoon. They were chatting and Katie was swinging her shopping bags as she walked. They approached their houses, stood outside finishing their conversation then parted and went into their homes.

Katie went straight to her bedroom. Sun was shining through the window and she lay on her bed taking the magazine she had just purchased and opening it. She began to read and the sun felt so warm as it shone pleasantly on her bare legs. Feeling aroused, Katie had an overwhelming urge to stroke her newly shaven pussy lips. She slid her hand under her skirt and slid her thongs to one side, feeling her way to her soft vagina.

She reached towards her bedside table and opened the drawer, pulling out a glass dildo. Katie loved the feeling of the cold glass in her warm pussy, and then feeling it warm up as she pumped it in and out. She put the head of the dildo near her clit and pushed it along her pussy lips, she could feel her wetness filling her pussy making her groan with pleasure.

While Katie was pleasuring herself with her glass dildo, she never heard Zain enter the house. He was carrying a shopping bag; he had taken one of Katie’s bags home by mistake. He looked downstairs, in the kitchen, the living room; no sign. He was worried about her; this was abnormal to him as she was normally downstairs.

He quietly walked upstairs, and saw her bedroom door slightly ajar. He cautiously walked towards the door and peeked into the room. Katie’s bed was in the perfect position for the sight that Zain saw.

There she was, head on her pillow, legs parted on the bed with her fingers on her clit and her other hand guiding her pink glass dildo into her cute shaved pussy. Now that Zain’s mind wasn’t racing with worry, he could hear her soft moans and the squelching noises as she eased the dildo into her unbelievably wet cunt. He felt his cock stand to attention, she was gorgeous and in this moment he didn’t know what he wanted more.

Did he want to walk in risking peeping tom accusations and also missing this amazing show, or did he want to stand here and watch her bring herself to orgasm and then walk home and wank furiously over the scene he had just witnessed? Zain decided to continue watching, he didn’t want to risk missing this.

He watched as Katie pumped herself faster and rubbed her clit harder, he put his hand over his hard cock, so visible in his trousers and started to stroke. Her moans became louder and his cock seemed to get harder if that was even possible. She railed herself harder and harder, suddenly pulled her dildo out, and gushed all over her bed covers breathing “Oh Zain.”
Zain almost walked in the room. He wanted to kick himself for deciding against it in the first place.

He watched as Katie’s hand went limp and she closed her eyes, and lay back on her fluffy pillow. A sigh left Katie’s mouth as the glass dildo rolled out of her hand and rested on the covers. Zain placed the shopping bag carefully outside her door and creeped back down the stairs. His cock was still rock hard so he left the house quickly and raced over the road, struggled to get the key in his door, and once finally in slammed it shut behind him, standing against the door.

He dropped his trousers and grabbed his package, stroking his hard shaft. He pumped fast, pre-come dripping from the end of his penis. He felt like he could have exploded just watching Katie, so it didn’t take long before he was gasping, thrusting and shooting his load. He leant against the door and slid down it so he was sitting on the floor. He closed his eyes and remembered what he had seen.


A few days passed and Zain and Katie had not seen each other. Then out of the blue, Katie knocked on his door.
Zain opened the door and was greeted with a smiling Katie, “Oh hi!”
“Hi Zain, I just came to say thank you for dropping my shopping round the other day, I didn’t know I was missing it.”
“Oh its fine,” he replied, awkwardly.
“This might be a bit ‘out there’ but… Shall we get together sometime?” Katie asked. Then she moved towards Zain and whispered, “I know you saw, I just hope it tempted you.”

Katie didn’t wait for an answer. She walked away, her ass swaying seductively. Zain knew what he wanted and it was Katie. That night.

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