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Surprise package
It had already been a crazy week. I had painting jobs all week and by Friday afternoon, when I finally have a chance to catch up, sit down and get to the not so manual job of paperwork, the doorbell rings.

"Who now?" I think as I come up from the office in the basement to see that no one is there, and the UPS truck is driving away. On the step is a small package addressed to me.

I'm puzzled, since I didn't order anything recently. I figured I would wait until my hubby gets home, as it may be something he got me. I head back down to the office and continue my task of finishing the paperwork for the week. As I continue to sit there working on the week's bills and estimates, I start to wonder what is in the package.

"It is not from Amazon, and it doesn't look like it's from Ebay," I think as it's starting to get the best of me. Then I receive a text.

"Did you get your surprise?" was all it said from a number I didn't recognize.

Now I am even more curious about what is in the package, I send my hubby a text. "What is this package, and who is texting me about it?"

A few minutes later I get a text from my hubby and it reads, "I don't know. What package? Maybe it's a surprise, open it."

"He is in on this, I know it," I think as I throw down my phone and proceed to open up the package.

As I open it, I see that there is another package and a note inside the box.

The note reads, "Hey sexy, I have a little treat for you. Are you willing to follow my directions? If so open the package, see what your surprise is and what to do next."

Still, I have no idea who this might be from, but I know that the hubby has to be in on it. I decide to go the next step and open the package. Another note, really?

This one reads, "Okay, you're curious as to what's in this package, correct? Well one last chance, are you really willing to follow my directions? If so, open the package and see what the surprise is."

"I have got to figure out who this is from," I think as I open the small box. Inside is a large glass butt-plug. Much bigger then the one I already have.

"It can't be from the hubby, he knows I really don't like the one I have," I think to myself as I take it out and see that there is a small black envelope on the ribbon tied around the base.

"Really, another note?" I think to myself.

I open the envelope and pull out the note. It reads, "Well, well, well, now what is this? I want you to put your new toy in for the rest of the day. I have arranged for the kids to be away tonight, make sure that you are ready in your most sexy fuck me skirt. You will be picked up at 7:30 tonight. See you later."

"What did I just agree to?" I ask myself as my phone buzzed again.

Another text from the same number, "Well, what did you decide? Text back Yes or No."
I text back "Yes," wondering whom this is.

Instantly, I receive a reply, "See you at 7:30, and I can't wait to see what you wear."

”Well, I decided to open the box, I decided to read the notes, I should follow the directions and put it in,” I think to myself as I go into the bathroom and wash it off

I unzip my jeans to slid my thong to the side and notice, "Wow, am I wet!"

I slid my fingers between my wet lips and lube up my butt. I take the toy and slide it around and inside my soaked pussy then slowly start to slide it inside my tight hole.

I love glass toys, as they are super slick and so cold at first. I finally get the toy slid in until it stops at the base. “Well, now what," I think as I pull up my jeans and head back to the office so I can try to finish my paperwork before I need to get ready.

I'm there for another hour almost forgetting that the butt-plug is buried deep inside my ass while I am finishing the week's work, then another text. This time it's from the hubby.

"Hey, things are not going so well. I will not be home until after 8 tonight."

I reply back, "Well, it seems like I have a date and will be getting picked up at 7:30. Is that okay?"

A few minutes later, I get a reply. "Well, you decided to open your surprise. You should at least follow through with whatever the rest of your surprise may be. See you when you get home."

"Now I know that he has to be in on this but who else is involved?" I think to myself.

As I finish up the paper work, pick up the office, shut the door, and go up to take a shower I think, "It's nice that the kids are away, I can enjoy myself a bit."

I walk into our bedroom and turn on the TV. "What?" I think, as the TV was set to the DVD player and the hubby had some porn playing. "Hmm," thinking to myself.

The clip has three girls playing on a bed with toys and fingering each other. I slip out of my jeans, look in the mirror and spot the base of the glass toy peaking out from behind my thong. I slip my soaked thong off and toss it in on the pile with my jeans. I lie down on the bed and watch the girls playing. I reach over and grab my favorite vibrator and another glass toy to slip into my well-soaked pussy. The toy easily slides inside and I start to use the vibrator on my clit.

I can feel the glass toy sliding in and out and the vibrations are transferring to the butt-plug in my ass. I cum a lot as I shove the glass toy deeper inside my pussy while not moving the vibrator from my clit. I almost scream as I climax, my whole body is tingling as I pull the glass toy from my pussy. I can feel my pussy juices flowing between my legs and around the butt-plug. I reach back and turn it to allow some of the juice to lubricate around the base. It is soaked and almost too slippery to move. I get up from the bed and see the nice wet spot that I made.

I go into the bathroom, taking my toys as I think I may need a refresher. I jump in the shower and wash all the paint spots off me from the day. Then I suds up and start to caress myself more then wash. Before long I am back in a fantasy with the three girls from the movie before. One is between my legs licking my clit and the other two are sucking on my nipples so hard. I reach back and start to pull the butt-plug out and slide it back in. At the same time I slide my glass toy into my pussy. It feels amazing! I have never kept the butt-plug in this long; I am so relaxed and it feels good rubbing the two glass toys together inside me. Finally, with both toys deep inside me, I take my vibrator and focus on my clit again. Within seconds I am cumming. This time louder, harder and wetter then before, I'm squirting. I look down and watch my pussy squirt as I push the glass toy in deeper. Every time I push it in, I must be hitting something that turns the faucet on and cum is spraying from my pussy. At last it's done, I remove the glass toys from their holes and quickly wash them, rinse myself and towel off.

I go in the closet and attempt to figure out what to wear. I rummage through the skirts but I'm not feeling any of them. I open my top panty drawer and there is a new skirt. "Hubby has got to be in on this," I think as I pull the skirt out.

"I guess this is the one," I think as I slip the skirt on that barely covers anything.

I wouldn't really call it a skirt, it doesn't even cover my tits and hardly covers my ass, but this is one of those nights that it will be appropriate. I freshen up, return to the bathroom to get ready and replace the butt-plug in my ass.

"Are you ready?" I ask myself as I go down to the living room to wait for whoever is picking me up.

I look out and see a Limo drive by and stop in front of our house. "Wow for me?" I think as I see the driver walk up to our door.

"Amanda?" he asks.

"Yes, just a sec," I reply attempting to cover myself as I walk to the door.

The driver escorts me to the limo, opens the door and says to me, "Have a seat, we will pick up your friends soon. Have yourself a drink, if you would like."

I get in and see there is a full bar with a TV above it. As we start driving the TV turns on and again another clip of girls toying and fingering each other. I pour myself a drink and sit back and watch the porn. We drove for quite a while. I was able to watch a few clips; some of girls fingering, some of girls fisting and one of a girl licking another girl's ass.

I'm getting a bit tipsy and very horny wondering whom we were picking up and what was going to happen tonight. Then I realize we stopped.

My phone buzzed, another text. "There is a blindfold in the back window. Put it on before the driver opens the door."

I turn around and see the blindfold. I put it on and a few minutes later there is a tap on the window. A few seconds later, the door opens, I hear someone get in and the driver says, "One more stop."

Now, I'm very curious. I can only hear the movie playing, moaning and slippery sounds fill the limo. Whoever got in isn't making a sound. Then I hear a drink being made. I reach for my glass but I am handed a new drink. I take a sip and it's one of my favorites, Blue Lemonade. Still nothing is said. After what seems like an eternity, the driver stops again. A few moments later, the door opens and someone else gets in the limo. Now, I know we have stopped and picked up at least two other people.

As the driver pulls away, I feel someone part my legs; I can feel soft kissed on my thighs and then a tongue on my clit. Next, I feel my top being pulled down and my breasts being caressed, then my nipples being licked and gently sucked. I just close my eyes, I have no clue who is in the limo with me, but I don't care as I am in heaven.

This continues and I hear the voice of the driver through the speakers, "I am supposed to ask, 'Did you follow your directions?'" Moments later, he responds, "Yes. Yes, it appears you did."

Immediately after hearing the driver say that I feel the butt-plug being pulled out and then pushed back in my ass. I feel a wet tongue soaking my pussy and another toy being pushed inside my pussy. I still don't know who this is but they sure know how to make me feel good. My pussy is being made the center of someone's attention and my tits are being licked and sucked like I could only imagine.

I can feel someone moving me out further on the seat and a nice wet pussy is positioned right above my mouth. I lick it and it is oh so wet, just like mine. Then the glass toy is removed from my pussy and my pussy is being licked just as I am licking the pussy that was covering my face. The butt-plug is being played with and then removed. As it is being pulled out I feel the wet tongue that was licking my pussy start to lick my stretched open ass. It feels a bit weird at first but then it also feels so erotic not knowing who is doing this to me or what is going to happen next. I feel her stick her tongue deep into my open ass and licking around my hole. I am cumming just from the pure ecstasy she is giving me. She spent a lot of time licking and teasing my ass before returning to licking my pussy.

Then I feel something being pushed into my ass. At first, it feels like she has another dildo and she is fucking my ass with it until I feel the whole shaft being buried inside my ass and someone’s balls slapping my ass. I am getting ass fucked and my pussy is being licked but again by whom.

"Who is this that is licking my pussy, and who is this that is fucking my ass?" I think as I drift back into the ecstasy of the moment.

Minutes later, I am cumming and squirting with every thrust of his cock being buried inside of me. She is licking up everything, I can fell that I am soaked. But I still don't know who is doing this to me.

Then his pumping slows. I feel him start to slow down. I feel his cock expand knowing that he is going to explode inside me. I slide myself down as hard as I can so he can bury himself as deep as possible inside me. I feel him cum and he came a lot. He slowly removes his cock from my ass and then replaces the butt-plug. Slowly, the girl moves away and I slip back up in the seat, since the pussy I was eating is no longer there for me.

Another drink is handed to me; I drink it and think about what had just happened. The driver stops the car, opens the door and I hear someone get out. He shut the door and we drive away. I can still tell that someone was still in the car and it is the girl. As she starts to kiss me and I feel her body next to mine. She hands me a toy and I play with her pussy with it. I then get down and lick her pussy while I play with the toy in her ass. She wiggles, moans and sighs. The driver stops, but I'm still licking and playing as he opens the door.

The driver must have gotten quite the view of me on my knees, ass up and a butt-plug deep in my ass, eating this girl out on the seat of his limo.

"I'll give you 5 minutes then I have to take Amanda back," was he said before he shut the door.

I lick her pussy and shove the toy deep in her ass and she starts to squirt on my face. I repeat this a few more times until I finally remove the toy from her ass and slip my tongue into her slippery cum soaked asshole. It is so erotic, I can't believe I am licking this girl's ass. I don't know who it is but I am doing my best to make her feel as good as I did earlier.

I hear the door open again, "Umm, we got to go," he said.

She wiggles herself away from me licking her ass and I hear her gather her things then the door shuts.

I sit back in the seat very curious thinking who these people were, what they had done to me and what I had done with them.

Then I hear the driver's voice over the speaker, "You may remove the blindfold."

As I did and can see a figure sitting on the far side of the limo. It is dark and I can't see who it is. Not knowing is a bit weird. Whoever it is had seen the whole thing, known what I had done and seen what had been done to me, but I don't know who it is.

The driver stops the car and the light turns on and it is Tim, my hubby, sitting there. He's grinning, I know he had just watched me be a complete slut.

"Surprise!" Tim said as we get out of the limo.

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